Top 15 Sites And Apps For Finding Discounted Travel Deals
Top 15 Sites And Apps For Finding Discounted Travel Deals

A great trip away from home is about more than racking up frequent flyer miles or going somewhere you haven’t been before. Travel broadens our horizons, lowers blood pressure, and expands the mind in ways that just reading about exotic locales could never do.

Between flights and hotels, it can feel like there’s barely any money left to have fun when you get to your destination. Many services and websites offer a discount on travel purchases, including hotels, airfare and rental cars.

They can help you save money so you have more cash to spend on your trip or that you can set aside for your next vacation. Just because these websites are called discount travel websites doesn’t mean they’re low-quality.

Here are the 15 websites and apps for finding discounted travel deals.

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The Secret To Traveling On The Cheap

Following airfare sales not only enables us to stretch our travel dollars, but also provides opportunities for off-the-beaten-path experiences. Many of the best airfares are to destinations not frequented by tourists or during off-season times. Everyone wants to go to Munich during Oktoberfest, but what about during December, when the snow starts? A trip off-season to Munich can bring an opportunity to visit Christmas markets, or to experience the city like a local when it is not overrun with tourists… and, of course, indoor attractions such as museums are less-crowded in the off-season.

Reasons To Focus on Finding Cheap Flights

Certainly airfare is not the only, or even the most expensive, cost of travel, but it is often the part that is least-replaceable. If you are traveling to a destination, you likely have many options for lodging (everything from staying at a friend’s place to an Airbnb to cashing points at any number of hotel chains), transit (public transit, rideshares, renting a car getting shuttled by friends) and things to do (museums, coffee shops or game nights with friends) but travel over a long distance in a short amount of time almost always involves a plane.

Types of Flight Deals You Can Expect

If you are looking to travel opportunistically, what might be reasonable expectations for the types of deals you might find? No, you are not going to subscribe to a deal website and magically find $30 airfares to Florida for spring break. Yes, sometimes the best deals mean you’re flying in coach on Frontier or Spirit. And, yes, sometimes you will see phenomenal deals that you simply cannot take advantage of. FOMO looks large when you travel opportunistically.

Where To Look for Cheap Flights

There are thousands of places offering “travel deals” online and they range from sites simply parroting advertised airfare sales from airlines, to curated travel deals, to proprietary AI engines that scour the web for any airfares that are out of the ordinary.

Realistically, you probably have some constraints in terms of your flexibility, comfort with international travel or desire to travel to certain locations. Your constraints and travel preferences will determine which travel sites, mailing lists and opportunistic travel options will be most useful to you. The options below are by no means exhaustive, but should provide a good starting point to finding fare deals that you can use.

Google Flights Explore Destinations

Google Flights has become one of my favorite tools for opportunistically booking travel within the U.S. and is the one of the best tools for people who want to travel domestically or have limited windows of time flexibility. The Explore Destinations feature of Google flights lets you view cheap airfares across the U.S. for a wide range of timeframes (e.g. a weekend trip within the next six months or a trip to any destination on a set date). The tool also works for international airfares, but its coverage outside of North America is spotty.

To use Google Flights, head to and click on “Explore” on the left hand side of the page or the “Explore Flights” link above the map, about half-way down the page. From the Explore Destinations map, you can select your desired trip length and timeframe. To find cheaper airfare deals, move the “Price” slider downward left to hide more expensive airfares. Airfares can be explored using the displayed map.

Airfare Deal Sites

If you are interested in international travel, you will probably find the most success with websites and mailing lists that offer curated airfare deals, with a focus on specific cities or destinations.

Finding Award Travel Deals

If you are a collector of miles and points, you have yet another option available for finding great airfare deals. In fact, sometimes the best opportunistic flight deals are on award travel, either through promotions, sales or mistake fares.

Some airlines have periodic award sales that can provide great opportunities to use miles for travel. Delta is known for having unannounced award “flash sales” which offer heavily-discounted award tickets. American Airlines has web-special awards that offer lower prices, but reduced flexibility. United offers featured awards, which offers flights as low as 5,000 miles one-way.

Some international airlines also offer discounts on award tickets that you can take advantage of opportunistically. One of my personal favorites is KLM/Air France’s Flying Blue Promo Rewards, which frequently offers heavily-discounted and widely available business and coach flights between the U.S. and destinations where KLM and Air France fly.

