What Tarot Cards Represent the Zodiac Signs
What Tarot Cards Represent the Zodiac Signs
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The origins of both Tarot and astrology date back to ancient times; however, Tarot was reimagined into what we know today during the Renaissance period, while astrology is a system that has been in place since pre-Christianity and mostly at its basic structural level unchanged.

Combining Astrology and Tarot can uncover many interesting and meaningful associations between the zodiac and the cards. These are the astrological signs associated with the major arcana tarot cards.

Tarot cards that represent the zodiac signs

1.Aries: Emperor & The Tower

2.Taurus: The Hierophant

3.Gemini: The Lovers & The Magician

4.Cancer: The Chariot & The High Priestess

5.Leo: The Sun & Strength

6.Virgo: The Hermit

7.Libra: Justice & The Empress

8.Scorpio: Death

9.Sagittarius: Temperance

10.Capricorn: The Devil & The World

11.Aquarius: The Star & The Fool

12.Pisces: The High Priestess & The Fool


The elemental groups are as follows:

♦ Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — The Tarot Wands

♦ Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — The Tarot Pentacles

♦ Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — The Tarot Swords

♦ Water: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — The Tarot Cups

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See Which Tarot Cards Align with your Zodiac Sign

1.Aries: The Emperor

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Aries and The Emperor

The Emperor is the father figure of the tarot deck. His energy is straightforward and aggressive and shows Aries’s ability to take charge of life. Although he is headstrong and demands respect, he is very loyal.

The Emperor card represents leadership, pioneering, symbolizing a person with enough authority, capable of attracting the crowd thanks to his talent and temperament, making others admire and accept listening. under your control.

When reading Tarot, if you draw this card but in reverse position, it shows that you need to readjust or reduce your ambitions and ambitions, because it is likely that you will not be able to do them immediately. Okay. However, overall, you are still qualified to achieve your goals.

2.Taurus: The Hierophant (Priest)

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Taurus and The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents the best of Taurus energy. Though the Hierophant may have many things and high status, he is focused on the spiritual aspect of life.

Taurus learns to see the world in this manner as they begin to understand lessons shown to them through earning wealth.

This card symbolizes spiritual maturity and knowledge, advising people to learn useful things for themselves, constantly making efforts to experience and perfect themselves.

If you can draw this card, the key to your success is patience and meticulousness. Study or work slowly but surely, faithfully and consistently with your original goals. Don't stand on this mountain, look at that mountain, or give up too easily. Then you will achieve certain success when you focus on a single area.

The Hierophant tarot card is the sixth card in the Major Arcana of the tarot, though it is number 5 (V). The Hierophant represents tradition, authority, and conventional ways of lifestyle or behavior. It’s the ultimate card for control and following the tried-and-true, doing things just because it’s how they’ve always been done, and looking to authority figures for instruction rather than going your own path.

3.Gemini: The Lovers

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Gemini and The Lovers

The Lovers represent duality and intimacy. It represents the flirty, charming side of Gemini. The Lovers brings two equal parts together into a new whole. This deep understanding of life, love, and the divine makes Gemini very happy.

The Lover's Pair card represents challenges and obstacles in finding one's true mate.

This Lovers advises those born under the sign Gemini in general and those who draw this card in particular: Think carefully before deciding to engage in a long-term relationship. Tolerance and compromise are the two elements you need to maintain your love. It also shows that you are likely to come to a decision to commit your life to your current love.

Gemini as the zodiac sign of the Twins matched with the Lovers card, which shows up the male-female counterparts, dualities of each other.

Gemini energy easily embodies two opposing ends of a spectrum at once, so duality is its thing. Because the Lovers card typically represents a choice, quick-thinking Gemini is a great match, as it loves to aggregate information to make an informed decision.

4.Cancer: The Chariot

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Cancer and The Chariot Tarot Card

Cancer is one of the most protective signs of the zodiac, so the protective armor of the Chariot aligns perfectly with its nurturing vibe, and desire to provide safety and comfort.

Cancer is sympathetic and family oriented. They are also known for having a tough outer shell, just like the crab that represents them.

Like the charioteer in the picture, Cancerians know how to use their mental strength to focus on pursuing their goals at all costs. They are people who like to seek security and stability. This card serves as a reminder that before settling down, living a peaceful life, they will have to go through many difficulties and ups and downs.

If you draw this card, you are predicted to have to go south to north, move or live in many places before you can build a career and be at peace with your private life.

5.Leo: Strength and The Sun

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Leo and Strength & The Sun tarot card

Both Strength and the Sun cards are Major Arcana cards. Because Major Arcana cards typically indicate noteworthy or overarching issues — this pairing is often quite an important one. When two Major Arcana cards appear together, it's a sign that there's a connection between two major forces or major life-concepts at work.

No need to explain much because the connection between Leo and the card of Strength is so obvious. Strength not only represents the physical strength of the people of the "lord of the jungle" constellation, but also shows that they will have to use their mental strength to face and overcome the difficult storms that come in life. me.

If you draw this card, it shows that you are someone who wants to show the world around you that you are a brave person, and want to spread strength and courage to everyone. The only point you need to note is to know the difference between ego and self-esteem, because it seems that your ego is too high, this will make you selfish and arrogant in the eyes of others.

The Sun is warm and passionate. It is also known to be purposeful, as has a fierce drive to succeed. This perfectly depicts Leo’s fiery energy.

