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Top 15+ Amazing Apps of AI That Change The World
Top 15+ Amazing Apps of AI That Change The World - Photo:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a global technology trend, attracting investment from businesses in its application to business, production, and management processes. If any business knows how to make the most of the superior benefits of AI technology, it will certainly have strengths in the growth race of the digital transformation era.

This article will share the applications of AI technology that surprised the whole world.

AI Facts and Figures

→ By 2025, Statista projects that the global artificial intelligence (AI) software market will generate 126 billion dollars in revenue.

→ According to Gartner, 37% of businesses have used AI in some capacity. Over the past four years, there has been a 270% increase in the proportion of businesses using AI.

→ By 2025, 95% of customer interactions, predicts Servion Global Solutions, will be driven by AI.

→ According to a recent Statista report for 2020, the global AI software market is anticipated to grow by roughly 54% annually and reach a forecast size of USD $22.6 billion.

Let’s now take a look at how the application of AI is used in different domains.

Top 15+ Amazing Apps of AI

1. Alexa - Voice Assistant Tools

Photo: lagihitech
Photo: lagihitech

Amazon's robotic assistant Alexa is powered by artificial intelligence. This AI system functions in conjunction with Amazon Echo. To provide its users with a wide range of capabilities, such as voice interaction, music streaming, query resolution, and other things, Amazon Alexa typically enhances voice commands, natural language processing (NLP), and other technologies.

Additionally, it offers real-time information on the weather, transportation, news, sports, and other topics. It can also make to-do lists, set alarms, download podcasts, and play audiobooks. For the best answers to each client's question, Alexa converts speech to text and makes use of Wolfram language.

2. ELSA – Language Learning AI App

English Language Speech Assistant, or ELSA, is a tool created to make learning English simple. Users of this app can increase their vocabulary, enhance their pronunciation, and lessen their accents.

People who are preparing for language exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC will find the app to be especially helpful.

The artificial intelligence models at the center of this app generate practice sentences for accent reduction based on predetermined learning schedules after recording user speech, analyzing it for various benchmarks.

The app offers a premium user experience and has a solid app development architecture. It offers a variety of games and challenges to keep the user experience fresh for users of various ages and skill levels.

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3. Hopper - Travelling AI App

When considering the advantages of AI, saving money is one of the best applications a consumer can imagine.

For many people, the best use of AI is if AI apps can enable them to save money. Hopper acts in exactly that way.

It makes predictions about the cost of travel and lodging and makes an effort—often quite successfully—to determine whether the cost is anticipated to decrease.

Users can receive alerts when the cost of flights and hotels decreases, as well as advice on when to book.

4. Socratic - AI App For Homework

Photo: sgkphattriennangluc
Photo: sgkphattriennangluc

One more of the best Al applications (Apps) is in the area of education. With the aid of artificial intelligence, Socratic, students can become better learners and complete their assignments. The app, which Google recently acquired, lets students photograph their assignments before using AI to generate visual explanations of the concepts.

Socratic's primary technological tools are text and speech recognition, which allow it to offer assistance in a variety of subjects, including science, math, literature, and social studies. It is compatible with the iPad and is accessible on both iOS and Android.

5. Siri - AI Voice App

The well-known Apple virtual assistant Siri, one of the most widely used AI apps, doesn't require much of an introduction. The main Apple operating systems, such as iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and audios, all support this AI-powered virtual assistant.

Siri can make calls, send texts, respond to questions, and make recommendations using voice commands and a natural language user interface (UI). Additionally, Siri can adjust to the language, searches, and preferences of users while delegating requests to a number of Internet services.

6. Replika – Virtual Companion AI App

The best AI app to have a virtual friend is Replika. It is an extremely cutting-edge app. The app offers users the chance to speak openly with a computer-generated person. Users can customize talk as they see fit, and the AI app's virtual face can converse on a variety of subjects. Replika enables you to develop friendships by simulating friendships between individuals.

7. DataBot – AI Assistant For Research

AI-powered DataBot is a virtual assistant that can be used on Windows 10, Android, and iOS. Additionally, it is made available for Windows Mobile, iPad, iPod, Android tablets, and Xbox One.

This app uses voice to discuss the topics that are important to you and respond to your questions. DataBot provides digital platforms that deliver images, data, and presentations that are interactive and focused on the subject of your choice.

using Google searches, Wikipedia, RSS networks, and other sources to find information. DataBot can be modified to reflect your accent, voice, and other preferences. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese are all spoken and understood by DataBot.

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8. Hound – Personal Assistant

The AI app Hound functions similarly to the Google Assistant. However, does bring a unique set of characteristics to the table. Just like with Google Assistant, you can activate Hound by saying "Okay Hound" without touching your screen. The Hound can be used for a variety of tasks, including calculations, web browsing, Uber taxi booking, finding nearby restaurants, and more.

It can help you with your work via voice commands just as well as Google Assistant, and just like Google Assistant, it responds to "Okay Hound" and handles the majority of the commands fairly well.

9. eBay – Shopping AI App

In order to give users a convenient shopping experience, the eBay system makes extensive use of artificial intelligence. This shopping app is designed to comprehend the context of the user's search and present a comprehensive list of products that are relevant, cutting the search time to seconds and boosting user satisfaction. By using the photo that a user added for a search request, machine vision aids the app in locating the needed item. Additionally, machine learning enables retailers to research and contrast the prices of specific products right now in order to boost sales.

10. FaceApp – Photo Editing AI App

Photo: vietnamnet
Photo: vietnamnet

Use AI apps like FaceApp to achieve the ideal look with just one tap instead of navigating a maze of settings!

