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ChatGPT controversy is good or bad for future education
ChatGPT controversy is good or bad for future education

In November 2022, OpenAI developer released ChatGPT - a text-based chat system. Many users have expressed excitement by the tool's ability to solve math problems, write essays and research papers.

However, Ethan Mollick, a professor at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote on Twitter: "Basically, AI has ruined the homework." In an interview with Morning Edition, Mollick said that this tool immediately impressed many students. The most obvious use is that learners can plagiarize works written by AI.

At the same time, Mollick also saw the benefits of ChatGPT. He used it as his teacher's assistant, helping to prepare syllabuses, lectures, assignments, and grading rubrics for MBA students.

The user can copy an entire academic paper and request it to summarize, or can request to find errors in the command line and correct them, as well as give reasons for typos. "Those are the exponential growth possibilities of this tool, which maybe we still don't fully understand. That's really amazing," he said.

On FE News, Professor Amanda Kirby - CEO of Do-IT Solutions also commented that technology is not the problem. The key factor is who uses it and how it is used.

According to her, many educators fear that students may use ChatGPT to do homework, while teachers cannot identify plagiarism. In fact, learners now use many other technologies, such as grammar and spelling checkers, or search for answers and information from the internet. Students also need to do the same to be effective when using ChatGPT.

Although Chat-GPT is interesting, the fact that users still need to know what is a good question. The data collection system already exists and does not provide reference sources to check the validity of the information.

"You still need to re-read it and check if it's correct. AI doesn't have emotions either," she stressed.

Like any emerging AI technology, this virtual assistant also has some limitations. OpenAI trained the tool using a large dataset of real human conversations. Despite its coherent writing, it is still possible for ChatGPT to fail to provide an answer when the question is outside the available data.

Teresa Kubacka - a data scientist in Zurich (Switzerland) tested ChatGPT by asking about a physical phenomenon. She deliberately asked about something that did not exist, to see if the tool really had a concept of things, things that existed and did not exist.

ChatGPT gave a specific and logical sounding answer, citing several sources. Upon closer inspection, Kubacka realized the sources were bogus. There are names of famous physicists listed, however, the titles of their supposed publications are nonexistent.

There are many cases where users ask a question and the tool gives an answer that sounds impressive but is completely wrong.

"That's a problem, if you're not careful to verify or endorse the fact it provides," he asserts.

In fact, users of the chatbot's free trial are forewarned that ChatGPT can sometimes generate inaccurate or misleading information, deliver harmful instructions, or misleading content. Sam Altman - CEO of OpenAI also said that users "relying on this tool to do what it responds to" could be the wrong choice.

According to Kirby, the advent of these new technologies can become educational technologies, changing the way learning skills are assessed. Written tests in the exam room have long been the main method of assessment. Therefore, this approach is beneficial for people who can sit still for hours, write quickly and neatly, or who have the ability to remember information; conversely, do not favor those who need more time to process information and answer questions or who have other sensory preferences.

"Can an exam in an exam room be compatible with real-life skills? What kind of person do we need in the workplace of the future?", Kirby asked.

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