Year of Rabbit 2023: How to Avoid Bad Luck For 12 Animals - Feng Shui Advice
Year of Rabbit 2023: How to Avoid Bad Luck For 12 Animals - Feng Shui Advice
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According to Chinese astrology, people in their zodiac year are believed to offend Tai Sui, the God of Age, and incur his curse. It is believed to bring nothing but bad luck. Therefore Chinese astrology followers pay special attention to their conduct every twelfth year of their lives, i.e. in their birth sign years.

What is the 'God of Age' Star (Tai Sui)?

Tai Sui doesn't actually exist as a real star! (It roughly corresponds to Jupiter, which takes 11.86 years to orbit earth, and is probably where the idea for the star came from). It's an imaginary star that changes position exactly 30 degrees of direction each year, i.e. orbiting Earth every 12 years exactly.

The star Tai Sui is said to bring misfortune to people in zodiac years matching their year of birth.

Later, during the course of history, Tai Sui evolved into the God of Age and has been worshipped by Chinese people from one generation to another. People offer sacrifices to the God of Age to get rid of misfortune and pray for blessings in a zodiac year.

How to Avoid Bad Luck and Make Good Luck For 12 Animals in 2023

1. Rat

Seeing how to change the fortunes of 2023 for the 12 zodiac signs shows that this year is not a favorable year for the Rat, so when problems arise, the Rat tries to find the root instead of temporarily ignoring it. , otherwise, it is very easy to repeat your mistake.

In particular, living in a complex office environment, you need to pay attention to the shady tricks of your opponent. Normally, you should try to build harmonious relationships with people, both good for work and limiting unnecessary problems.

Do not be subjective in assessing the situation because you may have to pay out of pocket to compensate for the damage. Sometimes, you need to slow down a bit to be able to consider more closely the aspects related to your current job and income.

In love affairs, if you want to get out of a single situation, you should be more proactive in getting to know people. However, it is necessary to avoid ambiguous actions, which is not to stand on this mountain and look at that mountain or interact with many people at the same time.

2. Ox

According to the 2023 horoscope of the 12 zodiac animals, the more active the Ox people are, the more they dare to think and do, and the easier it is to go far. Be bold enough to make bold decisions, because it will have a positive influence on the way forward.

Opportunities are many and available, but you need to find out which one is best for you. Do not embrace many things at the same time, become too greedy, and work with others is not necessarily successful if you follow.

For business people, there are many favorable conditions for their fate to collect money in their pocket, but no matter how eager you are to increase your assets, you should still consider rationality and safety.

Whatever you do, you must calculate carefully, and evaluate the situation objectively and wisely, lest the opportunity comes, but you will suffer because of your own haste.

3. Tiger

Photo: mirror
Photo: mirror

If given the opportunity to foster in this year 2023, Tiger people should firmly grasp to equip themselves with solid professional knowledge bases. Don't be afraid to collide, because it takes collision and competition to get better every day.

In relationships with people, you should control your emotions, not be impatient. No matter how much you want to express your point of view, you should pay attention to the situation lest you bring the market into people.

When making important decisions, it is necessary to study the actual situation carefully. If someone with more experience discourages you, don't try to present yourself by doing the opposite.

In love affairs, do not let the misunderstandings that constantly occur but are not resolved in time become the cause of ruining your emotional relationship. If possible, avoid both sensitive topics in the first place.

4. Rabbit

See how to change luck in 2023 for the 12 zodiac animals that the year of the Rabbit always needs to balance the psychological state, and avoid being violent, lest anything go wrong. The five-year-old conspiracy must be carefully calculated, not sure what to do, especially don't follow others.

In business, the issue of choosing a partner is not allowed to be ignored, otherwise, you will easily get into a dispute related to money and become a loser.

With unfinished projects, should pay attention to details, proceed step by step, carefully calculate the advantages and disadvantages, and make sure to get there. You should not subjectively get used to things but "burn" the stage, causing bad luck to happen.

In the family, you need to pay more attention to the other half's state of mind and emotions. Husband and wife live together for the rest of their lives, and don't act out for the sake of temporary emotional outbursts that hurt that person.

5. Dragon

If you want the year 2023 to pass peacefully, the Dragon people should use their strength to work, invest according to their ability, and avoid setting too high goals, and too big ambitions lest climb high, they will fall. It is best to study hard to strengthen yourself.

When encountering conflicts with colleagues, you need to be smart to protect yourself, avoid falling into the traps of the bad guys, even being sold out, broken business, and wasted energy.

In love affairs, do not try to change just to please that person, because even if you do, you cannot keep a person forever with you. If you want to keep your love, you should give it to someone who deserves it.

Couples need to limit erratic emotions or have negative views toward the other half, because once you can't control your emotions, you are easy to rush, making wrong decisions.

