Top 15+ Best Astrology Sites and Apps to Get Free Prediction for Your Future
Top 15+ Best Astrology Sites and Apps to Get Free Prediction for Your Future
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What are the best astrology sites and apps to get free horoscope prediction?

For centuries, man has looked up to the stars seeking knowledge on what the future has in store for them. They believed the answers to their mind-boggling questions lie in the twinkling stars and the heavenly bodies. And, for good reasons, too.

Astrology has come to be known as the study of these heavenly bodies, and how the positions of the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets at the time of your birth can determine your personality and the forthcoming events in your life.

The most popular and simplest form of astrology is the projections of the 12 zodiac signs corresponding to the 12 constellations. People pore over the daily predictions of their sun signs in newspapers, magazines, and the internet. For more accurate readings, they seek out an astrologer.

Here are the best astrology sites and apps to get free prediction for your future, which predict your future with the simple tap of a finger.

How does astrology work?

Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual's mood, personality, and environment, depending on when he was born. Astrologers print horoscopes in newspapers that are personalized by birth date. These horoscopes make predictions in people's personal lives, describe their personalities, and give them advice; all according to the position of astronomical bodies. A survey conducted by the National Science Foundation found that 41% of respondents believe that astrology is "very scientific" or "sort of scientific".

Let us break the original question into two separate, more specific, questions: 1) Does the position of astronomical bodies affect a person's life? 2) Can horoscopes make people feel better? These questions are both very different. Both can be determined scientifically.

Does the position of astronomical bodies affect a person's life (beyond basic weather)?

No. The position and orientation of the sun relative to earth does cause seasons. Anyone who has shoveled snow off his walk in January when he would rather be at the beach can tell you that the astronomical bodies definitely affect our lives. Solar flares cause electromagnetic disturbances on earth that can disrupt satellites and even cause blackouts. The position of the moon causes ocean tides. If you are a fisher, the position of the moon can have a significant effect on your livelihood. The solar wind causes beautiful aurora, and sunlight itself is the main source of energy for our planet. But all of these effects fall under the umbrella of basic weather; not astrology. Astrology purports that astronomical bodies have influence on people's lives beyond basic weather patterns, depending on their birth date. This claim is scientifically false. Numerous scientific studies have disproven that astronomical bodies affect people's lives according to their birth date. For instance, Peter Hartmann and his collaborators studied over 4000 individuals and found no correlation between birth date and personality or intelligence. In one of the most famous experiments, Shawn Carlson had 28 astrologers make predictions and then tested the accuracy of their predictions. Before conducting the experiment, he fine-tuned the method so that various independent scientists agreed the method was scientifically sound, and also so that all of the astrologers agreed the test was fair. As published in Nature, he found that the astrologers could do no better at predicting the future than random chance. These results agree with fundamental science.

Fundamentally, there are four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. If an object affects a person, it must do so by interacting through one of these fundamental forces. For instance, strong acid burns your skin because the electromagnetic fields in the acid pull strongly enough on your skin molecules that they rip apart. A falling rock crushes you because gravity pulls it onto you. A nuclear bomb will vaporize you because of nuclear forces. Each of the fundamental forces can be very strong. The problem is that they all die off with distance. The nuclear forces die off so quickly that they are essentially zero beyond a few nanometers. Electromagnetic forces typically extend from nanometers to kilometers. Sensitive equipment can detect electromagnetic waves (light) from the edge of the observable universe, but that light is exceptionally weak. The gravity of a star technically extends throughout the universe, but its individual effect on the universe does not extend much beyond its solar system. Because of the effect of distance, the gravitational pull of Polaris on an earth-bound human is weaker than the gravitational pull of a gnat flitting about his head. Similarly, the electromagnetic waves (light) reaching the eye of an earth-bound human from Sirius is dimmer than the light from a firefly flitting by. If the stars and planets really had an effect on humans, then gnats and fireflies would have even more of an effect. Even if the gravity of the planets was strong enough to affect you, an alignment of the planets would not lead you to win the lottery for the simple reason that a literal alignment of the planets never happens in the real world.

Can horoscopes make people feel better?

