Taurus Feng Shui 2023
Taurus Feng Shui 2023

Overview: Eastern Feng Shui for Taurus in 2023

Taurus's 2023 horoscope is predicted to be a testing period, as your 12th house has the appearance of lucky Jupiter in April.

However, this transit of Jupiter brings financial loss for Taurus. So Taurus will have to strive a lot and make use of feng shui in 2023 to improve their luck.

The feng shui Taurus in 2023 predicts Saturn entering your 12th house and the 10th of Aries bringing improvement in money luck, the appearance of very positive new money.

And in July, when Mars conjunct Venus in Leo, new opportunities appear, be it settling abroad or working abroad.

Make good use of your horoscope to apply the methods of feng shui for good luck below!

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Lucky Colors for Taurus in 2023: Pink, White and Green

The lucky color Taurus in 2023 helps you to increase positive energy and eliminate negative energy.

Taurus can use lucky colors to choose clothes, decorative furniture or to use for nail polish, home decoration color in the new year or for hair color in 2023.

In terms of feng shui, the two colors pink and white will bring you good luck for the Taurus zodiac in 2023. Since Venus in 2023 will rule Taurus as an earth sign, green also brings abundant energy to Taurus.

Knowinsiders.com's astrologers advise Taurus to buy white or pink furniture or clothes to attract the sand of love and money.

Yellow and red will be the two colors to avoid, it will trigger the rage and violent spirit of Taurus.

Lucky Numbers for 2023: 2 and 7

Lucky numbers for Taurus in 2023 will be 2 and 7, 2023 astrology also shows that the sum of 2023 is also 7.

Through this way, it can be seen that the number 7 will bring advantages and advancement for Taurus. Thanks to the spirit of dedication and foresight, Taurus has also made a name for himself.

Taurus Feng Shui Items for 2023: Emerald Necklace

In feng shui Taurus in 2023, the emerald green of the forest will bring good luck to Earth signs like Taurus. Emerald will promote positive energy for Taurus. Readers can also try to learn the secret to choosing universal feng shui items to help homeowners get whatever they want.

It also brings balance to the Taurus' spirit to help you get the most out of it. Of course, emeralds can be quite expensive. Therefore, Taurus can use synthetic jade instead of genuine emerald.

For example, the cut stone placed on this pendant. Or the rose-shaped concoction, which is a symbol of power and beauty, is also great luck symbols for Taurus.

Lucky Things in 2023 for Taurus

• Chant the Mata mantra and use more bright pink and white colors in everyday items.

• Place a Yantra diagram in your house.

• Fasting every Friday.


Eastern horoscopes focus on giving accurate forecasts and instructions on lucky colors, lucky numbers and feng shui stones that will help Taurus always have good luck and convenience in everything throughout 2023.

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