Don’t Hesitate. Book Now, Ask Questions Later

Often, the very best deals sell out quickly or the published airfares are pulled because they were published by mistake. If you hesitate booking a great airfare, it might not be available in a few hours after you have checked with your traveling companion, sought out hotels or called the friend you can visit in that city.

Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Transporation’s regulations entitle you to a full refund on non-refundable tickets within 24 hours of booking, provided that your flight is at least 7 days in the future and you are booking a flight directly with an airline.

Many online travel agencies also allow you to cancel your trip for any reason within 24 hours of booking and several airlines have more generous “risk-free cancellation” policies. That said, be sure you are aware of where you are booking as sometimes you will see lower fares on a foreign booking engine. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with booking with a less well-known company, but you will have more protections if you stick to one of the major OTAs such as Priceline or Expedia.

Risk-free cancellation means that generally, if you find a great airfare that you might want to take advantage of, it’s best to book it now, and ask questions later. Remember, cancellation policies and regulations change. Always check the airline’s or online travel agency’s cancellation policy before finalizing your booking.

Once you have booked your airline ticket, use the 24-hour cancellation period to start looking around for hotel accommodations, car rentals and other pieces of your trip. If you find that there are no hotels available or that the people you were intending to visit are unavailable, most times, you can cancel your ticket and get all of your money back if you cancel within 24 hours of booking.

What are the 15 best sites and apps to find discounted travel deals?

1. Last Minute Travel

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Last Minute Travel can let you make reservations for flights, hotel rooms, rental cars and cruises up to the last day of booking. If planning for travel isn't your style, it's best to book with an online travel agency that provides more options rather than the lowest price. Last Minute Travel specializes in gathering the most booking options up to the day of departure. The prices tend to be a bit more expensive than others, but that's because airlines often raise prices as travel dates draw near, so it's unlikely that you'll pay less for tickets close to your departure date.

In addition to booking flights, hotels, rental cars and cruises through Last Minute Travel, you can also book activities such as sightseeing tours, theme parks, outdoor activities, museums, restaurants and golf. And while Last Minute Travel had slightly higher prices than our calculated average, you can still book deals, promotions and packages if you want to book multiple reservations or save up for your next vacation.

Last Minute Travel's price average was just a little bit over the average of all the travel sites we reviewed, but Last Minute Travel provided plenty of choices for available flights. This travel website offers coupons for hotels and package deals. The location of these offers vary, but they knock down the price of a vacation significantly. The standard coupons we saw discounted the price of selected hotels $20 to $50.

If you're a frequent traveler, rewards programs like Last Minute Travel's Triple Dip program help give you a return on your travel expenses. For every dollar you spend with this online travel agency, you'll earn a Triple Dip point. You can rack up points for booking hotels, airfare, vacation packages, cruises and car rentals. Unfortunately, Last Minute Travel does not redeem or give you frequent flyer miles for booking on the travel site.

The mobile app available from LMT is compatible with iOS 6.0 and later and Android 1.6 and up. The app is a handy feature, especially if you're a consistent last-minute traveler. However, the app is limited and can only book hotels.

2. Expedia

Frequent travelers likely know that there’s something better than a dream trip: a dream trip that you booked on a bargain.

The ways to save money on travel are plentiful. You can redeem hotels and airline points, or take advantage of last-minute travel deals, to name a few. And booking through third-party travel search engines like Expedia can sometimes yield especially big savings.

Beyond just deals, Expedia has robust search filters that make finding your perfect vacation easy. It streamlines purchasing trip insurance, which can be especially important for travel these days. Plus, the Expedia Rewards program earns you points to pay for future bookings.

When it comes to Expedia prices …

✅ Pro: Expedia has frequent sales, last-minute travel deals and bundle discounts

Expedia deals are aplenty, whether it’s a bundling discount or a sale.

Bundling: A major component of booking travel on Expedia is the practice of bundling, where you can expect additional savings for booking more than one product (e.g., flight and hotel, or hotel and attraction ticket) in one transaction. Expedia claims that U.S. travelers on average save up to 10% by bundling their flight and hotel.

Nerdy tip: A perk of booking travel through Expedia is that you select your hotel, airfare and car rental in separate steps in the process. This makes it easy to bookmark the page and compare the cost of these items on Expedia versus the cost on the company’s direct website.

Expedia payment plans: If you don’t want to pay for your whole trip at the time of booking, Expedia allows you to make smaller payments through Affirm, which is a service that offers short-term loans for online purchases. If approved by Affirm, you’ll be able to pay for your trip in monthly installments.

