Monkey Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Career. Photo: KnowInsiders
Monkey Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Career. Photo: KnowInsiders

While the Chinese astrology Monkey signs are quite intelligent and creative in general, they also get bored quickly. As a result, it isn’t unusual for them to change jobs frequently, especially early in life, until they find just the right fit. Monkeys must have challenges and new things to look forward to.

Their demonstrative abilities with people make them great diplomats, attorneys, and teachers. Their artistic inclinations and perception make them passionate writers and creative performers. Working with Chinese Monkeys has advantages in that they bring wit and new ideas to the office. Monkeys also bring disadvantages to them, such as backstabbing and selfish motives.

When is the Year of the Monkey?

The Chinese Calendar follows a luni-solar system that operates on a 12-year cycle, with each year marking a new Chinese zodiac sign. There are 12 different zodiac animals in total, and the monkey is the ninth animal in the 12-year rotation.

In Chinese astrology, the year in which one is born determines one’s zodiac sign. Therefore, anyone born in 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 was born under the monkey zodiac sign.

The exact start and end dates for the Chinese New Year fluctuate every year due to the fact that they are calculated based on the traditional Chinese calendar. The next Year of the Monkey will begin on January 26th, 2028 and end on February 12th, 2029.

Careers Fit for Monkeys

Monkeys are never satisfied and want to try everything. This makes them suitable for challenging and risky careers. Some choices are professional athletes and stockbrokers.

They’re also cool-headed and will do well in fields that require logical thinking. Monkeys are knowledgeable in many topics and are multi-faceted. They can deal with complicated problems. Detectives, editors and lawyers are good fits.

Because Monkeys aren’t the best at sticking to one thing, it can seem like they’re irresponsible. This effects the impression they give higher ups. Therefore, being a freelancer is another option for Monkeys. They can choose many short-term jobs that fit their abilities and interests.

Work Partners for Monkey

* Best Working Partners: Snake, Rat and Dragon

* Good Working Partners: Rooster and Dog (The three should work together)

* Not Bad Working Partners: Ox, Sheep

* Bad Working Partners: Tiger, Pig

Suitable And Ideal Jobs

Challenging Jobs

The dissatisfaction of Monkeys is in direct proportion to their talents. As the typical restless people, they are very curious and want to try everything. Monkeys prefer to the challenging, exciting and speculating work than the boring. Therefore, professional athlete, stock broker and other challenging work are good choices for Monkey people.

Logical Work

The level-headed Monkeys can always deal with those complicated problems in an orderly way, thus suitable for detective, lawyer, programmer and other jobs requiring excellent logical thinking.


Since Monkeys hate to be restrained and pursue freedom and carefree life, the freelance work is a good choice for them to release more energy.


People under the Monkey sign are brilliant, meticulous, flexible and generous, and boast good judgment and decision-making ability, thus fit to lead.

Best Field: Venture Capital Industry

Sometimes, being adventurous is a disadvantage as it suggests the person is impulsive. If the foundation work is well done, however, it will be a kind of boldness. In the 12 animal signs of Chinese zodiac, Monkey is undoubtedly the best when it comes to the boldness! In the face of opportunities, Monkey people are never hesitative but courageous and wise. Most importantly, they are positive and could start again when suffer a loss, thus suitable for VC industry, in which they can have all their appetite for adventure and desire to show off. As a result, VC is the best industry for Monkeys.

Best Business To Do: Maternal-Infant/Toy Store

Young parents often find it hard to say no to the humorous and enthusiastic Monkey people, because the amiable and lively Monkeys are playmates for their children; how can they not pay the bill if their kids want to buy from Monkeys? Therefore, Monkeys can give full play to their advantages if they choose to run a store dealing with kids' products.

Career Advice

Monkeys, with poor persistence, are sluggish and speculative. They often leave things to chance and make others feel irresponsible, hence fail to be valued by their bosses. The best way for them to breakthrough and change the situation is to actively develop the ability of working independently and to use their wisdom in work. In this way, they will get more help from others and be recognized by superiors.

Without well-defined goals, Monkey people are vulnerable to temptation and irresolution, which waste them a lot of time and cause a great hindrance to their career development. Monkeys are suggested.

Monkey 2022 Career Horoscope: Overview

Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock

Monkeys’ career may go through a good deal of ups and downs this year, owing to the effects of Fan Tai Sui. However, the one place that may be favorable is overseas. So, if you are asked if you would be open to a rotation abroad by your superiors, jump at the chance – it’ll keep you safe from office politics at home and present better opportunities to succeed.

When you return in the future, your good work in those foreign countries will surely be recognized. Even if no such opportunities are available, 2022 will be a good year for Monkeys to actively seek change to battle the adverse effects of Tai Sui. If you can’t put a stop to the storm at sea, you might as well surf on the waves and make the best of them.

Monkey 2022 Career Horoscope: A year for growth and development

The Monkey Career Horoscope 2022 promises a favorable time for growth and professional development for businessmen. Some students in their final year will complete their studies and bag a great job offer right after. Others will find new ways to make money out of their hobbies and skills. Some representatives might finally decide to take action on their long-awaited plan to start a business. However, make sure not to miss out on any legal formalities.

