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Ox Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Health, Family, Travel and Social Life. Photo KnowInsiders

2022 Ox Chinese Horoscope: Years of Birth

Wood Ox- 1925, 1985

Fire Ox- 1937, 1997

Earth Ox- 1949, 2009

Metal Ox- 1961, 2021

Water Ox- 1913, 1973

Personality Traits of Ox Chinese Zodiac 2022

In this segment on Ox Chinese Horoscope 2022, we will state that just like a cow or oxen, the natives of this zodiac sign are faithful, sympathetic, obliging, and persistent. With their faithful personality, they easily gain the trust of their friends and superiors. They have exceptional leadership qualities and make a good fit for becoming a manager in different strata of life. They like to plan things and follow proper procedures for carrying out even the most basic tasks.

They respect traditional ideas, and their persistence makes them the most hard-working and tireless people you will ever come across. A firm follower of “Live and Let Live”, the native of the Ox Chinese Zodiac encourages everyone to do their part of work and not put barriers to other people’s work. Whether it's life or work, an ox will never let anyone down.

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Zodiac Ox health fortune in 2022: No major problems

The health of the zodiac ox in 2022 is still very good, and there will be no major problems in health. However, due to the interference of the "Sick Talisman" evil star, some people may experience some unexpected situations. The zodiac ox should still be vigilant this year, be careful in everything, and do not participate in activities or entertainment with a higher risk factor in order to avoid accidents or unexpected events.

For the Zodiac Bull, pay special attention to traffic safety when driving, not to violate traffic rules at will, not to mention drunk driving or fatigue driving.

As for the aging ox of the Chinese zodiac, it is best to have family with you, especially when you are out, do not act alone. Elderly people living alone should keep in touch with their children. If conditions permit, they can install some monitoring facilities in their homes so that they can be informed in time even if some accidents occur, without causing serious consequences.

Zodiac Ox health fortune in 2022: Do more exercise

The Ox will not suffer from serious illnesses in the year of 2022, but they may suffer from minor illnesses occasionally. In this year, some of the Ox people have the possibility of suffering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

As such, the Ox should pay attention to the maintenance of health, smoke and drink as little as possible, do more exercise and physical examinations regularly to avoid the illnesses and diseases. They should also keep a healthy diet, and avoid too greasy food. Meanwhile, some accidents may happen this year, and it is better to be alert and careful when going out.

Ox Health Prediction In 2022: High level of energy

It predicts that your physical health will be outstanding during the year and you must avoid painstaking exercise amid September and November.

Your level of energy will be high and you will be utilizing it judiciously all through the year. To attain the better health, take some breaks from time to time. You can plan a weekend getaway to lead some moments of fun and joy in the lap of nature with the family. It will offer you peace of mind and make your body re-energize.

Chinese Ox 2022 Family Forecast

Ox zodiac people usually have the desire to make their own decisions. Basically, when it comes to family matters, they love to deal with their internal problems, which is a nice thing. Probably, it is a shame to tell other people the problems you are going through as a family. Actually, it is good to give a great picture when you are outside and deal with your problems as a family.

Oxen will be happiest when they are spending time at home this year. Compared to their work life, their home life will be relaxing. Spend as much time with your family as possible this year. Also, from a strictly family-centered look, 2022 is a good time to become pregnant if you are already in good health and a stable romantic relationship.

Generally, your family deserves full care, support, and protection. Try not to abandon your family in any case because that will be an embarrassing act. Probably, every family will face ups and downs, but the way you deal with them is upon you. Equally, you should be one of the pillars that will make your family strong. Let your family be your first priority before dealing with other things in life.

Chinese Ox Travel Horoscope for 2022

Perhaps, having free time is one of the things that you should prioritize in life. In other words, your mind will need some relaxation from the hard work you have been doing. Actually, traveling to different parts of the country is one of the things that will renew your mind. Notably, you should make 2022 be the year of having fun because you have been through a rough time in those previous years.

Ox Social Life Changes

Your social life and friend group will also go through changes in the Year of the Tiger. Like in your romantic relationship, this can cause tension and stress. Make sure that you do not take out your negative emotions on your friends. If you do this, you will be more likely than not to lose friends. However, if you can relax and focus your energy on learning new skills and trying new things, you may gain new friends instead!

Ox Chinese Horoscope 2022: Lucky Elements

Flowers- Peach Blossom, Tulip, Evergreen

Numbers- 1, 9

Directions- East, South, Southeast

Gemstone- Aquamarine

Colors- Yellow, Purple, Blue

Match- Snake, Rooster, Rat

Ox Chinese Horoscope 2022: Unlucky Elements

Numbers- 3, 4

Directions- Southwest

Colors- Green, White

Match- Horse, Sheep, Dragon, Rabbit, Dog

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