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If you talk about these 3 things often, you will have bad luck
If you talk about these 3 things often, you will have bad luck

When we talk, we often fall into a state of overzealousness, leading to thoughtless talking, or thinking that "words" are harmless, so we are free to "dance" and say negative words. But in fact, language also has its own influence, it can even bring bad luck to the speaker.

A smart person will always know how to speak, they will always "bend their tongue seven times" before speaking, thinking about whether their words will hurt anyone, so that they can avoid trouble. needed effectively. In life, we all wish for luck, especially in terms of work, health, etc. But the future is limitless, we can't control it, what we can only grasp. present. Change yourself to achieve the best you can.

First, let's start with this small change! If you want to avoid bad luck, you should not say the following words.

1.Complaining about how unlucky I am

In life, everyone will encounter different difficulties, when faced with difficulties, the first thing we often think of will be complaining. But do you know, the scariest thing in life is often lamenting yourself or not? Such people never find the cause of their failure but only know how to blame others to release negative energy in their hearts.

People who complain all the time are usually not so lucky. Because life is all about difficulty and success goes hand in hand, you can't just want to succeed and avoid difficulty or failure. Only when you dare to face failure and learn from it can you grow and get closer to success. People who always avoid reality, complain and blame will only stay in failure forever.

This type of behavior is not only harmful to oneself, but also makes others around feel uncomfortable, thereby losing relationships in life.

2.Revealing someone else's secret or private life

As we mentioned at the beginning: "Pain comes from the mouth." Word of mouth is always the door to bring luck or bad luck depending on the content it carries.

Therefore, if a person keeps opening their mouth to reveal other people's secrets or private affairs, it is very likely that they will be implicated later because of these secrets or private affairs. If you always say things you shouldn't say or do bad things to others, then in the eyes of others, you are unethical and do not know how to respect others. Such a person will always be looked down upon no matter where they go.

Moreover, if you often go out to tell other people's personal stories, the audience will automatically judge you as a person who is not quiet, someone who is not worthy of being friends.

3.Talk about discord

We often hear the advice: "Sit quietly and think about your own mistakes, don't talk about other people's mistakes."

This sentence means that before blaming others, you should examine yourself first. There is also a saying: "We cannot wake a person who is pretending to be asleep." So, even if they are really wrong, your words will only be useless if they are still stubborn, let alone in case you still don't know who is right and who is wrong. It is best for us to focus only on developing ourselves, staying away from the market, because when you get better, the world around you will also get better. On the contrary, if you often talk about the bad news of this person, sooner or later disaster will come like floodwater overflowing a dike.

The reason people like gossip is also curious, when a curious person asks about other people's stories, that person will have an indescribable joy. And this kind of indescribable joy is really what we want when we gossip. However, such a seemingly pleasant and joyful behavior is a double-edged sword, hurting people, hurting yourself.

Talking nonsense not only harms yourself, but even makes people around you feel you are not trustworthy, thereby creating vigilance, precaution, and loss of trust.

After all, "bad luck" is basically a signal that tells you you've made a wrong move. It's life's way of reminding you to get back on the right track in time.

A truly intelligent person will know not to talk about other people's business, talk less and judge others less. Therefore, in order not to be reminded by life's "teacher" by "bad luck", it is best to know how to master our words in all circumstances.

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