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This Chinese Zodiac Prediction of 2022 is for people born in Dragon years: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rabbit, not Dragon.

Chinese Dragon natives are proud and strong, both physically and mentally. Born as natural leaders, Dragon natives tend to mark a long-lasting impression on others. They can look insensitive and proud at the first glance but beneath that hard exterior, there lies innate chivalry. They can give up easily at times, and their willpower can undermine their objectives.

What will 2022 be lucky for Dragon?

The horoscope for the Dragon for 2022 promises positive changes. The financial situation will reach the long-awaited level. But the horoscope advises to take care of health. In February, the body will warn some Dragons about troubles. Do not hesitate – a visit to the doctor will help avoid problems.

According to the Chinese Horoscope 2022 based on Chinese Astrology, the year of the Black Water Tiger proves to be full of uncertainty for Dragon natives. Ther can be positive outcomes tailed with challenges and obstacles.

Dragon Horoscope 2022 prediction states that every challenge you are facing will come to an end, and you will become successful. In other words, you will have extraordinary powers that will help you take full control of your life. More so, you will become more creative when it comes to working ethics. Besides, it will be your best chance to concentrate on something that will make you happy in the end. Notably, take every opportunity in life to push yourself to the level that you always admire.

Moreover, the Dragon zodiac sign represents how aggressive you are. In other words, you have the energy to push yourself to certain heights that no one can believe. Perhaps, this can be the season where you can make your dreams come true because you have the luck and you are willing to work hard. On the other hand, you will experience certain things in life that can change your motive. Equally, it is essential to remain positive as you face different challenges in your life.

Remember that the year 2022, according to Dragon sign, is going to be a productive year. In other words, you should be smart enough to earn new skills that will benefit you from the fruitful year. Therefore, you should keep your positive attitude on top because the world favors only those who are positive in nature.

Is 2022 a good year for Dragon in terms of love and relationship?

The 2022 love horoscope for the Dragon promises a period full of bright emotions, joyful experiences. The Water Tiger has prepared a number of romantic acquaintances, whirlwind romances.

Their overall fortune in love and relationship will be relatively stable and steady this year. The single Dragon guys may reap a blessing in disguise of misfortune or adversity. In the downs of their lives, they will meet someone who can help them release and get through the downs of life and they will slowly get together.

For the Dragons, the year 2022 will be a year that requires giving and devotion in a relationship. When two persons get long, the Dragons should not be too selfish and shall not be stingy with money, and they should take the initiative to pay for the bills when dating. They also should give some gifts to their partners from time to time, which are the ways to enhance the intimacy and relationship. For Dragons who are not single, there may encounter some tests this year, and they may have some quarrels with their partners over trivial matters in life.

At the end of summer, the horoscope advises you to take a break from love exploits, to gain strength. Indeed, in November, the water Tiger is preparing a fateful meeting. The new relationship will change the worldview of the Dragon and, possibly, the view of "marital status".

Dragon natives will experience radiant emotions in their love life. Single natives will witness a lot of love stories and romantic encounters in 2022. Unexpected trips and journeys will bring about a change in their love life. After mid-year, you need to take some substantial decisions. By the end of the year 2022, Dragon natives may meet someone special, who can prove to bring a major change in your love life. You might end up marrying this “someone special”.
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Is 2022 a good year for Dragon in terms of money and finance?

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Water represents the Dragon's wealth. The Dragon is a reservoir. Dragon always needs more water. Tiger contains Yang Wood, Yang Fire, and Yang Earth. There is no Water inside the Tiger. Tiger won't bring in money-related events.

However, both Tiger and Dragon contain the Yang Earth, which is the mountain. The valley of two mountains can stop the fogs and cause the rain. As long as rain, the mountain can absorb all Water. That's a sign of windfall.

Your major income is the salary. Wood is strong in the Tiger; Your job will make you busy. You probably don't have time to manage your finance. Your financial status won't change too much. But you might have a job bonus because of your hard-working.

The financial horoscope 2022 for the Dragon predicts an even flow of cash in the bins of the representatives of the sign. Buying an apartment under construction will bring rental income in the future. And investing in your own education will help you stay in office.

Is 2022 a good year for Dragon in terms of jobs and career?

The business horoscope of the Dragon in the year of the Tiger does not see any drastic changes. The horoscope warns that a spontaneous decision is inappropriate. Better to think carefully about the idea and make a decision early next year. The period of the water Tiger’s reign is the time of transformation of your favorite hobby into a source of additional income.

A Dragon’s career prospects in 2022 will entirely depend on their focus levels. The Year of the Tiger can be highly distracting for most Dragons. The more distracted a Dragon is at work, the less their supervisor will smile upon them. Work on strategies for staying focused.

