Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs

Overview -Year of Rabbit 2023

According to the lunar calendar, 2023 is the year of the Rabbit (year of the Cat) – ranked fourth among the 12 animals. The Year of the Rabbit will start on January 22, 2023 and end on February 9, 2024 according to the solar calendar.

2023 is the Year of Rabbit, which means those who were born in previous Rabbit years will be “Fan Tai Sui”, indicating a year characterized by many fluctuations in luck, when your highs are very high, but lows can be quite devastating as well.

On the one hand, there are two auspicious stars – Tian De and Yue De – that will watch over Rabbits in 2023, although there will be a few less than auspicious stars at play at the same time. Health, wealth in particular expenses, and safety are areas the Rabbit needs to keep a careful eye over. Thanks to Tian De, Rabbit’s career should see a dramatic boost with the timely help of one or more fated mentors.

Even so, it’s up to the Rabbit to keep an upbeat attitude to life and work, which will help them sail through difficult patches with patience and resolution, while in the good times, their positivity will attract the attention of those in positions of power to extend a hand that could prove decisive for Rabbit’s fame and fortune for the next 12 years.

In any case, this should be a year full of excitement, prosperity, and surprises that run in both directions - anything but boring for dear Rabbits!

During the Year of the Water Rabbit of 2023, life will change for every zodiac sign. While some people will do away with the misfortunes they had in 2022, some will need to brace for trouble and unfortunate accidents.

Personality Characteristics of People Born in 2023

People born in 2023 with the Platinum destiny are people with high bravery and can completely decide to act on big factors and it is not convenient to give up.

They are the ones who are ready to compete against and overcome hardships. They are also the public and private people who are clear, have obligations and responsibilities and respect their credibility.

Because of their determination, people born in this year are rational, so it is easy to be lonely in love life and do not have too many friends. They are introverted and rarely share their elements with others.

People born in 2023 are compatible with jobs such as politicians, real estate traders, financial economists, etc.

Check below to see the 2023 Chinese horoscope for your animal sign.

1. Rat Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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The 2023 horoscope determines that 2023 is still a difficult year for people born in the year of the Rat, most of which have not had many positive changes compared to the old year.

• Career: Conspiracy to go wrong, there are obstacles. Small people's paintings hang on their heads, easily harmed or entangled in lawsuits, unethical marketing.

• Money: Unstable fortune, earning a lot but consuming a lot, difficult to keep. Business investment must be calculated very carefully lest one glass go a mile.

• Love: Peach blossom is good for singles. Family religion is generally harmonious, less turbulent, and conflicts are soon resolved.

• Health: Going far away is at a disadvantage, be careful when making big decisions such as getting married, building a house. Limit travel by waterways, to prevent unforeseen events.

♦ Prediction for Rat in 2023 by age

Rat born in 1948: Family harmony, spiritual stability, but health declines due to age problems.

Rat born in 1960: Disturbance in living habits due to a change in business.

Rat born in 1972: Work encounters obstacles and competition. Preventing petty people from harassing and appropriating merit.

Rat born in 1984: Has many great ambitions but needs to be alert to avoid pitfalls.

Rat born in 1996: The love story flourishes, but the work faces challenges.

Rat born in 2008: Studying and taking exams have made more positive progress compared to the previous year.

2. Ox Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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2023 is a year of great prosperity for Ox people thanks to many lucky stars. Life is less volatile, money is more abundant than before.

• Career: In the year of the year, it is easy to ask for help from noble people. In general, opportunities and challenges go hand in hand, be prepared mentally.

• Money: A lot of money comes in and out, but overall it's still a successful year in terms of money. Doing business, trading profitable sand, can expand the business scale.

• Love: Peach blossom is prosperous, single people are supported by luck to improve their current situation, soon find a suitable partner. Couples also have a new step in their relationship and have a warm home.

• Health: There are signs of decline than before, mostly due to age problems. You should take time to take care of yourself as well as your family members. In the year, there is a ferocious planet that projects the owner of the funeral.

♦ Prediction for Ox in 2023 by age

Ox born in 1949: Good luck with sand, enjoy old age with peace of mind.

Ox born in 1961: Having some health problems, but soon met the doctor and recovered.

Ox born in 1973: Focus on main work, not suitable for venture investment, red and black game.

Ox born in 1985: Has many ambitions to fulfill. There is something to pay attention to health lest disease come.

Ox born in 1997: Many opportunities for career development. Dare to change to achieve more success.

Ox born in 2009: His academic performance declined because he was lured by bad friends. He needed a lot of attention from his parents and teachers.

3. Tiger Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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The year 2023 of the Tiger year has many positive changes in both work, money or love affairs. In the year, there are opportunities for further expansion, signs of advancement in work and high profits in business and investment.

