Libra Yearly Feng Shui in 2023: Full of Love
Libra Feng Shui 2023

Overview: Eastern Feng Shui for Libra in 2023

The feng shui Libra in 2023 will bring great things about career, business and education. But single people will have to deal with non-serious relationships.

Due to Saturn transiting your 7th and 11th houses. On the other hand, when Jupiter enters the 7th house and sows ambition in the 11th house, Libra's love story will flourish even more.

Successful career is seen as a reward for your hard work, ignoring small difficulties Libra can completely count on 2023. When Saturn and Jupiter transit in the 11th house to help you. save countless extra expenses.

April and December will bring sand and qi for Libra. Especially when Venus, the ruler of Libra, moves into Taurus (April 6) and Libra (November 30).

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Lucky Color for Libra in 2023: Orange, White

The lucky color Libra in 2023 helps you to increase positive energy and eliminate negative energy.

Libra can use lucky colors to choose clothes, decorative furniture or for nail polish, home decoration color in the new year or for hair color in 2023.

Libra feng shui in 2023 should choose orange and white, to complement Venus, your ruling star. In 2023, Libra will find that spending time at home with family and taking care of your spirits will help you be more discerning in the face of difficulties.

While bright colors are often Libra's preferred choice, light blue is also a lucky shade. These are lucky colors that calm the mind in the face of challenges.

Lucky numbers for 2023: 5 and 8

According to feng shui Libra in 2023 when Venus is your ruler, the numbers 5 and 8 are said to be good for you.

Astrology predicts that the overall number for 2023 is seven. As a result, this year will bring mixed luck for those born under the sign of Libra.

Libra's financial situation will be quite favorable and you can use it to save a small amount of savings. And the two numbers 5 and 8 are two lucky numbers that will promote confidence and improve the personality of Libra.

You will become a perfect person and achieve much success in life.

Feng Shui Objects: Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz, representing unlimited love, is very favorable for Libra. Because it is the birthstone for your mettle sign.

Besides, Venus - the goddess of beauty and love will control Libra this year, so for Libra, cosmetics and grooming are top concerns. Thus, the rose quartz face roller will be a smart and useful talisman.

In addition, the scale is a symbol for Libra. So anything related to balance or anything made of bronze is a good luck charm. Libra can completely refer.

Lucky Things in 2023 for Libra

→ Worship goddess Lakshmi and offer her five red flowers on Fridays.

→ Chant or meditate on Venus Mantra daily in Venus 'Hora.

→ Wear a good quality stone or diamond crafted in gold on the little finger of your right hand to achieve auspicious results from the planet Venus.

→ Keep a rose quartz stone in your bedroom.

→ Keep your surroundings smelling fresh.


The Eastern feng shui forecast is different from the Western Horoscope: Focusing on lucky colors, lucky numbers and the right feng shui stone will help Libra to be lucky, more successful in work and love life.

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