Uranus Retrograde 2023
Uranus Retrograde 2023

What is Uranus Retrograde and When?

Uranus is the weirdest planet in the solar system. Uranus, the 4th retrograde planet, closes 2022 and welcomes 2023. As an unusual star, Uranus' retrograde timing is just as harsh as Mercury's.

Let's see what Uranus will bring to all of us!

If Mercury retrograde is an astrological obsession, Uranus retrograde can be as devastating as a cataclysm.

Uranus' retrograde period lasts from August 24, 2022 until January 22, 2023.

Astrologically, Uranus' retrograde will be more powerful as it approaches the end of its journey.

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How does Uranus Retrograde and How does it Affect you?

In astrology, Uranus is the planet of rebellion and renewal. While its influence tends to bring instability and unpredictability, it also paves the way for sudden changes that revolutionize our lives. Although we will be afraid to change, we need to step out of our shadows to embrace a different future.

Uranus retrograde in 2022 makes people hot-tempered. This planet will transform us from within, which means it encourages us to be self-reliant for change. Until the end of this December, Uranus' retrograde energy lasting for 5 months will inspire us to create our own unique selves, to build our own path.

The effect of this Uranus retrograde will be strongest in the second half of October. When Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio, it forms an antithesis with Uranus retrograde on October 19.

October 31, Taurus Full Moon

Full Moon in Taurus on October 31 (Halloween) use your voice to speak for yourself. Uranus retrograde gives us surprises and difficult adaptations.

December 21, Saturn conjunct Jupiter

On December 21, when Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Aquarius, you will feel the strong influence of Uranus retrograde. It's time to change and reflect on yourself to answer the question: What do I want in life?

How are 12 Zodiac Signs Affected During Uranus Retrograding?


Uranus retrograde in 2022 brings financial opportunities for Aries. But it ranks you in the row of unlucky constellations because of money luck, there is a waste of money in this time.

Since the retrograde takes place in the 2nd house, the house represents money. It encourages Aries to rethink their spending and earning plans. Before buying or using a large fortune, try to look at your main source of income.


Taurus is a sign that benefits when Uranus is retrograde, it opens up new philosophies that help Taurus open their minds. You are better, more active to promote your own destiny.

It's time to take back control of your life. Holding on to the past will set you back, and because Taurus is moving forward with plans and development at breakneck speed.


Gemini makes the constellation favorable at this time. Because Uranus is retrograde in the 12th house, the house of introspection and emotion. The good thing about it is that it will push negative and bad emotions out of your mind. But the bad thing is that it makes you shy and frozen.

You don't want to make any changes in your life because you are afraid of the unknown. Let Uranus help you to be fresher and more open. It is encouraging you to open your heart to the good things in life, Gemini.


Cancer is a lucky sign for work and social relationships. Cancer's circle of friends is growing and growing. Be open to socializing with people you've never considered friends before. Because Uranus is in the 11th house, the house represents community relations.

It means Cancer will see more in common with people and Cancer's knowledge will help your team thrive and succeed. Add to that the trust people have in you, here are some reasons why Cancer should open up to their good fortune when Uranus is retrograde.


Leo is a sign of pressure and disadvantage in career when Uranus is retrograde. The pace and development of work is slowing down, bringing a sense of disappointment to Leo. Especially for those who are pursuing a long-term project, and are making distinct progress.

Sagittarius season is motivating, but it's hard to beat Uranus. You need to understand that you don't have to progress so quickly, career always takes time to mature. Let it happen naturally and don't rush it.


This is a great time to reorganize your work. Also redefine the way you work and think. When Uranus is retrograde in the ninth house, the house represents wisdom, philosophy, and travel. It means that Virgo is standing at the door of a new journey.

But this trip is a journey inside you, to discover your own hidden value. This is the time Virgo should update useful knowledge, increase your capacity to help you find like-minded people with the same ideals to pursue more successful things.


This is a great time to re-examine your value system and redefine your self-worth by opening your mind. As Uranus turns retrograde in your ninth house of wisdom, philosophy, and travel, you may be on the verge of a great adventure.

However, this adventure is not about discovering great things on the outside but more about discovering great things on the inside.

You may find that taking a class or going back to school helps your mind, as it will introduce you to many like-minded people who share your ideals and intellectual pursuits. .


Uranus retrograde is not the ideal time for Scorpio. Previously Mars retrograde caused a lot of trouble, emotional turmoil and mental stress at the end of the year.

So Scorpio needs to take the Uranian retrograde to cool things down. Keep all judgment to yourself especially when you get caught up in an argument when it's not necessary. Your journey will be much better.


The December 2022 astrology shows that the daily life of Sagittarius will change more positively than usual! As Uranus is retrograde in the sixth house, it is reinventing the way you get things done.

It's time to experiment with new methods that allow you to manage your time more meaningfully. Instead of running from meeting to meeting without a moment to relieve.

Sagittarius tries to maintain a regular schedule. Take time to calm down and create better habits for yourself. Don't let work swallow you up, so Sagittarius luck will be good when Uranus is retrograde.


Capricorn is the luckiest and most joyful sign this time around. Capricorn brings out all the fun and quirky sides of your personality. Because Uranus is going retrograde in the fifth house, Capricorn's house of creativity and joy.

Impulsive and strong personality will bring you the most unexpected things. Capricorn's world will shake and receive good luck. Capricorn is willing to take some risks, in order to attract fortune for themselves.


Uranus retrograde encourages Aquarius to reexamine its fundamental strength. You need to re-order your life as well as work and family. Because Uranus is retrograde in the 4th house, which represents the family.

It means that Aquarius will have to change some of the old views that have raised you up. But when it's time to get on your feet, remember that your family may not agree with your new goals.

But they will support your journey, so teach them to trust you. This is a precarious Aquarius period, you need your loved ones by your side.


Pisces will have favorable social relations, these will help you have the opportunity to improve your income and business partners. You always seem to want to share and speak your mind. Uranus is in the 3rd house, which represents the ability to communicate.

It will sharpen the image of Pisces in everyone's eyes. Helps you to confidently assert your thoughts. This is the time to find like-minded people.

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