Yes. But it has nothing to do with the horoscopes being right. Horoscopes make people feel better because of a psychological effect known as the placebo effect. The placebo effect is when the belief in a useless method actually makes a person feel better. It is the belief itself, and not the method, that causes the improvement. The placebo effect has been scientifically verified. If you give pills to ten sick patients containing only water, but tell them it is a powerful new drug that will help them, and then have ten sick patients not take the pills, then over time the patients taking pills will show better health. Because of the placebo effect, a new drug must not just be proven to make patients feel better. It must be proven to perform better than a placebo. In accurate medical experiments, the control group is not a collection of untreated patients. Rather, the control group is a collection of patients receiving a placebo. The placebo effect is the mechanism at work with astrology. Many people believe in astrology. When they read their horoscope and follow its advice, they feel better. But it is the belief itself and not the astrology that is making them feel better. Many pseudo-scientific treatments – from crystal healing to homeopathy – help people through the placebo effect. Believing in a treatment that does not actually do anything may help, but believing in a treatment that does is even better. Sticking to scientifically proven treatments gives you the benefit of the belief and the benefit of the treatment's action. For instance, instead of reading your horoscope each morning, go for a walk. Exercise is proven to be good for body and mind, and your belief in its effect will also help you.

Top 15 best astrology sites and apps to get free horoscope prediction


Photo: is a component of’s extensive website network. It’s dedicated to providing both free and premium high quality astrological content for users on an easily accessible platform. According to their website, they boast the largest monthly audience for their astrological and esoteric content available online. They have over 50 different personalized reports available between their free and premium options, and prices vary depending on the report.

They do not have their own network of psychics, but instead connect to another website, Keen, for psychic readings. However, their website is very user-friendly and frequently utilized by a good number of people per month.


  • Many different reports offered, both at free and premium levels.
  • Particularly useful for astrology and horoscopes.
  • Reports delivered instantly online.
  • Well-established with a large user base.


  • No live readings directly from the website; instead, they are through Keen.
  • No refunds or guaranteed information on digital readings.
  • Tarot card readings and astrology reports are done electronically, not through live advisors.
  • Not as great for experts or true enthusiasts; better suited for beginners.

Types of Readings Offered


As previously mentioned, you can find psychics that specialize in almost anywhere you desire. You can find those who focus on love and relationships, careers, dream interpretation, and so much more. Keen’s extensive selection of psychics, each with tons of reviews and helpful information, offer all sorts of readings, so you can easily find a psychic that specializes in a certain area.

Tarot Card Readings also outsources their tarot card readings to Keen, but just like the psychics, all tarot card readers are thoroughly vetted, and their client reviews are easily visible. They all have descriptions about what they specialize in. However, for a cheaper (meaning free) option, has a free daily tarot card “reading” directly on their website. You can also get a yearly reading for a fee of $19.95. These are done digitally without the help of a psychic, so if you are looking for an authentic experience, this is not it. However, the readings are still somewhat detailed, and they are instant

Horoscopes has free daily horoscopes based on your sign, and you can find anything from love horoscopes to flirt horoscopes and more. You can also find some based solely on career and relationships or sex, and if you want to delve even deeper into horoscopes, you can purchase a full birth horoscope for a one time fee. This is instantly delivered to your email. Purchased reports are extremely in depth.

Astrological Reports

You can purchase a number of thorough and detailed reports based on your astrological sign and your birth chart, each with a slightly different fee. All reports are delivered to your email instantly after payment, and they feature in depth analyses. However, it is important to note that these reports are not created by live psychics, but instead are generated by high-quality software. The analysis is still very thorough and informative, but you should still know exactly what you are purchasing.

Pricing and Special Offers

Psychic readings have a special offer on them where the first three minutes of a reading are free. From there, it jumps up to ten minutes for $1.99, which is still a nominal fee for a live psychic reading. However, after ten minutes, prices are set by the experts themselves. Most seem to be anywhere from $4-$6 per minute, so you can keep your readings short if that is what you wish to save yourself some money. All prices are listed next to the psychic’s profile and reviews on the page on

For the reports, each one has its own flat rate. After you submit your information and payment, the reports are instantly delivered to you via email. These reports are anything from your birth horoscope report, a yearly horoscope or tarot reading, a karma report, a compatibility report, and many more options. These range in price from $8.95 up to $24.95, depending on the size and type of report.

