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7 Magical Ways to Change Your Fate, According to Buddha's Teaching
How to Your Destiny According to Buddhism

What is destiny or fate?

According to the East's point of view, people are born with a fate that seems to be arranged, fate and destiny are already determined, and people themselves cannot overcome fate. But at the same time, scholars believe that virtue wins numbers, advises people to do good deeds, will improve their destiny, pay their karma and have a more peaceful life.

In fact, going to a fortune-telling and performing an unlucky ceremony is not able to change your destiny, even if you avoid one disaster, you will also encounter another.

Instead of doing so, just change your mind. If a person has a bad temper, it is very difficult to wish for a good fate. Most of the ancients used to advise each of us to know how to correct our bad habits and give up our temper because if we can practice this, after a while our destiny will definitely turn into good.

When we were born, we didn't have the right to choose, so there were people born in poverty and hardship and then through their will to study hard to rise, until one day when they succeeded, they said: "I have overcome fate. ".

This saying has a positive side to encourage others, but at the core of their rise is also a ready-made scenario.

To change the poverty index, they had to sacrifice the enjoyment index and the health index. They have to spend a few decades trying several times more than others, they lose their youth, their health, even stray far away, away from their families and live in solitude for a long time.

Everything has its price, and that change is only part of fate. They can change the number of money and status, but there are many other indicators they cannot.

We take the example of a person who wants to be a flight attendant, they have all the factors such as: face, voice, foreign language but they do not have enough high skills, they will be eliminated from the first round. No matter how much you try for the other advantages, you can't make up for it, a person really wants to follow the military career, they have health, physical strength, and education, but their grandfather used to be in prison or guilty of the revolution. then it's almost as if you try no matter how hard the path is, even though this is the karma of the previous life.

That's it, there are things that when we try our best, we can't get what we want in the future, which is the word Fate. If you were born like that, choose the path that is right for you. You can change yourself, change your company, change your spouse, but you can't change your family name.

Circumstances cannot be changed only by ourselves.

We should know clearly what is fixed and cannot be changed and what can be changed.

7 Ways to Change Your Destiny - According to Buddha's Teachings


Buddhism often says that afflictions are hard to get rid of, but getting rid of habits is even harder.

Habit is a fixed pattern in life, good and bad also, after a long time, habits become natural and deeply rooted in each person's mind, eternal life is difficult to eradicate.

Therefore, be extremely careful with the habit. Bad habits such as smoking, smashing rocks, drinking alcohol, harming the body, lying, stealing, greed will destroy morality.

Good habits such as controlling emotions, focusing on breathing, eating, exercising, being optimistic... will prolong life.

Hardworking, clean, self-benefiting people. Buddhism proposes that followers form the habit of chanting sutras, and can rely on the Buddha's name to generate Buddha nature in their hearts, be reborn in the pure land, and transcend birth and death.

In short, if a person has all the good conditions but many bad habits, it is difficult to have great blessings. Good habits are a kind of auxiliary condition, which can help people turn evil into good, turn danger into peace.


There are many people who like to read fortune-telling, the purpose is to reap good and avoid evil.

Some people, when getting married, have to see if their ages are compatible, some people pay great attention to feng shui, some people go to worship everything, not relying on reason to make decisions.

Superstitious behavior comes from our lack of confidence, sometimes it is because of superstition that we lose good opportunities, lose great blessings for life.

Buddhism believes that every day is a good day, every hour is a good time, as long as it is consistent with cause and effect, there is nothing to abstain.


It is said that "if love wasn't much, you wouldn't have been born into this world". Humans are sentient beings, that is, they have feelings, but some people lose reason because of clinging to the word love.

Due to unsatisfactory love, it gives birth to many sorrows and pain, so Buddhism teaches people to use wisdom to transform love, and to use loving-kindness to deal with clinging.

Bringing sublimated love into compassion, that helps people to be freed from afflictions and suffering.


The domination of power comes from ego and conceit, making people think of noble-low class.

There are people who are too self-deprecating, willing to submit to authority, do not want to be self-controlled, and suffer from inferiority all their lives.

Some people, in order to seek power without any means, lose their reason.

And Buddhism believes that sentient beings are equal, everyone has Buddha nature, wealth and inferiority are determined by morality.

We should have an awareness that "I am Buddha", believing that our destiny is in our own hands.


Buddhism believes that karma controls one's destiny. Karma refers to the influence forces that will be generated in the future due to the actions of the body, speech, and thoughts of each person in the present and in the past.

There are many people who complain that their numbers are not good and blame others or blame circumstances, not knowing that it is all due to karma.

5.Good Works

Buddhism advocates that good has good retribution, evil has evil retribution, daily promoting good conditions, repenting of karma, can neutralize evil conditions, open a bright future.

Habits, superstition, love, desire for power and karma, doing good and doing evil are all determined by our mind, wanting to change our destiny starts with purifying our mind.

6. Changing Concepts

Concepts affect a person's value judgment, determining the good-evil trend of behavior. Buddhism emphasizes the cultivation of right view.

The so-called right views are correct views, correct judgments, correct conceptions.

Having an accurate view of life, believing in cause and effect, understanding dependent origination, naturally will not do evil or resent God and blame people.

7.Behavior Change

As the old saying goes, "Grow melon and get melon, grow beans and get beans." Each person's actions will create karma, once the conditions are ripe, the results will arise, so if we want to have a good and happy future, we must work hard to do good, turn misfortune into happiness, because because all happiness or suffering is in our hands.


The only way to change destiny is to do good deeds, accumulate virtue, and change people's hearts

When a person's disposition changes, their appearance will also change, and their blessings will also change accordingly.

Accumulating merit and virtue is a long-term process, not just a matter of months and years. You may see people who do evil and bad things all the time, but it is possible that they were also good people in the past, thanks to their accumulation of many virtues, they can reap the results today.

But later, when they enjoy all the blessings, they will have to repay for the evil they have caused. As for why some people live an honest life, but have to suffer all year round, this is because of their previous evil karma. refund now. If you do good deeds today, then you will be able to enjoy the rewards of your actions after you pay off all your bad karma.

There are many proofs that people can completely change their destiny through good deeds. However, it still takes time to transform. Therefore, being afraid of a life of poverty, just need to accumulate virtues and do good deeds, live a pure life will definitely be blessed in the future.

It is easy for people to create bad habits when they let themselves loose, but that does not mean that once they have a habit, they cannot be changed. We can through good deeds, accumulate virtue to change, to improve ourselves.

Therefore, in this world, there is only one way to change destiny, that is to do good deeds, to accumulate virtue, to change people's hearts.