The Biggest Technology Trends 2023: Rise of Al, Machine Learning and Robot
Machine Learning Will Rise Strongly in 2023

Year of 'Vulnerability' of the Tech World

Looking back to 2022, the tech world didn't have many glorious moments with a series of layoffs and investigations.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, had to lay off 11,000 employees because of bad investments at the time of the global recession. Mark Zuckerberg's dream of virtual universe technology (metaverse) is still going nowhere, as the Oculus virtual reality headset is envisioned to change the way people work again largely used to play games. Meanwhile, the new iPhone launched with almost no noticeable improvements.

On the social network side, billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter for $ 44 billion. But thousands of employees were fired and resigned as well as the suspension of some journalists and experts' accounts, causing many users to leave Twitter. TikTok's fate is also not easier, as many countries are closely monitoring the video-sharing platform because of national security concerns.

Next, the virtual currency market faced a "wake-up call" after the drunkenness of many years ago. The value of Bitcoin is only about a quarter of what it is in 2021, and the chain of dominoes from the collapse of crypto exchange FTX has only just begun. Observers predict that governments will be more aggressive in managing this market in the future.

According to Forbes magazine, 2022 is definitely a year for the technology world to "look back". Leaders should consider which areas are delivering success, which are no longer yielding much results, and what lessons can be learned from failures.

Also in 2022, the whole world has witnessed the influence of the macroeconomic environment on all industries. With lessons like FTX's, compliance with business ethics is no longer a matter of self-perception but requires real investment and control by technology enterprises.

However, 2023 will be the year that the technology world must become more alert and realistic in all its decisions and investments, in the context of the economic downturn affecting all aspects of life.

Rise of AI, Machine Learning and Robot

The Biggest Technology Trends 2023: Rise of Al, Machine Learning and Robot
ChatGPT is the most exciting and scary new technology of 2023

In a forgettable year 2022, there is still a bright spot that is the ChatGPT technology released by AI research company OpenAI at the end.

ChatGPT is a chatbot (conversation machine) capable of providing solutions to complex problems directly. This technology can write essays, program and draft business proposals.

All tech forecasts for 2023 agree that AI and Machine Learning will dominate the new year, showing their usefulness from medical procedures to banking.

"It is truly amazing to read about the developments that data scientists are making that will impact the vast majority of us," Forbes wrote.

AI market 2023 is predicted to grow beyond 50 billion USD. As thousands of companies across industries continue to create breakthroughs, this will be the pivotal year in which artificial intelligence can transparently collaborate and share knowledge to reduce risk, continued promote innovation.

Machine Learning is a hot topic right now and will continue to play an increasingly important role in our lives for the foreseeable future. "If you want to enrich your writing with a historical fact, you won't need to search the internet anymore. All the information will be right there with one click" - Mr. Yoav Shoham, professor Honors at Stanford University, assessing the potential that AI can bring.

Xiaomi CyberOne Smart Robot (First Look):

Ken Washington, Amazon's robotics manager, told Fast Company that this year, robots will take significant strides towards a more useful presence in homes, factories and businesses. They will develop complex interoperability thanks to tremendous advances in AI and machine learning. For example, groundbreaking multimodal communication capabilities allow robots to learn new things just like humans. They will perform useful tasks, entertain and provide an experience close to real friends.

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VR, AR Promote Metaverse

The Biggest Technology Trends 2023: Rise of Al and Machine Learning
Metaverse technology is forecasted to develop more in 2023. Photo: ESCAPE ARTIST

Metaverse is considered by many technology lovers as an upgrade to today's internet connections and the future of the online world. The company that owns the world's largest social network Facebook has changed its name to Meta. According to the Financial Times, the name change is part of a strategy to expand the tech giant's reach beyond social media.

Meta announced plans to build a "virtual universe" with a vision like an online world, where people can play games, work, and communicate in a virtual environment vividly, through the use of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technologies. Forbes describes the metaverse as an online world in which a user has an avatar that can walk around and interact with other users. Instead of just manipulating through a computer as usual, metaverse users can use assistive devices such as headsets and VR glasses to enter the virtual world, connecting all kinds of digital environments. .

Technology site estimates that revenue from areas such as games, e-commerce and advertising through Facebook's metaverse platform could reach nearly $82 billion by 2025, nearly equal to total revenue. advertising by this company in 2020. From the end of 2021 and in 2022, a series of large organizations in the banking, fashion, and entertainment industries have all announced ambitious plans with the metaverse.

In 2023, the metaverse is forecasted to be more explosive, as the wave of joining the "virtual universe" spreads to smaller businesses.

Although the metaverse is not very favorable in 2022, The Star website believes that users can still expect more success from this universe in 2023. Metaverse promises to create a virtual world with high interactivity and attractive. When it becomes a reality, Meta (Facebook's parent company) expects the avatar in the metaverse to be able to help users handle things online even when they're not physically present. That said, the development progress of Metaverse is quite slow.

In addition to Meta, Apple also started to step into the field of virtual reality. Although he hasn't shared his product yet, Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed excitement about using AR to leverage digital data in the physical world.

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Editing Technology

The ever-evolving ability of the digital environment to deliver immersive online experiences. Therefore, scientists are pursuing a research direction to create a digital version of a real object to test the modifications before making changes in the real world. For example, Formula 1 racing teams create a "digital twin" of a real race car and use the digital world to test the car in virtual conditions. This allows racing teams to study, align, and replace vehicle parts in the digital world until they are optimized, before proceeding to use 3D printing to create the parts. corresponds to the actual vehicle.