Click here to access the site:

2. Keen

Photo: Keen Help Center
Photo: Keen Help Center

Keen is an online live advice platform where users are able to browse through multiple selections of spiritual advisors. It’s just like a social media website or dating app, but specifically for psychic needs. These advisors come from different backgrounds, each offering their own brand of guidance. No two psychics on Keen are the same, much like in real life how no two people are exactly the same.

This psychic service website can be used by anyone in the world. However, their mode of communication is primarily in English and is usually done through written messages. With Keen’s extensive list of advisors, you could find one who speaks your primary language. Some also offer calls for those who prefer spoken readings, though typewritten exchanges are the norm. is dedicated to making psychic readers more accessible for all. Especially for those who are in isolated locations, having an online reader available could bring great comfort. Keen offers a variety of options, including different types of readings, provided by their top-rated psychics. Along with this, Keen offers the first three minutes as a free trial.

How to Use

To use their services, you must first register as a Keen user. This will help you track your interactions with your psychic(s). You will be required to provide an email address as well as your birthdate. As most people already know, a person’s birthdate is a vital part of some predictions.

Afterward, you will be led to a page where you can filter out your ideal psychic from 1700+ options. Filtering options include “best available,” price ranges, client rating, and other additional specifications. You can always go back and change your preferences. Keen will help you match with the most suitable psychic by asking questions regarding your current mood, the type of advice you’re seeking, and if you’re looking for a specific kind of guide.

Reasons to Use Keen

There are many factors to consider in deciding whether Keen’s services are for you. Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try:

Easy access to psychics. As previously mentioned, Keen is available around the world and around the clock. For the occasional existential crisis where you feel the need for a spiritual guide, Keen will be there for you. If you’re not in a rush and happen to come across an offline psychic, no problem. Let Keen’s callback feature handle that for you.

Over 1700 people to choose from. With such a vast selection of advisors, you can be sure to find one who will fit the bill for you. Using the Keen filters, you can whittle down those 1700+ people until you find someone who truly understands what you need. Moreover, Keen’s psychics are adept in different fields, such as clairvoyance, cleansing, angel readings, numerology, etc.

Free trial access. Psychic readings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. And even for seasoned believers, an online reading could take some getting used to. This is exactly why Keen offers three minutes of free reading to new users. Most of their readers offer the same special deal.

Varying price range. Keen rates work on a per-minute basis. Users can adjust their filters to find psychics who charge within their budget. Appointments start at $1.99 and may go up to over $9.99 a minute.

Over 20 years of service. For Keen to survive since 1999, it must’ve been doing something right. With over 20 years of experience under its belt, Keen has gathered a huge clientele and network. They claim to have served millions of people through the years and will likely continue to do so in the years to come.

Click here to access the site:

3. Astrology Zone

Photo: Astrology Zone
Photo: Astrology Zone

Susan Miller is one of astrology’s best-known names, with a website that attracts millions of viewers each month and an impressive list of best-selling books to boot. So naturally, Astrology Zone’s mobile app is a trusted resource for many.

The app’s free version simply offers a better user experience for those who would normally read Astrology Zone on their mobile web browser, with access to Miller’s monthly horoscopes, as well as brief, daily readings for each of the 12 signs.

At any given time, you can access yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s readings, or view this month and last month’s detailed analyses. But premium subscribers receive more detailed daily readings, with a fuller horoscope released each Sunday to set the tone for the week for around $5 a month.

Astrology Zone's premium version also has access to a list of important dates, a library of Miller’s essays explaining the nuances of planetary movement, and a special “Learn Astrology” segment with information about the planets, the elements, and how those forces impact your own personality traits.

4. Co–Star


Banu Guler, Anna Kopp, and Ben Weitzman launched the Co Star app in 2017. The idea initially began with a baby shower that Banu Guler attended. She gifted an astrology chart to a friend’s child that got quite good attention at the party. The first Co star personalized astrology app was launched in January 2020. However, the iOS app has been existing since 2018 itself. According to a report by SensorTower, users have downloaded the Co star app more than 300k times globally by April 2021.

Features of the Co star astrology app

Furthermore, we will discuss detailed features to have a basis for the insightful Co star astrology reviews. Later, we will proceed with the pros and cons of this astrology app.

1. Read Co star app reviews for your planet-to-planet compatibility

Ready detailed Co star astrology charts to figure out the compatibility between different planets ruling your zodiac sign. You can also find the compatibility analysis between your planets and others’ planets. As you know the position of planets is the most crucial factor affecting the details of your Costar login astrology, Co star astrology app decodes the meaning of the same for your zodiac sign.

