Aquarius Yearly Feng Shui in 2023: Breakthrough Career
Aquarius Feng Shui 2023

Overview: Aquarius Feng Shui in 2023

Aquarius feng shui 2023 is an accurate guide to lucky colors, lucky numbers and feng shui stones that bring the best luck for Aquarius in the new year 2023.

The feng shui of Aquarius in 2023 shows that the peace of Saturn will bring advancement in your luck. Because Saturn transiting in the first house of Aquarius predicts adverse health. You need to take care of yourself more.

In addition, in April when Jupiter moves into Aries, it will activate Aquarius' emotional progress. You will untie the knots that have long since been in conflict.

This year, you will have many opportunities for personal development and this process will lead you towards skill development. For example, improve your communication skills, or learn more about martial arts or cooking. The career of Aquarius will appear changes that require you to upgrade your abilities more.


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Lucky Color for Aquarius in 2023: Light Blue, Purple

The lucky color Aquarius in 2023 helps you to increase positive energy and eliminate negative energy.

Aquarius can use lucky colors to choose clothes, decorative furniture or to use for nail polish, home decoration color in the new year or for hair color in 2023.

In Aquarius feng shui in 2023, the two colors light blue and purple are said to bring you good luck. Because Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius very well with these two colors.

Using these two colors in your daily work life will go smoothly and your relationships will be more ideal. Because blue or light blue will help you maintain stability and balance in life.

Since the fortune luck is poor in 2023, Aquarius needs to use lucky colors to improve it. And avoid negative colors like green.

Lucky Numbers for Aquarius in 2023: Numbers 6 and 8

2023 is quite difficult, so Aquarius needs to use two numbers 6 and 8, these two numbers show that you will read and understand situations and adapt to difficulties.

If you take up the big task, these two numbers will represent a prosperous year financially and socially for Aquarius.

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Luckky item for Aquarius: Blue Headphones

Aquarius feng shui items in 2023 will be favorable with items with blue colors. Being ruled by blue Uranus will bring you good luck, as representing the sign of Aquarius is the water bearer.

Also fixed air signs like you can also benefit from a lovely set of garnet earrings.

Lucky Things in 2023 for Aquarius

• Keep your black gloves with you

• Reporter every Saturday

• Avoid alcohol, fish, eggs or non-vegetarian foods.


Everyone's destiny is different, giving accurate instructions on lucky colors, lucky numbers and the right feng shui stone will help Aquarius balance everything in life in 2023.

Eastern feng shui for Aquarius in 2023 are special forecasts that have both similarities and many differences compared to Western Horoscopes. Hopefully the feng shui forecasts of will bring the most practical meaning to help you live and work more smoothly in 2023.

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