Previous Lives of 12 Zodiac Signs
Previous Lives of 12 Zodiac Signs
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What is a previous life?

To understand the concept of past lives, you must first believe in the existence of souls. An ordinary person is made up of part body and part soul. At the end of life, the dust of the body settles, the soul travels to the afterlife, undergoes many blessings based on karmic metaphysics, and then reincarnates into another life. In that new life, people will completely forget who they were in their previous lives. In other words, a past life is a person's current past life. The story of souls and cause and effect or past lives is a common problem in the world, and almost everyone has heard of it.

The problem of reincarnation has always been a category that science still cannot explain. The nature of actions taking place in the life cycle, whether good or bad, determines the future destiny of each individual. Reincarnation is also connected with and closely related to the idea of ​​reincarnation, but is primarily concerned with life situations and life experiences. We should learn to forgive those around us, learn to be tolerant and should know that every life is an opportunity to learn something new. Only then will our souls mature and we ourselves will live meaningfully.

Facts About the Previous Lives - According to Retribution by Karma

From the astrologer's point of view, karma is endless, life is impermanent, birth and death is not the end of life, but the transformation of life over and over again from life to life. .

This life is a continuation of the unending flow of your previous life, your astrological chart in this life is the continuation of the story of your previous life.

In fact, the planets, houses, and constellations in your chart all refer to your past life.

The Moon carries past experiences and emotions. The moon is an unconscious human instinct, it is not on a superficial level superstitious, it is not a universal biological instinct, but a karmic DNA imprinted in the souls of the 12 constellations in past life to this life.

It represents negative habits that you have not overcome in many cycles of birth and death in your previous life. The Moon also reflects your soul's deepest need for security in this life and this life.

The 12th house, the 8th house and the 4th house in the horoscopes of the 12 zodiac signs are all called the houses of the unconscious, where the knots of past karma are hidden, the planets in These houses bear very strong past life imprints.

What you have not learned in your previous life, continue to study in this life, just like if you don't pass an exam, you have to retake it, if you drop out, you have to make up.

Saturn - the evil star in ancient astrology carries the karma of past lives. In this life, through the influence of Saturn you will learn what you did not finish in your previous life.

Usually, the Sun and Moon will indicate the true self of the 12 constellations, the focal point of inertia and the tendency to develop karma. Their combination brings your past life habits and qualities into this world.

The energy of the Sun is like a coiled spring, it is the energy accumulated from your previous life, in this life, you should release the energy of the Sun with a positive attitude.

For example, your Sun sign is Aries, the shortcoming is hot-tempered and hasty (the echo from the previous life is transferred), so in this life you will have to correct that defect to have a better life and not carry debt to your family. after life.

In short, you were born in this life, what your zodiac sign is, how your chart is, are closely related to your previous life.

Take an example to make it easy to understand: If the past life has not been corrected for gluttony, materialism, inactivity, and slowness, in this life you will be Taurus, or in your horoscope will dominate Taurus. Here, let's see how the past lives of the 12 zodiac signs passed through the Moon sign.

Here's the past life of each zodiac sign and an in-depth look at how to use the past for a positive change.

The past lives of the 12 zodiac signs: Who You Were In Another Life?

Who Are 12 Zodiac Signs in the Past Life, What They Did and Where?
What is a previous life of each zodiac sign?

1.Aries: Warrior, Gladiator or Pirate

With his courage, physical strength and steel spirit, Aries' previous life was a warrior, gladiator, pirate and freedom hunter. They are also frequently praised for their keen intuition and belief in themselves to survive and fight. In this life, they are still fortunate to inherit valuable qualities from the past. They may not have to fight literally now, but they are still a brave warrior ready to face all challenges and hardships in life with their enduring will, optimism and inherent strength. . In addition, they also tend to want a single life, freedom and freedom, because they are a lonely warrior on the road of life.

Looking at the past lives of the 12 zodiac signs, Aries' past lives are people with good physical strength, doing manual jobs or jobs that require a lot of energy.

If your Moon sign is Aries, astrology wants you in this life to give up your self-centered, selfish, self-inflating, impulsive personality. Overcome the desire, the instinct to seek relationships where you are dominated and dominate others.

If you don't live in a stable and harmonious way, your instincts will subconsciously look for enemies from the outside world to destroy your life.

