Monkey Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Love. Photo: KnowInsiders
Monkey Yearly Horoscope 2022 for Love. Photo: KnowInsiders

The love life of the Monkey Chinese Zodiac will be two-fold in the year of the water tiger 2022. While some representatives will want solitude, others will want to engage themselves in non-binding yet passionate relationships. There is no problem with exploring and experimentation, dear monkeys, but choose a partner with common interests. Otherwise, the easy-going, non-binding romance may lead to subsequent enmity.

As for the married representatives, you are advised to not break the trust of your partner as it may cause quarrels and disagreements that will disrupt your and your partner’s peace of mind.

When is the Year of the Monkey?

The Chinese Calendar follows a luni-solar system that operates on a 12-year cycle, with each year marking a new Chinese zodiac sign. There are 12 different zodiac animals in total, and the monkey is the ninth animal in the 12-year rotation.

In Chinese astrology, the year in which one is born determines one’s zodiac sign. Therefore, anyone born in 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 was born under the monkey zodiac sign.

The exact start and end dates for the Chinese New Year fluctuate every year due to the fact that they are calculated based on the traditional Chinese calendar. The next Year of the Monkey will begin on January 26th, 2028 and end on February 12th, 2029.

Monkey in Love

Monkeys in love always go after what they want, and rarely do they do this in a straight-forward manner. There is almost still an ulterior motive. If a Monkey, you are dating approaches you directly and covers you in flattery and attention, guard your heart. Monkeys know how to charm potential love interests. They are good at it. There is just one problem; you won’t know if this person loves you or just wants to play.

If you choose to pursue a delightful and amiable Monkey relationship, be prepared. The idea of a serious relationship with responsibilities and commitments is something that makes most Monkey lovers uncomfortable in the extreme. When faced with a choice, don’t be surprised if he or she bolts. The good news is that Monkeys are mainly like this when they are younger. Once they grow up and mature, like most people, many of them learn to love for real.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2022: Personality Traits

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2022 states that the people born under the Monkey Chinese Zodiac are clever, lively, competitive, agile, and sociable. They are born with impeccable wits and a brilliant mind. Their intelligence and smartness not only help them in getting good grades during their school time but in later years of life too, they win everyone’s heart in their organization with exceptional leadership qualities and a confident persona. In their work sphere, they are ready to face any challenge with utmost courage. In personal life, their sense of humor and helping nature attracts a lot of people. However, they are impatient and are quick to make impulsive decisions. If they work on it, they go a long way.

Monkey Love & Relationship Horoscope 2022: Overview

The year of the Black Water Tiger will see soon have challenges in the Monkey’s love life. Your marriage is on the brink of crumbling because your wife is unable to get pregnant. This should not worry you much because the time will come when pregnancy will come easy to your partner. All you need to do is visit a doctor and determine where the problem lies so that you can get a solution to your problem.

2022 Chinese zodiac horoscope for the Monkey predicts that your relationship will take a turn for the better towards the middle of the year. You need to achieve romance and serenity in your love life. Ensure that you work on having a productive and adventurous sex life.

Always show your partner how much you love them. Small romantic gestures here and there will bring you closer to each other.

Monkey Love & Relationship Horoscope 2022: Luck is around

MONKEY Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Love & Relationship
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In the aspect of relationship, the single Moneys will have a good luck in love, and they are expected to meet the opposite sex they like in the course of casual travel or business trips. If they are some persons of the opposite sex coming from exotic land around them, there will be a chance for them to develop a distant cross-cultural relationship.

Singles won’t enjoy better luck either. Single Monkeys may well meet people who interest them, especially on travels or business trips to foreign countries. At the same time, these new potentials ought to be treated with caution, as sometimes a cultural or language barrier is all that it will take to create misunderstandings and conflicts. Other Monkeys may find themselves feeling hopeless, as the right words just don’t seem to come to them this year, even though Monkeys are usually so eloquent. Go with your gut instinct and authentic feelings. They are your only guarantee towards happiness in 2022.

Monkey Love & Relationship Horoscope 2022: Love in different periods of time

The beginning of the Tiger year 2022 will be very favorable for the Monkeys who enter into new relationships and those who want to improve their current love relationship. A new person may appear in your life, but you need to be careful about it – differences that seem riveting at first glance will prove too difficult to overcome and will bring discussions and misunderstandings. Don’t lose your head, protect your heart, and control your feelings and impulsivity, so you will be better oriented and make wiser decisions. Developing a relationship, or maintaining a relationship, depends on how you communicate with your partner – talk about everything you feel and be willing to listen and understand your partner’s needs.

