How Many Love Affairs for 12 Zodiac Signs to Meet Their True Love
Zodiac Signs Love Affairs and True Love

Love can make people happy and happy, but sometimes it also torments the heart with extreme pain. However, no matter how many people say that "love is suffering", there are still many people who volunteer to fall in love.

Most people expect a true love, a true love with the perfect piece of their life. But love is not always as rosy as we expect.

Of course, there must be stumbles to realize the true value of wounds, it takes times to fall in love to know what happiness looks like.

So do you wonder how many loves you will go through in your life to realize your true love?

Let's find out how many love relationships of the 12 zodiac signs are to truly achieve their own happiness!

1. Aries: 1 Love Affair

Everything if there is a first time, there will be a second time, the same is true of painful emotions. So for Aries, once experiencing emotional hurt is more than enough.

After that time, they will collect all their superfluous emotions, both to avoid wasting time and to prevent themselves from suffering again.

Moreover, the liberal, straightforward and also somewhat temperamental personality makes this constellation want to "hit quickly and shorten" whatever they do. Same in love affairs.

That's why Aries only wants to experience one love. If there is a second time to endure such emotional torment. Perhaps Aries will be afraid of love for the rest of their lives. Are you a sign that is vulnerable to giving too much in love?

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2. Taurus: 6 Love Affairs

For a person who is "slow to digest" and rigid like Taurus, perhaps even though they have gone through 3 times of emotional torment, as long as they don't suffer too much, they still think that it is a beautiful experience in life. love.

It wasn't until the 4th love that the love was still unsuccessful, that Niu Nhi gradually realized something unusual here. But just thinking about it dimly, it takes 2 more times, that is, through 6 love relationships, the stupid Buffaloes really understand that the problem is probably on their side.

For Taurus, in love, love is not enough, but it also has to contain sympathy, care and sharing from both sides. Although not too picky, true love rarely falls on them.

Therefore, those who have developed feelings for this constellation have the same feeling that, at first, they have sympathy because of the sincerity and good nature of Taurus. But over time, especially after a few quarrels, we realized that young Taurus is actually an extremely stubborn, conservative and difficult person to convince.

However, with Taurus, "slowly but surely", they are not afraid to break many times to invest their feelings in the right person.

3. Gemini: It's always First Love

How Many Love Affairs for 12 Zodiac Signs Before to Meet Their True Love
Gemini Find True Love

People of the Gemini constellation are quite intelligent, grasping their own strengths, especially the ability to communicate. Instinctively, Gemini can make any person of the opposite sex make a good impression on them when they come in contact.

It is also because of being too clever to speak, yet friendly that Song Song often suffers from the reputation of being promiscuous and peach blossom.

Indeed, it is difficult for Gemini to focus on a single person. They are easily distracted and attracted by external factors. So the love affairs of this constellation may be enough to write a full-length novel, but if you ask how many people they truly love, perhaps no one can guess even them.

But the main reason why Gemini loves so much is because of their capriciousness, early in the morning, in the afternoon and in the rain.

Beside this zodiac sign, the most frustrating and at the same time most comforting thing is that you can be comfortable being yourself because Gemini is not one to pay attention to details. But obviously having fun, a minute later Gemini can immediately "turn around" to leave you without any particular reason.

Loving anyone is the same, when you love Gemini, you will still love with all your heart and be faithful to the person you love, but right after that, you can say goodbye very suddenly because... out of love.

How many years have you passed?

4. Cancer: N Relationships

How many loves of the 12 zodiac signs before reaching the true love of their life?

With Cancer, the number is difficult to determine.

The Prize is a type of person who is good at patience. No matter who the other person is, no matter what they do, Cancer will still be persistent and patient to the end.

The subtlety and care make them very popular with the opposite sex, however, their feelings are difficult to last even though the initial vibration is not small.

In fact, the interior of Giai Nhi is not as simple as many people think, it is even so complicated and quiet that even if people want to step into the world of Crabs, they don't know where to start or not. how to go.

Cancer can pamper and tolerate the lover in any situation. But they make the other half feel that Cancer's love is just that, it's always missing something.

Gradually, the person feels lonely in his own love, no matter how outsiders consider Cancer to be a perfect lover.

Therefore, the love of this constellation is broken not because of the suffering caused by the two sides to each other, but because of loneliness. At that time, Cancer would rather be alone than tormented.

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5. Leo: 2 Love Affairs

Leo belongs to the Fire group, extremely hot-tempered, always enthusiastic and also very vulnerable in love. This constellation has its own rules in love, no matter who that person is, they must definitely follow that rule for the love to last.

That is not to say that Leos are conservative and patriarchal. That's just to avoid getting hurt and... not the right audience.

The first principle of Leos is none other than respect for their honor. So even a broken love can seriously damage the dignity of this constellation.

When Leo loves you, it means they take you very seriously. But if you don't cherish that affection of Leo, this zodiac sign will never give you a second chance when you have trampled on their face before.

But because they take themselves too seriously, sometimes Leo doesn't care about other people's thoughts and feelings, so their love story has to be broken for the second time, then Leo will look directly at the problem and change his mind. change yourself.

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6. Virgo: 4 Love Affairs

How Many Love Affairs for 12 Zodiac Signs Before to Meet Their True Love
Zodiac Signs Meet True Love

When falling in love with someone, the first love is broken, Virgo can almost completely forget the cause, process and effect of that time.

