The clip, which was shared to the Knoxville Police Twitter account, saw Officer White (L) and Officer Wilson (R) explaining a new 'Hands Free' road safety law
The clip, which was shared to the Knoxville Police Twitter account, saw Officer White (L) and Officer Wilson (R) explaining a new 'Hands Free' road safety law

Find out the Most Handsome Police Officers (Cops) on Social Media around the World for years.

These handsome police officers took social media by storm when their photos appeared on a specific mission. However, the private lives of many handsome police officers are not revealed for security reasons.

This can't stop the girls' craze for handsome police officers around the world.

1.Most Handsome Cop in Tennessee, USA

A Tennessee cop has become an unlikely viral sensation after starring in online road safety video - because viewers couldn't stop swooning over his 'handsome' looks.

The viral clip was shared to the Knoxville Police Twitter account on Friday, June 28, 2021. Since it was shared, the two-minute video has garnered over 2,700 likes and a further 500 shares, as users fawn over a young male cop called Officer White.

A video that sees two police officers explaining a new road safety law has gone viral, as social media users have revealed their infatuation with one of the men. Both police officers were seen explaining the law, which makes it illegal for people to hold a cellphone or mobile 'with any part of their body' while driving.

The two-minute video shows two officers - Officer White and Officer Wilson - running through the basic concept of a new law called the 'Hands Free' law.

Dozens of social media users have swooned over Officer White, with some branding the cop 'handsome'.

Others have jokingly said that they want the cop to 'arrest' them, while others have wondered if the officer could 'personally explain' the new law in more detail to them.

2.Northern Ireland Police Officer Likened to Ben Affleck

He’s been likened to Ben Affleck (Picture: Police Service of Northern Ireland)
He’s been likened to Ben Affleck (Picture: Police Service of Northern Ireland)

The Police Service of Northern Ireland, in August 2016,decided to share some safety advice on Facebook ahead of the greatly anticipated Tennent’s Vital music festival and rock gods Red Hot Chilli Peppers coming to Belfast.

They posted some very important words of advice – which was effectively made redundant by the steely gaze of Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton in the attached photos.

A police superintendent in Northern Ireland has earned himself a legion of adoring fans who’ve dubbed him #OfficerHotStuff after his picture was posted on Facebook.

Superintendent Bobby Singleton was inundated with compliments after he posed for photos in a post about safety at a music festival in Belfast on Wednesday.

Most Handsome Police Officer in North Ireland
Most Handsome Police Officer in North Ireland

The post has been shared 3,000 times and has nearly 2,000 comments with woman declaring their love for ‘Super hot Bobby’.

One Facebook user tagged a pal to say: "Flip, he's worth getting in trouble for." Another wrote: "He can arrest me anytime."

Acknowledging all the attention he’d received, Singleton said: ‘Just another day at the office lol.’ He also assured that his colleagues were keeping him ‘well grounded’ and were not letting the internet fame go to his head.

A police source said: "Bobby is taking all of this in his stride. He stands over his message of keeping people safe at Tennant's Vital. But he may have to go undercover himself when his admirers find out he's not available."

And Bobby is taking it all in his stride.

He has tweeted two messages saying the banter is all in a day's work and he can rely on his colleagues to keep him grounded.

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3.Most Handsome Police Officer in India - Sachin Atulkar

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Famous as 'India's fittest and most handsome IPS officer', Atulkar has been making the headlines for a while now, and for good reason.

On social media, a lot of people look up to Sachin Atulkar, the IPS officer. He is very famous on social media for his ripped and muscular body and is found to be an eye charm to many girls.

Sachin Atulkar was born on the 8th of August 1984 and is currently 38 years of age. Sachin Atulkar’ posting currently is in Ujjain and his IPS rank is that of a Superintendent. Sachin Atulkar is said to be not married yet meaning he does not have a wife.

When he finished his graduation he started preparing for the civil service examination and cleared it in his first attempt. He had an all India rank of 258 back in 2006! Since he is an IPS officer, Sachin Atulkar is very passionate about his fitness.

He spends about more than 1 hour in the gym every day. His hard work towards his fitness is why he is so famous. His fitness level is very inspiring.

Though he believes in fitness, his job is more important to him. He does yoga regularly to keep his mind fit too.

Sachin has been a sports enthusiast ever since he was a kid. He was a national level cricketer in 1999.

He has also won a gold medal in a police academy for horse riding. His love for horse riding had developed ever since he joined the IPS.

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
IPS officer Sachin Atulkar

4.Hot UK Policeman

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Chief Superintendent Jim Colwell from the Devin and Cornwall police department. Picture: Facebook

The British handsome police officer has attracted the attention of some online admirers after his local department posted this photo on Facebook, May 2016.