Strengths: You know your needs well, you have inner courage and strength, live independently and do not depend on the outside world, you shine even more when you fight for others.

You are instinctively responsive and proactive in seeking change and innovation.

Your past life was dominated by a Pisces. This means that you’re coming from a life of significant limits, boundaries, and responsibilities.

Now is the time for a fresh start, Aries. Focus on living your present life as freely as you can, taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

2.Taurus: A Farmer

People with the Taurus Moon in the past had a calm and stable life, often working as a farmer, housewife or long-term chef or a longtime employee at a certain company.

Astrology reminds this life partner to overcome stubbornness, the habit of clinging to past emotions, stubborn stubbornness that accumulates anger and negative energy inside, causing harm to yourself.

Instinctively, this life you often seek physical and sexual satisfaction and security, especially gluttony, which is not conducive to health and money.

If you don't grow, refuse to change, don't keep up with trends, and are too firm, your mental breakdown will lead to suffocation.

Strengths: Taurus is where the Moon can sublimate, where it can land firmly on the earth, finding security within itself.

You have the qualities of being reliable, nurtured, accepted by Mother Earth, a spirit of loyalty, perseverance and endurance to the end, your body is the language and instrument of emotions, Taurus can unite his body and emotions together.

Taurus in the past had a calm and stable life. They always put safety first, so tend to stay away from conflict and risky things. They love helping others and enjoy the happiness of sharing sweets with everyone, even if it means making material sacrifices. In the present, they still have the personality traits of the past and always set rules in life and strictly follow them and favor peace. The only difference in their present is that they have begun to value material things more, do not arbitrarily give freely as in the past, as well as always try to succeed on the path of fame.

If your ascendant was Taurus, this means that your past life was dominated by Aries. You’re bringing forth the fiery energy of your past life and turning into a creative vigor.

3.Gemini:A Rich Artist

The previous life of the Moon Gemini was a person with artistic talent and lived quite a rich amateur, but also always knew how to enjoy a luxurious and material life, most likely a rich artist.

In this life, you have to give up sloppiness, superficiality and irresponsibility, so use your brain to think and do things according to reason.

You are too used to expressing and lack of sincere emotional experience, used to sitting against the wall and observing, inattentive, incompetent, disloyal and obstinate at work, so it is difficult to succeed.

Strengths: You can freely express your emotions, conveying emotions through knowledge and information. You won't be overwhelmed by strong emotions, you will be able to balance your physical and emotional needs and deal with instinctive desires rationally.

In general, people of Gemini in their previous lives have artistic talents and live a rich amateur life, but they also know how to enjoy a luxurious and material life. Therefore, they are suitable for writing, creative writing, merchants, evangelists, storytellers. In addition, Gemini loves the hustle and bustle, big cities and socializing with people rather than sitting at home and thinking about it. They love to travel, go here and there and if they have to stay in one place for too long, they will get bored. That nature remains unchanged in the present life: freedom, love to fly and be an artist.

4.Cancer: Rich Person, Great Mandarin or Mistress

The Cancer Moon bearer in his past life was surrounded by fame, nobility, wealth, royalty and luxury.

You can be a rich man, a great mandarin, a mistress, but not arrogant but very loving to everyone around, in your previous life, you lost a lot of people mourning and crying.

You in this life need to overcome insecurity, possessiveness, clinging and doubt as it can lead to self-destruction.

The need for emotional security leads to cynicism, and the vulnerability inherent in the defense of Little Crab complicates simple matters that make life miserable.

Besides, this constellation also does not use emotions to care and then manipulate others instinctively.

Strengths: You have boundless kindness, care for people around you, and high emotional quotient.

You have insight into the feelings and needs of others, release your negative emotions through concern, sympathy, and understanding to those around you.

You have the tenderness and tenderness of a mother, which is a prominent sign of the Moon bearer in Cancer.

Cancer used to be extremely flashy in a previous life. Their previous lives were filled with fame, nobility, wealth, royalty and luxury. In addition, their honest heart is also loved by everyone. However, in this life, Cancer seems to have lost its luster. They become reserved, shy and don't want to be the center of attention anymore, even though everyone sees them as very special and outstanding. Even though they are no longer famous models or actors like in their previous lives, they still shine in the crowd with their benevolence, purity, innocence, and great manners.
Who Are 12 Zodiac Signs in the Past Life, What They Did and Where?
A previous life of each zodiac sign

5.Leo: Creative Jobs

In a previous life, this person worked in art, music, fashion, architecture and beauty, in short, creative work that influenced the society of the past.