This year is also good for experimentation and exploration in the field of work. Don’t be afraid of new adventures as something great might come out of it!

Monkey 2022 Career Horoscope: Tai Sui's Impact

Although the Monkeys will be hit by the influence of “Conflict with Tai Sui” in 2022, they will still have a good luck in career due to the favor of many auspicious stars. The advent of the auspicious star of “Lu Xun (禄勋 Achievement Star)” foresees that the workers and clerks will have the opportunity to get a promotion and salary increase, and those who start up a business have their business on the right track.

The auspicious star of “Yi Ma (Stagecoach) Star” can bring people positive emotions. The Monkeys should seize the opportunity to travel on business, which will be beneficial for their promotion and salary increase. For those who wish to change jobs, the Year of the Tiger will also be a good year. They should take their initiatives to seek changes to reduce the adverse effects of the “Conflict with Tai Sui”.

Monkey 2022 Career Horoscope: Challenges are on the way

The year of the Water Tiger is a year of challenges for those born in a Monkey year – money goes everywhere, and those costs are not a luxury, but the cost of living. You will try to make money and “patch the holes,” but you may end up in a situation where you have to borrow money or take a loan. True friends will help you (and these are not the ones you expected help from).

The first part of the year will be much grueling and demanding in that sense, but in the second part of the year, your efforts to progress at work will give results, and an increase in income is possible – the financial situation will stabilize, so you will be able to relax.

The intelligence and willingness to react, recognize and seize the opportunity will help Monkeys, and the employer will notice their abilities and give them more responsibilities with higher earnings.

Monkey 2022 Career Horoscope: Understanding towards some changes

According to the Monkey zodiac sign, the year 2022 will become your year of luck and success. So, you should be patient for some time, and all will be well. Besides, when you meet any opportunity, then you should be willing to act because that can be your first step towards success. Also, you should keep praying for a better future and to have the understanding towards some changes. Notably, you have the wisdom to decide what is good for your life, and you should never have regrets in your life.

Based on the Monkey predictions 2022, you should be real in everything you do because it is paying to do so. Remember that you are destined to accomplish a certain purpose in life. Therefore, you should not envy other people’s success but try to create yours because you have the ability. The goodness of becoming real is that no one will ever question your result because you are genuine.

Monkey 2022 Career Horoscope: Advice

Year of the monkey 2022 prediction foretells that you will encounter some challenges in your career, but this should not make you give up on your goals and aspirations. To become better in life, you have to go through challenges that will make you stronger and wiser so long as you do not allow them to consume you.

Focus on the things that you are passionate about. The Chinese 2022 zodiac predictions reveal that opportunities will come your way, and it is upon you to make good use of them so that you achieve all your heart’s desires. Do not stop wanting to have the best in life. Your focus should always be on achieving success.

Astrology Elements and Lucky Signs


Yin Yang: Yang

The Five Elements: Metal

Birthstone: Peridot

Season: Autumn

Lucky Numbers: 4, 3, 7, 9

Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue

Lucky Charms (Protective Items): Wu Lou Pendants and hangings, Three-Legged Toad Figurines

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2022: Personality Traits

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2022 states that the people born under the Monkey Chinese Zodiac are clever, lively, competitive, agile, and sociable. They are born with impeccable wits and a brilliant mind. Their intelligence and smartness not only help them in getting good grades during their school time but in later years of life too, they win everyone’s heart in their organization with exceptional leadership qualities and a confident persona. In their work sphere, they are ready to face any challenge with utmost courage. In personal life, their sense of humor and helping nature attracts a lot of people. However, they are impatient and are quick to make impulsive decisions. If they work on it, they go a long way.

Tips To Get Along With Chinese Monkey Natives In 2022

The Monkey representatives are attracted to humorous and smart people because they themselves are quick-witted and intelligent. If you have common hobbies or areas of interest with the monkey, it is a bonus for you. The monkey natives look for a mature and independent partner. When it comes to being a loving and caring partner, the Monkeys know how to work their charm; they will not disappoint you. They are a pro at creating a romantic aura and speaking love languages. However, sometimes they fall so hard in love that they ignore other important things in life like money and career.

Monkeys in the Year of the Tiger (2022)

The year of 2022 will be the year of Fan Tai Sui for Monkey, so their fortunes will be turbulent all year. Just as Tiger and Monkey do not make a good couple, so in a year of Tiger, as in 2022, Monkeys may have to weather some intense storms, in which everything looks unpredictable and will test Monkey’s resilience in life.

On the other hand, years of a zodiac sign’s Fan Tai Sui are also years they should look for change, and if they play their cards right, Monkeys may not only exit the year unscathed, but may indeed find the turbulence they have had to endure were opportunities for positive change and transformation.

Remember that in years of Fan Tai Sui, start preparing early items that will bring you luck. Start by purchasing a set of red underwear to put on before the Chinese New Year that starts on February 1st and read our guide on Fan Tai Sui for a more extensive list of what to do to win favor with the powerful god of Tai Sui.

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