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Dragon 2022 Horoscope In The Year Of The Black Water Tiger

According to the Chinese Horoscope 2022 based on Chinese Astrology, the year of the Black Water Tiger proves to be full of uncertainty for Dragon natives. Ther can be positive outcomes tailed with challenges and obstacles.

You can go on unexpected trips, which can bring positive changes in your love life. However, this will help you concentrate well in your professional life as well. Financially, the conditions will improve, thereby acting as a motivation for you to do well. However, you must look after your health and eat well.

The Year of the Tiger is sure to make any Dragon’s life busier. However, the Tiger’s influence isn’t all bad. It also gives the Dragon an added boost of energy – just what they need to make it through the year ahead. Dragons need to stay focused at work and try to relax at home. It is also important to try to take a vacation this year. Traveling will bring relaxation to the Dragon’s soul. The distance of the traveling does not matter so much as the enjoyment of the trip.

DRAGON Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Overview for Money, Finance, Business and Wealth

In 2022, people born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Dragon should particularly mind that under the influence of the “Destruction of Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the Year)” in 2021, the fortune is relatively not good, and at the moment, many Dragon guys are still immersed in the previous failures and have not come out of the failures. They will be easy to be impetuous and may be out of control in the face of difficulties and obstacles in work and daily life, incurring a lot of pressure and stress on themselves.

However, their fortune will make changes and improvements in the second half of the year. The “Guo Yin (literally Stately Seal)” lucky star will bring good luck to the Dragons in the aspects of career, hence the opportunities for promotion.

DRAGON Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Money and Finance

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With all of the excitement happening in the romance department, Dragons need to be careful not to lose sight of their monetary and career goals. Workplace obstacles will make you take a step back to reevaluate what it is you truly want from your chosen field of work. You may find yourself with too much on your plate and that you have to set aside a project you had been planning. Trust in Tiger and know that he has your best interests at heart. What at first will seem like a setback will open the door to new and better opportunities. Autumn will bring a new and unexpected opportunity. Think carefully on the matter and if at all possible, put off a final decision until after the first of the new year.

Unlike their mythical counterparts, people born under the sign of the Dragon are not hoarders of wealth. While it is wonderful to enjoy the money that you work so hard for, it is also prudent to set aside for emergencies, and for your future. Do not make frivolous purchases this year or risky investments, especially at the end of the summer.

Dragons need to stay focused on their finances in 2022. Temptations are sure to come their way. This does not mean that Dragons cannot spend any money this year. Instead, Dragons need to plan carefully before they spend their hard-earned cash. They would do well to check all available offers before buying something to ensure they are getting the best deal. Doing this will go a long way to ensuring that the Dragon has money left to spend and save in 2023.

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DRAGON Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Business

Dragon zodiac sign forecast is motivating you for a better life by believing in yourself always. In other words, you have to do the right thing and believe that you are in the right direction. Leading yourself to a great destination is something that you should always focus on. Besides, in life, you have to do something that will boost your confidence through the small things that you do. Therefore, it is the right time to change your mind and be strong as you build your confidence.

Furthermore, the zodiac sign will predict an awesome future that is being created by the things you are doing now. Besides, with the courage that you have, you will earn the life that you deserve because you have no fear of failing. Equally, you should not give up on trying different things in your life that will make your life better.

How to Work Happily

People with Chinese zodiac Dragon are an optimist and always keep their words. Their earnestness, self-confidence, strong will, tolerance, generosity and cleverness will help them a lot in their careers. But the lack of a sense of cooperation may become an obstacle on their way to be promoted. To get appreciation from their higher-ups, they should endeavor to be more considerate of others, and put forward practical and operable plans.

Also, most of them lack of patience, so it is easier for them to give up things in half. To pursuit success in work, they need to be more patient.

DRAGON Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Predictions for Wealth

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Photo: Daily Express

In 2022, the Dragon will be able to see the results of past efforts. Although you will have to remain responsible, it is good that you are attentive and that you accept the good opportunities that life will offer you.

These will help you to build your job and economic future more efficiently. The changes will also favor you, as they will be in charge of refreshing your way of life, bringing new people into your life, so that you can achieve what you want professionally.

You will manage to grow a lot; this will help you make investments or start your own business. Your goal is to keep developing because you will see that your efforts achieve significant progress, and you will want to take more courses or training to better meet your goals.

You will also be considering becoming independent, as you will want more freedom of action. For this, new people will come to you with whom you can associate, as they will be part of your progress.

In addition, you will be presented with opportunities to travel and thus seek other directions in your life, developing a progressive mind in finances. According to the Chinese horoscope, from September to December, you have the opportunity to earn more money or sign very profitable business partnerships for yourself.

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Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2022: Lucky Elements

  • Numbers- 1, 7, 6

  • Colors- Silver, Gold, Hoary

  • Flowers- Larkspur, Bleeding Heart Vine, Hyacinth

  • Directions- Northwest, West, North

Dragon Horoscope 2022: Unlucky Elements

  • Numbers- 9, 8, 3

  • Colors- Black, Green, Purple, Red

  • Directions- Southeast

Chinese Dragon natives, as per Chinese Astrology, are proud and strong, both physically and mentally. These natives are charismatic in their approach, which is why they usually earn a strong reputation in the social circle. Born as natural leaders, they tend to mark a long-lasting impression on others. They can look insensitive and proud at the first glance but beneath that hard exterior, there lies innate chivalry. They can give up easily at times, and their willpower can undermine their objectives. If you are in a relationship, what a Dragon really need is respect.

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