6. Snake

Photo: bbc
Photo: bbc

Based on how to change misfortune in 2023 for the 12 zodiac animals, the spirit of ardent work, seeking marketing, is very beneficial at work, on the contrary, those with a relaxed mentality, afraid of collisions will hardly be able to advance. People born in the year of the Snake should make a suitable choice if they want to develop in the long run.

For business people, to keep your advantage, you can spend more time observing the opponent. By doing so, you can both grasp the opponent's direction to have a suitable defense plan and learn from the opponent's own to adjust yourself.

In a relationship, heated arguments can't solve any problems. Building affection is not easy, if both you and that person just want to satisfy their ego without caring about the other's feelings, no matter how great the love is, it can't save the situation.

Therefore, you should readjust yourself, and try to learn how to control your emotions, so then things will not be too confusing.

7. Horse

Every time the villain appears, making the work progress more difficult than expected, you need to be alert to clearly distinguish who is really good to you, and who is always trying to approach and secretly cause harm.

In addition, you also need to be more attentive in listening to people's opinions, maintaining your opinion is good, but being conservative, and not knowing how to absorb knowledge is not good.

In daily life, always pay close attention to money management, and do not waste it on unnecessary activities. Ideally, always have a clear spending plan and save some money in case of unexpected problems.

In love affairs, if you still value your family, you should learn to put yourself in the other person's position so that you can have a reasonable way to behave. When you know how to look at problems from many different angles, you will find that things are no longer as difficult to solve as imagined.

8. Goat

People born in the year of the Goat should focus on their goals so that they can firmly grasp their knowledge and develop their abilities. At the same time, you are inherently talented but don't become arrogant because of initial success, disregarding the opinions of people around you.

In the process of realizing your dream, there will be inevitable obstacles, but if destiny immediately learns from experience and changes the appropriate plans, in the end, everything will be smooth, helping you to earn money. gratifying profits.

On the emotional side, open your heart and try to participate in meetings, chances are you will meet someone with a life view that suits you, with qualities that make you endearing.

For couples, if both respect each other and listen to each other's opinions, misunderstandings or arguments are significantly reduced. Let's cheer each other on moving forward.

9. Monkey

Photo: lovetoknow
Photo: lovetoknow

In 2023, Monkey people are prone to conflicts of interest. Advise you not to be too greedy, thinking of taking other people's credit; But you should also not be too gentle, weak, or let others take advantage of you.

In the process of working together, you need to lower your ego and communicate with people around you more, don't insist on doing things your way.

Business is progressing steadily but compared to the competition, you can become a laggard. This animal should quickly re-evaluate the market situation, and find a development direction that is right for themselves and cannot stay in familiar areas forever.

If there is a family conflict, this zodiac sign needs to determine what is most important to him, whether it is his self-esteem or his relationship with his wife and children. Think carefully before you act or say to avoid hurting those you love most.

10. Rooster

Even if they are harassed, or bothered, Rooster people also need to remind themselves to behave calmly, don't be impatient lest things go wrong, the bad guys will also have an excuse to believe in, thereby harming or taking your credit.

Even if you are in a leadership position, this animal must not be ignored, because many of your decisions can affect the survival of the whole team. You should not listen to the instigation of flatters.

For business people, this animal needs to be really calm to properly assess the actual situation as well as their own strengths compared to the opponent, do not rush to make decisions and then lose. larger hole.

In the family, you should not vent your anger due to life's pressure on your partner. On the contrary, share and confide in your partner. Two people who often share their feelings will increasingly understand and sympathize with each other, avoiding unnecessary problems.

11. Dog

If the people born in the year of the Dog can assert themselves, their superiors and nobles will not hesitate to give you opportunities to rise to a more worthy position.

It is important that you have the courage to seize the opportunity, dare to challenge your limits, and do not hesitate or hesitate, lest the opportunity will pass, unfortunately.

However, no matter how brilliant achievements you have achieved, you should not be arrogant, arrogant, or look down on others. When others have suggestions, you should listen attentively, always work hard to change the perspective of the problem, and learn new knowledge to improve yourself.

Singles should be confident to be themselves, you can make a good impression on the subjects you meet. As long as the two sides are honest with each other, it is not difficult to draw close to the relationship.

As for those who are cherishing the image of someone, you can also boldly confess your feelings to the other person. Be brave and sincere with your feelings, and you will make that person flutter.

12. Pig

The year 2023 is an appropriate time for people born in the year of the Pig to learn new fields or challenge themselves in new work content. Maybe in the beginning process, you will encounter a few problems, but just calmly face them, you will get used to them and get into the work cycle very quickly.

Of course, during the year there will still be narrow-minded people who are jealous of your successes. What this animal needs to do is calmly deal with it, don't let negative emotions control your actions.

In love affairs, single people should participate in exchanges, meet and enthusiastically chat with many people around. Maybe, through these meetings, you will conquer someone by the unique features of your personality.

In addition, this animal also needs to pay attention to health care, not work too hard or violate traffic laws lest it easily damages the body, and spend more money on medical treatment.

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