You should overcome the instinctive tendency to be self-righteous, self-serving, authoritarian, and short-tempered.

You subconsciously seek out admirers to satisfy your emotional needs. Your thirst for glory is like your need for food. You take yourself too seriously without knowing the needs of others, which is an obstacle to progress.

Strengths: Leo Moon has fiery emotions, generous and unbridled heroism, you can express your feelings frankly, replacing concern with warmth.

You are full of confidence, you can always find your soul mate, no matter how bad the situation is, you will shine.

Current Life: Leo still inherit the boundless creativity from their previous lives, are always independent, strong and opinionated, always giving advice and motivation to people around.

6.Virgo: Fight for Freedom and Peace

In the past, Virgo was very industrious, hard-working and an exemplary citizen. You have a happy family that many people admire and learn from, always put family and friends before yourself, always fight for freedom and peace of humanity.

The Moon in Virgo is quite cold and practical, living by instinct, critical and critical, too rational to analyze her emotions, seeking order to gain control.

You are too cautious and orderly, anxious, caught up in stereotypes, boundaries, regulations, it leads to feelings of poverty, lack of imagination, lack of confidence and tolerance, this is sound from a past life that astrology wants you to get rid of.

Strengths: You instinctively like to maintain cleanliness, order, and rules. When you find love, your soul shines, with an altruistic desire to serve others.

However, in this life, it seems too tired and feels unfair to have to sacrifice herself for others so much without being rewarded in the past, the Virgo of the present has changed - always Striving for love and attention.

7.Libra: Lawyer

In your previous life, you were a lawyer, an official in the court specializing in handling cases, with a passion for art, a family member, and a responsible life.

In this life, you need to overcome indecision, excessive pleasing others, lack of sincerity towards yourself and others, and have traditionally focused on balancing external affairs, causing yourself to suffer many disadvantages, or be benefited. use.

The Moon in this constellation also represents a person who is unreliable, does not know what he really needs, swings, erratic, when emotions are suppressed to the extreme, suddenly explodes and loses balance.

Strengths: You know how to establish equal and harmonious relationships between individuals. You are objective, fair and never let anyone suffer.

You can coordinate the emotional needs of others and your own, and if you know how to express your true feelings gracefully and properly regulate your emotions, then there will be resounding success. .

However, with Libra today, loneliness is both a weakness and a mental torture for you.

The Libra of the past is still gentle and attractive. They have a passion for music and art, love beauty and elegance. On the other hand, in the past, Libra was also a dutiful wife, an exemplary and responsible mother to her children. Their marriage in their previous life was filled with happiness and love.

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8.Scorpio: Policer or Soldier

According to astrology, the previous life of the person with the Moon in Scorpio was an adventurous person and always stood up to fight against evil. Maybe you used to be a hero, a policeman or a soldier who fought for justice, protecting innocent people. In a previous life, Scorpio was an adventurous person and always stood up to fight evil, so it is suitable for the role of a western cowboy, a soldier, or a security police.

Ancient astrology believed that people with the Moon in this sign should overcome jealousy, anger, pain, and passion from a past life.

At the present time, you are afraid of being rejected by others, being controlled by others, losing trust in yourself and others, being sensitive and suspicious, leading to self-harm, not expressing your intentions. their true self directly, dissatisfaction, guilt, crisis, habit of suppressing emotions, leading to frequent self-destruction.

Strengths: You have a super sensitive 6th sense, can directly see the nature of things through external phenomena, you can heal yourself and others through the pain they experience .

This person even dared to go straight into the forbidden areas of society. Your deep emotions, strong passions, and regenerative abilities allow you to change yourself without interruption.

Perhaps in return for their tireless sacrifices in the past, so in this life, they have become secretive, deep and do not like to interfere in other people's affairs. They no longer have the ideal of wanting to be the hero of the world, but instead have rational plans and intentions in the present life.

9.Sagittarius: King or Monk

The past lives of those of you with Moon in Sagittarius were once a quiet king or monk who preferred stability. You often fight for justice, so there is a high chance that you will be deposed and then return to the garden to hide, wanting a rebellious life but not coming true.

