The Most Expensive Thing In Life?
The Most Expensive Thing In Life?

Time is the most valuable asset in the world

Even if a person lives up to a hundred years, it is a one-way trip and no return. No matter how we pray or beg, we cannot turn back time again.

Time is life, wasting your own time is wasting life, and wasting other people's time is losing the opportunity to make money.

Learning how to use time, planning for yourself is learning how to plan for life. Everyone's time is limited, so do what you want to do, seize every second to live it to the fullest.

Health is the most expensive capital

Good health is the foundation of everything, wealth or fame is just an embellishment. Without health, you can do nothing, let alone enjoy a lot of wealth or fame.

The greatest stupidity of people these days is to trade health for money, and then use money to buy health. Stop working all night too hard, stop staying up late and learn to appreciate your body and take care of your health more.

Money cannot buy life and benefits cannot be exchanged for health. A healthy, disease-free, and unharmed body is a person's greatest blessing.

The most valuable thing in the world is health
The most valuable thing in the world is health

Peace is the most expensive achievement

Schopenhauer said: Life is a series of desires, desire when unsatisfied is painful, unsatisfied is boring. Life is a cycle between pain and boredom.

The highest state of life is freedom from pain and boredom, inner peace and tranquility. Try to live as simply as possible, reduce your desires, so that the gains and losses out there do not affect your inner peace.

Learn to see this life from an outsider's perspective. It is a way for you to open your mind, not limit your own thinking.

Learn to control your emotions and keep your mind open. The most beautiful scenery in the world is not the glory, not the fame, but the silence from within. Maintaining peace, keeping calm and not being in a hurry is the top cultivation of every human being.

Companionship is the most expensive promise

Companionship is the gift of time, the commitment of life, and the most expensive promise. When a person is willing to spend time with someone, it is the most precious confession.

Quy Lam is a guy who has studied abroad for many years. When he returned home, he did not get to see his mother for the last time. Before leaving, Quy Lam's mother left a few sentences that said: "I know that you will go and don't want to come back. I really regret letting you go. I always miss you day and night".

This pain was really beyond his imagination. Reading the lines left by her mother, Quy Lam cried bitterly at the coffin. I said:

"I regret it, I really regret it. I shouldn't have left you. No matter what fame, position or wealth in the world, nothing can compare to being with you."

Very warm companionship, that's when someone in this world is ready to give you the best. Spend more time with your partner after work, spend more time with your kids every weekend, see your parents more whenever possible. It is because of these companions that your life is not cold and lonely.

Friends are the most expensive wealth

No matter how many relationships you have, how many people you know is not as good as having someone who understands you. People are born lonely, having someone who understands themselves is the greatest consolation. No matter how stormy a person's life is, with a friend who walks with you, you will all be able to overcome it. One or two soul mates are the greatest wealth in a person's life.

Contentment is the most expensive possession

The old man said: The person who knows enough is happy, and the person who is satisfied is the rich one. Desires are limitless, energy is limited, so those who do not understand contentment will be slaves of lust for life.

This life is nothing more than inner peace and happiness. If every day you are busy and constantly looking for happiness outside, in the end what you get is always fatigue. What is the purpose of this?

Each person's happiness does not depend on how much money he has, what he owns, but whether he is satisfied with his life or not. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, if you want to let go, let go, such a life is peaceful and happy.

There is no unhappiness, only dissatisfaction

In life, there is no unhappiness, only dissatisfaction. Having enough food to eat and wear is luck; no disease, disaster is a blessing. The most expensive thing in this life is not money or status, but health, time, companionship, friends, contentment... With these things, you are the real winner. fact in life.

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