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The Strange Life of A Beggar and A Lesson to Awaken Millions of People
Strange Life of A Beggar and A Big Lesson

The Story of a Beggar's Strange Life

At the corner of the street, there was a little girl selling fresh roses picked from her garden every day. One day, after selling most of the roses for the day, she saw that it was getting dark, so she decided to go home a little earlier today.

At this time, in her basket, there were still two unsold roses, and there was a beggar sitting on the side of the road nearby. So the girl gave the two roses to the beggar and happily returned home.

You might think this is the end of the story, but if it ended here, it wouldn't be a strange story about the life of a beggar.

It's just the beginning...

Speaking of the beggar who received two roses from the flower girl. He never thought that such a good day would happen to him. He never thought that someone else would give him a rose. This is as strange as the sun rising from the west!

Perhaps, this beggar had never loved himself, nor received the love of others for him, so he was touched by such a small gift from such a stranger.

So, he decided that day to stop begging and go home.

After returning home, the beggar finds a vase and fills it with water to place the two roses and places the vase on the table. Like that, he sat quietly looking at the beauty of the rose in the jar.

Suddenly, the beggar seemed to think of something, he immediately took out two flowers, went to clean the vase and put the flowers back in.

It turned out that while enjoying the flowers, he suddenly felt that such a beautiful flower could be arbitrarily put in a dirty vase.

So he washed the jar, so it was worthy of the beauty of the rose.

Having done these things, he sat next to him and enjoyed the beautiful flower. Suddenly he thought, roses are so beautiful, vases are so clean, how can it be placed on a table that is both dirty and messy?

So, the beggar began to clean the table and arrange the furniture on the table neatly.

Finished, he sat quietly watching everything in front of him. A thought suddenly popped up in the beggar's mind, he thought such a beautiful rose, such a clean table, how could it be in such a messy house?

So he decided to clean the whole house, arrange everything in order and get rid of all the rubbish in the house.

Just like that, the house, thanks to the rose, suddenly became warmer and cleaner. Even the beggar almost forgot where he was.

While he was engrossed in looking at everything, he suddenly discovered in the mirror a reflection of a young man with messy hair, disheveled, ragged clothes. He didn't expect his appearance to be like this, how does a person like that have the right to live in a house like this and be surrounded by that beautiful rose?

So he immediately went to the bathroom and washed himself clean. After taking a shower, he found some clothes that were old but still quite clean, shaved off his beard again, and remodeled himself from head to toe. Finished all, he looked back in the mirror, suddenly discovered a bright handsome face in the mirror that he had never seen before!

At that time, the beggar suddenly felt that he was not so bad, why should he be a beggar?

This was the first time he asked himself such a question. His mind suddenly awakened, he thought that he wasn't that incompetent.

Once again looking around at all the things in the house, looking at the beautiful rose for a while, the beggar suddenly made the biggest, most important decision in his life!

He decided that tomorrow he would not go out to be a beggar anymore, but would look for a job. Because he was not afraid of being dirty and not afraid of being tired, he easily found a job the next day.

Perhaps thanks to the encouragement of the rose blooming in his heart, along with his own relentless efforts, just a few years later, the beggar had become a very successful person.

Years later, he finally found the girl who gave him flowers and left her a part of his fortune. His work has no purpose at all, just wanted to thank her for giving him two roses when he was still wandering on the road to beg.

The Strange Life of A Beggar and A Lesson to Awaken Millions of People
Flower Girl - Illustration

Sow 'Roses of Hope' for Yourself

In the story of the beggar's strange life above, the two roses that year were not simply a small flower, but also a symbol of hope, symbolizing a beautiful dream and a future. brilliant.

It is a rose that carries humanity, faith and is given from heart to heart. That is what the beggar always desires and also lacks the most, is the biggest motivation for him to change himself from small things that bring great effects.

In life, someone's words or actions can bring others to heaven but can also push them to dark hell. Because the distance between these two places is extremely thin. See more: Good sayings about life that must be remembered in life

If you give the people around you a rose that is not full of sincerity, wishing for good things to come to them, then your soul is also a beautiful rose garden. But on the contrary, you are just a barren wasteland and full of weeds.

Have you ever felt helpless, lost, without a place to cling in the midst of a life full of difficulties. When you just wanted to rely on someone but the person you hoped for gave you thorns that made your heart bleed?

Have you ever felt like a beggar desperately begging for a rose?

If someone gives it to you, congratulations, because you are the happiest and luckiest person in the world.

If not, please do not be sad, because you can completely plant a rose garden in your heart and give them to yourself without expecting from anyone.

Same pot, why should we store poisoned wine. Being the same piece of mind, why should we be filled with defilements?

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Success Only Comes When We are Willing to Change

Does the story about the strange life of the beggar above help you realize any philosophy of life?

In fact, each person in this world has their own advantages and strengths. We need to believe in ourselves, no matter what the situation we should not give up.

Only when we have faith and hope can we have the motivation to make our dreams come true. When you focus your whole mind on that motivation, it becomes much easier to achieve your goals.

Just like the main character in the story about the strange life of the beggar above, he gradually changed his appearance, where he lived, and realized the most important thing: that he was not as bad as he thought he was. think, that he can absolutely try harder to realize his dream.

Just have faith and hope, you can do it. Never forget that every dream is rooted in hope.

Difficulties, challenges or stumbling blocks in life must have been experienced by everyone. What matters is our attitude and how we overcame those difficulties.

There are many factors to help us get out of adversity, including hope and optimism. Having these two things, we will never have to worry about being made difficult by life again.

So, let go of the troubles and sufferings of the past. What's past, let's just let it go, even holding on won't change anything so why should you try in vain and waste time and effort?

Anyone can make mistakes, stumble, fail, but no matter what happened and no matter how severe the consequences, it is in the past. As long as we stand up and learn our lessons so that we don't go down the same path.

Pessimists who have no faith in life will easily miss every opportunity. On the contrary, optimists will easily find valuable opportunities in the midst of difficulties.

Be strong, never give up your hopes or dreams. Never think that you don't deserve to be happy. No matter how hard or painful, it will pass. Don't be annoyed with the pain in life, give thanks for them.

Happiness is self-created, hope is the endless sky, open your heart and you will see it. And when you're happy, the people around you will be happy too, because joy is contagious. Then life would be a lot easier, wouldn't it?

Don't wallow in failure forever, find your own beautiful "rose" from now on, a course that makes you have small changes but brings great effects.

As long as you believe in yourself, don't give up on yourself or let yourself succumb to adversity; As long as you have dreams, goals, and hopes in your heart, your life will change from time to time. Don't forget, adversity is not necessarily unhappiness, sometimes it is a gift that life gives.

Because your life depends on your perspective. Only when you change, the world will change too!

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