4 Habits That Help You Become Rich
4 Habits That Help You Become Rich

Good habits may not make you rich overnight, but bad habits will undoubtedly make things more difficult for you. In the new year, you can refer to these habits to wish for more wealth.

1. Learn how to delay gratification

Are there people like this around you? Whenever there is a sale, they will undoubtedly buy a large number of items. They seek out well-known brands when shopping for cosmetics and handbags. If their salary is insufficient, they buy "in installments". Even if they are in a bad mood, they will embark on a trip without considering the cost. They overspend and end up in debt.

You must realize that the happiness impulsive behavior brings is transient; the only way to become materially wealthy and mentally content is to reduce your desire to consume.

A blogger previously shared his experience. The blogger's family is not wealthy, so he spends money wisely. To save money on rent, he shares an apartment with eight others. Even his coworkers found the company's meals unappealing, so they ordered takeout, but he was the only one who continued to eat until his resignation. On Saturdays and Sundays, he will proactively request overtime. He wants to increase his earnings by working overtime;

Second, the company's snack cabinet is stocked with an unlimited supply of fruit, instant noodles, and cookies, enough to provide three meals per day. In this way, he gradually saved 600,000 yuan (approximately 2 billion dong). He used this money to start his business, and his net worth has since increased significantly.

Delayed gratification is the ability to postpone an immediate desire in order to receive a worthwhile reward later. Life is full of temptations. If you prioritize your own happiness, you will not have enough money when you need it.

Often, only the card balance can provide you with a sense of security and act as protection against risk. Delayed gratification does not imply not spending money, but rather putting aside unnecessary expenses and paying for essential needs. Resist the temptation to shop and avoid the consumer trap. When your wallet is full, you will experience more joy and happiness.

2. Learn to be grateful

Someone asked online, "What kind of person can make my life's path more and more open?" One comment that received a lot of agreement was "grateful."

You don't have to be perfect, but you should know how to be grateful. If someone helps you once, you should remember it in your heart because it will lead to more help in the future.

Many people were impressed by an actor's story. When he first debuted, he was not well-known, had played a variety of roles, and remained uninterested. A well-known director happened to come across his work. The director admired his acting ability and invited him to appear in his film. This film was extremely successful. Since then, he has risen to the status of national celebrity.

After becoming famous, he had more acting opportunities and became a main actor, but he never forgot his old director's help. As long as the director requires assistance, he would rather turn down the opportunity to play the lead role and instead act in the director's film, even if it is only a supporting role. He has also earned the respect of many directors because of his understanding of gratitude.

There is an old adage: "If you care for others, your heart will be rewarded; If you are grateful, others will favor you."

Everything is unpredictable, and everyone experiences moments when things go wrong. When you are suffering, if someone helps you, even if you are unable to repay them at the time, you can still say thank you and keep it in your heart so that you never forget. You can win people's hearts and earn their respect simply by not being ungrateful and not forgetting your roots.

Always be grateful and repay those who have assisted you, and your path through life will become brighter and brighter.

3. Establish your own principles

4 Habits That Help You Become Rich
Habits That Help You Become Rich

People who lack principles are easily influenced by others. When they see what others do, they will unintentionally emulate them, lose judgment, and easily fall into their traps. People who follow their principles are unconcerned about the outside world and will only do what they believe is right.

A young man graduated from college and went to work for an animation company. He painted the most difficult paintings here, but he was paid very little and his ideas were constantly rejected.

His colleagues couldn't take it and all switched careers. Instead of leaving, he dedicated himself to painting. His family advised him to change his career, but he was unmoved.

After 16 years of perseverance, he finally made his first animated film, but it failed at the box office, and the producers refused to order him to make another. But he refused to give up and resumed drawing comics. Unexpectedly, 5 years later, his work became a smash hit and was adapted into a film, causing a fever.

As they say, "You must first determine which direction you want to grow in and then set out in that direction. Don't waste time by blindly following the crowd. Rather than imitating others, follow your heart and delve deeply into your own field.

4. Make great friends

Pinduoduo's founder, Huang Zheng, met investor Duan Yongping by chance. When Huang Zheng earned his master's degree,Microsoft was already well-known, whereas Google was still in its early stages. Huang Zheng has yet to decide whether he will join Microsoft or Google. After hearing the news, Duan Yongping advised Huang Zheng to choose Google because, while it was small and had few employees at the time, it had great growth potential.

Huang Zheng took Duan Yongping's advice and joined Google. In just three years, his net worth has grown significantly. During the start-up process, Duan Yongping not only encouraged him but also provided him with valuable life and business advice.

You don't need many friends, but they must be truly good friends to help you move forward. They are full of wisdom, can see through your nature when you face challenges and teach you how to overcome them, and will inspire you to grow and push you forward when you are worried and confused. Being around capable people can change your perspective and propel you to a higher level.

Associating with wise people can help you avoid detours and find more of the right path. Only by learning how to socialize and make good, quality friends will you be able to overcome obstacles and open up new opportunities.


Jeff Bezos once asked Warren Buffett: "Your investment strategy is quite simple. Why aren't people learning from him? Buffett answered, "Because no one wants to get rich slowly."

Getting rich never depends on luck, but rather on every good habit.

If you develop good habits, you may not see results right away, but if you are persistent and maintain good habits over time, you will be able to enjoy the "rewards".

Every coin you own is hidden in your habits. Spending a little time every day to improve and cultivate yourself will allow you to become a better version of yourself, as well as attract wealth and money.

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