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Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

The Dragon is the fifth of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Each year has an animal sign according to the 12-year cycle. The next Dragon Year is 2024.

The Dragon symbolizes power, nobleness, honor, luck, and success in traditional Chinese culture. The Dragon is a supernatural being with no parallel for talent and excellence.

Who are born in a Year of the Dragon?

If you were born in 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, or 2024, then your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon.

Those born in January or February should take particular note of when Chinese New Year falls to confirm their birth sign.

Each Dragon year also has one of five elements associated with it.

Years of the Dragon

Chinese Zodiac Years Calendar

Types of Dragon


February 8, 1940 – January 26, 1941

Gold Dragon


January 27, 1952 – February 13, 1953

Water Dragon


February 13, 1964 – February 1, 1965

Wood Dragon


January 31, 1976 – February 17, 1977

Fire Dragon


February 17, 1988 – February 5, 1989

Earth Dragon


February 5, 2000 – January 23, 2001

Gold Dragon


January 23, 2012 – February 9, 2013

Water Dragon


February 10, 2024 – January 28, 2025

Wood Dragon

Why is the Year of the Dragon the fifth animal in the cycle?

The order of the Chinese zodiac animals comes from an ancient, traditional Chinese story.

The story begins a very long time ago, with the Jade Emperor deciding that there should be a way to measure and keep track of time.

To do this, on his birthday he told all the animals in the world that there would be a swimming race. The first 12 animals to cross along river would have a year named after them.

The winner of the race was the rat, with the dragon coming in fifth place, which is why the Year of the Dragon is the fifth year in the Chinese zodiac calendar.

Dragon Personality & Characteristics

Photo: Daily Express
Photo: Daily Express

Mysterious, Imaginative, Ambitious

Among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, only the Dragon is mythical. It is an imaginary creature that combines the features of some other animals. There are many legends about this animal, and it is also regarded as the most auspicious sign. Chinese people believe they are the descendants of the Dragon. People with the Chinese zodiac Dragon has personality traits as mysterious, imaginative and noble.


Ambitious, Energetic, Leadership

People with the Chinese zodiac Dragons are born with superb leadership. Because of their knowledge, power and capability, people are willing to take orders from them. They are also ambitious and have a strong drive to realize their dreams. They are adventurous. Once goals are settled, they will try their best to fight for success. Their eloquence and passion make their speech authoritative. They seem to have endless energy, and seldom feel exhausted. They have another gift - their innate luck, which will help them achieve their goals. They are people of charm and glamour, so they can always win another's heart easily.


Arrogant, Relentless, Elusive

They often seem to be in a daze, and look elusive most of the time. Sometimes, the dragon personality of arrogance keeps people away from them. Because of their good luck, some of them may become less industrious, and that may result in failures. They are strict with subordinates. If people make mistakes in work, they criticize them relentlessly. Although they are eager to succeed, they can be frustrated by setbacks easily, and they are likely to give up halfway. They cannot bear any suffering and want the expected outcome as soon as they get started.

Men born in the Dragon year are steadfast in their beliefs. They will never slack off on responsibilities nor be unnecessarily suspicious. People rarely lose trust in these honest men.

They don’t waste money but also don’t pay much attention to it. Adventurous entrepreneurs at heart, they dream of shooting to fame. Sometimes their efforts go to waste though. Still, their lives revolve around work.

These men are completely fine alone. They either marry at a young age or remain as bachelor. For significant others, they need someone that can help and support his career.

Women born in the Dragon year are mesmerizing and strong. If you underestimate them, they will stand up and defeat you.

They are serious in what they do and have high self-esteem. The only thing they require of others is respect. Feminism and gender equality are important to them.

Many forgo marriage to focus on their career. But if they do choose to marry, they also make great wives. Often, they only go to the extremes and should take the time to consider a balanced mix.

Chinese Zodiac & The Five Elements





1964, 2024

These Dragons live a quiet life with surpluses. If entrepreneurs, their businesses are successful. However, their family and friends are not as dependable.