Deals (and last-minute deals): Two of the most fun pages to bookmark and periodically check are Expedia’s Deals page and Expedia’s Last-Minute Deals page. Both tend to offer an eclectic mix of travel deals, ranging from cheap motels in tiny towns to lavish resorts in major tourist destinations. We’ve spotted deals as high as 70% off.

Other discount days: In June 2021, Expedia hosted its first-ever Expedia Travel Week, which offered savings of up to 60%. And if you shopped during Thanksgiving week of 2021, you would have found deals of 30% off throughout Black Friday and into Cyber Monday. Expect similar deals for holidays in the future.

We hope to see these discount days roll into 2022.

❌ Con: Booking direct is sometimes still cheaper than Expedia

Sure, Expedia sales and last-minute deals are nice, but that’s not to say that you can’t find other (sometimes better) deals for booking directly with the travel provider. Many offer their own exclusive deals — and they might save you even more than booking with online travel agencies. Compare prices across both Expedia and the specific company to ensure you’re getting the best price.

And sometimes the savings go beyond just the sticker price. For example, boutique hotel chain Ovolo Hotels offers generous amenities including free laundry, happy hour refreshments and a daily breakfast buffet — but only if you book directly with them.

3. Priceline

Founded in 1997, Priceline is a travel site that helps consumers find and book flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages. The company has several other brands and subsidiaries under its umbrella in order to help customers receive the best deals on travel accommodations.

Family of Brands

For over 20 years, Priceline has cultivated and evolved its travel booking service to keep travelers coming back as often as possible. The company's family of brands includes, Kayak,,, and OpenTable, just to name a few. As part of The Priceline Group, Priceline travelers can expect to see results comprised of information from thousands of booking sites.

Travel Accommodations

Priceline seeks to give its customers as much freedom as possible by allowing them to name their preferred price and bid for their trip accommodations. Travelers can book the following through Priceline's platform:

  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Rental cars
  • Vacation packages
  • Cruises


Priceline has made it so that its platform is easy to navigate, offers some of the best deals in the industry, and gives travelers the "low down" on each vacation and travel package that is offered on its website. Consumers can search for vacation options by destination or star rating in order to quickly find what they are looking for.


The Bad

  • Pricing Discrepancies
  • Limited Foreign Listings
  • Travel Insurance Concerns

Pricing Discrepancies

There are some discrepancies in terms of pricing that Priceline customers should be aware of. For instance, resort fees are not included in bidding, which means that even if a customer gets a hotel deal on Priceline, they could be subject to additional resort fees of $25 or more. This obscure part of its terms of services could greatly inflate travel prices for customers who purchase a stay at a hotel or resort.

Limited Foreign Listings

For American consumers looking to travel internationally, Priceline is not the optimum first choice due to its limited offerings for out-of-country accommodations. Priceline's foreign vacation deals are limited to the following destinations:

  • Puerto Rico
  • The Caribbean
  • The Bahamas
  • Cancun

Travel Insurance Concerns

While Priceline does offer travel protection, there are some concerns about this feature. For example, the company's travel protection coverage is not available outside of the United States. Although Priceline does a nice job of meeting the needs and interests of those traveling within the U.S., the needs and interests of individuals traveling outside of the country are not covered. Travelers should also be aware that Priceline's travel protection does not cover voluntary trip changes or cancellations.

4. Travelocity

Founded in 1996, Travelocity is an online travel agency offering a wide range of services for travelers. It is owned and managed by the Expedia Group, a leading travel service provider globally. You can browse for travel packages, car rentals, flights, cruises, and hotel deals on the website and book them via Travelocity.

In addition, you can also reserve tickets for popular attractions, read inspirational travel content, and share travel plans with friends and family.

The Travelocity mobile app helps you browse and manage reservations with ease. It is available for both Android and iOS services. The app will notify you of flight status and gate numbers to keep track of delays. Guests can also communicate with hotels by messaging directly on the app. More importantly, you can access all your travel details in one place, even when offline.

What does Travelocity offer?

Stays: a wide range of hotels, resorts, condominiums, and other accommodation types

Flights: flights to destinations under standard rates as well as bargain fares similar to what's posted by Scott's Cheap Flights

Cars: rental cars and cabs offering airport transportation

Vacation packages: all-inclusive itineraries covering hotels, rentals, and/or flights

Things to Do/Activities: tickets and reservations for major attractions, experiences, concerts, and performances

Travel deals: discounted offers

How does Travelocity work?