Chief Superintendent Jim Colwell joined the Devin and Cornwall police unit, and will lead “frontline policing” across Devon, in southwest England.

“He is known for his thorough investigative skills and for leading investigations into high profile cases such as a fatal speedboat incident in Padstow, as well as co-ordinating the initial response to numerous major incidents including homicides and kidnaps across the force,” the post reads. “He has also specialised in leading the southwest region in responding to modern slavery and human trafficking.”

Chief Superintendent Colwell has a passion for running and football and has travelled extensively through the Caribbean, hopefully without a shirt. He has two young sons and judging by the wedding band on his left hand, is (unfortunately) married.

The post has been liked 2000 times and attracted hundreds of comments from admirers. The top comment reads: “Appears there might be a spike in criminal women activity in the area.”

Others said they would be happy to commit crimes in the Devon area, just so Chief Superintendent Colwell could arrest them. “I’ve just committed a heinous crime. I need to be arrested and put in a cell with him for the night,” one woman wrote.

“Think I may have to move to Devon and become a crim ... Officer it was me honestly lol xx,” wrote another.

Others wrote: “I’m a law abiding member of the public but I’d so make an exception on this occasion lol” and “Mmmm might take a trip to Devon and be naughty” and “He’s hot. I hope he’s got handcuffs and a large truncheon. X”

5.Most Handsome Nigeria Police Officer

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers on Social Media around the World
Most Handsome Nigeria Police Officer

Thanks to the local policemen we see on the roads, our minds has been stereotyped to thinking that to be a policeman in Nigeria, you have to have a pot belly, an oversized not-so-good-looking uniform, a bicycle cap and of course, the signature police club, better known as “Kondo Olopa“.

Seven out of every ten Nigerian policemen fits the above description so it’s no wonder when a narrative is being given about a Nigerian policeman, that’s the image that comes to our head, just like it is now in yours, right?

Well, we’re not going to be talking about the larger ratio as mentioned above, this time, we’re focusing on the smaller ratio, which we even think is 2:1 cause the policeman we’re about to tell you about isn’t your regular Nigerian policeman.

Bruno Chigozie Opara is not like your regular policeman, matter of fact, he’s the kind of policeman that when they want to make security ads for policemen, he’s the model for the job or maybe for a romantic music where a lady got arrested by an handsome cop.

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers on Social Media around the World
Most Handsome Police Officer in Nigeria

Bruno is quite aware of his uniqueness and it definitely has to be why he flaunts this uniqueness on social media.

Photos from him hitting the gym, to taking car selfies in his uniform to having dinner with a family member et all, Bruno is sure one officer who lives the life of a social media star.

Because of this, he has garnered the attraction of many Nigerians, especially the ladies who would be glad if he arrested them.

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6.British Handsome Police Officer

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers on Social Media around the World
Sergeant Ian Birkin of Nottinghamshire Police and a stock image of a shocked couple (Nottinghamshire Police and AntonioGuillem/Getty Images)

Sgt Ian Birkin, who leads the Nottinghamshire force's Missing From Home team found a flurry of female admirers after he discussed his work on Nottinghamshire Police's official Facebook account.

A photo of a “handsome” police officer has sent social media users into a frenzy on Nottinghamshire Police’s Facebook page in December. 2018. The post was intended to educate the public on the efforts of the force’s Missing From Home team in the Nottinghamshire area.

Sgt Ian Birkin leads the force’s Missing From Home team and will be working on New Year’s Eve.

However, the photo of Sergeant Ian Birkin, who leads the team, appeared to distract social media users from the issue at hand.

In total, 1.2k comments were left on the post and it was shared 170 times, but some people felt that his message was being downplayed due to all the remarks.

The post went on to ask people to continue to check missing person appeals over the festive period, but many of the comments were simply in response to the attached photo of Sgt Birkin.

“All the women will be going missing after seeing this so he can find them,” one comment read while another social media user wrote: “I’m suddenly feeling a bit lost…”

Sgt Ian Birkin has insisted he wants people to focus on the job at hand!

7.Hot Cops in Florida, USA

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers on Social Media around the World
You may remember Officer Rengering from a viral photo, but now he's seizing his time in the spotlight. Courtesy of Zachary Jaydon

Police Officer Daniel Rengering and two other Florida cops immediately went viral in September 2017 for their good looks after posting a selfie in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Earning the nickname, "Hot Cop" Officer Rengering sold calendars with his photos in them and explored a modeling career while also working as a police officer.

The post led to more than 142,000 responses that mostly seemed to come from women who made comments about the officer’s looks.

