Year of Rabbit 2023 – Lucky Colors for 12 Chinese Animal Signs
Year of Rabbit 2023 – Lucky Colors for 12 Chinese Animal Signs
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In Chinese astrology, each year is represented by a zodiac animal. The zodiacal idea of the year is associated with various beliefs about prognostications for the upcoming year, including lucky numbers and lucky colors. Each zodiac sign has different forecasts for the new lunar year. So, every sign's lucky colors differ.

According to the Chinese Horoscope 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit starts on January 22, 2023, and ends on February 24, 2024, and it is a year that will postpone conflicts and bring peace, make people more open and attentive to the needs of those around them.

The year of the Rabbit usually brings germination, growth, and development. Thus, for some zodiac signs, this is a great year to set the foundation of a business and grow professionally.

Also, to bring fortune in business and finances and to attract wellness and maintain our health, it is recommended to use Feng Shui remedies and be mindful of the year’s lucky colors.

The luckiest colors of 2023 are red and pink but also blue and green.

Jewelry and Objects in the Lucky Colors of the Year of the Rabbit 2023

Emerald Jewelry: The jewelry embedded with (green) emeralds can become talismans for the wearer, especially when the green stone is set in a ring or a pair of earrings.

Ruby Jewelry: Ruby is a precious stone of intense red, considered more valuable than a diamond in ancient times. It was a distinctive sign of nobility, and royal crowns and jewelry were often decorated with rubies.

Topaz Jewelry: Topaz is a symbol of bravery and wisdom. This stone helps us to value ourselves.

Lucky Colors for Each Animal Sign

1. Rat

Lucky colors in 2023 for Rat people are red, purple, and blue. In particular, red is the color of happiness, joy and energy. Purple and blue are the two colors that bring relaxation and calm in 2023 for the Rat people.

2. Ox

Brown, green, turquoise, and dark green are lucky colors for Ox people in the year 2023. Turquoise will bring peace of mind and happiness in life for Ox people. Brown, green, and dark blue will bring good luck.

3. Tiger

In 2023, yellow - the color of optimism, joy, and positive energy will be the color that brings the greatest luck to the Tiger people.

In addition to yellow, white, and green will also bring luck and health to the Tiger people.

4. Rabbit

Silver, white, and light gold are the 3 lucky colors of the Rabbit in 2023. Silver is a color that symbolizes a clear mind, white brings peace and a quiet mood, avoiding harmful things. , while light yellow brings success in work and education for people born in the year of the Rabbit.

5. Dragon

For people born in the year of the Dragon, yellow, dark purple, and orange are their lucky colors in the year of the Rabbit 2023. In which, yellow will help the people of the year of the Dragon to solve difficulties and problems in life.

6. Snake

Green, blue, silver, and purple are the colors that bring luck to people born in the year of the Snake in work, career, and study.

Year of Rabbit 2023 – Lucky Colors for 12 Chinese Animal Signs
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7. Horse

The color that brings the luckiest for Horse people in 2023 is turquoise because it brings clarity to the mind and is a source of abundant inspiration and creative ideas in work and study. In addition, other colors such as dark green, brown, and black are also very suitable for Horse people in this year of the Rabbit 2023.

8. Goat

The lucky colors of the people born in the year of the Goat in 2023 are red, purple, yellow, and especially orange, opening you up to better opportunities, and bringing a cheerful spirit, positive energy, and happiness. bright in life.

9. Monkey

Purple, blue, and black are the colors that promise to help Monkey people make the right decisions and luck in 2023.

10. Rooster

Pink will help Rooster people have good luck in love in 2023. In addition, blue, and dark green are also lucky colors for Rooster people this year.

11. Dog

The year of the Dog should choose yellow in 2023 to have a lot of health, joy, and luck. In addition, the colors black and blue will also bring good luck in 2023 for people born in the year of the Dog.

12. Pig

This year, people born in the year of the Pig should choose white, blue-gray, purple, and pink items to bring luck in both work and life.

Clothes and Wallets in Lucky Colors Suitable in 2023

First and foremost, the old clothes must be thrown away from the closet, along with all the objects you no longer use. These keep fortune away, and money will never come if you don’t cleanse the environment you live in of the negative inheritance of the past.

Colors influence our success, whether it is love, career, or health. If so far we have chosen the colors of our clothes randomly, we should keep in mind that more than the pattern of a piece of clothing is the energy with which it enriches us that matters. Colors have specific energy, as they can change our moods, thoughts, and emotions, which is why they can be regarded as an indicator of success.

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