AQUARIUS Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Love, Family and Relationship
Aquarius Love and Relationship Horoscope

Aquarians, more so than most, are ideally suited to explore these abstract dimensions. Those who have explored these regions know that there is little feeling or emotion there. In fact, emotions are a hindrance to functioning in these dimensions; thus Aquarians seem – at times – cold and emotionless to others.

It is not that Aquarians haven’t got feelings and deep emotions, it is just that too much feeling clouds their ability to think and invent. The concept of ‘too much feeling’ cannot be tolerated or even understood by some of the other signs. Nevertheless, this Aquarian objectivity is ideal for science, communication, and friendship.

Aquarius Horoscope: Love and Relationships

Aquarians are good at friendships, but a bit weak when it comes to love. Of course, they fall in love, but their lovers always get the impression that they are more best friends than paramours.

Like Capricorns, they are cool customers. They are not prone to displays of passion or to outward demonstrations of their affections. In fact, they feel uncomfortable when their other half hugs and touches them too much. This does not mean that they do not love their partners. They do, only they show it in other ways. Curiously enough, in relationships, they tend to attract the very things that they feel uncomfortable with. They seem to attract hot, passionate, romantic, demonstrative people. Perhaps they know instinctively that these people have qualities they lack and so seek them out. In any event, these relationships do seem to work, Aquarian coolness calming the more passionate partner while the fires of passion warm the cold-blooded Aquarius.

The qualities Aquarians need to develop in their love life are warmth, generosity, passion and fun. Aquarians love relationships of the mind. Here they excel. If the intellectual factor is missing in a relationship an Aquarian will soon become bored or feel unfulfilled.

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How To Attract The Aquarius Man

Aquarians men are unpredictable, intelligent, social, independent and excellent communicators. They are also unreliable and inflexible but changed by the right partner at least up to a point where they check the time on their wristwatch. An Aquarius man sometimes lives inside his mind, and needs a companion to talk about his progressive thoughts and ideas. In a game of seduction, one must first become their friend, and everything else will come second. As things fall into place and he discovers he found trust for the person standing in front of them, each Aquarius has a chance to meet their own boundaries and see if there is anything else they need to break.

As a man who carries their Sun in the sign of detriment, this individual has trouble fitting in, too. He needs someone to respect his need for freedom, his individuality, and most of all his honest desire to make a difference in the world.

AQUARIUS Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Love, Family and Relationship

How To Attract The Aquarius Woman

She is independent, mysterious, free-spirited, and eccentric, with a fine sense of humor and a strange inability to stay consistent and present. She seems cold and aloof but needs someone to romance her senseless and to share good conversations with. Truly exciting, this is a woman who makes an excellent partner in emotional, sexual, and especially mental issues, but her dedication might not hold her for very long if she feels even an ounce of disrespect along the way. She is drawn to people who stand out from the crown and needs someone to build her trust and take her by the hand and into better circumstances.

An Aquarians woman is a highly imaginative partner, especially in her sexual expression, and wants to try out new things on a regular basis. Still, she needs to know that she is valued and loved, and at the same time free from demands and pushiness that some of her men might be prone to.

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Aquarius Horoscope: Friends and Family

Friends - No matter the ability to communicate, Aquarians representatives need time to build closeness with a friend and they will unconsciously do a lot only to avoid being emotional and vulnerable around others. They are willing to self-sacrifice but only if absolutely necessary, and by the time they jump in to help, a person in trouble will probably realize that they never needed help to begin with. They need creative friends with integrity and a strong intellect.

Family - These individuals have certain expectations from their family. Even though it might not be their place to search for answers their parents should seek, they will do so anyway, and more often than not impose their will on family members from the best possible intention – to make them get along. The sense of duty they have with some relatives won’t keep them around for very long, for this, as all emotional blackmail, hardly ever touches the soul of an Aquarius.

What Makes a Good Match for Aquarius?

Trait 1: Hospitality

Aquarians want to be friends with people who are as hospitable as they are. A good partner for Aquarius will have to be able to share and stay open-minded--Aquarius doesn't discriminate about who's allowed entry into their home and heart.

Aquarians are often surrounded by tons of acquaintances (or "best friends," as an Aquarius might say), and they're generous with their time, affection, and even money. So if you want to have a close relationship with an Aquarius, you'll need to accept and support that part of their personality, too.

Trait 2: A Good Sense of Humor

An Aquarius loves to keep things lighthearted. Their partners have to be able to see the humor in life and resist the urge to take themselves too seriously. An Aquarius doesn't have the time or patience for a stick in the mud!

For an Aquarius, a good sense of humor is also a sign of cleverness--another trait that this star sign finds attractive. Since Aquarians tend to be a bit kooky, feeling a genuine connection with Aquarius's sense of humor is a good indicator that you're vibing at the same intellectual frequency.

Trait 3: Eclectic Interests

Aquarians are funky. As notorious nomads, they are constantly in search of new ways of seeing the world. A friend or partner who seeks out and appreciates the unfamiliar will be instantly attractive to an Aquarius. Sharing similar eclectic interests with an Aquarius will help you forge a strong connection, and it also means you'll never get bored with each other!

Trait 4: Complexity

Aquarius likes a challenge, even in love. When paired with a partner who is intellectually and emotionally complex, Aquarius will feel compelled to unravel their partner's mysteries. Relentlessly analytical Aquarius delights in cracking codes and solving puzzles, so a romantic interest who bears layers of complexity will keep Aquarius intrigued.

There are lines here, of course. For instance, Aquarians don't like it when people reject their curiosity or "close up" when Aquarians try to better understand them. But in general, this star sign wants to be around complicated people whose interests, careers, and curiosity mean they're full of surprises.

Trait 5: Independence

Being independent is also crucial if you want to hang with an Aquarius. Highly independent themselves, Aquarians resist being tied down by a partner's social or moral inhibitions. Aquarius has no time for coddling, either: a partner who doesn't want to go out but doesn't like to be left home alone will make Aquarius feel suffocated.

Give Aquarius a partner who doesn't mind going on their own adventures or chasing their passions (like social justice or rare coin collecting), and they'll be over the moon.

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