Babies Born in 2023: Horoscope According to Feng Shui Forecast
Babies Born in 2023: Horoscope According to Feng Shui Forecast

2023 is the year of the Black-Water Rabbit. The first day of the 2023 zodiac year is on February 4, 2023. This day is different from Chinese New Year's Day, January 22, 2023. The baby born on or after February 4, 2023, will be a Rabbit baby.

Rabbit is the 4th animal sign in the Chinese Zodiacs. The Rabbit is ranked after Rat, Cow, and Tiger. Rabbit Hour is from 05:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m. It's about the time dawn and the sun rises in the East.

Chinese Zodiac for babies born in 2023

2023 is the year of the Female Black-Water Rabbit. Female is connected to rain, drizzle, dew, well water, pond, memories, intelligence, and blessings.

The water Rabbit is the Black Rabbit, which is the 40th animal of 60 zodiac animals. Rabbit contains Yin Wood, which is connected to tender plants, leaves, flowers, or grass in the spring. Rabbits can reproduce the next generation quickly. Grass can spread and cover the land speedily. Rabbit is shy, kind, quiet, docile, peaceful, and benevolent. Water Rabbit is a Rabbit under the cold rain. Yin Wood of the Rabbit doesn't like too much water or cold weather. Water Rabbit might get frostbite or frozen in the winter. The Water Rabbit also can be duckweed, aquatic plants, or hydroponic plants. It doesn't have a solid foundation. Water Rabbit needs sunshine and earth. Tiger contains Yang Wood, Yang Fire, and Yang Earth. Yang Fire is the sun and Yang Earth is the mountain. Tiger is the savior of the Water Rabbit.

What are the Best Months to Give Birth in 2023?

The best months of 2023 for giving birth are May, June, July, August, and September.

According to Chinese wisdom, it seems that the best chances of having a baby boy are if he is conceived in July and if the mother is 18, 20, 30, and 42 years old.

The best chances for having a baby girl occur if she is conceived in April and the mother is 21, 22, and 29 years old.

Also, according to the same Chinese chart, the chances of conceiving a boy start from 54% in all cases.

What are the Best Times to Give Birth in 2023?

Ox Hour (1-3 am): People born at this hour have an open, peaceful personality, intelligence, intelligence, and alertness. A career is full of luck and success. Peaceful and happy married life

Horse Hour (11-13h): People born in this age have noble people to support. In life, you have a lot of luck and success. The road of love is favorable, and the couple is happy.

Goat Hour (13h-15h) is a beautiful time to give birth. Children born at this hour are talented and intelligent. Brilliant career. Loved and respected by everyone.

The characteristics of the Rabbit born in 2023

Rabbit is a shy animal. Rabbits flee away swiftly when feeling at risk. Rabbit's characteristics are cautious, elegant, artistic, talented, friendly, popular, kind, reserved, and compassionate. Rabbit is also conservative, self-indulgent, composed, wary, and superficial. Rabbits are perfectionists. they like to plan things and seek out the best.

Rabbit is in the Wood group. Wood is connected to kindness, steady, sympathy-sharing, understanding, and gentleness. Rabbit is Yin Wood, which is connected to the grass, flower, or climbing vine. Yin Wood of the Rabbit is unable to grow tall. But Yin Wood can climb on a tall tree or wall. Yang Wood is a tall tree. Rabbit has better opportunities to work with prestigious people.

Rabbit is a herbivore. Rabbit contains mainly Yin Wood, which is a grass, leaf, weed, or tender plant. Rabbit month is March, which is the middle of spring. It's a rainy season and it's good for grass, weed, and vine to spread. For speedy spreading, Yin Wood needs water, wind, and sunshine. To achieve career success, Rabbit needs Yang Metal or Tiger's help. Grass or vine might wither and even dry up and die during the cold winter.

Yin Wood of the Rabbit is too tender to grow tall. Sometimes Rabbits are impatient, intolerant, and unstable. Rabbits are weak in their opinions. They lack the determination to change their options when situations change. They might lose their humor by the frustration of many obstacles.

Rabbits live in burrows. Rabbits have amazing fertility. They can reproduce the next generation very quickly. Rabbits are gregarious animals. They like to play in open fields. Rabbit can be a good team player because of its docile and gentle personality. Rabbits learn fast and handle business very effectively. They have good imagination and creativity. They can be good planners or consultants.