2. Build communities and add friends to know where they stand astrologically

You can add your favorite people after the Co star app download to keep a track of their Zodiac situations. You can check planetary positions, daily horoscopes, and much more for your friends with this Co star astrology app.

3. Get customized personality analysis

The app offers more than horoscopes or planetary analysis. With the Co star app, you can get your accurate personality analysis. The AI integrated with the app gives you an insight into the personality traits and forecasts for the possible future.

Pros and Cons of the Co star personalized astrology app

Before we proceed further and begin the Co star reviews, let’s have a look at the Pros and cons of the Co star app.

Pros of Co star download

  • The app has a beautiful User Interface
  • Accurate horoscope with the AI
  • Customized birth charts
  • Astro compatibility reports

Cons of Co star download

  • Not for those who do not believe in Astrology
  • Brutally honest, so prepare for straightforward forecasts

5. The Pattern

Photo: Google Play
Photo: Google Play

This free, no-frills app can be freakishly accurate: Just ask Channing Tatum, who went on Twitter in 2019 to express his disbelief at its precision. Users start by sharing their name and gender, along with information like date, place, and exact time of birth.

The Pattern bills itself as a social network, so users can connect with friends through the platform to gain a better understanding of how the cosmos might affect their relationships.

But it doesn’t stop there: you can run relationship analysis for people not in the app, too, by entering information about a friend, crush, romantic partner, or potential business associate.

The app is great for users who want to understand the broad takeaways of their astrology reading, without getting in the weeds on vocabulary or star signs. Expect down-to-earth language and insights on your life, split into three categories: foundation, development, and relationships. You also have the option to read a quick summary, or go deeper with in-depth analysis.

6. Time Passages

Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

This free service from Astrograph, a website and desktop app that takes its name from the telescopes that complete astrophotography, offers to-the-minute information on astrological events.

Access to an expansive glossary, as well as charts that explain the meanings behind your sun, moon, and rising signs make Time Passages the ideal app if you're looking to delve deeper and understand the forces at play behind each horoscope.

If you use the free version of the app, you can expect personalized daily horoscopes that are tailored to their specific birth information. Additional features cost around $10 each.

Choose from add-ons like a compatibility meter that helps you navigate potential romantic and business relationships by comparing charts to calculate the likelihood of a successful outcome, or forecasting for the future, allowing you to see upcoming astrological events and considering how those might impact what lies ahead.

And, you don’t have to pore over the app to get the major takeaways quickly: Mercury retrograde periods and upcoming moon phases are easily accessible on the app’s homepage, so they’ll never take you by surprise.

7. Sanctuary

Sanctuary Astrology, an app that offers personalized horoscopes, chart readings, and live chats with astrologers, psychics, and tarot readers. While the app provides free daily horoscopes and astrology guides, users can purchase live readings on an as-needed basis. An in-person chart reading with a professional astrologer can cost a couple hundred dollars. But what if you just have a few questions you need answered? It’s 2020 -- how many of us have a spare hundred dollars to spend analyzing the time we were born? Typically $2.99 per minute, Sanctuary’s live readings are sold in increments of 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes (and Sanctuary offers an intro deal, at $4.99 for a 5-minute reading, to all new users).

Sanctuary thrives on human interaction: The app offers access to on-demand astrologers, available to answer questions and give hyper-specific insight on day-to-day problems as they arise.

Subscriptions cost around $20 per month and include one, 15-minute live reading per month. The astrologer interacts with you entirely via chat, with the option to delve deeper into one area of your life or bounce around from topic to topic.

But there’s plenty to enjoy beyond the human-to-human contact, with thorough guides to your own sign and access to the basics of every zodiac, broadening your understanding of the people around you, too.

Expect plenty of GIFs, emojis, and jokes along the way—this app doesn’t take itself too seriously—and don’t feel pressured to commit to a membership right away. Daily horoscopes and Starry-Eyed News (an astrology-infused look at the day’s history, news, and celebrity gossip) come free of charge.

8. Time Nomad

This free app offers the choice between tropical and sidereal zodiacs, includes natal and synastry charts, and holds a planetary hours calculator and alarm, allowing users to optimize their schedules around the alignment of the solar system.

