10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Wira Water Sports Bali

Due to the fact that Indonesia is both aesthetically pleasing and culturally varied, it attracts a sizable number of vacationers each year. In addition, people should visit Indonesia because it is famous for its strange customs and traditions, which are worth seeing.

1. Walk on the seabed

enjoying ping pong and snorkeling at Bali's top locations? Consider adding sea walking to your marine adventure to up the ante. That's right, visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the ocean floor and enjoy what may be present there, such as tropical fish, vibrant corals, or other varieties of marine biodiversity.

With Club Aqua's unique Seawalker helmet, you can effortlessly inhale and exhale without having to lug around an oxygen tank, allowing you to fully concentrate on enjoying the underwater experience.

2. Party with Frankenstein

Who would have imagined that Frankenstein would be such a great party buddy? In Frankenstein's Laboratory, visitors can partake in a horror-themed dining experience that is topped off with a cabaret show, live music, and dancing with the dead.

Also present in the house are zombies, vampires, and various other monsters. A highlight is undoubtedly the adult session in the evenings, which features entertaining games and nonstop dancing.

3. Swim with sharks

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Whats New Indonesia

They've been spotted before, either swimming around in the open ocean or in a sizable aquarium. You haven't gotten too close, but you still adore them. However, visitors can approach sharks up close while in Bali. That is exactly what Bali Sharks provides as a part of their comprehensive conservation program. Tourists can interact with sharks' young, feed them, and learn about them.

4. Play mud games

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Dreamstime

Balinese take a hilarious approach to living an agricultural lifestyle. Locals enjoy mud wrestling in empty fields after working in the paddy fields.

Now, visitors can take part in enjoyable activities like frog catching and tug-of-war to experience the same spirit. The original Mepantigan, a form of traditional mud wrestling, is always an option for the more daring and adventurous traveler.

5. Visit the dead

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: South China Morning Post

Daring tourists can turn their attention away from Bali's idyllic beaches and toward a native burial site in the island's highlands. The Trunyan people prefer to keep their dead close by, on the ground, and largely undamaged.

For those who dare to visit, the sight of decomposing corpses arranged around a large, ancient tree is both unsettling and fascinating. It's interesting that the burial ground doesn't smell like one would expect it to from having dead bodies there.

6. Visit abandoned places

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Atlas Obscura

While the island has many opulent, well-kept locations, Bali's abandoned locations promise visitors an intriguing experience. Bali is home to not one, but two mysteriously deserted airplanes that are left to lay on the ground aimlessly.

The two locations, one in South Kuta and one in Kuta Village, have no trouble piqueing interest and developing into popular tourist destinations. In Sanur, the deserted Taman Festival amusement park is another well-known abandoned location.

7. Sambal Challenge

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Internet

The heartbeat of Indonesian eating culture is sambal, or chili. The challenge is that Indonesians never eat without sambals, but you might find it too spicy and get a stomach ache after eating it. To test your ability to handle the spice, try eating sambals or other spicy foods. You'll be so hot that you'll literally be sweating a lot!

8. Hot spring Challenge

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Whats New Indonesia

The magnificent Slamet Mountain in Central Java is home to seven hot springs that produce hundreds of cubic feet of water every second. Finding the secret hot springs and taking a bath there will be difficult. It's different to have hundreds of cubic meters of water poured over your body! If you do not doze off beneath it, it is not fun. Why? You'll learn if you try it.

9. Climb the tallest and biggest mountain in Java

10 Crazy Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia
Climbing the highest moutain in Java would be an interesting experience (Photo: TourfromBali)

This challenge is not for everyone because only some people may be able to climb mountains and be prepared for it, but if you want to travel to Indonesia and enjoy Java's beautiful nature, you should climb Mt. Slamet and Mt. Merapi, Java's two tallest mountains. Both are still active and occasionally erupt within a year, but you can always check the season when climbing them is permitted.

In Conclusion

Even though the land of countless islands is home to many bizarre things, you should at least try those five before you try anything else.

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