Baby born in 2023: Overview Horoscope

Photo: momcareblog
Photo: momcareblog

In the year of the Rabbit, the male destiny has a rapid industrial development, life in the middle period brings many good things, in the post-lucky period, life is full and comfortable. In short, the year of the Rabbit will create many good things and hope for success in life.

In terms of life, people born in 2023 will be troubled when they are young, and their future fortunes will be peaceful.

Peaceful personality, emotional life, respect for relationships, often yielding and skillful behavior to make things go smoothly. But there is also the desire to get bored quickly, or to stop doing what you are doing if you encounter difficulties.

People in this age are often gifted in the social and political sciences. If the year of the Rabbit is a man, it is usually a good, soft, polite, gentle, talented, and skillful person who is trusted by many people around. There will be a gentle and courageous personality if the year of the Rabbit is a woman, who always brings goodwill, sympathy, and help without self-interest.

According to the horoscope, the fortune of the year of the Rabbit is developed rapidly, in the middle period, life is much better, in the post-lucky period, life will be full and comfortable.

In general, men born in the year of the Rabbit will soon create many good things and hope to succeed in life. Men born in the year of the Rabbit often have a pretty good family life, entering the middle period will have many good effects on family religion and happiness, but the path to fame only stops at an average level. usually only.

Just like men of the same age, according to the horoscope, a woman born in the year of the Rabbit has a pretty good life, matters of love, fortune, fame and career are all good and will have many opportunities. for future professional development.

From the pre-, middle-, and post-lucky times, women in the year of the Rabbit have a happy life, without thinking, worrying or suffering. Besides, the family part is also better. As for fame, in the pre-lucky and middle-lucky periods, there will be a rapid rise and many good things will be collected.

Baby born in 2023: Career

That's depending on Rabbit's personality. If zodiac Rabbit with a strong personality likes to pursue an ideal career, then the career choices are finance, bank, insurance company, stock investment, jewelry store, pawnshop, mechanic engineering, car, gun, weapon, steel, electric engineering, computer, machinery, accountant, cable, metal furniture, police, military, Jewelry estimation, precious stone making, etc.

If zodiac Rabbit with a strong personality likes to pursue wealth, then the career choices are civil engineering, real estate, construction, mining, land survey, land affairs, land development farming, raising livestock, real estate construction or sales, building material, interior design, exterior design, landscaping, nursery, gardening, porcelain, glass making, demolition, warehousing, track racing sports, rock climbing, funeral services, recycle, etc.

If zodiac Rabbit has a weak personality, then drinks/beverages business, chemical engineering, transportation, travel, irrigation, fishing, glass/crystal manufacture, media, education, medicine and health care, entertainment, delivery, sales, online store, e-Business, import business, export business, supermarket, laundry, sports, cashier, human resources, professional consulting, attorney, firefighting, moving services, cleaning services, etc.

Another approach to look for the ideal career is using the Lucky Element in the Chinese astrology Birth Chart. A better career is the job characteristics connected to the characteristics of the Lucky Element. Lucky Element can complement your strength and weakness during career development. Lucky Element brings good career opportunities to you and helps you to accept and conquer challenges. A promising and remarkable career will come after.

Baby born in 2023: Money

The family part has many good things. Fame and fortune rise quickly and there are many good things in the pre-lucky and mid-term.

The career will be completed and full of good things from the age of 34 onwards. In the year of the Rabbit, you will have a lot of luck throughout your life, not having to be short of money.

The family religion of the men born in the year of the Rabbit has many good things, in the middle period, there are many good influences on family religion and happiness, the path to fame is only average. The career path is very good, life in terms of money has many good things.

Baby born in 2023: Love

The path of love in the year of the Horse is divided into the following 3 stages:

If you were born in the 5th, 6th, and 9th lunar months, there will be three changes in your life in terms of love and happiness.

If you were born in the 1st, 2nd, 7th, 10th, 11th, and 12th lunar months, your life will have two changes in matters of love and happiness.

If you were born in the 3rd and 4th lunar months, you will enjoy complete and unchanging happiness in matters of love and happiness.

Baby born in 2023: Health

Health-wise, the children born in the Rabbit year are doing great. They are healthy, strong, have an iron health, fulfilled lives, and suffer from very few illnesses.