But if you don’t understand what any of that means, this still may be the app for you: Time Nomad’s training tools and blog are valuable resources if you're beginning your journey with astrology. The app’s lessons take a back-to-basics approach, allowing you to train yourself on various aspects of astrology from the very beginning, but also hold more advanced topics to help you take your interest to the next level.

Visual learners will appreciate Time Nomad’s heptagrams, which illustrate planetary movement for a particular location organized by the hour or by day of the week. Look for virtual, weekly lessons or one-off explainers, all of which are bound to increase your understanding of the planets and their effects on our everyday lives.

9. Chaturanga Astrology

This free app requests to-the-minute specificity about when you were born, and for good reason: Planetary motion changes by one degree every four minutes. If you don’t know that information, Chaturanga still has your back with a birth-time rectification process, which uses other life milestones to calculate your time of birth.

Once you’ve entered that information, you get one free question for Chaturanga’s on-call astrologers: business advice, romantic guidance, friendship questions, and more. After you ask a question, a real astrologer will reply within 24 hours. After the first, free reading, you pay per question, but you can earn additional freebies by inviting friends to download the app.

To ensure the quality of the experts Chaturanga has available, the app encourages you to rank each answer you receive. In addition to pointed questions, you can request a personalized “Life Guide,” which can include favorable dates, warnings, and recommendations for the days ahead.


Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot offers detailed horoscopes, tarot readings, and inspiration channels, all designed to deliver accurate and up-to-date advice when it comes to all areas of your life: relationships, career, health, dreams, and everything in between. Whether you want to know what to expect today, this month, or even over the next year — this site has you covered.


  • Detailed information for all zodiac signs and personality traits
  • Variety of free online computer-generated tarot readings
  • Multiple apps make it easy to check horoscopes on the go


  • No in-house live psychic readings
  • Multiple ad pop-ups while browsing site

A good amount of the content on — from astrology updates to tarot readings — is completely free. There is a flat rate for digital readings, which are sent through to the customer after filling in personal details (such as the date, time, and location of birth). These include horoscope readings for the year or month, tarots, and love scores, and compatibility reports. Prices vary and currently range from $7.99 to $24.99.

Live psychics readings are available through's partnership with Keen. As per Keen’s standard introductory offer, new users can choose either $1.99 for 10 minutes or 3 free minutes. After this initial discount, Keen psychics generally charge between $2.99 to $30 per minute.

Since doesn't offer its own psychic reading services but forwards you to Keen, you can't easily open an account with the site. The only way to create an account on is to purchase a digital report from the store. The site will store the users’ login information, which allows them to access the report at any time.

Click here to access the site:



In addition to the other two horoscope websites mentioned above, provides the same service. The main difference is that the astrologers are based in India rather than the United States.

Other than that, the language that they use is English and different regional dialects.

Every day, more than 2000 experts deliver horoscope readings to people in over 85 countries. However, you have to pay for the additional readings if you’re looking for more advice.

The review of is positive. The positive trust score is based on an automated analysis of 40 different data sources we checked online such as the technology used, the location of the company, other websites found on the same web server, etcetera.

Click here to access the site:

12. Kasamba

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Kasamba is the best astrology site for horoscopes and tarot card readings, giving its clients top-quality service. It has gathered over three million satisfied customers since its inception in 1999, who, apart from the wide range of astrology services, get daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes along with the very popular yearly love and career forecasts.


  • It offers both Chinese and Vedic astrology readings.
  • The panel of 97 expert astrology advisors is known for its accuracy. Their only aim is to offer genuine advice, authentic readings, and divine guidance to all the customers who contact them.
  • You can sign up for free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for all zodiac signs.
  • The first three minutes are free with each new advisor you try. You may end the session before the three minutes are up if you are unwilling to continue with the paid part of the session. You can keep using this offer as many times as you want until you get the advisor that suits you.


  • Wide range of promotional offers
  • Horoscope newsletters give you regular updates on your zodiac signs
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Live chats and phone readings
  • Best site for a tarot reading
  • Best zodiac sign readers
  • Full refund after the session if you are not satisfied
  • Rate your reader after your session


  • No option of live video chat
  • Top readers are pretty expensive

Why Kasamba?

