Simple Things to have A Rich and Comfortable Life
Simple Things to be Happy

To have a rich and peaceful life, you have to work hard and even lose a lot of things. However, there are also things that are really simple, anyone can do it and are determined to adhere to it, there will be many opportunities to make money and live happily.

1.Top 5 in Life

What are the 5 most important things in your life? Have you ever felt like you haven't done something you really care about at the end of the day? Deciding what you value most and spending your time on those things is really important.

2. Say No

We always agree to take more than we can afford. Create some boundaries on your time. When you know your main priorities, it becomes easier to say no.

3. Turn off Notifications

Have you ever been on the verge of falling asleep, or even sleeping, when a notification on Email, Facebook or Instagram woke you up? Turn off these notifications and check for them at a more appropriate time, not immediately when they appear.

4. Limit Electronic Devices

Instead of turning on the TV as soon as you get home, write down the shows you want to watch and only turn it on when it starts.

5. Simplify your Wardrobe

The best fashion is not in owning more clothes, but in owning clothes that fit you. This clothing simplification challenge can help you decide what that is.

6. Spend Time Alone

At first, being alone can be uncomfortable. When we slow down, we can hear more clearly our inner worries and tensions. Instead of ignoring these things, listen to your inner voice.

7. Eat slowly

If you've ever been like me, looking at eating as just a job to fill your stomach, always in a state of eating quickly to do this and that, then go to the book " How to eat” by Thich Nhat Hanh. The book is full of great tips on how to slow down and find enjoyment in every meal.

8. Clean up your desk

The physical space represents the spiritual space. Do you really need 25 pens, 12 markers, and two pins? Clean your desk, get rid of unnecessary things. Think about what you use and discard the rest.

9. Set a timetable

A timetable can give us a certain time to perform specific actions. Look at your morning and evening schedules and ask yourself how you can tweak them to be more productive.

10. Live frugally

As I started to think more carefully about my shopping habits, I realized that I don't need as much as I used to. Take the time to review your purchases.

11. Minimum

Life is easier to function when there are fewer things around. Trying to keep everything to a minimum can help you decide what's really worth keeping.

12. No Debt

Stop spending more than you earn and then commit to taking small steps to pay off your debt every month. Enjoy the physical and mental freedom of being debt-free.

Simple Things to have A Rich and Comfortable Life
Simple Things to be Rich

13. Discovering “Enough”

“More” is not an answer. What point are you trying to get to? Figure out what “enough” is to know when you should stop accumulating indiscriminately.

14. Find a place for everything

Have you ever been about to leave the house only to realize that you can't find your keys, wallet or phone? Designate a fixed place for everything, relieving yourself of the stress of trying to remember where you last left them.

15. Sitting meditation

Meditation will teach you not to let your emotions dictate your decisions and ultimately help you relieve unnecessary stress.

16. Yoga

Mental stress is related to physical stress. Yoga is a way for us to focus on our breath and stretch our muscles, helping us to feel the flow in our body and mind.

17. Walking

When done regularly, walking can be a form of meditation that helps reduce stress and boost alertness.

18. Stop doing multiple things at the same time

Focus on one task at a time. No matter how good you are at multi-tasking, you'll do better when you focus on the task at hand.

19. Say No to Ads

Don't let businesses or vendors take up your mental space by "screaming" at you about what you need. Only you know what you really need.

20. Do Nothing

Being busy can be a form of laziness because it keeps us from focusing on what matters most. Sit still from time to time, not to read, meditate, or draw. Just to sit. You will feel great mental changes when you sit down and listen to yourself, even for just a moment.

21. Quality over quantity

We don't need that much. Instead of buying more, consider buying less of better quality goods.

22. Check Email Once a Day

Many of us like to feel busy, but set aside some time each day to check your personal email to keep your mind clear.

23. Ban on credit cards

If you can't pay it in cash, you don't need it right now. While it may sound extreme, I ditched my credit card and started saving for what I really needed, and found it significantly cut down on my impulsive purchases.

24. Take a Day Off

While the human ego can be hard to accept, the world doesn't fall apart when we rest. At the end of each week, turn off your phone and computer, close your journal, and enjoy your time off.

25. Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Unused gym membership card, plan to buy the latest iPhone, Netflix package, coffee every day from Starbucks, expensive car installment, oversized house… these are just a few example of profligate spending. Think about how you can limit your excess and enjoy the freedom that comes with having more money to spend on what you truly value.

26. Eat Simply

Don't let the wide selection distract you from a healthy routine. Eating should be simple: eat natural foods and repeat it every day.

27. Give yourself a healing break every year

Set aside a time of year to leave all your work behind and take a trip. It doesn't have to be expensive. Camping, a cheap cabin, a week of seclusion… can all give you a mental boost.

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