Career: The success or failure of the plan is all in the attitude of the partner. In the year of the male par, there will be more development space than the female destiny thanks to the support of the Sun star.

Money: The financial situation is always maintained at a stable level, with little movement in and out. Doing business in the year to come is still profitable.

Love: There are many conflicts and conflicts in the family. Misunderstanding can be the cause of ruining the emotional relationship of this animal, even creating an opportunity for a third person to step in.

Health: Need to exercise more but be suitable, avoid intense or intense exercise. In addition, a balanced and appropriate exercise should be done to ensure a stable state, limit injury and the risk of disease.

♦ Prediction for Tiger in 2023 by age

Tiger born in 1950: Mental instability, negative emotions arise. You should share it with your partner and children to ease your mind.

Tiger born in 1962: There is competition at work. Haste makes things worse.

Tiger born in 1974: Expanding work, and close acquaintances bring development opportunities.

Tiger born in 1986: Gentlemen guide and promote work more smoothly than before.

Tiger born in 1998: The mentality of the "hungry pony" is still there, it is necessary to let go of the ego to achieve more good things.

Tiger born in 2010: Difficult to concentrate on studying because of hurry and aggression. Academic achievement declines.

4. Rabbit Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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The year 2023 is quite difficult and changeable for the people born in the year of the Rabbit. However, the luck throughout the year is not too bad, there are still good opportunities for the opponent to seize.

Career: The Rabbit's 2023 horoscope signals a lot of pressure and stress at work. If it is a difficulty, it is inevitable, instead of giving up, let's face it frankly to discover your potential, and break the limit.

Money: Wealth declines, making money is not easy, and expenses are more than expected. Business investment needs to be more cautious lest harmful advantages, partners turn back, have not seen profits, and losses cannot be prevented.

Love: Peach flowers are not good, the fate comes and goes, making the number bored and tired. Some couples also face separation and breakdowns because they can't stand the mental pressure.

Health: The face of Thai Tue affects, more aggressive sieges, health declines, is prone to unexpected dangers, and illnesses and diseases are difficult to avoid.

♦ Prediction for Tiger in 2023 by age

Rabbit born in 1951: The air sand decreases, health declines, preventing injury.

Rabbit born in 1963: Having to think a lot about money and children issues, not yet relaxed.

Rabbit born in 1975: Hungry and sand intertwine, noble people, go together, actively grasping still have good opportunities.

Rabbit born in 1987: Difficulties besiege many sides. Work is competitive, money is wasted.

Rabbit born in 1999: It is easy to be deceived in business. Work pressure, easy to make mistakes if not highly focused.

Rabbit born in 2011: Prevent tripping, injury due to falls, or unexpected accidents.

5. Dragon Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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2023 is still quite difficult for people born in the year of the Dragon. Expanding more difficult jobs, money earned but lost a lot.

Career: Work may be left unfinished because of competition or administrative obstacles. The relationship with colleagues and partners during the year also deteriorated, so working under more and more pressure.

Money: Wealth plummets and money is lost a lot, think carefully before investing, and avoid losing money. The best investment according to your ability, should not be blind. Spending focus on saving.

Love: Conflicts between couples are increasing day by day. Single people avoid “standing in this mountain and looking at that mountain” lest they lose both their lead and their fishing net.

Health: A low mood and problems at work and love can make you depressed, frustrated, and gradually sick.

♦ Prediction for Dragon in 2023 by age

Dragon born in 1952: Health shows signs of serious decline, walking carefully in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Dragon born in 1964: Work pressure, bad luck in money.

Dragon born in 1976: Conspiracy has problems beyond control. Money makes but declines quickly.

Dragon born in 1988: Work to avoid holding on to money lest you bring disaster to your body.

Dragon born in 2000: There are early experiences in life, bad peaches cause problems.

Dragon born in 2012: Stunned learning, careful walking, preventing unexpected accidents.

6. Snake Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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In 2023, the owner is peaceful for the people born in the year of the Snake. Although there are signs of improvement compared to 2022, it is still unclear. During the year do not seek to change jobs lest it be difficult to be as desired.

Career: In the year of success or failure, it is not too difficult for salaried people. Owners face more challenges, but once they control their emotions well, they can make informed choices.

Money: Fortune in the year of prosperity, do a lot, enjoy a lot, and don't go anywhere but lose. Can learn other forms of investment and business in addition to the current main job. It will bring a good source of passive income for the Snake.

Love: Although there are peach blossoms, most of them are peach blossoms, love comes but is hastily gone, and single people are still lonely and lonely. Couples with serious signs of rift can lead their separate ways or divorce.

