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Which Country Has The Most Beautiful Women Police?

Women cops are loved around the globe and getting pulled over by one never scares most men. In fact, some of these lady cops make you wish you were reprimanded for a year, as long as they are the ones cuffing you up and manning the prison.

Check out the list of top 10 countries with hottest women police forces in the world:

1. Romania

The Romania police force is no joke. Both male and female forces are revered for their strict adherence to the law (some say they can even jail you for not sneezing with your eyes closed). However, as long as you are doing the right thing, you can spend some good time looking at the female cops as they patrol around the place in their striking blue attires.

If you are lucky enough, you might bump into some lady cops with above-knee skirts, trim bodies and beautiful figures. But be careful not to bump too hard, or you will have a bumpy ride to jail.

2. South Africa

Photo Branded Girls
Photo Branded Girls

Women empowerment is currently one of the top priorities in South Africa and the police force in the country is definitely playing it’s part by giving great opportunities to women officers. Here we see some of the champions in South African Police Service. These are women with beauty, brains and the guts to prove their worth to the world.

3. Germany

Photo Clever
Photo Clever

The German women police force has come a long way, from days of handling juvenile and women cases to battling with the big guns at the forefront with the men. Similarly, this police force has come from sexy to very hot within those few years of its existence, after it was reconstructed at the end of world war II.

These German ladies look stunning in their green attire and mostly blonde hair. Previously, they used to be in plain clothes, until they were heavily weaponized and trained on how to please your heart but break your bones if you are found on the wrong side of the law.

Formed on 1st July 2005, The Federal Police (Bundespolizei or BPOL) is a (primarily) uniformed federal police force in Germany

Many German police officers can get your heart racing but here we focus on officer Adrienne Kolesza who has an Instagram following of more than 499k! Through her pictures, she aims at encouraging other women to make healthier life choices and stay fit.

4. Sweden

Photo glitzyworld

First modern police force in Sweden was established in the mid-1800s and in 1908, the first group of women were employed by the police in Stockholm. On 1st January 2015, the police reorganized themselves into an unified agency and Swedish Police Authority was formed.

5. Iraq

Photo Clever
Photo Clever

The Iraqi Police is the uniformed police force responsible for the enforcement of civil law and order in Iraq.

For a country plagued with years of war, joining the army or police force in Iraq must require a high level of toughness and commitment. Amazingly, Iraqi women have no trouble working under these conditions (in itself being something worth lots of respect) and still maintain a high level of hotness.

Usually donning a cap over their hair which has been covered by hijab, Iraqi female cops look stunning. Their police attire looks similar to military attire used in most countries, giving them lots of respect in the streets. I would love to mess around thus land a date with these cops, but for the critical work they do in their country, I would rather sit back and applaud them for such great work.

6. Greece

Formed in 1984, Hellenic (Greek) Police is one of the three Security forces of Greece.

Greece has, as of late, been hit by economic and social strife, a situation that climaxed after their economy almost collapsed due to the huge debts the country has. Coming with this shortcoming has been an increase in crime rate, but there’s an adequate number of women to deal with the new wave of criminals.

The Greek female police force is crowned by lasses with astute figures and sexy expressions that reckon any hardcore criminal to surrender at their beauty. Currently, men are required to serve in the Greek army for at least nine months, with women openings being optional. Still, the tough and sexy ladies apply for these posts, helping sooth their already hurting nation (this is both sexy and motherly at the same time).

7. North Korea

Photo Clever
Photo Clever

For a country so mysterious, it comes as a surprise that their police force can have very hot women. These lasses; thin, brown-black haired and cute faced, protect the rather mysterious cities of this nation from petty as well as hardcore criminals.

Now, be warned that these ladies are very ruthless. Petty crimes in this place can have you sentenced to death by being strapped onto the countless missiles they test. To be safe, just google these lasses (if you want to get a good look) and avoid North Korea. It’s simply not worth it.

8. Ukraine

Formed on 3rd July 2015, the National Police of Ukraine is the only police service of Ukraine. Until the formation of National Police of Ukraine law enforcement in Ukraine was carried out directly by the Ministry of Internal Affairs as the militsiya.

Ukraine is an ex-Soviet state, so it’s no surprise that it would feature in this list, with its Russian partner. The female cops in Ukraine are amongst the sexiest in the planet, and the government knows it. Matter of fact, the Ukrainian government has dedicated itself to building the most beautiful female force in the world, by holding special classes, dubbed the “mater classes”, where the officers are taught how to apply makeup while on duty and do their hair.

Not surprisingly, many men are running to Ukraine to get brides.

9. Argentina

Photo Clever
Photo Clever

Is it a crime to speak English in this Latin Nation? Because I would love to get arrested by these Argentine female cops.

Argentina has for the longest time gifted the world with one of the sexiest ladies in South America, ladies who go as far as winning the big four beauty pageants. When it comes to enforcing the law, these ladies carry their sexy and surprisingly, some tough that sees them deployed in crowd control and riot divisions of the Argentine police.

How come?

Well apparently, Argentine ladies are very strong minded. So instead of arresting you for not respecting their Latin language, they will floor you down when you decide to become a little bit rowdy. And by the way, they look very sexy in their riot gear.

10. Russia

Photo Clever
Photo Clever

Police of Russia is the federal police service of Russia that operates as approved by the Federal Assembly.