Officer Rengering is rumored to be on an upcoming season of "Survivor" on CBS. Officer Rengering is back in the limelight and is reported to be taking his talents to the next level on Primetime TV

After the tragedy of Hurricane Irma, Gainesville, Florida, police officer Daniel Rengering was one of three law enforcement officials to make the internet's hearts go aflutter thanks to a now-deleted selfie on their department's Facebook page in the wake of their disaster relief efforts.

Social media immediately fell for Officer Rengering and his two colleagues' rugged good looks — and they made it known in the comment section. "I feel safer just looking at this picture," one of the tamer commenters said. "Bet the Gainesville police department is already getting calls for cougar sightings," another Facebook user wrote.

Eventually, Officer Michael Hamill, one of the three men pictured, was exposed for telling anti-Semitic jokes and making light of the Holocaust on his personal Facebook page. Hamill resigned in the wake of the scandal.

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers on Social Media around the World
Officer Rengering is on the right. Courtesy Of Gainesville Police Department

For his part, Rengering has made no mention of the reality show, which pits a diverse cast of players against both each other and nature in the hopes of one coming out on top and taking home the grand prize, on his official Twitter account, other social media pages, or his website.

8.Mr Biceps - Spanish Cop Heats up Instagram

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Spanish cop heats up Instagram

The photograph of a handsome Spanish anti-riot policeman on the force's Instagram page since 2014 has proved a winner with visitors.

We don’t know the true identity of “Mr. Biceps” from Spain, as the Spanish police force are keeping it mum for security reasons. But, believe me, the Instagram pic of this Spanish beauty has turned plenty of heads.

“You and your security needs are our reason for being. If you need us, call us! 091 Police,” the Instagram image reads. Oh, don’t worry – with those biceps and that gorgeous square jaw, we’ll be calling. Needless to say, the Policia Nacional’s account now boasts upward of a million followers.

The image of the agent dubbed 'brazacos' (Mr Biceps) accompanies a tongue-in-cheek Instagram message which reads: "You and your security needs are our reason for being. If you need us, call us! 091 Police".

The picture of the officer who can't be identified for security reasons has received 2,000 likes on the social media site since it was posted in mid-October.

But while it is the policeman's chiselled jaw and the bulging biceps which have caught people's attention, the message is also another illustration of the enormous success Spanish Police has had in reaching out to people.

The Policía Nacional Twitter account can now boast of 1.16 million followers, or more than US Federal Bureau of Investigations, largely thanks to the efforts of Carlos Fernández Guerra, the force's social media manager.

9.Handsome Brazilian Cop

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Lucas Valenca, a plainclothes cop, has 182,000 Instagram followers and his handsome hipster status has led to many in the public eye paying attention to him

Federal deputy Eduardo Cunha was arrested on Wednesday, 2016 accused of corruption, money laundering and tax evasion. But it wasn't just the powerful former speaker of Brazil's lower house getting people talking.

Indeed, a hipster policeman who accompanied the politician onto a plane quickly became a social media star after footage emerged of him online. His look is the epitome of hipster fashion, which is unexpected from a policeman escorting a politician accused of taking bribes onto a plane.

Brazilian news site O Globo discovered the policeman's identity and it seems he's already built up quite the fanbase on Instagram, with some of his posts receiving more than 21,000 likes. His photos show him enjoying his time off duty - and there's plenty of topless snaps for his female fans.

Fans of the cop will be pleased to see that many of his posts feature him posing topless, showing off a chiselled chest and collection of tattoos. His Instagram followers are certainly very keen on him.

One person wrote: 'I want to commit a crime so you can arrest me please!', whilst another added: 'So thankful that the newspaper reported this beauty!'. A comment that seemed to sum up everyone's thoughts on the discovery of the hot hipster cop was: 'I do not know how to deal with such perfection'.

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Hipster policeman Lucas Valenca, pictured second from right, caught the eye of the public when he was photographed accompanying Brazilian politician Eduardo Cunha, pictured second from left, onto a plane to face corruption charges

10.Most Handsome Australian Police Officer

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Handsome Australian Police Officer

A police officer is getting a lot of attention on social media after a photograph of him in uniform had admirers swooning over his 'good looks'. Senior Constable Paul Ellison, was snapped holding two breathalysers as part of a campaign to promote road safety following the Labour Day long weekend.

'We hope you had a fantastic long weekend Western Australia. Just remember, you still need to drive home! We're out and about across the state,' the Western Australia Police Force captioned the photo. Despite the police force's road safety message on Facebook, hundreds of people were distracted by the 'hot' cop in the photo, with many leaving cheeky comments complimenting his appearance.