This life is to make up for unfulfilled wishes in the previous life. Moon in Sagittarius is passionate about freedom, adventure to new lands and constantly striving for passion.

The Moon here does a great job of avoiding emotional needs, escaping love and heartbreak through external activities such as travel and mountain climbing.

You are instinctively a person who hides from reality, lacks genuine concern, fills emotional voids with beliefs and philosophies, is blindly optimistic, and self-deception. , astrology wants you to change and overcome these shortcomings.

Strengths: You are a person with a broad and open vision, live a normal life with an open and optimistic attitude, express your feelings in a frank, enthusiastic way so that you rarely fall into depression or autism.

You seek inner security by faith, understand emotions from a higher perspective, and discover that you are conditioned to spiritual forces.

On the contrary, in this life, Sagittarius tends to be adventurous, carefree, without worries, a little careless and rebellious.

10.Capricorn: Emperor or Mayor

Power and ambition are common between present and past Capricorns.

According to astrology predictions, the Moon in Capricorn in their previous lives was once a very powerful person like an emperor or at least a mayor, the head of a city.

The moon in this zodiac sign is in the coldest position with fear, anxiety, judgment, lack of confidence and suppressed emotions.

You lack trust in yourself and others leading to anxiety and anxiety, longing for security but never being able to find security, using material achievements, responsibility, and control as the material. to fill emotions, sacrifice personal feelings to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of the family.

Most people with the Moon in Capricorn have the appearance of an ascetic and workaholic, perhaps this person's childhood did not feel the love of his mother.

Strengths: You have qualities of persistence, stability and dependability, you are not proud of immediate achievements, you instinctively seek breakthroughs, you are enterprising, responsible, diligent, independence, sovereignty.

Your adherence to rules, self-discipline, your inner sense of authority and power will guide you up the ladder of social success.

In this life, your personality remains the same: steadfast, strict, ambitious, and individualistic. This is what makes a Capricorn intelligent and unpredictable.

11.Aquarius: A Politician

With ruthless Capricorn in your house of karma, chances are you were highly ambitious, determined, and well-known. Once you set your mind on something, there was no turning back.

The Aquarius of the past always lived for others, devoted to the general prosperity of society. They are people with high ideals and want to contribute efforts to build a beautiful society for mankind.

The Moon in Aquarius advises this person to put aside complacency, carefree, recklessness, stay away from toxic social relationships, be too independent, be free to work without consideration or thought. .

Strengths: You value friendship so much that you instinctively break free from the world. Detachment and selflessness give you a high degree of intuition and insight into energy, sensing the infinite universe, which sounds a bit wacky but it is quite true for you.

You are objective, fair, full of humanity, putting the interests of society and humanity first.

Like Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio, the Aquarius of the past always lived for others, devoted to the general prosperity of society. They are people with high ideals and want to contribute efforts to build a beautiful society for mankind. In the past, they were free and curious people, always wanting to discover new things despite the dangers as well as expand their knowledge. Although a little different from the people of the past, today's Aquarius is still intelligent, adventurous and passionate about discovering interesting things.

12.Pisces: A Rebel

With eccentric Aquarius in your 12th house, you were unusually logical and unconventional. Your peculiar personality stood out in the crowd, and you wouldn't have had it any other way.

Perhaps Pisces is the only case when both of their past and present are 100% alike.

Pisces in a past life were imaginative, sensitive, and compassionate. Thanks to their empathy and subtlety, they always understand the mood and thoughts of others even though they have never experienced the same situation as them. Perhaps this is exactly why Pisces is so capable in the movie industry. Currently, Pisces remains unchanged, still as sentimental, dreamy and compassionate as ever.

The Pisces Moon in the past life is the same as in the present, this is the only rare case of the 12 zodiac signs experiencing this phenomenon.

As you are in this life, so will your previous life, imaginative, sensitive, and compassionate.

In this life, if you want to pay off the debt of your previous life, you should get rid of the blind self-sacrificing, self-tragic, disloyal, fickle and evasive personality, playing many emotional games unconsciously. , creating emotional tragedy for the victim, creating romance to escape pain and disappointment.

Strengths: You bring selflessness into this world unconditionally, you are full of sympathy and compassion, your sensitive emotional antenna understands the joys and sorrows of the world.

You can sacrifice yourself for others, your soul yearns to return to the infinite universe.

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