Health: There are many bad stars in the year that are dangerous to health. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when walking or standing, lest you have an unexpected accident, minor skin injuries, bleeding, serious cuts may result, life-threatening...

♦ Prediction for Snake in 2023 by age

Snake born in 1953: A year that is neither too good nor too bad. The majority enjoy their old age with peace of mind, gathering with their children and grandchildren.

Snake born in 1965: Good luck in finance and business. However, there are signs of being scammed and losing money.

Snake born in 1977: Bright fortune, many business cooperation opportunities. Health decline, need to focus on rest.

Snake born in 1989: Work has not changed much. Money tends to increase but sentiment decreases.

Snake born in 2001: Encountered many obstacles in life. Unfinished love, many troubles.

Snakes born in 2013: Academic achievement declines, and parents need timely encouragement.

7. Horse Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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The year of the Rabbit will be quite difficult for the people born in the year of the Horse. The work is hard, some plans to temporarily put it on hold because of obstacles, mostly due to competition and market displeasure.

Career: In the year of pursuing static, avoiding movement, changing jobs or expanding jobs is not recommended. Pay attention to social relationships, lest the market will come and prevent the path of career development.

Money: Business is difficult, so the money is not very good. Should actively accumulate rather than spend wastefully to avoid falling into debt.

Love: The family has a lot of arguments, and conflicts and no one will give in. It's time for me to lower my ego to be able to see the problem more multi-dimensionally, to limit unnecessary misunderstandings.

Health: This aspect is stable, the Horse year maintains a healthy body and less dangerous diseases.

♦ Prediction for Horse in 2023 by age

Horse born in 1954: Tends to let go to be calm. Health declines, and need to focus more on rest.

Horse born in 1966: A year of calm, less turbulence. The family is stable, creating motivation to focus on business.

Horse born in 1978: Experiencing many challenges. Money is less abundant, preventing loss of assets due to fraud.

Horse born in 1990: A lot of competition leads to a decline in work, possibly failure.

Horse born in 2002: Challenges go hand in hand with the opportunity to experience. Money is not abundant, so spend it sparingly.

Horse born in 2014: Studying under certain pressure, still needs to be supported and protected by parents.

8. Goat Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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Horoscope 2023 promises to be a year of good luck and good fortune for people born in the year of the Goat. Luckiness helps in both work and finance or love affairs.

Career: The job has an additional expansion, promising to bring great success to those who really make efforts and constantly try.

Money: Business and trade is favorable, and cash flow is regular, making the Goat age quite comfortable in terms of financial spending in the year of the Rabbit.

Love: Having many sand stars to dig flowers for the network, the relationship is more and more favorable. Singles are not difficult to find a suitable partner. Couples can receive good news about happiness or having a baby in 2023.

Health: Both mentally and physically keep a balance to help you maintain good health and less sickness. If you have an illness, you will also see a doctor, rest assured that the disease will be cured.

♦ Prediction for Goat in 2023 by age

Goat born in 1955: A peaceful year, little change or disturbance, stable health, no serious illness.

Goat born in 1967: Focused on his work, rarely happened. Money is good, spending does not have to worry much.

Goat born in 1979: A year of rapid development. The business has changed significantly.

Goat born in 1991: Many opportunities to achieve success, signs of promotion. Earn a lot of money.

Goat born in 2003: There were bumps with early life experiences, but in general, the progress throughout 2023 was quite good.

Goat born in 2015: Focus on studying, don't worry much. Stable health, less pain than before.

9. Monkey Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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The year 2023 of the Monkey year is more stable than the previous year. However, the year of the Monkey is still trying to work harder than other people, having a few problems to complete.

Career: Focusing on doing your job well will make it favorable. On the contrary, if you keep managing how much money, a series of troubles will follow.

Money: There have been no significant changes, money in and out is normal, and the core is still in control. During the year, there may be an unexpected incident that requires money, if you spend it properly, pay attention to saving money in case of an emergency.

Love: There are quite a lot of conflicts and conflicts in love due to the negative impact of the malevolent planet. Concession is the only way out of these troubles.

Health: Even if you don't have a serious illness, an accident or unexpected accident can happen. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid going far away in the months of the same life, avoiding undue bad luck.

♦ Prediction for Monkey in 2023 by age

Monkey born in 1956: A year of stability, less turbulence. Let go of afflictions to enjoy old age.

Monkey born in 1968: Try new things to increase your income. Spend more time with family.

Monkey born in 1980: The work encountered obstacles due to competition and market disobedience. Money is difficult to develop as desired.

Monkey born in 1992: Competition in work is a factor that promotes development. Unfavorable emotions, give rise to a psychological dissatisfaction with reality.