Kasamba’s astrological practices are high-quality and reliable, and readers are trained and trustworthy. Their birth chart readings have brought about a positive change in the lives of their clients with viable solutions to problems related to career and relationships. The numerous positive reviews and comments just show that this site is one of the best in the industry. So, if you are looking for a life-changing experience, Kasamba is the one for you.

Click here to access the site:

13. AskNow

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Active since 2004, AskNow is one of the best astrology sites. Its highly interactive home page throws up a series of horoscope readers. You need to just scroll through the psychic profiles detailing their experience, specialization, rates, location, and ratings and select one which suits you the most. You can reach out to them via phone and online chat.


  • It has the free question option for you to test its services.
  • It has one of the best psychic and tarot reading services in the industry.
  • The psychic counselors, mediums, horoscope readers, and spiritual guides are highly trained, with years of experience behind them.
  • They are known for their advice on love, which has helped countless people find clarity amidst the complexities of love.
  • All your data is protected and secure.
  • You also have an option to seek advice without revealing who you are. Your identity remains a secret, and you still get your reading.
  • You can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the services.


  • Mobile-friendly
  • First five minutes free
  • Once you have signed up, the readers are affordable at $1 per minute
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes offered


  • Master and Elite advisors charge per minute, with expensive rates
  • Must provide credit/debit card details even when you sign up for five free minutes
  • Does not have many bilingual readers

Why AskNow?

A lifetime’s worth of wisdom and guidance is at hand at AskNow, and its customer satisfaction policy is a significant reason for you to go for it. Many users appreciate its advisors for the patience with which they hear them out and come up with viable solutions, particularly in their love life. The Ask a Free Question option is also a reason to sign up with AskNow.

Click here to access the site:

14. Oranum

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

If you are looking for a plethora of options, you can rest easy at Oranum. As one of the best astrology sites, it has been around for eight years. It lets you decide what type of reading you want based on a particular time zone and language, and a host of psychics and spiritual advisors is at your disposal. You can interact with them live for a free astrology session before signing up.


  • The website is attractive and easy to navigate.
  • It has a great variety of options compared to other sites. Apart from general horoscope readings, you also have the choice of Chinese, Indian, Karmic, Vedic, and Western readings.
  • If you have a particular type of reading in mind, the filtering options are of great help when it comes to selecting the perfect professional advisors.


  • Attend live readings anonymously
  • Has the best spiritual astrologers
  • Mobile app available
  • $9.99 worth of free credits on signing up
  • Readings available in a variety of languages
  • Exciting and informative blog accessible


  • Mobile app is not very user-friendly
  • Does not offer phone readings
  • Packages are expensive
  • No money-back guarantee

Why Oranum?

Oranum lures you to use its services with its attractive layout. You can easily navigate your way through its filtering options to get the best deal from the variety on offer. As a potential client, you can just view live psychic and online astrology readings as a guest without being asked to pay immediately.

Click here to access the site:

15. Mysticsense

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Mysticsense is one of the best sites to help people deal with relationship issues and other problems in life. Its advisors are always ready to give you a patient hearing and advise you accordingly. They can be contacted via phone, chat, or video at any time of the day, including holidays. Its smart filtering system helps you customize your search and shortlist your favorite advisors. Each advisor has been through rigorous and stringent assessments. So, you know that you are choosing the best from among the very best.


  • Mysticsense has advisors from different domains of astrology adept at reading your birth chart and energy. You can even choose the tone of your reading from wise, direct, compassionate, expressive, or thoughtful.
  • The site is known for its angel card readings to give you the proper guidance to lift your spirits and one of the best online tarot readings.
  • Be it your career, education, finance, or relationships, Mysticsense understands your problems and will help you make the right decisions or choices.
  • You can call in at any time or schedule your calls.

    Video chats help you connect personally with your advisor, especially for tarot card reading sessions.


  • Variety of advisors to choose from
  • Five-minute free trial for new members
  • Customizable sessions
  • 48-hours full refund policy
  • Monthly horoscopes tailored to meet your needs
  • New articles and spiritual blogs on various topics offered


  • Advisors are less experienced
  • No mobile app

Why Mysticsense?

Its advisors are talented and certified. Apart from its special offers for first-time users, its dedication to maintaining confidentiality goes in its favor. Most reviews are positive, as the site appears to be committed to honesty and transparency.

Click here to access the site:

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