Select the service you are looking for on the homepage of the Travelocity website. Once you enter the required details, a search results list will appear.

For example, if you are looking for accommodation, enter the destination, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of people. Filters such as property name, star rating, budget, property type, popular attractions, etc., help you narrow the search results.

After viewing its details, reviews, and availability, you can reserve a room directly through Travelocity if you like a particular hotel.

What we liked about Travelocity

  • Convenient

Travelocity is a one-stop travel service provider covering accommodation, transport, activities, etc. It's a convenient choice for those who deal with busy schedules and have less time for researching and reviewing travel services individually. You can book everything here, and the website is easy to navigate.

  • Variety of choice

Having partnered with hotels and rental services worldwide, Travelocity offers a wide range of selections to meet every traveler's preferences. It covers a lot of destinations, offers competitive holiday packages, and posts frequent discounts on its listings. Notably, this travel agency is great for families looking for comfortable, all-inclusive travel services.

  • Price guarantee

Suppose you find a lower-priced deal for the same listing on car rental, cruises, or flights on another US-based website. If you have already booked with Travelocity and find it within 24 hours, you will be credited the price difference. The price match guarantee is more extended for hotels. You can claim compensation until the day before the scheduled stay.

5. Kayak

One of the most popular travel search engines around is Kayak. Maybe you've heard of it before! If you're looking to pay cash for your travels instead of travel rewards points then Kayak is a site you should search. In our review of Kayak, we cover all the functions of Kayak and whether Kayak is a great research tool to book your next trip.

What Does Kayak Do?

Kayak will help you find the best prices and travel times for the following travel purchases:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Apartment and Condo Rentals
  • Rental Cars
  • Vacation Packages
  • Cruises
  • Trains

As a member of the Priceline group, the search results will be very similar to what you might find on Priceline,, and since they all use the same information.

Research Flights on Kayak

Kayak's largest competitor for booking flights is Google Flights. Both search engines use the same ITA Matrix software that looks at the airline carrier metadata to find the best combinations and prices.

Both sites are extremely fast, but Kayak still takes a few extra seconds to load compared to Google. The results are nearly identical and the website layout isn't much different with the exception of the sidebar placements.

One downside of Kayak is the sponsored advertisement that appears above each search result. But, it's not too much of a distraction.

Besides speed, the primary advantage of researching flights on Kayak is the price transparency. One of the latest pricing gimmicks the airlines use is selling "Basic Economy" seats where you don't receive your assigned seat until check-in and you do not have overhead bin access. Some airlines will still award the lower prices and waive these restrictions if you belong to their frequent flyer program (which you should always do).

Kayak will show you the Basic Economy and Main Cabin fare in the same search result box. Google Flights only shows the basic economy price and you might not realize you have to spend more until after you are routed to the carrier website to book the flight.

Booking Hotels and Rentals

Kayak checks the prices of a hotel and short-term rentals (think Airbnb) from third-party booking sites. If you want to book directly from a national brand like Marriott or IHG, it's a wise idea to open a search in a separate window to book directly from the hotel to ensure you can earn rewards points on the stay and your room doesn't get overbooked (hotels can get funny sometimes on third-party reservations).

Searching for hotels on Kayak can be beneficial because you can potentially find an independent hotel or short-term rental that's cheaper than a national brand.

6. Groupon Getaways

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

No matter what Groupon deal you’re considering, always price check it against the cost of booking it yourself directly. This will help you be sure that the Groupon is really worth it.

To find out if Groupon Getaways actually save you money, we compared three current Groupon travel deals against the cost of booking it on our own. We compared the prices based on two people traveling, as Groupon Getaways generally charges a single supplement fee for solo travelers.

Groupon Getaways are undeniably a good deal. However, be warned that Groupon Getaway costs can quickly escalate from the rock-bottom advertised cost. For example, the Tuscany package mentioned above is promoted at $699, but will quickly increase to $849 if you would rather fly out of Miami. Adding the hotel “upgrade” package will be another extra cost. Picking a different departure date can bring the cost up to $1,049 per person. Make sure you pay attention to the extra price as you customize your trip.

Before booking, you should evaluate all of the options included in the deal. Independently research the hotel included in the Groupon Getaway. Is it in a good neighborhood? Does it have good reviews? Is it near the things you want to see and do? What bed types are included in the deal?

Also see if you can find out what flight options are included before committing. Is the flight nonstop or will there be layovers? Is the flight at a convenient time?

