How to be Lucky in your life
How to be Lucky in your life

The old saying that this life 9 out of 10 is not satisfactory. Everyone wants life to be more favorable and smoother. Everyone wants to have a lot of luck and happiness.

However, the laws of nature and the waves show that in order to get something, you must first give something else.

The same is true with luck in life. If you want to be lucky, do meaningful things, make yourself happy and become more and more perfect. If you do the 3 things well below, you will have more and more blessings, full of luck and live a happier life.

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Many people often turn to things that can bring them short-term joy, such as alcohol and using alcohol to relieve sadness will make your situation even more worrying.

This does not help you really solve the problem that the body has to bear the consequences afterwards.

A person who wants to live a better life has to do the right things, first to make sure that they live a healthy life. That is to have a reasonable diet, work and rest, increase exercise and sports… Only when you do these basic things well will you have the energy to do other things.

Taking care of your health is the most basic responsibility for yourself, and also an expression of responsibility for those who care and love you. Take good care of your own health, only if you have good health can you enjoy the good things that life brings to you.

In the book "What I Say When I Talk About Running", Haruki Murakami wrote: "Get up at 5 am and go to bed by 10 pm. Such a simple and regular life begins.

The most productive time of the day is different for everyone, with me being in the early morning hours. During this time, focus on doing the most important tasks, the rest of the time is spent exercising or doing housework, taking care of less important things. Concentrate hard at work, take time to rest, relax and go to bed as soon as possible. I have always been like that and thanks to that, over the past 20 years, the work has been smooth and very effective.”

Healthy people are like that, will never let their life fall into a state of confusion. They know what they should do every day, can devote all their energy to the things they like, and have time to relax and take care of themselves. Learn how to manage yourself, manage your time, manage your own life, and live healthy.

2.Improved Ability

It is said that a person's worth and social status is directly proportional to his or her irreplaceability. This means that the higher your ability, the higher your worth and the higher your social status.

Many people always complain that fate is unfair, thinking that they were born at the wrong time, so they could not meet the opportunity. But in reality, it's really because your own ability is not good enough.

Where does irreplaceability come from?

It comes from your independence and your unique way of thinking. One thing others can't do but you can do, you are irreplaceable. Everyone can do a thing, but only you can do it best, you are irreplaceable.

Therefore, instead of complaining, it is better to silently work on and improve your capabilities little by little.

Every job has its value, you must take your current job seriously. As your abilities improve, you will find value in your work and you will no longer be bored with it.

The reason why a person hates something is because they have no control over it and they do not do well. As long as you improve little by little, the things that bothered you in the past will no longer be a problem. When you have more choices, your sense of self-worth is enhanced, your happiness index will naturally improve.

3.Appreciate those who go with you through rainy and sunny days

There are people who will share the joy with you, but not the hardships with you. There are people who will share the hardships with you but cannot share the joys. There are really not many people who can accompany you in both hard and successful times. Meeting such a person was a blessing to cherish.

Life is a journey and each person appearing on that journey has a certain meaning. If good people bring us warmth and warm our hearts on cold days, the spenders give us valuable lessons. All of these things help shape the person we are, making our footsteps more solid in the future.

Everyone is like that, life will have ups and downs, meeting good people and bad people. Whatever the reason, don't lose the love in your heart, your faith in life. Those who have been with us through the years, please cherish them. How our life, how lucky we are mainly depends on our own behavior.

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