How to be Lucky in Life
How to be Lucky in Life

Whatever you do, you will suffer the consequences. If you sow seeds in spring, you will reap many fruits in autumn. But if you don't plant seeds, nothing will come in the fall.

Everything we do and the decisions we make are related to who we were at that moment. Since it concerns ourselves, we, whether present or future, must take full responsibility for our past.

On the road of life, it is better to learn to be cautious, otherwise you will go astray, miss a step, lose the game of human life.

Avoid these 3 things below, your life will be better than before.

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1.Can't Control Emotions

Many famous people have said that people who achieve great things must first control their emotions and second, control their hearts.

Emotions are a direct manifestation of attitude change. If you are in a good mood and feel happy, your emotions will become positive. And your psychology is not good, the more pessimistic, your emotions will become negative.

It cannot be said that positive emotions are always good, nor can negative emotions always be bad. We can only say that emotional “stable” is the foundation of one's career success or happiness. When you are in control of your emotions, you will not be easily grasped by others and are more discerning in making decisions at critical moments.

A person who is always confused in emotions is not only prone to health problems but also psychologically not much better. Controlling emotions is the foundation of self-cultivation.

2. Unlimited Desires

Obsession is like the sea, lust is like an abyss, once you fall into temptation, life will be restless.

Human obsession is like a stormy sea that can always engulf people. Human lust is like an abyss, if you are not careful, you will fall into the abyss, life will perish.

"Desire" also has its advantages and disadvantages. The good side is that it stimulates people's potential and drives them to compete. The bad side is that it will force people into a dead end and end up hurting themselves.

Avoid These 3 Things, Good Luck Will Come To You
Avoid Bad Things to be Lucky in Life

There is a small boss whose income makes many people dream, living in a house of 200m2, eating, dressing, and not having to worry about anything. However, he always feels dissatisfied and thinks that his income is too little and his assets are not enough. He wants to get rich faster. In the end, he chose to bet all he had on a black and red gamble, only to end up losing all his money and family.

That's how people are, when they have a good life, they don't appreciate it, always thinking that they have to get better things. If you don't appreciate every moment, you will end up losing everything, nothing in your hand. Excessive desires can completely wipe out one's good blessings and rewards.

3. Lost in Society, Thinking Does Not Keep up with the Times

Whoever we are and in what era, we all need to try to learn and look to the future. Appreciate all that you have, silently accumulate wealth, gradually accumulate strength and do not forget to keep up with the times, do not get lost in this society.

There are too many people whose thinking becomes more and more lagging as they get older. If you're retired, it's not a big deal to lag behind, but it will make you more prone to conflict with people around you. If you are still young, backward thinking will make you fall behind, have more difficulty in your career path as well as difficult to make money.

When you do not keep up with the trend, worse than going behind and still trying to invest, bankruptcy is sooner or later. The marketplace is both cruel and fair. If you choose the wrong path, the wrong direction, no matter how hard you work, you will still fail.

After finding the right direction and making efforts, you will receive a well-deserved reward. Without finding the right direction, in the end that "diligence" is just a waste of effort.

If you don't keep up with the times, you will be left behind. If you are not alert enough, your psychology is not good, it is easy to stay behind. In any situation, ask yourself questions instead of whining and blaming others. Why do you have bad luck, why money and fame don't come to you? Why is the person who started with me is now rising so quickly?

The problem is that we still have to find the key, either by chance, or direction, or choice, or context... Whatever the problem, we can make adjustments. mentality, try your best and accept it with a positive attitude.

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