Booking a trip through Groupon Getaways can definitely save you money. However, if you would rather have a bit more control over your flight times and hotel choices, Groupon Getaways can also be a great jumping off point to plan your own vacation. For example, if you see a cheap package deal to Tuscany, it likely means that travel to Tuscany is pretty inexpensive during the dates that the Groupon is valid. You could then look up your own flights and hotels for the same time period and find something similarly priced that would give you more flexibility than booking with Groupon. However, if you’d prefer not to have to do all of the trip planning research, and just want someone to take care of all the details, a Groupon Getaway can be a great deal.

7. Orbitz

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Many of the hotel booking services we reviewed also let you book flights and cars at the same time. makes that process easy and gives you many options to customize your choices. You can also buy cruises and tickets for local attractions. With all of the options, Orbitz is our choice for the booking service to find the best package deals.

By booking your hotel, flight and car together, you’ll often be able to save more than you would if you booked each individually. When you start putting together your package through Orbitz, you’ll start by selecting which combination of hotel, flight and car you need. If a hotel is included, you’ll pick that first.

Orbitz has a search system very similar to that offered by Expedia and Travelocity. You can filter and sort by price, location and amenities offered. If you’re looking for a hotel as part of a package, you can search for the biggest package discount, though the prices for these are often high, since they reflect a discount and not the lowest base price.

Once you’ve found your hotel, you’ll move on to selecting your flight. You’ll find that many of the prices are low; in fact, choosing some flights may result in your total package price decreasing. One thing to note: Booking a flight through Orbitz or another service doesn’t cover baggage fees or other fees you might have to pay at the airport.

Booking a rental car is simple, you can filter by car make and model and sort by price or discount. Rental cars are one of the most heavily discounted pieces of your travel bundle, and can be quite affordable especially if you’re not picky about the type of car you get.

In addition to booking hotels, flights and cars you can also get tickets to cruises and local attractions. This is another easy way to plan your trip ahead of time, especially if you’re going somewhere with popular attractions and want to lock down tickets ahead of time. Be aware, though, there’s no way to set up alerts before you book to tell you if the price goes down.

Orbits had one of the most expansive searches we saw. It provided us with the most results of any of the sites we used. While you’re probably not going to wade through over 1,000 different results, you can use the various filters and sorting options to narrow down the options and make your choice.

8. Travelzoo

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Travelzoo started in 1998 and originally was a subscriber-based platform where they would list but also send out e-mail newsletters of top travel deals. They are best known for sharing their Top 20 travel deals weekly.

Originally spelled “TravelZoo”, they've gone through some rebranding over the years including a website makeover but their core offerings have always stayed the same – Travelzoo is an aggregator of curated travel deals.

Behind the scenes, Travelzoo has a team of sales people that go out scouring the internet for offers to place onto their list of deals. These deals can range from travel, entertainment and local businesses (such as restaurants).

If you look at the Travelzoo website, you'll see that they break down deals into:

  • Refundable Deals
  • Top 20
  • Things to Do
  • Hotels
  • Flexible Airfare
  • Vacations

Travelzoo also categorizes deals into useful groupings that allow you to search and filter based on where you want to go or where you're located.

  • Hotels
  • Vacation rentals
  • Cruises
  • Vacations
  • Restaurants
  • Shows & events
  • Spas
  • Things to do
  • Family-friendly activities
  • Train & car rentals
  • All-inclusive vacations
  • Luxury trips
  • Products

Travelzoo essentially acts as a third-party that refers you to travel discounts and offers. That is why in many cases, deals you find will simply link to another website. In some cases these are large online travel agencies or brands like Exoticca and in other cases, it'll be an obscure website that looks like it was built in the 90's.

9. CheapOair

If you are in search of cheap flights, CheapOair might be the right solution for you. An online travel agency, CheapOair offers up to a 20% discount for booked flights. You can also book hotels through this online agency, and members can receive up to a 55% discount.

CheapOair also has a reward program based on a point system. You will receive your first 500 points just for signing up. Then, the site will add another 500 points to your account after your first booking, hotel, or flight. After you collect these initial 1000 points, each dollar spent through CheapOair will land you another 1 point. You can also opt for a CheapOair credit card that will add $7 for each dollar spent.

10. Google Flights

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Google Flights (free) is one of the best sources for a second opinion you can find on the Web. Google Flights is a small slice of the Google search universe that only looks at airline travel, and, since the site first appeared more than a year ago, it has corrected some of its major limitations. You can now search for roundtrip flights to cities around the world, as well as one-way tickets and multi-city trips with up to five legs. The site still doesn't let you book a ticket directly through Google—you have to link out to another site—but it does include a lovely array of tools for narrowing down your travel criteria and looking at alternative options.