Because they are stubborn and hardworking, they might overburden themselves and become nervous and anxious. However, they also know how to relax and reduce stress.

The people born under the Rabbit sign are strong and well-founded, same as the Rabbit children – both literally and figuratively. They rarely get sick, and their stable and trustworthy temperament and their caring nature make them pleasant despite their occasional inflexibility.

They develop in a coherent routine; you need to offer them the stability they want. And when your Rabbit shows his horns, it is best to maintain a calm and peaceful attitude.

Baby born in 2023: Friends & Compatibilities

Photo: thehoroscope
Photo: thehoroscope

The children born in the Rabbit Year are rather possessive and jealous, but they will scrupulously protect your secrets.

The most compatible Chinese Zodiac Signs for rabbits are the Dog, Tiger, Pig, and Sheep. Rabbit has a love relationship with Dog in Chinese Horoscopes. Rabbit and Tiger have an attractive relationship because of Wood. The Rabbit should follow the leadership of the Tiger. Rabbit and Pig also have an attractive relationship with Wood. So Pig will live in harmony with Rabbit. Sheep will have common interests in art or music with Rabbit.

Rabbit and Rooster have a fighting relationship in Chinese Horoscopes. The Chicken may seem too selfish for the Rabbit to tolerate. Rabbit cannot tolerate Dragon's demanding and arrogant personality. The Horse will have constant conflicts with Rabbit. Rat may seem too irritable or critical for Rabbit to get along.

Baby born in 2023: Progress year by year

From the age of 20 to the age of 25: The age of 20 is a year with many good prospects, the love path has good results. At the age of 21, there was a successful step on the road to fame, the fortune part was a bit weak. At the age of 22, there was a good part about family religion, the path to fame was solid. 23 years old is a normal year. At the age of 24 and 25, they are quite good in terms of business as well as career paths.

From the age of 26 to the age of 30: The age of 26 is a bad year, you should not go far or trade on money matters. 27 and 28 years old are two years of good business and abundant money. 29 and 30 years old are these two normal years. At the age of 30, it is necessary to prevent illness in October.

From 31 years old to 35 years old: At 31 years old, there will be good prospects for both career and career path. At 32 and 33 years old, many good prospects in your life. At the age of 34 and 35, there is a bad omen, beware of illness or loss of wealth.

From 36 years old to 40 years old: 36 years old is an average year, this time business is not very prosperous. At 37 and 38 years old, these two years are quite good, business is lucky, life is somewhat good in terms of fortune. At 39 and 40 years old, these two years should not be big business because there will be failures.

From the age of 41 to 45 years old: At the age of 41, this year is taboo not to go far in the 4th and 8th lunar months, this time to prevent accidents or failure in business. At 42 and 43 years old, these two years should be careful when dealing with money, as well as in love affairs that will be harmful. At the age of 44 and 45, this period should not be too worried about the career path and career because this time is not very good.

From the age of 46 to the age of 50: The age of 46 is a year of hope for many good opportunities for the path of fame and career. At 47 and 48 years old, this is a time full of happiness, the path to fame and fortune is somewhat developed. At the age of 49 and 50, in these two years, the patronage part is strong, the fortune part is weak, and there is a loss of wealth.

From 51 years old to 55 years old: At 51 years old, you need to strive to overcome obstacles in life. At the age of 52 and 53, it is good to be careful in trading and to focus on big business. At 54 and 55 years old, these are two years that only create a normal life, not good in terms of wealth and fame.

From 56 years old to 60 years old: 56 years old is a year with quite good prospects for career and life, 57 and 58 years old has many good hopes, life is somewhat better and for children fully capable of making their own life independently. At the age of 59 and 60, this time the obligation is somewhat weakened, the fortune is poor, but life and family still have many good and peaceful things.

Baby born in 2023: Feng Shui Tips and Advice

♦ Lucky color: Dark yellow, earthy brown belongs to the Earth element.

♦ Unlucky colors: Red, orange, pink, and purple belong to the Fire element. These colors all bring disadvantages, difficulties, and bad luck, so people of this age need to be careful.

Lucky numbers for males: 1, 3, 4

Lucky numbers for females: 2, 5, 8, 9

Direction: North - East - South - Southeast

Incompatible direction: Northeast - Southwest - Northwest - West

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