MONKEY Horoscope 2023: Best Feng Shui Forecast and Advice
MONKEY Horoscope 2023: Best Feng Shui Forecast and Advice
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Among the Chinese Zodiac signs, the Monkey comes in the ninth position, and without a doubt, Monkeys naturally are known to be joyful and sociable. Your “Chinese zodiac animal is Monkey” if you are born in of these years: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, or 2016.

The Monkey horoscope 2023 predicts that this year, you’ll have to make concerted efforts in order to get what you want. Important changes can take place at home or at work, so you need to be prepared. It would be ideal if you could remain confident when you actually feel like sweating.

Monkey Horoscope 2023: Overview for Love, Finance, Career, and Health

The Monkey year 2023 horoscope is considered to be quite calm, and less turbulent than the Monkey year 2022 horoscope. It seems that you have not found a new direction to break through, so you can only continue the work that is too familiar.

Career: Monkey needs to pay attention to focus on their tasks, not neglect even the jobs they are familiar with. In the process of exchanging and cooperating with colleagues, you should also lower your ego so that you can listen to everyone's opinions. And if you insist on doing what you want, you are prone to making mistakes.

Money: No significant changes. You can mainly maintain your revenue streams, but if you don't try, you can fall behind when compared to your competitors. Moreover, this year there may be an unexpected incident that requires money, advise this animal to spend properly, and pay attention to saving savings in case of an emergency.

Love: Love is difficult as it is due to the influence of many evil spirits. Your spouse lacks empathy and sharing, so it is easy to doubt and contradict each other because of small things. If everyone keeps their ego and refuses to go into the water to make peace, it is easy to create an opportunity for a third person to appear to disrupt happiness.

Health: Even if you don't have a serious illness, an accident or unexpected accident can happen. Accordingly, the year of the Monkey should walk carefully, and limit going far away in the months of the life, thus avoiding undue bad luck.

Monkey Horoscope 2023: Love and Relationship

The love aspect is affected by Tam Tai 2023, so it is difficult to prosper. There are times when you feel tired, and bored with your life.

The couple's relationship is constantly in conflict and trouble because the two sides have different views. Because everyone values ​​their own views, it is impossible to listen to the opinions of others. If you do not pay attention to healing, both will create an opportunity for a third person to appear.

This animal needs to determine what is most important to them, whether it is self-esteem or relationships with spouses and children. Think carefully before you act or say to avoid hurting those you love most.

For a single person, it seems that you are not ready to open your heart to others. You are afraid of past hurts that will repeat in the future, so you continue to live your single life forever, but this makes you inadvertently miss opportunities to enjoy happiness.

The monkey should have a more positive view of love and the people around him. Be brave to give someone a chance, maybe the other person will be the one to help you step through the past.

Monkey Horoscope 2023: Money and Finance

The financial situation of the Monkey people will not change much in this year 2023, or even if there is a slight growth, it may not reach the goal that you have set before.

For salaried employees, the working attitude is not really enthusiastic, moreover, frequent conflicts with colleagues make it difficult for you to be appreciated by the leader. However, if you know how to change your behavior and focus more on the task, by the end of the year, you will still receive a decent bonus.

Business is progressing steadily but compared to the competition, you can become a laggard. Advise this zodiac sign to quickly re-evaluate the market situation, find a development direction that is right for them, and can't stay stuck in familiar areas forever.

Large-scale business and investment projects may not be profitable immediately at this time. You need to have a sharp eye to recognize where you need to change, where your advantage is that you need to persevere. Knowing how to promote your advantages, you will gradually surpass your competitors and assert your position.

Spending also needs to be paid close attention to this year, this animal is prone to trouble and needs to use the money immediately. Therefore, in spending for daily life, you need to consider using money wisely, don't wave your hand over your forehead, and then finally, when urgent things happen, you have to run away and owe someone else's debt.

Monkey Horoscope 2023: Career

Photo: kindpng
Photo: kindpng

The 2023 horoscope of the 12 zodiac animals says that people born in the year of the Monkey generally do not have clear progress. You need to remind yourself to try to rise up, not to give in to adversity or pause your plans, because when you start again, you will encounter more obstacles.

In the year 2023, the relationship of the Monkey year with friends and partners is not really harmonious. The two sides not only contradict each other because of opposing views but also for interests. Advise you not to be too greedy, thinking of taking other people's credit; But you should also not be too gentle, or weak, or let others take advantage of you.

In the process of working together, you need to lower your ego and communicate with people around you more, don't insist on doing things your way. If you know how to promote the strength of the collective, everything will become easier and more convenient. And if the team is divided, who does his or her job, no matter how talented you are, you can't deal with all the problems alone.

Because it's hard to get ahead in work, I need to focus on strengthening my position. Please do well the assigned tasks, even if it is a familiar job, do not neglect it, because it is easy to leave regrettable consequences. If you don't stop trying, at some point it will catch your eye.

