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TOP 5 Zodiac Signs Who Born To Be A Lawyer

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Photo India Today

The world is all set to witness the marvels of a “robot lawyer” at work as an Artificial Intelligence robot is ready to defend its first case in court. According to Metro UK, the robot lawyer will defend a speeding ticket case in February. The AI developed by a company named DoNotPlay will advise a defendant in an entire case that will go on the floor in February. The company involved in providing legal chatbot services was founded by British-American entrepreneur Joshua Browder.

What is an AI robot?

Artificial intelligence robots are a combination of AI and robotics, where AI software is embedded in robot systems.

In other words, AI has a key place in making robots intelligent.

The most advanced robots are those controlled by AI that can learn from their environment and experience and then build on their capabilities based on that knowledge.

How does the AI robot lawyer work?

Photo dailymail
Photo dailymail

The AI will run on a smartphone, listening in to the proceedings of the courtroom before instructing the defendant on what to say via an earpiece as reported by the New Scientist.

The location of the court and the name of the defendant are being kept under wraps at the moment.

First reported in New Scientist, DoNotPay’s plan is to have the defendants wear an earpiece with Bluetooth connectivity in the courtroom, likely an AirPod or hearing device, with the AI whispering instructions on what to say in the defendants' ears.

One defendant will argue their case in person, the other on Zoom. DoNotPay is also considering taking on a third case over an eviction.

This will be the first time AI is used in court. DoNotPay is keeping the exact dates and locations of the hearings under wraps in case state bars try to intervene.

DoNotPay hopes the experiment loosens courtroom rules against the use of AI in court, which he believes hurts low-income individuals since roughly 80% cannot afford legal assistance, according to the American Bar Association.

Billed as ‘the world’s first robot lawyer’, the company wants to help people ‘fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone at the press of a button’.

Browder, a Stanford University-educated computer scientist, launched DoNotPay in 2015 as a chatbot that provides legal advice to consumers dealing with late fees or fines.

His ultimate goal is to have his app replace lawyers altogether in order to save defendants money.

‘It’s all about language, and that’s what lawyers charge hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour to do,’ he told told New Scientist.

Company intends to help people ‘fight corporations’ through the chatbot

Calling it the “world’s first robot lawyer”, the company claims that the AI robot will help people “fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, and sue anyone at the press of a button.” Browder, who is a Stanford University pass-out, founded the company in 2015. The company which used to provide legal advice through its chatbot decided to pivot to AI in 2020. During his conversation with the science and technology publication, New Scientist, the DoNotPlay CEO asserted that the company is “trying to minimize our legal liability."

“And it’s not good if it twists facts and is too manipulative”, the CEO added.

According to the reports, the AI software will listen to the court's arguments and analyze them before instructing the defendant on how to respond. Speaking on how lawyers usually charge thousands of dollars to fight a case Browder said, “It’s all about language, and that’s what lawyers charge hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour to do.”

Through the company which was started “by accident”, Browder intends to provide greater legal accessibility for users. With the introduction of AI technologies like ChatGPT and Dall-E, the introduction of a “robot lawyer” has left many surprised.

What are the risks to an AI lawyer?

Photo donotpay
Photo donotpay

Although DoNotPay has committed to pay any fines and the defendants will receive compensation for participating in the experiment, Browder concedes that there are dangers involved in becoming the first to use AI in court.

Additionally, DoNotPay has taken measures to prevent problems with its AI responding to anything the judge says, including rhetorical assertions, or exaggerating facts or being "too kind."

The AI's first court proceedings are scheduled for February, but there might be more. On Twitter, Browder said that DoNotPay will pay anyone with a case that would be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court $1 million to wear AirPods and represent the company's robot lawyer in court.

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Do you know…?

China has been the first to use artificial intelligence in the courtroom.

Last July, it was revealed the nation is using the technology to 'improve' its court system by recommending laws, drafting documents and alerting 'perceived human errors' in rulings.

The AI has also been connected to police databases and China's Orwellian social credit system, handing it the power to punish people by automatically putting a thief's property up for sale online.

China has been developing a 'smart court' system since at least 2016 when Chief Justice Qiang Zhou called for technology to improve the 'fairness, efficiency, and credibility' of the judicial system.

That has meant introducing robot receptionists to courthouses to offer online legal help, automatic voice recognition recorders in courtrooms that eliminate the need for transcribing, and 'virtual courtrooms' where cases can be heard online.

China has even introduced a highly specialized' internet court' that deals solely with cases related to the virtual world - such as online loans, domain name disputes, and copyright issues.

Best AI Humanoid Robots That Entered Our World


Photo jumpstartmag
Photo jumpstartmag

When it comes to AI humanoid robots, Sophia must come in first. Sophia was created and turned on by Hanson Robotics in February 2016. It gained notoriety by taking part in a number of high-profile events and celebrity interviews. For instance, in 2018, Jimmy Fallon and Sophia performed a duet on The Tonight Show.

Sophia is the first humanoid robot to earn a credit card and Saudi Arabian citizenship, among many other firsts for humanoid robots. Sophia, a social robot, is trained to monitor speech patterns and imitate social actions using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Additionally, in order to interact with people more naturally, its AI technology enables it to convey up to 62 different facial emotions.

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Photo jumpstartmag
Photo jumpstartmag

In science fiction films, humanoid robots are nothing new because they can be simply produced using computer-generated images (CGI). Filmmakers, however, do not stop there. A US$70 million science fiction film titled b was made by Bondit Capital Media, Happy Moon Productions, and 10Ten Media. Erica, an AI humanoid robot developed by Japanese researchers Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa, was cast in the starring role.


Photo jumpstartmag
Photo jumpstartmag

Numerous nations and regions have been routinely testing their residents' Covid-19 levels as part of their pandemic preparedness efforts. Testing facilities in mainland China (such as those in Beijing and Shenyang) have begun deploying robotic arms to collect samples in order to minimize contact between medical personnel and the general public during these tests. Having said that, it is essential to have medical treatment plans in place for the pandemic that include enough medical personnel to care for the patients, especially the elderly.

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