1976, 2036

These Dragons are intelligent and social. They have a breakthrough in the middle years and enjoy prosperity later in life.


1928, 1988

These Dragons are positive and cheerful. They do not fear enemies and do not bully the weak. They surround themselves with supportive people and create loving families.


1940, 2000

These Dragons are kindhearted but speak bluntly. Talented and strategic, they enjoy success and wealth.


1952, 2012

These Dragons work hard throughout life and gain reputation and fame. They sometimes overthink and worry, but will smoothly pass through the decades.

Year of Dragon: Compatibility & Incompatibility

Photo: SheKnows
Photo: SheKnows

Best Match with Dragon: Rat, Monkey

Rats and Monkeys are more intelligent and shrewder than Dragons. Couples that are formed from Dragons and Rats, or Dragons and Monkeys, complement and help the other in both work and life.

Worst Match with Dragon: Rabbit

Aggressive Dragons won't get along well with Rabbits. Both Rabbits and Dragons are calm, intelligent and perfectionists, which may intensify their relationship.

Jobs & Careers for Dragons

Best Jobs: Salesman, cashier, financier, pharmacist, electrician, priest, designer, politician, and soldier...

The Dragons not only look reliable and earnest but also are eloquent, which makes them become a successful salesman and get some achievements in financial jobs. Meanwhile, they hold responsibility for their work and have a strong work ethic, suitable for jobs like a pharmacist or an electrician. The Dragons are also sensitive in aesthetic terms, so they can perform well to be a designer or a photographer. They can also be qualified for the jobs of the politician and the soldier due to the sense of justice.

Health & Fitness Advice

People born in the Year of the Dragon look healthy and they do have strong bodies. They seldom fall ill, however, if they get ill, they may face some serious diseases. And it may take a longer time to recover. Compared to physical health, the Dragons should pay more attention to mental health. Most of them are sensitive and easily overwhelmed by chores. Thus it is advised to avoid being nervous and exhausted. What’s more, be careful about insomnia caused by neurasthenia.

In short, for the Dragons, a balanced diet, adequate sleep are very important to stay away from illnesses. Take it easy and don’t always be so nervous in life. Also, remember to take some time to exercise to maintain your body in good condition. The outdoor activities to explore nature are helpful, too.


Easy Money, Poor Financial Management

As they have an acute sense for chances to make a fortune, people born in the Year of the Dragon can make easy money. For them, money is just a means to realize their goals, and it will never be the most important part of their life. They also have limited awareness of financial management. Before their thirties, they will make a fortune with little effort. If they keep creating new opportunities, they will become quite rich after their middle age. In general, they seldom suffer from money problems.

Love and Relationships

Idealistic, Passive, Generous

People in the Chinese zodiac Dragon sign are idealists, and they seek perfection in everything including relationships. They seem passive in love, but they are usually the ones who give more and gain less. They are generous and self-disciplined in character. There are many pursuers around them, which is also their trouble. They will be attracted by people who are elegant, intelligent, and understanding. People can win their heart with praise. Late marriage is quite common for them.

How to Build Relationships with Dragons

In the search for the ideal partner, Dragons might find themselves often hesitating to move forward in a relationship and/or unwilling to make a permanent commitment. When they do, however, it is their intention for it to last. Dragons are likely to have a warm, giving personality. They can be very generous to their loved ones.

Year of the Dragon: Birthstones

Lucky things for Dragons

* Colors: gold, silver, gray

* Numbers: 1, 6, 7

* Mineral: rose quartz

* Directions of auspiciousness: southwest

* Directions of wealth: northwest, north

* Directions of love: west

Unlucky things

* Colors: white

* Numbers: 4, 9

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dragon

Bruce Lee (famous martial artist and film actor): 27 November 1940

Martin Luther King Jr. (leader of the Civil Rights Movement): born January 15, 1929

Sigmund Freud (founder of psychoanalysis): born 6 May 1856

Florence Nightingale (founder of modern nursing): born 12 May 1820

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