The digital world with similar capabilities for editing or programming real-world materials is also boosted by nanotechnology research. By tweaking the properties and composition of materials at the nanoscale, humans can give materials new features, such as self-healing paints or waterproof clothing, or can develop new technologies. develop entirely new materials, such as graphene, one of the thinnest and strongest materials known today.

The "peak" of editing technology is to modify the structure of living organisms such as plants, animals or humans by editing genetic information. Gene editing technology opens up a virtually unlimited range of possibilities. Children can be immune to diseases their parents are susceptible to, crops can be developed to fight pests and diseases, and medicines can be tailored to each individual. their own genes.

Chip Industry Faces A Lot of Pressure

The 2023 semiconductor market is expected to continue to witness many new storms. The $53 billion support package approved by the US President Joe Biden's administration in August 2022 will create more pronounced effects than this year. China also will not sit idly in this fierce race. Meanwhile, the chip market is facing a supply-demand crisis. Inventory shipments are increasing after a period of hot growth, but areas that need high-tech chips such as cars, IoT, and smartphones are still severely scarce due to supply chain disruptions.

Despite the bad forecasts about the economic downturn, Samsung has announced the strategy to expand its largest factory - P3 in Pyeongtaek (Korea) by adding 12-inch wafer production capacity for DRAM memory chips. The company also expanded the factory by increasing the chip capacity of 4 nanometers according to the customer's design. Meanwhile, from the end of 2022, TSMC announced that it will begin large-scale production of 3-nanometer chips to serve the iPhone 2023. Reuters quoted TSMC president Mark Liu as saying that demand for 3-nanometer chips was "very strong". It is driven by new technologies such as 5G and high-performance computing products. As planned, in early 2023, TSMC will deploy the production of high-performance 3-nanometer chips to meet the huge demand of the market.

Blockchain More Important

According to traditional processes, the establishment of trust between two parties in the online environment must go through an intermediary. Banks and payment companies like Paypal verify identities and act as “guarantors” when users transfer and receive money. However, in reality, these are all centralized systems, which means that problems can easily occur if companies do not manage the system effectively or do not act in the good interest. most of customers.

In 2023, blockchain is forecast to be one of the prominent technology trends with the ability to help remove the ultimate control over an organization, company or process from any leverage. any. Transactions can take place without an intermediary, by being authenticated through a decentralized system, it is difficult to erase, edit, because the data is stored at all computers. join the system.

Energy giant Shell unveiled an initiative based on blockchain technology to ensure the exact source of energy flowing in its system. Renowned beverage maker William Grant & Sons has attached decentralized digital tokens (NFTs) to the extremely expensive bottles of Glenfiddich whiskey they sell to collectors. The blockchain-based NFT technology allows traders to easily retrieve the exact information and provenance of each bottle of wine.

NFT Continues Rising

NFT has had an emotional year. The collections were inflated to millions of dollars but then plummeted. However, from a technology perspective, experts believe that NFT is not a "drawing cake" but also has a lot of potential for development. Previously, Meta applied NFT to Instagram and Facebook on a large scale. In October, Apple also showed support when allowing apps on the App Store to view and trade NFT inside.

Not stopping there, the NFT is receiving the support of several governments. According to Sina, on January 1, China officially launched the first NFT trading platform. China Technology Exchange, China Art Exhibition and Huban Digital Copyrights Ltd have jointly created the platform to facilitate the exchange of NFT as a secondary market. The platform also provides organizations and individuals with rights protection and copyright protection monitoring services related to digital assets. The launch of the NFT exchange demonstrates the acceleration in digital transformation of the cultural industry in China and the government's acumen in accessing and unlocking potential technology.

More importantly, if successful, China could become an example that, if controlled effectively, NFT will be a technology that can bring many unexpected changes to traditional sectors.

Technology Changing the Healthcare Industry

The rise of AI, especially ChatGPT, is ushering in many amazing changes that show how technology can affect healthcare services. The Health Site quoted Prashant Parmar, Head of Physician Development, HealthPlix Technologies, as saying: "The combination of artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) and data management methods. "In 2023, there will be an explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare." He noted that AI's share in the healthcare market is expected to surpass $95.65 billion by 2028.

Advances in technology can narrow inequalities in service delivery and healthcare quality. Many technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing, and pattern recognition algorithms have been applied to healthcare.

According to experts, this year, the market will witness an explosion of personal health monitoring technology, there will be many applications and utilities that integrate health data. Wearables will be used more to track fitness and health, as well as help doctors monitor patients remotely. The Internet of Medical Things - the term that refers to the combination of data from smart wearables, mobile applications and medical management systems to assist doctors in remote treatment - will be common in 2023.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This development trend of technology is seen as the synthesis of all the other trends together. The network of connected sensors, devices, and infrastructure to collect the data we need to build metadata, create digital twins, train intelligent machines, and design ways new to enable digital trust without intermediaries. The Internet of Things (IoT), or “hyper-connected world,” and its impact on our lives will continue to be felt strongly into 2023.

The gadgets and devices and workspaces of many households today are filled with smart tools and apps. However, different platforms and operating systems still create many difficulties. In 2023, global standards and protocols are expected to make devices more compatible with each other.

Another area of focus development will be IoT security. While connected devices can improve our lives in many ways, they also create security risks. Any device is potentially an access point that an attacker can use to gain access to the entire system. Improving security to prevent these attacks will be a top priority for companies investing in IoT.

5G services and future 6G services will not only help devices connect faster, but also be compatible with more devices. “Communication” between devices can be “split” and placed in channels that exist separately. As such, devices will be connected more reliably and can be used in critical procedures such as robotic surgery.

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