Quite a strong country to start with, for the right reasons. Russian female cops are simply gorgeous, but above all, very faithful to the law. The history of Russian women on the guard starts way back in the 1900s when cute lasses were used not only for keeping the country safe, but also digging out the dirty secrets of “Russian enemies” at that time. Not surprising, these female spies provided the best of espionage information.

The A game of female Russian cops requires no rocket science to decipher. They are naturally beautiful ladies and interestingly, the government knows how to play around with this natural charm. Word has it that miniskirts are allowed within the forces. Am I guilty? Yes I am!

11. Netherlands

Dutch Police is divided in ten regional units and a central unit. Law enforcement in the Netherlands is provided by the National Police Corps.

12. Indonesia

The Indonesian National Police was formally separated from the military in April 1999, and the process was formally completed in July 2000.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the strictest laws in the world, and to implement these laws, is a force graced with very sexy ladies. Indonesian ladies are hands down beautiful, and the strict laws do not discriminate sexy from joining the forces. The problem is, surrendering to the sexy ladies does not give you an easier sentence to deal with.

Sadly, petty mistakes can land you serious jail time in Indonesia, and the ladies have been trained not to go easy on criminals. Careless conduct in this place will have you attracted to a handcuff by a cute smile, but to a cell by a very tough sentence.

13. Poland

Photo Clever
Photo Clever

Poland is a country graced with beer, hot women and a sexy police force to crown it all. Most of these lasses, graced with slim bodies, average height and sexy voices, patrol day and night looking for lawbreakers within the country’s cities.

In case the booze takes you to cloud nine before you step into your home, be assured that one of these hot female cops will cuff you and send you to a cell for you to cool down. Don’t be tempted to ask them to accompany you in the cell though, for you might end up not only cuffed, but also bruised.

Policja which translates into the English language as Police, is the generic name for the police in Poland.

14. New Zealand

New Zealand female cops are not only hot, but some men claim that they have the strongest sex appeal among all female cops in the world. Living in a country where sheep outnumber people (an outrageous 60 million to 3 million), these hot lasses have to take tender care of the human flock, while not compromising on what makes them among the sexiest in the business.

Be careful though, that you are not found breaking the law because despite falling in love with these lasses, you will end up falling in jail. But if you are law abiding, I don’t think asking for a coffee date will have you handcuffed (heard they also love doughnuts).

15. Canada

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was formed in 1920 after merging Royal Northwest Mounted Police (RNWMP), founded in 1873, with Dominion Police founded in 1868.

Canada is blessed with having the lowest crime rates in the world, a statistic quite explainable when you take a look at its female police force. Canadian women look stunning in their dark blue attire and word has it that they are the most graceful, likeable yet strict police force in the world.

The contribution of women to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has been significant over the years, most of them having served as civilian members and regular members. It’s hard to get arrested in this place (because of the low crime rate), and if you do, be rest assured you are in very safe (and sexy) hands.

16. Italy

Enforcement of law in Italy is provided by multiple police forces.

17. US

America’s police force is one of the most respected in the world, in as much as its army is. Much of this respect is not only because of the hard work they do, but also because of the sexy lasses they employ within the police force.

American ladies are inarguably hot, but the ladies in the police force carry an extra weapon; very charming smiles. Let’s get one thing straight, you would rather have a speeding ticket issued to you, than have your license grabbed by some cop because you went just a little bit over the speed limit. With a male cop, your natural instinct might have you go a little bit physical but when it comes to the female cops, you can’t help but give it to them with some roses.


Photo Clever
Photo Clever

Indonesia is one of the countries with the strictest laws in the world, and to implement these laws, is a force graced with very sexy ladies. Indonesian ladies are hands down beautiful, and the strict laws do not discriminate sexy from joining the forces. The problem is, surrendering to the sexy ladies does not give you an easier sentence to deal with.

Sadly, petty mistakes can land you serious jail time in Indonesia, and the ladies have been trained not to go easy on criminals. Careless conduct in this place will have you attracted to a handcuff by a cute smile, but to a cell by a very tough sentence.

The National Police (France) and National Gendarmerie are two national police forces and the main civil law enforcement agency of France.

19. Iceland

This country’s name might be cold but its female cops are just the opposite of it. Serving a population of only 300,000 people, Iceland cops don’t have much to do when it comes to enforcing the law. Instead, they enforce something else; pure sexiness.

These lady cops will have you willingly put your hands up with their natural brown hair, cute faces and very innocent smiles (intended for the not so innocent). Some people speculate that 90% of a female cop’s time in Iceland is spent in some spa or beauty shop getting some make up on, but I think 90% of this time is spent explaining to some smitten fellow how innocent he is despite his numerous calls for arrest.

20. Japan

Photo Clever
Photo Clever

The National Police Agency is the central agency of the Japanese police system.

Japan ladies are better defined as cute. Their small eyes, almost round faces and slim bodies attract a lot of men that head to the East to get a date or a bride. If you want some good time under interrogation, you should also head there.

Japan’s female cops carry the sexiness that the ladies of the land behold. Word has it that at some point, these too cute lady cops had been hidden from Google’s search engine due to their excessive appeal. Does it matter if they were really hidden? Well, not really. I would rather fly to Japan instead of ogling at some digital photo.

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