'Suddenly every female is having a drink and jumping into the car and hoping she sees this man,' one joked. Another woman said: 'If I keep all my demerits this weekend, can I have him as a reward?'One commented: 'I think I might go question my sexuality. That is a handsome man.'

Others, both men and women, posted their mobile numbers and joked about breaking the law for a chance to meet him.'Anyone know where this guy is stationed? I feel the need to commit a crime,' a woman wrote.

'If I keep all my demerits this weekend, can I have him as a reward?'

More Handsome Cops Broke Social Media Around The World

Indonesian Handsome Cop

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Handsome Indonesian cop broke the internet

In the wake of a terrorist attack in Indonesia in January 20176, this hot cop broke Twitter. The hashtags #KamiNaksir (We have a crush) and #PolisiGanteng (handsome police) started to trend after footage of Teuku Arsya Khadafi, a cop who looks like he walked off a movie set, appeared online. He seemed to inspire bravery amongst the locals as #KamiTidakTakut (We are not afraid) also started to trend.

Photos of a mystery pistol-brandishing copper, who appeared straight off a Hollywood set, sent netizens' hearts aflutter with his slicked back hair, sunglasses and flashy sneakers.

This irreverence in the face of the Islamic State attacks has been seen as evidence of Indonesians' humour and resilience by some and derided as social media narcissism by others.

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Indonesian cop

PhD student Herman Saksano wrote a blog widely circulated on social media called: "Five things that prove the terror attack in Indonesia is a failure."

He said that girls were more interested in the handsome police officer, street vendors continued to sell food at the site and people took selfies at the scene. "This one of the world's largest terror attacks in the world's largest Muslim country since 2009," he wrote.

"However, people in Indonesia refused to be intimidated by fear and terror. They decided to laugh at the terrorists and move on with their life. WE ARE NOT AFRAID"

However, police officer Untung Sangaji, who shot one of the gunmen, lamented that people stood around taking selfies in the middle of the carnage as he screamed out for an ambulance.

His wife Heni told Kompas news website that they wanted to run away when they heard the explosion but decided not to in case someone stole their satay stall.

"People were appropriating his motives as defying terrorism when in fact he was not - he was worried about his stall being stolen," says ANU academic Ross Tapsell, who researches the media in Indonesia.

"Scholars who look at the impact of the digital divide would explain how those with internet access can appropriate the motives of those who don't."

That said, Dr Tapsell believes there are real positives that came out of the #KamiTidakTakut social media campaign, including a strong turnout at a peace vigil on Friday night at the site of the terrorist attack.

Hot Cop in Singapore

Top 10 Most Handsome Police Officers in the World on Social Media
Handsome cop in Singapore

Singapore has its own propaganda hot cop – Ryan Koh. The handsome cop has appeared in promotional anti-crime and anti-shoplifting videos and has since become a popular meme.

For five years, Koh has been in the force as an investigation officer at the Criminal Investigation Department. Koh receives an insane amount of internet buzz, but it hasn’t gone to his head. “As long as the attention it gets can be channeled towards the crime prevention message or even towards recruitment efforts, it’s a good thing for the organization,” he said. Now that’s taking the call of duty very seriously.

Hot men in uniform aren’t a new thing, but the Internet sure makes everything more interesting. Handsome cop in standee and video says strangers don't recognise him

He is the face of more than 800 anti "shop-theft" standees islandwide, and the subject of countless Internet memes. Netizens have even given him the nickname "Yan Dao (handsome in Hokkien) Policeman".

A new anti-crime campaign video featuring the handsome but stern-looking cop was released on the Singapore Police Force's Facebook page, attracting more than 300,000 views. The video shows how various members of public can use the "hand sign" adopted by the standee to prevent shop theft from occurring in various types of shops.

It ends with the man from the standee, Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Ryan Koh, arresting the thief. There is also a short song highlighting that shop theft is a crime.

ASP Koh, whose interest in crime fighting began when he joined the National Police Cadet Corps in secondary school, is an investigation officer in the Criminal Investigation Department and has been in the force for five years.

When asked, ASP Koh, was reluctant to give more details about his personal life. His standees have been placed outside various retail outlets islandwide since April last year as part of police efforts to tackle shop theft.

ASP Koh, who was involved in the Singapore Police Force (SPF)'s "More Than Just A Job" recruitment ad campaign, thought the standee was a "new and unconventional method" of spreading the crime prevention message.

He remains unaffected by the Internet buzz, but added: "As long as the attention it gets can be channelled towards the crime prevention message or even towards recruitment efforts, it's a good thing for the organisation."

Despite the fact that the standees are found in many places, many people do not recognise ASP Koh when they see him in public.

He said he has even bought items next to his standee at shops without the cashier recognising him.