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6.Virgo: The Hermit (Monk)

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Virgo and The Hermit tarot card

Virgo is understanding and knowledgeable about material wealth. They attract abundance that ensures self-sustaining growth by looking within themselves and understanding their spirituality.

The Major Arcana tarot card, The Hermit, represents these aspects of Virgo.

The Monk card shows many hidden corners in the souls of people born under the constellation Virgo, because deep inside, they are really more sensitive and softer than the dry and rigid exterior. The Hermit represents the fatigue and frustration that Virgo feels from the world out there.

If you draw this card, you are advised to rest and maybe separate yourself from the noisy, chaotic world outside for a while to calm down and recuperate. You need time to think and draw lessons for yourself after tripping in life.

7.Libra: Justice

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Libra and Justice tarot card

Libra is fair, equal, and understanding. They value their own truth and strong partnerships with others. They’re represented by the scales of justice, which shows their ability to accurately judge others.

Justice shows a woman holding the scales of justice, which represents balance, logic, and justice in society. She is willing to do what is necessary to preserve these ideals.

Just like Libra, this card is truthful and understands consequences from actions taken by themselves or others

The Justice card not only shows Libra's desire to fight for justice and morality, but also teaches them how to cope with this unfair world and how to live in harmony with it.

If you draw this card, you may have an inner conflict. You are faced with many choices and do not know what to do. Maybe it's time to let go of your rules, live more flexible, and learn to change with the trends.

8.Scorpio: Death

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Scorpio and Death Tarot Card

Scorpio is passionate and secretive. They are known to be very resourceful and understanding, making them a great friend.

Is a card of Death that does not mean death, but represents a person's journey after death, or more specifically, rebirth, the change after each trip and failure.

Drawing this card, can show that you have experienced a lot of bitterness and sweetness in life, and what you need to do now is learn to let go of the things that used to make you sad and miserable. If you do this, you will find happiness and peace in the future.

Although death and decay are the binary balance to life and birth, we embrace only one side of its coin, assuming some kind of immortality based firmly in denial.

This card represents the process of death: the transformation into new life. It represents the shedding of your skin to be reborn. Scorpios' lives are about these transformations.

You may feel as if you've lived several lives in just this one, and this card encourages you to keep moving forward by letting go of the people and things that no longer serve you. This is how you will reach your highest potential.

9.Sagittarius: Temperance (Balance)

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Sagittarius and Temperance tarot card

The Balance card represents Sagittarius' struggle with obstacles in life. It advises and urges people to find a balance between reason and emotion.

The message that this card sends to you is: No matter what happens, live resiliently by adapting to change to achieve your goals.

Sagittarius is the truth-seeking sign of freedom and honesty. Sagittarius may be a passionate fire sign, but they're deeply philosophical and spiritual, and are always on a quest for deeper meaning — so their energy aligns perfectly with Temperance's meaningful vibe.

The Temperance card is a reminder to find moderation and peace within. This a reminder to Sagittarius that building greatness, knowledge, and understanding the ways of the world takes time. Don’t rush the process.

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10.Capricorn: The Devil

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Capricorn is the most alert and astute zodiac sign of the zodiac. They have a clear perception of themselves, both good and bad, and can, if they wish, express both sides of the personality at the same time. The Devil card encourages those born under this sign, urging them to face the dark side of their being.

The Tarot card symbolic of the astrological sign of Capricorn is the Devil card. This card has some hard misconceptions and it tends to create anxiety when it's drawn in reading.

If you draw this card, you should be self-aware of who you are, look at yourself and correct your shortcomings to become more perfect!

Capricorn is connected to the Devil card because both the card and the sign strive ever onward for those things that will satisfy their drives; whether that be acquiring goods or business conquests, this connection represents those things that may slowly take over one's life and not necessarily to the overall benefit.

11.Aquarius: The Star

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Aquarius and The Star Tarot Card

This card represents the personality of those born under the constellation Aquarius. A woman holding a water bottle, one foot under the water, the other on the ground, implicitly represents the balance between intuition and reason.

The star in the upper left corner of the card serves as a reminder for those of Aquarius and for those who draw this card: You were not born to be just like everyone else, Even if you don't blend in with the crowd, you still stand out with your talent and creativity. Be proud of that!

Both the sign Aquarius and the Star are connected with the same themes, in one way they show that standing out from the crowd, being original and going with the flow are entirely possible to integrate together.

This card usually depicts a water-bearer (which is the symbol of Aquarius) by a stream. It is a card of promise, hope, and new beginnings — all of the attributes that describe the zodiac sign Aquarius.

12.Pisces: The Moon

What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology
Pisces and The Moon tarot card

The moon is a symbol of dreams, creativity, subconscious. It also represents the spiritual perspective, for events related to intuition and feeling. Like this card itself, Pisces are also very dreamy, instinctive and emotional people. They are also said to have a sixth sense because of their extremely sharp intuition.

Picking this card, you should listen to the call of your heart. If you feel that the environment you are living in is not suitable for no particular reason, leave the place immediately. Or if you feel you need to change something in your life, don't hesitate to go ahead!

Both the Moon and Pisces are symbolic representations of dreams and illusions. The mysteries of the depths of the ocean, and the movement of tides as in emotions and emotional reactions and processes, are themes for both.

The Moon rules the tides and flow of the ocean, water, and our bodies (because we are composed of water). In this card, the crayfish is emerging from the water to see two dogs howling at the Moon. Therefore, it shows fear, confusion, and illusion (since the fish did not expect to see that scene).
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