Top 10 Technology Investment Trends That Will Dominate in 2023

The Biggest Technology Trends 2023: Rise of Al, Machine Learning and Robot

Since the end of 2022, the technology world has continuously received new generation AI models with breakthrough features that have shaken the world.

These AI systems can all perform complex tasks that were difficult to do before, like writing a long paragraph, programming or drawing a picture from just a short description.

It is forecasted that the following technologies or tools of AI will continue to dominate the world in 2023 and the coming years.


5 Hottest and Scariest AI Technologies - Top Artificial Intelligence Tools
ChatGPT - Hottest AI Tool

ChatGPT is considered the most famous AI today with the ability to write essays, write poems and answer many complex questions.

This super AI was introduced to the public from November 30, 2022 and is still continuing to attract attention. Experts say that models like ChatGPT can completely change the way people communicate and search for information on the Internet, making it feel like talking to people, not dry lines of programming.

ChatGPT is developed from the GPT-3.5 prototype but is trained to give answers like a conversation. The 2020 GPT-3 model only predicts paragraphs that will appear after a certain sequence of words, while ChatGPT interacts with user questions in a person-to-person fashion. The result is answers with the same fluency as real people, and the ability to converse on a wide range of topics, representing a huge improvement over the chatbots that appeared just a few years ago.

However, ChatGPT also raises concerns and risks when it is made available to everyone. The Guardian claims that the super AI is trained on a large amount of text from the Internet. Much of the content is not authorized by the author, leading to controversy about how technology can be abused to "wash copyright", aiding plagiarism. Others worry that ChatGPT will open the door to the collapse of office intellectuals or programmers. Students can also use it to do sophisticated assignments and essays. Several lawsuits have been filed in US courts to block this AI.

Before ChatGPT, some other AIs GPT-3 and Dall-E 2, also under OpenAI, also made an impression and received high praise from users and experts.

2.Lensa AI

5 Hottest and Scariest AI Technologies - Top Artificial Intelligence Tools
Lensa AI art photo editing application is causing a fever

Lensa is an AI software launched in 2018, but suddenly emerged from the end of November 2022, when users around the world shared artistic digital photos created from the application. The tool attracts attention with the addition of a "magic avatar" feature, allowing you to create beautiful and new photos in just a few taps.

Lensa AI is built on Stable Diffusion's free, open source engine. The app requires users to upload 10-20 photos of themselves. Algorithms will process to produce a set of portraits in a variety of styles such as sci-fi, fantasy and cartoon.

However, according to Wired, the AI with Lensa's dreamy photo editing capabilities could be the start of a bad nightmare for the community. Many people started abusing Lensa to create pornographic, racist, harassing photos... The app also sparked discussions about art ethics when artists accused the app's developer. stole their work to train the AI. Some artists are calling for a class-action lawsuit against Lensa and similar software.

3.Vall-E (Microsoft)

5 Hottest and Scariest AI Technologies - Top Artificial Intelligence Tools
Microsoft's VALL-E can imitate any voice in just 3 seconds

Vall-E is the latest AI to make an impression with its ability to mimic anyone's voice in just three seconds. The Microsoft-developed platform can mimic human timbre and speech by hearing their voice. Although the sound is still a bit like a robot voice, the results are considered very promising.

According to Microsoft, Vall-E is built on top of EnCodec, an audio codec that uses machine learning techniques developed by Meta in 2022. If in the past, text-to-speech methods were often in waveforms, Vall -E creates separate audio codecs by capturing and analyzing each person's audio, then breaking down the information into pieces called "tokens" via EnCodec. Finally, this AI uses training data to match what it "knows" about voice intonation, then can say other phrases according to what it "learns". The whole process is done in three seconds - the fastest of any language-mimicking AI system today.

However, experts fear that Vall-E could be used for malicious purposes. This AI can fake voice to cheat, perform blackmail. If combined with deepfake video, the level of danger can be multiplied many times.


5 Hottest and Scariest AI Technologies - Top Artificial Intelligence Tools
The picture drawn by AI depicts "Starry night, full moon in the right corner, field of sunflowers, a dark-haired woman looking up at the moon, Van Gogh style". Photo: Discord Midjourney

Midjourney launched in 2021, but exploded in August 2022 when it allowed free painting. To use, users need to have an account and join the community on Midjourney's Discord. Each account is free to use 25 times, then pay 10-30 USD per month depending on frequency and speed.

After only a few months, millions of people have used Midjourney to create photos, edit movies, make magazine covers, illustrations... In August, 2022, The Atlantic magazine was criticized because an editor used it. Use Midjourney to draw character illustrations for articles, instead of buying photos or hiring people to draw. Artists say that decision could lead to a future where publishers don't need illustrators, or could cut budgets for art. The AI even won a painting exhibition at the Colorado State Fair later that year, prompting many artists to react.

Artists are concerned that, in addition to being pirated, their works are being used to train software and may win their own work in the future.

5.Dall-E 2

5 Hottest and Scariest AI Technologies - Top Artificial Intelligence Tools

Another famous OpenAI AI is Dall-E. Attracting attention since last year, Dall-E and later generation Dall-E 2 caused a fever thanks to its ability to create any surreal photo with just a description.

Dall-E produced images with the keywords "avocado teapot", "Shiba dog in beret hat and turtleneck", "wool monster-looking soup bowl", "cat playing chess" and "room full of sand with piano".

Not only creating photos, Dall-E can also edit photos quickly on demand. Just change the command, the image on the screen immediately transforms with almost the same precision as the person who gave the order to the AI.

However, this feature also worries some experts. When matured, it could retouch photos and spread misinformation on the Internet, aiding targeted campaigns on the online platform.

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