Getting along well with your coworkers is another key to success, according to the Dragon 2022 horoscope. Teamwork will be essential. However, Dragons need to make sure to align themselves with coworkers who will help them stay on-task. This may mean not working with your friends at all times. In time, Dragons may forge new friendships with the coworkers they choose to work with.

Is 2022 a good year for Dragon in terms of family and children?

According to Dragon 2022, it is the greatest thing to understand the challenges that you face as a family. Besides, you have to realize that some challenges are avoidable. Actually, how you connect with each other will determine your productivity as a family. Also, you should learn to deal with small mistakes that arise in your family before it turns to become something bigger.

Besides, commitment is the most important aspect of a family because it will lead you in a better direction. Basically, through commitment, your family will remain intact forever. So, you do not have other reasons, but you should be committed to your family and make your family happy. Equally, your family connection is necessary because you will understand the challenges that are undermining you as a family.

Is 2022 a good year for Dragon in terms of health?

The health fortune of the Dragon guys in 2022 will be good. However, they may have some depression and stress in life and work, which could result in the occasional fatigue of the body. In particular, those with poor gastrointestinal problems may suffer from the recurrence of their illness. However, more attention should be paid to the health of the family. The main culprit of the ominous star sign of "Yue Sha" and "Sang Men" will have negative effects on the women in the family. Therefore, the Dragon guys should mind and pay special attention to the health of their wives and mothers.

2022 Is A Lucky Year for the Dragon Man?

The Dragon man will spend 2022 surrounded by charming female fans. Married representatives of the sign will want new impressions, vivid emotions. The Year of the Tiger is favorable for romantic family travel, secluded pastime.

In July, the Water Tiger will give businessmen a chance to expand their business. Long-term partners will come up with a tempting offer. The horoscope sees – the idea is promising, but caution does not hurt.

2022 Is A Lucky Year for the Dragon Woman?

The Dragon woman in 2022 will amaze others with a new image, a bold wardrobe. Men will want to conquer the heart of a charming beauty.

Married ladies will get bored in the household routine. The horoscope assures that the husband also wants to refresh his feelings. It is enough to hint to the chosen one about your desires, and the usual family life will turn into a honeymoon.

The horoscope advises the woman of the sign to pay attention to health.

Dragon Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2022

The numbers 1, 7 and 6 are said to be lucky numbers for Chinese Dragon natives, as per Chinese Astrology. However, 3, 8 and 9 are said to be unlucky for the year 2022.

Favourable colours to wear throughout this year for Dragon Chinese Zodiac natives are Silver, Gold, and Hoary. However, you must avoid wearing or including the colours Red, Purple, Black and Green since it can incur inauspicious results.

Favorable Directions: north, south

Lucky Colors: gold, dark purple and orange

Lucky Numbers: 4, 6,9

Favorable Months: Chinese Lunar Months of April, June, October Unfavorable Months: March and July

Lucky element: Earth, which works in harmony with metal and is overwhelmed by the element of wood.

Feng Shui objects for luck

Feng Shui Good Luck Bracelets- Natural Tiger Eye beads and alloy Pi Yao: symbol of good luck, attracting good fortune, protecting the health

Feng Shui Foo Fu Dogs — protect your home or workplace from negative energy

Dragon 2022 Monthly Horoscopes

Since the Year of the Tiger is so busy for Dragons, let’s break down the year into months to make things a little easier. Below is a 202 monthly Chinese Dragon prediction for each month.

January 2022 gives Dragons plenty of energy to start the year off right. Use this to focus on your career and relationships.

February 2022 is the best time to take some time for yourself. This is the perfect time for a vacation or to work on hobbies.

March 2022 allows Dragons to focus again. Focusing on work and hobbies will bring the most satisfaction.

April 2022 has its ups and downs. Try to stay calm and go with the flow.

May 2022 brings the unexpected. Sometimes this can mean small obstacles, but it can also bring luck!

June 2022 is another good month to relax. Spend time with loves ones, work on hobbies, or go on a vacation.

July 2022 comes with an energy refill. The month will go by quickly, and Dragons are sure to be busy the entire time.

August 2022 is the best time to focus on all relationships. Some relationship repair might be necessary. Make sure others are not taking advantage of kindness.

September 2022 makes it difficult to focus at work. Try to get help from coworkers until motivation returns.

October 2022 turns the focus to family. Something new will happen at home; this could resolve a conflict or the beginning of a project.

November 2022 keeps the focus on family. Use this month to accomplish any household tasks. Spend time with the children in the family.

December 2022 lets the year-end on a calm note. Use this time to relax or begin projects for the year ahead.

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