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Will Be Erased Because Of Al and ChatGPT
Top Careers Will Be Wiped Out Because Of Al and ChatGPT

It is not time for robots to destroy humanity, but automatic technolygy, AI, ChatGPT replacing humans will make the following occupations wiped out in the very near future.

1.Bank Tellers

Banks will not disappear, but gradually shift to a model of service by AI, automatic machines. Customers will not need to go to a transaction point to make transfers, withdraw money or even redo ATM cards, deposit savings.

All they need is a smartphone. Therefore, the profession of teller is also among the jobs that are likely to be replaced by machines in the next few years. Banks will still keep some tellers, but very few.


Content creators, especially copywriters and website writers, may struggle in the coming years. Automation solutions, using AI tools to write for humans are increasingly developed.

Not only ChatGPT, a series of other tools like Jounce AI also have the ability to write in AI for free. These AIs can write smoothly and even write university dissertations, web programming according to user requirements… Therefore, many experts predict AI will soon enter the copywriting industry in time.

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The demand for express delivery of parcels is still quite large, but many carriers are gradually replacing the traditional postman. This means their jobs will be gone in 10-20 years.

Invoices and statements will be sent and paid online. Parcels can also be sent by machine or to a collection point. The image of postmen delivering newspapers, electricity and water bills, collecting television and internet charges is expected to disappear in the next decade.

4.Customer Care

One of the jobs that can be replaced by AI chatbots the most is customer care. Most websites already have chatbots to answer questions, but in some cases support staff is still needed with more complex issues.

However, as companies start to implement more sophisticated AI tools like ChatGPT and become widely used, it is likely that this work will become redundant. Many experts predict that customer service will soon be automated. But whether this change will make the service industry more efficient is still an unanswered question.


Recently, many people have questioned whether with the development of chatbots like ChatGPT, journalists and reporters can be replaced in the future.

These AI tools are capable of writing well, synthesizing information quickly. However, Gizmodo tried running ChatGPT to write an article, but the writing ability of this application is quite bad.

Therefore, it is possible that AI cannot immediately replace journalists, but will help them in synthesizing information quickly.

Top 15 Jobs Will Be Erased Because Of Al, ChatGPT and More
Sophia - Robot that once claimed to destroy humanity


The cashless world is gradually becoming popular with one-touch operation, contactless payment. The most easily recognizable trend is the sharp drop in demand for cash.

With that fact, many automatic toll stations or vending machines gradually become popular in supermarket chains, even fast food restaurants. The amount of work for cashiers is shrinking rapidly, which is understandable.


It is possible that scientists themselves will not be replaced by AI, but scientific writing may be automated in the future.

Recent research from Northwestern University shows that scientists do not seem to recognize the difference between scientific papers written by ChatGPT and real people.

8.Travel Agents

Top 15 Jobs Will Be Erased Because Of Al, ChatGPT and More
Travel Agents will soon be wiped out by technology and artificial intelligence

In the past, the image of travel marketers appearing and introducing trips, helping you to book flights and hotels was very familiar. Travel agents are the bridge between customers and transport units, travel agencies, hotels.

But now, with the abundance of online platforms that are also applied to AL, users can easily compare and can book tickets and arrange their own vacation. All we need is a bank card for domestic or international payments, a few hours of free time researching destinations and finding flights, hotels that match the price, a variety of dates and times.

Travel agents can completely be 'wiped out' when customers can completely complete the bookings by themselves with the support and super convenient advice of Al or ChatGPT.

9.Cooking of Fast Food

With automation chains, paying for a modern machine has become a priority for many businesses. They rarely fail and don't require insurance or maternity leave, and are low-cost.

Fast food chefs could be redundant for the next few years as employers use modern technology to speed up the process, minimizing operational costs. Currently, many businesses apply AI and do this.


A lot of people are skeptical about whether AI can replace artists. If in the past AI was only used to solve algorithms, now artificial intelligence has been developed amazingly.

Toolkits like DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion that feature description-based painting are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience and speed. Therefore, it is likely that the artist will fall into unemployment in the future.

11.Celebrities, Models

Robots may soon make their way into the fashion industry within the next few years. The robot is created from images created using CGI computer effects but looks very much like a real person. Big brands have used this technology in their business activities because of its low cost and convenience.

12.Textile Workers

With a system of modern automation machines and more AL applications, many production and manufacturing jobs will be done by them.

Therefore, textile workers have less job opportunities. However, this shift also has some positive points. Those who survive in the textile industry will have to be experts, sophisticated skills to do the work that machines cannot replace.

13.Workers in the Printing Factory

After the explosion of electronic newspapers, Millennials and Gen Z now have a habit of reading news on social networks, online more than newspapers and books.

This makes the printing industry need to adapt to grow or fall into extinction. Print newspaper operators could face a significant drop in business.

14.Sports Referee

World Football Federation (FIFA) is cutting many referee positions to bring more technology into matches. Typically, the VAR video assistant referee system is being used in top European leagues. Meanwhile, other sports, such as tennis, cricket and rugby, have long used technology to make decisions during a match.

Some experts believe that bringing technology and using artificial referees is a positive step, reducing fouls, increasing competition and fairness for sports.


There is still a lot of skepticism when it comes to the idea that lawyer is a job that could be replaced by Ai in the future.

However, a recent Reuters report indicates that it is possible that robots will replace lawyers in the future. Artificial intelligence company DoNotPay has created an AI-integrated computer program called RobotLawyer.

This AI will be used at a court in the US as a defense attorney for a speeding client in February 2023. DoNotPay offers a $1 million reward to any attorney who accepts to appear in court and use arguments from their AI program. Gizmodo said, this could be the new future of the legal profession.

Who Is the First AI-Powered Robot Lawyer In The World?


With the rapid change caused by AL, automation technology and ChatGPT, experts say the list of occupations that will be wiped out soon will grow longer. It is important for employees to have the flexibility to improvise and adapt to new jobs.

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