One of the best AI photo editing apps, with a ton of filters, background effects, and other features, allows you to completely change the way you look.

With just one tap, you can alter your age, add features to your face, change the background, and even change your facial impressions!

Some of the facial features that the AI intelligently alters include the amount and type of hair on the head, the amount of facial hair, the removal of wrinkles and acne/blemishes, the size of various facial features, age control, and much more.

11. Cleo – AI Financial Manager

Due to her high effectiveness and sense of humor, Cleo was named the best budgeting assistant app of 2019. A chatbot has distinct so-called "roasting" and "cheering up" modes in addition to giving users information about their bank accounts, money spent and left, calculating expenses, or sharing money-saving advice. A chatbot will give a person a financial advice session if they use a special command like "Roast me" or something similar. In addition, users can request encouragement when they are low on funds.

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12. Youper – Healthcare Assistant

Cleo is one of the top budgeting assistance apps available on the market, to stay in the budgeting space. Users can access a variety of data on spending, bank accounts, expenses, and ways to save each month.

The chatbot in Cleo, which has a "roasting" and "cheering up" mode, uses AI and humor to lecture users about wasting money or lift their spirits when they're down. Your bank account is connected to the chatbot or virtual assistant in order to track your spending and manage your budget. Over 2.6 million people use Cleo globally.

13. AI Dungeon – A Text-Based Game

Photo: steampowered
Photo: steampowered

Nick Walton, a college student from Utah, was inspired by the well-known Dungeons & Dragons RPG system as he worked in his dorm to create a popular adventure game. The freedom to choose one's own path through the game is what makes it stand out from other games. The OpenAI text production system, which can create an infinite number of adventure scenarios, is the foundation upon which the game is built. In essence, a user's imagination can be used to accomplish anything that has ever been described in words. Due to this fact, the app became very well-liked and now generates more than 70 000 stories daily for its users.

14. Pandora - Media & Entertainment

Despite being in operation for 20 years, the music streaming service Pandora recently climbed to third place among iPhone radio streaming AI apps. It was possible to create an app that analyzes users' listening patterns and plays them the songs they specifically want to hear at that moment thanks to the combination of musicology and data science.

Music lovers can get the desired track using the Voice Mode even if their requests are ambiguous, such as "Play something for me" or "Let's listen to something new." The AI system breaks down each musical piece into its smallest attributes to determine the song's mood in order to match any mood of a person. The feature was dubbed "Music DNA" by the app's developers.

15. Tinder - Dating App

Beyond matching algorithms and Super Like swipes, Tinder added a new feature in 2020 that increased the app's AI potential. In the past, Tinder's developers worked hard to analyze user information and behavior in search of a potentially ideal match. The emphasis has shifted to safety concerns as more sexual harassment incidents, particularly involving women, are linked to online dating.

The business intends to use AI capabilities for message moderation by the end of this year. Since users interpret appropriate and inappropriate content differently, it is the job of AI to identify potentially offensive messages and gauge the user's reaction to them. As a result, the system will remove unwanted content for every user separately.

16. Fyle - AI-powered expense management app

Fyle has what you need if you're looking for an AI-powered app to handle expense management. Fyle, a desktop, iOS, and Android app, uses AI to build a smart expense management environment. It is directly integrated with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

The app recently introduced G Suite add-ons and Google Chrome extensions that enable users to quickly export expenses from email receipts.


The applications of artificial intelligence are causing a revolution in various industries while also assisting in the resolution of difficult problems. Are you in agreement with the applications that we have listed for artificial intelligence? Are there any questions that we can answer for you? We would love to hear them, so please feel free to post them in the comments section of this article.

How is AI applied in present and future life?

♦ In the transportation industry

Self-driving vehicles, typically automobiles, are aided by AI technology. By reducing expenses and the likelihood of potentially fatal mishaps, this application helps the economy as a whole.

In 2016, Otto, Uber's self-driving car developer, successfully drove 193 kilometers while carrying 50,000 cans of Budweisers beer. IT advisory firm Gartner predicts that in the not-too-distant future, vehicles will be able to communicate with one another wirelessly to propose optimal routes for travel.

♦ In production

Artificial intelligence is applied to build more optimal production processes. AI technology has high analytical capabilities, serving as a guiding basis for decision-making in manufacturing.

♦ In medical

A typical application of artificial intelligence in the medical field is unmanned aerial vehicles used in emergency rescue cases. Drones are up to 40% faster than specialized vehicles and are extremely suitable for use in difficult terrain.

♦ In Education

The introduction of artificial intelligence contributes to significant changes in the field of education. AI technology allows educational activities such as grading and tutoring students to be automated. Many games and educational software were created to meet the unique needs of each student, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Artificial intelligence can also indicate areas where courses need to be improved. For example, if a large number of students are discovered to have submitted incorrect answers to an assignment, the system will notify the teacher and send a message to the student instructing them to correct their answers. AI technology can also monitor student progress and notify teachers when there are issues with student learning outcomes.

Furthermore, using AI-powered software, students can learn from anywhere in the world. AI technology also provides data to assist students in selecting the most appropriate courses for them.

♦ In the media

The advancement of artificial intelligence in the field of communication contributes to a shift in the approach to target customers. Companies can deliver ads at the right time, to the right potential customers, thanks to the benefits of AI technology, based on demographic characteristics, online activity habits, and other factors. Customers frequently see on advertisements.

♦ In the service industry

AI technology enables the service industry to operate more efficiently and contributes to providing customers with new and improved experiences. AI technology can capture information about customers' service usage behavior through data collection and analysis, allowing it to provide solutions tailored to each customer's needs.

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