The second time they fell in love but failed, Virgo began to think about the reason why the two broke up, then fell into deep self-blame, thinking that the cause could be on her side.

The third time the breakup, Virgo was able to stay sober and calm, thinking if the problem was caused by the other half. When necessary, they can exchange with friends to ensure objectivity.

But by the fourth time, no matter what the cause, the result is only one, the end of the relationship is always here.

As one of the constellations that put a lot of emphasis on love, the love relationship is often very messy, after the breakup, the more love affairs in the future, the more cautious Virgo is. No one keeps going into the same pitfalls after realizing where the cause comes from, right? Do you know how to make the 12 constellations meet the true love of their life?

7. Libra: 5 Love Affairs

Famous peach blossom but their love goes nowhere. Libra is also not clear in love affairs, so it is easy to cause misunderstandings with others, in the end, "there are many matches in the day, nothing at night".

Adding the hesitant, lazy personality of Libra is fully retained in their love story. When it comes to love, this zodiac sign is quite indecisive. They often find it difficult to make clear decisions, which leads to wrong love, wrong love again, wrong love again.

Many times knowing that love will not go anywhere, but Libra still stabs his head in. Only when they really experience suffering do they turn their heads, then gnaw the pain alone and take a very long time to recover.

Thinking of being hurt 1 or 2 times, this zodiac sign will learn from its own experience. But in the following love affairs, Libra is still so blind, just need to be moved to forget all the previous painful experiences.

And it may take up to 5 broken times to let Libra understand what they need and want. The next love affair may still be fun and beautiful, but the result is no longer important to them. Libra values ​​the process more than the result.

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8. Scorpio: N-1 Love Affair

Scorpio is a rather difficult person in love. They are not easy to love, but once they fall in love, they are very devoted and sometimes Scorpio's love makes others feel quite extreme.

The point of love of this constellation is very clear, love is love, if you don't love it, even if you are a friend, it's okay to be so long as to avoid embarrassment for both sides each time they meet.

In love, Caper has great patience, no matter what happens, to protect that love they are still willing to let go to cultivate the feelings of both.

But if you think that Scorpio is good at patience, you can freely play with the emotions of this zodiac sign, you are wrong. Don't forget that young Scorpio, if she fell in love, would be extremely scary.

At that time, they will treat it as if everything never happened, the complete opposite of the heart-wrenching love image when the love is still unfinished.

When the relationship has reached the brink of breakdown, Scorpio will end it very decisively, both to avoid a long night of dreams and for both to quickly find their own happiness instead of tormenting each other. Deep love but also great love is the personality of this constellation in love.

9. Sagittarius: Unidentifiable

Sagittarius is one of the most elusive zodiac signs. For them, only freedom is what they always want to pursue for the rest of their lives. Ma Nhi hates the most is being tied in one place.

This may be the reason why this constellation is somewhat "afraid of love" for fear of losing its freedom. Sagittarius really can't understand why there are people who are willing to hurt themselves, lose themselves just because of something as frivolous as love.

So to maintain her joy, optimism and precious freedom, young Sagittarius would rather be alone for the rest of her life.

But people are not equal to heaven, Sagittarius will come to a time when their hearts flutter and they just want to pour out all their heart's capital to love even if they receive pain in return.

But no one knows when, with whom, under what conditions and how to get that affection.

So when you fall in love with this constellation, you must be prepared to fall in love with someone who is always free to fly and not be tied down.

10. Capricorn: 2.5 Love Affairs

How Many Love Affairs for 12 Zodiac Signs Before to Meet Their True Love
True Love For Each Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are people who take rules very seriously, whether in life, work or even in love.

So no matter how much the vibration is, the feelings that the end gives are sincere and very honest. When a Capricorn says they love you, they make you an important part of their future plans.

But like many others, first love is often difficult to achieve, from the second Capricorn begins to learn how to keep a little something for themselves, only then their love can bring results.

But it wasn't until the third time, when he had equipped himself with bloody lessons, that this constellation learned to love less hurtful. This time, before their love is broken, they will find a way to save it in time and never lose their happiness again.

Capricorn's love is not simply about being with someone, but about making them happy. What is the way the 12 constellations forget their old love, step through the hurt?

11. Aquarius: 3 Love Affairs

In love, Aquarius attaches great importance to emotions, as long as emotions are gone, love will be over.

It is often said, building something is often more difficult than putting it away, it is extremely difficult to let Aquarius vibrate, so Aquarius also tries to make her love last a little longer.

But when in love, Aquarius becomes very conflicted, wants to love but hesitates at times, afraid of losing many things. Therefore, you are always in a passive position, easily losing your own opportunities.

"Too three three busy", the first love is a vague feeling, the second love is love, the third is the love of life. Maybe it takes until the third time they fall in love to truly grasp the true love and happiness of their life.

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12. Pisces: 1.5 Love Affairs

As the most dreamy and emotional sign of the zodiac, the Pisces soul is often fragile but also very resilient.

Just like in fairy tales, couples have to go through many obstacles to achieve love, so Pisces does not hesitate to face it.

But don't expect Pisces to be too disappointed in love, they can't stand the pain of love twice.

Young Pisces understands that, being called true love can't come twice, so they just want to endure the process of tormenting their hearts when they fall in love more than once.

By the second time, perhaps Pisces will not be as enthusiastic as before, their love is no longer rosy, only suffering and nightmares, so it's better to break up.

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