Everything you invest in a relationship will reward you with stable feelings, fulfillment, and closeness, starting from mid-August to the end of the year 2022. During this period, some relationships can grow into marriage if you develop and maintain trust and harmony in your couple’s life. When your partner sees that you care and put in the effort, they will reciprocate in the same way, and your relationship will become much better and more attached. In crises, stick together, and you will overcome all obstacles.

Monkey Love & Relationship Horoscope 2022: A favorable year

The year of Black Water Tiger is not very favorable for the love life of those who are into relationships. You will be aggressive and doubtful which will create disturbances in your relationships. You will also be impatient to listen to your dear one which can create distance and ultimately separation in your relationship. You will have to be calm and mature to handle your relationship issues this year, without involving any third person. This is the only way to survive through this year by maintaining your bond. The singles will find hard luck to find the person of their dreams. However, you will get some good dates to hang around and spend a good time with, and you will make some great friends during this year. The married natives will find their bond to be monotonous and lose charm in their spouse. This may lead to stepping out of the bond from either of the partners.

Monkey Love & Relationship Horoscope 2022: Married monkeys should be careful

Unfortunately, love for Monkey in 2022 will be more challenging than ever before because of Tai Sui. For Monkeys in a long-term relationship or already married, you would be best prepared to deal with sudden crises this year, as the stars foretell separation and dissolution. Please do not panic, however, as those of you who have put in effort and prioritized your relationships in the past can count on that affection to stay strong despite external forces. However, if you had already had problems before, you may do best to ask yourself if this relationship is still making you happier than you would be on your own.

Monkey Love & Relationship Horoscope 2022: Conflict with Tai Sui

MONKEY Yearly Horoscope 2022 – Feng Shui Prediction for Love & Relationship
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For Monkeys with a stable relationship, if they can tie the knots with their sweethearts this year, they will be able to overcome the negative impact of “Conflict with Tai Sui”. Otherwise, there will be the chances of splitting if they don’t get married. Married guys under the animal sign of the Monkey will have the worst fortune in relationship or love. With the advent the star of “Tian Jie (天解Heaven Breaks)”, it carries the meaning of “separation or falling apart”. Under its influence, the Monkeys will confront many conflicts in their marriage and life, and may encounter marital crisis.

Monkey Love & Relationship Horoscope 2022: Advice

The Monkey zodiac signs will give you better tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship for a period of time. In other words, there are some things that you must focus on, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship that is healthy and satisfying. Therefore, it is time to focus on those things that will bring that connection.

On the other hand, when you want to keep a healthy relationship, then you must be committed and willing to adjust to some changes. Actually, you have to change your mindset and start doing things that will not upset your spouse. Perhaps, it is better to gain experience from people who have undergone that process because they understand more. Besides, you should not ignore what they will be telling you because they know more.

The Monkey zodiac sign implies that you will get satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationship if you do the right thing. Also, in a relationship, you must understand that you will face ups and downs. So, you should not be weak to be challenged by such small issues. Perhaps, it is like you are in a battle when you start having a relationship. Thus, you have to find ways that will make you successful.

How to Build Relationships with the Monkey

As the Monkeys are smart and quick-witted, they are easily attracted by humorous and intelligent people. So try to develop more hobbies and broad interests so that you can have more common languages with the Monkeys. What’s more, people born in the Year of the Monkey appreciate mature and independent partners, who can manage the life skillfully. However, once you are in a love relationship with the Monkeys, they will not disappoint you. They have a talent for speaking love languages and good at creating a romantic atmosphere. However, they sometimes may fall deep in love and ignore other things like work and money.

Tips To Get Along With Chinese Monkey Natives In 2022

The Monkey representatives are attracted to humorous and smart people because they themselves are quick-witted and intelligent. If you have common hobbies or areas of interest with the monkey, it is a bonus for you. The monkey natives look for a mature and independent partner. When it comes to being a loving and caring partner, the Monkeys know how to work their charm; they will not disappoint you. They are a pro at creating a romantic aura and speaking love languages. However, sometimes they fall so hard in love that they ignore other important things in life like money and career.


Most compatible with Monkey: Snake, Rat, Dragon

The relationship between Monkeys and Snakes is very extreme. They are either the most compatible or clash the strongest. They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang.

Rats are able to cheer Monkeys up when they’re feeling down. When they’re together, it’s always full of laughter.