Moreover, this year is not only full of uncertainties. There are several times of the year when the Horoscope appears to bring you valuable opportunities. Destiny needs a sharp eye to quickly detect and seize opportunities. Even if you have not been promoted, you still have the opportunity to get a raise and hot bonus.

Monkey Horoscope 2023: Health

Monkey people also need to take care of their health. When participating in traffic or doing manual labor, you need to keep your mind awake, avoid working when you are tired, lest you cause unfortunate accidents, even surgery and treatment.

Life is full of pressure, destiny needs to be relieved by confiding with close and reliable people or participating in sports, entertainment, and collective activities. You should not keep everything to yourself, making yourself more and more stressed.

No matter how busy you are, you still need to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At any age, you should not work too hard, so that when you fall ill, you have to spend time and money on treatment.

Monkey Horoscope 2023: Education

It’s hard to say this, but younger Monkeys may have the toughest year they remember for years in 2023 at school. To start with, your usually quick mind and almost schizophrenic energy will seem to suddenly evaporate this year.

You may not be at the top of your class anymore, but rest assured that it’s only temporary! Take any scholastic setback with humbleness, and accept that you’ll have to work harder than usual. It’s only what everyone else who aren’t blessed with your intellect has always had to do, Monkey!

On the bright side, this is a great year to get in the habit of asking for help, whether from your teachers, siblings, parents or fellow students. If you ask nicely, you could wind up with better grades and even better relationships with the people who’re important to your school life.

We don’t have to excel at everything we do all on our own, young Monkey. Just remember that for 2023.

Monkey Horoscope 2023 based on the Fixed Elements

♦ Metal Monkey 1980

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 16, 1980 – Feb. 4, 1981):

Salaried workers will be busy with their work making them very tired and prone to sickness. For those who are doing business, wealth luck is on your side. You will be able to gain wealth but you must be aware of thefts. Secure doors at home tightly. Try to avoid walking in dark lanes.

♦ Water Monkey 1992

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 4, 1992 – Jan. 22, 1993):

For those who intend to start a new business, 2023 is most suitable for you. Plans will be successful. You will have lots of guardians of nobility help make you very successful. Those who are not attached will have a partner soon. Love luck and career luck side by side.

♦ Fire Monkey 1956

If You Were Born Between (Feb. 12, 1956 – Jan. 30, 1957):

There will be lots of incoming wealth but there will also be lots of unexpected expenditure. You must handle finance carefully to prevent financial problems. When meeting friends, you must also differentiate between friends and money. If not, you will lose both in the end. When going abroad, you must try to explore places, as you will benefit from it.

♦ Earth Monkey 1968

If You Were Born Between (Jan. 30, 1968 – Feb. 16, 1969):

For those who are doing business, there will be an improvement in career, wealth luck is good too. Those who have retired will have good moods. When going abroad, try to avoid water to prevent accidents. When going outdoors, never participate on those dangerous activities.

Monkey Horoscope 2023 Monthly

Photo: studycli
Photo: studycli

♦ January 2023

Remain true to yourself and move your life forward by utilizing the resource at your disposal.

♦ February 2023

This month your health will suffer from minor illnesses, but you should seek medical attention before things get out of hand.

♦ March 2023

Happiness will thrive in your life because you are done being miserable and living a monotonous life.

♦ April 2023

Be content with what you have in your life. Do not indulge in dishonest activities just to get more.

♦ May 2023

Indulge in constant exercises that will guarantee you good health and a fit body.

♦ June 2023

Trust that your guardian angels have your back, and they will always support you in your endeavors.

♦ July 2023

For those in business, this month promises wealth and abundance like never before.

♦ August 2023

Use your creative abilities to make a positive impact in your life.

♦ September 2023

Allow people with much more experience than yourself to help you when you feel overwhelmed and stressed over things happening working against you in your life.

♦ October 2023

This month you should try and explore new places and learn new skills and things from other people.

♦ November 2023

There will be incoming wealth and unexpected expenditures making their way into your life.

♦ December 2023

This is the best time to start a business because the stars are aligned in your favor.

Monkey Luck Predictions and Feng Shui Tips for 2023

Favorable Directions: north, east

Lucky Colors: navy blue, purple red, olive, and cobalt blue

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 8

Favorable Months: Chinese Lunar Months of July, August, and October

Unfavorable Months: March and December

Lucky element: Metal, compatible with water but is frustrated by the element of fire.

Advice: you need to set your health priority first. Give all the attention to it because the saying goes “Health is Wealth”.


Chinese zodiac Monkey natives will thrive this year. Good luck is on your side, but only if you make good use of it. No major harm will come to you this year. To protect yourself and safeguard your well-being, wear moonstones, jasper, citrine, or quartz crystals.

Above, KnowInsiders has sent you the whole horoscope of the Monkey in 2023. Wishing you a New Year of Peace - Prosperity. To be more proactive for important plans or intentions, don't forget to follow your daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime horoscopes on our website!

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