In the end, though, Google Flights works best as a free second opinion to Kayak (5 stars), our Editors' Choice for travel search and booking. Kayak offers everything Google Flights does, and a whole lot more. But Google Flights has a slightly smoother interface, so wading through certain kinds of search results.

Why Use Google Flights?

The primary reason to use Google Flights, despite its lacking some features we consider basic in travel websites, such as the ability to add hotels and car rentals to an itinerary, is because it's fast. Wicked fast.

When you land on the page, you can start typing the name of any city, and Google Flights will suggest ones you probably mean. Below those entries are date fields for arrival and departure. A third row of additional filters, including the number of stops you're willing to make on the way and a slider bar to limit the price, work equally fast as the primary search.

11. TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor, Inc. is an American online travel company that operates a website and mobile app with user-generated content and a comparison shopping website. It also offers online hotel reservations and bookings for transportation, lodging, travel experiences, and restaurants. Its headquarters are in Needham, Massachusetts.

In 2004, the company was acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp.[66] In August 2005, IAC spun off its travel group of businesses under the Expedia, Inc. name.

In April 2011, Expedia, then led by Dara Khosrowshahi, announced that it would split into two publicly traded companies by spinning off Tripadvisor. The corporate spin-off was completed in December 2011.

TripAdvisor combines travel booking with reviews to create an all-in-one travel website. You can use the site to book hotels, flights, cruises, restaurant reservations and tours.

While you’re booking, you can read other customers’ reviews to make sure you’re booking an experience you’ll enjoy.

TripAdvisor also offers a powerful app that makes it a great tool to use after you’ve booked your trip.

You can look up local landmarks and experiences through the app to plan your day while on vacation.


Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot is the go-to accommodation booking site for millions of travelers, providing a seamless search and booking experience. Travelers can browse hotels, apartments, and other unique properties all over the world, with many offering free cancellation.

When you complete 2 stays within 2 years, you’ll automatically receive Genius level 1 status to benefit from 10% off selected properties. Members that complete 5 stays within 2 years will receive level 2 status, with up to 15% off, free breakfast, and free room upgrades with selected properties.

Pros and Cons of


  • Automatic enrollment in the Genius loyalty program
  • Free cancellation offered on many properties


  • You won’t earn hotel loyalty points because you are not booking directly with the hotel

13. Hopper App

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Hopper is a clever little app that predicts hotel and flight prices up to a year in advance with 95% accuracy. You could save up to 40% on your hotel by booking with the app. Hopper will send you push notifications about recent searches and alert you to price rises and increases for particular properties.

The color-coded calendar displays what dates have the cheapest rates using green, amber, and red highlighting. Once you’ve searched for a destination, you can choose to “watch” specific hotels to receive push notifications with hidden deals that can’t be found anywhere else online.

Pros and Cons of Hopper App


  • Intelligent predictions on the best time to book
  • Hidden deals that are not available anywhere else


  • You can’t contact Hopper’s customer service team by telephone — this must be done through the app


Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Hundreds of thousands of hotels, apartments, and holiday rentals are available to book on in over 200 countries and territories. You can book via its website or app and sign up to receive emails with secret prices for email subscribers only.

You can filter your search by the usual star rating, guest review rating, price, etc., but also by proximity to key landmarks or by accommodation theme, such as luxury, historic, and romantic.

Membership for Rewards is free, and once you’ve stayed 10 nights, you’ll be rewarded with 1 free night.

Pros and Cons of


  • Secret prices for email subscribers
  • Loyalty program rewarding 1 free night for every 10 nights


  • You won’t earn hotel loyalty points because you are not booking directly with the hotel


Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot gives customers access to special pricing and extras that can’t be booked anywhere else. Visit the Last Minute Cruises page and filter by cruise duration to see available deals, including cashback offers, onboard credit, and free gratuities.

If you know what cruise line you want to travel with, you can head straight to the individual deals page for the company, or if you know where you want to go or where you want to depart from, also features destination and port-specific deals pages. You can also register with to receive exclusive rates and discounts.

Pros and Cons of


  • Dedicated last-minute cruise page with special offers
  • Register with to receive exclusive rates and discounts


  • The website is very busy and cluttered.
  • No price guarantee is offered
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