Dragons can also bring joy to Monkeys. They’re attractive to Monkeys too as a strong competitor.

Least compatible with Monkey: Tiger, Pig

Monkeys and Tigers clash strongly. They are suspicious of each other and fight constantly.

Pigs don’t have the same life goals and interests as Monkeys. It’s difficult to communicate and relationships don’t last long.

Male Monkeys' Attitude Towards Love

Male Monkeys are smart, lively and active and they often offer help to their partners both in life and work, enabling the latter to be full of happiness and enjoy every day. They are humorous enough to bring joys to life, share funny things with their loved ones and assist their partners to overcome difficulties and get rid of trouble. Therefore, it is always a good decision to marry a Monkey man. For them, a favorable affectionate atmosphere and mutual care are essential to love relationship. If their lovers become more and more bad-tempered and get angry every now and then, they would not stand it.

Relationship and Love Compatibility of Monkey with other Chinese Zodiac Signs

Rat Rat man + Monkey woman– Both enjoy each other’s company in social gatherings and parties Rat woman + Monkey man– A fun-filled relationship with no strings attached
Ox Ox man + Monkey woman – An ox man’s intelligence and the swiftness of a monkey woman will keep the relationship alive Ox woman + Monkey man– The outgoing monkey man may bring some excitement to the ox woman’s social life
Tiger Tiger man + Monkey woman– Lack of loyalty and stability from a monkey woman can make a tiger man fall out of love Tiger woman + Monkey man– Both will find it hard to compromise with each other
Rabbit Rabbit man + Monkey woman– A relationship filled with love, trust, and understanding Rabbit woman + Monkey man– The caring nature of a rabbit woman will melt the monkey man’s heart
Dragon Dragon man + Monkey woman– Both will be each other’s best friend as they share similar habits like traveling and socializing Dragon woman + Monkey man– Neither of the two will harbor romantic feelings for each other
Snake Snake man + Monkey Woman– A long-term relationship is possible if both give space to each other Snake woman + Monkey man– The high intellect of a monkey man can get taxing for a snake woman in some situations
Horse Horse man + Monkey woman– A short-lived romantic alliance sans any true love Horse woman + Monkey man– Both are too indecisive and unreliable to settle in life
Sheep Sheep man + Monkey woman– A striking difference in their personalities can cause uneasiness between them Sheep woman + Monkey man– A monkey man’s mischievous nature cannot keep the docile sheep woman happy for long
Monkey Monkey man + Monkey woman– Both can either make or break their relationship
Rooster Rooster man + Monkey woman– No possibility of a happy relationship Rooster woman + Monkey Man– The constant demands from a rooster man cannot be handled by the impatient monkey man
Dog Dog man + Monkey woman– The optimism of a monkey woman balances the pessimism of a dog man Dog woman+ Monkey man– Compromises and adjustments can keep their romantic sparks alive
Pig Pig man + Monkey woman– Mutual tolerance and understanding are the recipes for their relationship Pig Woman+ Monkey man– Both make a great pair

Female Monkeys' Attitude Towards Love

The active Monkey girls hate to be restrained by anyone or any relationship. If they have to give up freedom for love, they would rather be alone. Perhaps only if they meet the one for whom they are willing to give up freedom can they become attached. What they want is a shelter to count on and a happy family.

2022 - The Black Water Tiger Year

The year 2022, the Black Water Tiger Year, when viewed astrologically has lots of positives in store among its main theme of important changes. This optimistic view is shared in both Western and Chinese Astrology and looks a much more likely scenario than some of the 'end of the world' Mayan calendar theories. The planet Pluto's influence in 2022 signifies rearrangements while Neptune's presence will encourage our higher thought processes. This combination of planetary power will stimulate us to seek out alternative solutions for problems. 2022 in China will be celebrated as a Year of the Black Water Tiger and is also predicted to be a time for enthusiastic readjustments and steady progression.

The 2022 Black Tiger's year starts a little later than the Gregorian calendar's 1st of January and does not begin until February 1st, 2022. These two main Astrology sources suggest that the year 2022 will focus on and initiate noticeable periods of change, including advances in the way we perceive and think about things. The Yod aspect formation foreseen in Western Astrology in 2022 is a strong sign of attitude changes. The Tiger's calming Water influence is all about thoughtful transformations. So the overall astrological message that reflects in Zodiac 2022 Horoscope for the 2022 year is one of shared enthusiasm for improvements, this is good news as it is an indication of better times ahead.

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