Monkey born in 2004: There are many new experiences in life. There may be first love vibrations.

Monkey born in 2016: Parents are protective, no big problems. There are things to be careful of when participating in traffic, to prevent unexpected accidents.

10. Rooster or Chicken Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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Overall, the year 2023 of the Rooster is quite difficult, prone to much bad luck such as bad luck or unfair competition. During the year one should not pursue greatness, on the contrary, one should withdraw to learn to wait for the opportunity to come.

Career: Conspiracy is difficult at the beginning, but there will be many problems, then it will be accepted. The age of Rooster is prone to errors when it comes to administrative procedures and papers, so everything needs to be focused.

Money: Hungry has a strong impact, causing fortune to fluctuate and fluctuate. Work is difficult due to strong competition, business and trade also ups and downs, money comes in and out, in general spending more than receiving.

Love: Family and religion are not harmonious due to pressure from work and money matters. Single people still suffer from loneliness, and difficulty finding soul mates.

Health: Horoscope 2023 states that mental pressure is the main cause of weakness in the body. Therefore, during the year, it is necessary to pay attention to solving this problem so that the body will be stable.

♦ Prediction for Rooster in 2023 by age

Rooster born in 1945: Under a lot of pressure, mentally repressed. There are many disturbances in the family.

Rooster born in 1957: Keeping the mind "happy and precious" can avoid conflicts. There is no positive change in fortune, prevent being deceived and lose money.

Rooster born in 1969: Impatience is the source of all troubles and difficulties. Work remains average.

Rooster born in 1981: Facing many challenges. Business is difficult, money is lost a lot.

Rooster born in 1993: Continually entangled in conflicts between markets and philosophies. The relationship between husband and wife goes down. Money is also in trouble.

Rooster born in 2005: Spend money to save money to avoid debt.

11. Dog Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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The year of the Rabbit 2023 promises to be a good and lucky year for the people born in the year of the Dog, with many opportunities to expand in work and money matters. The family will receive good faith in the year.

Career: There are many expansions and changes in this area thanks to good luck and prosperity. The Year of the Dog takes advantage of the opportunity to develop his career and create a new momentum for advancement.

Money: Fortune in the year of prosperity, suitable for investment, business cooperation. If you have a plan, proceed from the beginning of the year, promising a stable and long-term profit.

Love: Single people have a prosperous predestined relationship, so they are easily found by Mr. To and Mrs. Nguyet. Couples can have good faith or receive good news about children in the last months of the year of the Rabbit.

Health: There are hardly any concerns in this regard. If you pay attention to rest and exercise in moderation, your health will always be maintained at a good level.

♦ Prediction for Dog in 2023 by age

Dog born in 1946: A good year, take advantage of life.

Dog born in 1958: Peace in many aspects of life. Good business, good money.

Dog born in 1970: The opportunity appears consecutively for the number of people. The opportunity to get rich is coming, it is necessary to take the initiative to seize the opportunity.

Dog born in 1982: Challenges go hand in hand with opportunities. Make a lot of money, but don't waste it.

Dog born in 1994: Career flourishes if focus on development. There is nothing to worry about financially because there is still a supportive family.

Dog born in 2006: Learn to grow, and have new experiences in life.

12. Pig Horoscope 2023

Years of the Rabbit 2023 Horoscope – Predictions for 12 Animals – Chinese Zodiac Signs
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Overall, the year 2023 of the Pig year is considered auspicious sand, opening up many good opportunities at work. However, it is necessary to pay attention to travel problems to avoid unexpected accidents.

Career: This is the time when the Pig can expand their work and try new fields. In a favorable year, you can plot big things, promising a high success rate.

Money: Finance shows encouraging signs of development when the work is favorable. Regular salaried employees receive a decent salary and bonus. Those who own, do business, and trade are blessed by heaven.

Love: This aspect is considered to be optimistic, with many auspicious signs. If you are single, you are willing to participate in exchanges, meet friends, open up many opportunities to find the right person. For married people, husband and wife get along.

Health: The impact of the evil spirit makes the Pig year may encounter some problems with health problems. Mainly due to the wind and wind, so it is necessary to walk with caution.

♦ Prediction for Dog in 2023 by age

Pig born in 1947: Welcoming a lot of good sand, the family religion is peaceful. However, there are many health problems that need to be paid more attention to.

Pig born in 1959: Financial stability, mental comfort. Family harmony, get understanding from family members.

Pig born in 1971: Opens up many good opportunities, actively seizes. The business makes big money.

Pig born in 1983: Accepting both challenges and explosive opportunities. There are signs of career advancement.

Pig born in 1995: Step out of your comfort zone. Stable money, not much loss.

Pig born in 2007: Life is smooth, with many advantages.

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