Jupiter Transit in Pisces: Know Effects and Remedies as per your Sign
Jupiter Transit in Pisces: Effects Per Zodiac Sign

When Jupiter directs Pisces on November 24, 2022, how will it affect the lives of the 12 zodiac signs? Do you face ups and downs in many different aspects of your life? You can find the answers to these questions in the article below!

What is Jupiter and How is it Transitive?

Mercury, Venus are the planets closest to the sun, they move continuously through the zodiac signs, completing twelve signs within a year, initiating changes and personal growth as they fly.

Outer planets like Saturn, Pluto wobble in one sign for several years at a time, marking epochs and generational shifts for humans. Jupiter will take about twelve years to make a complete revolution in its chart.

Jupiter is named after the king of the gods, who cast down intuitive lightning from the sky and roamed freely among his subjects, seeking pleasure and adventure without boundaries. Wherever the planet crosses, it's showtime, with great cosmic lights over a certain area of ​​your chart.

Along with Pisces, Jupiter rules Sagittarius as a sign associated with the pursuit of knowledge and self-expansion. So this planet, as its messenger, absorbs experiences and synthesizes them into wisdom. Jupiter brings results, clarity, and momentum wherever it goes.

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Jupiter Transit in November, 2022

Jupiter's Operation

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces, in the 12th house. In Astrology, Jupiter is the most beneficial planet and sends positive signals when placed in the horoscope. When Jupiter is placed in the house of Pisces itself, it will bring more favorable results and the expected things will go smoothly.

Jupiter has a direct impact on people's lives. It directs Pisces which means it will bring full results in the form of financial prosperity, career advancement, promotions and auspicious events like marriage. This is the "golden" time to help you achieve the desired results.

When is Jupiter transiting in Pisces?

Jupiter direct in Pisces is happening on November 24, 2022 at 04:36 am. During this time, Saturn is in Capricorn and Jupiter is opposite Pisces.

At the same time, the Sun occupies the sign of Scorpio and is valued by the divine Jupiter. There will therefore be a present auspicious influence and general prosperity for the natives in terms of career, finances, relationships and health to be witnessed.

How is Jupiter Transiting in Pisces?

Jupiter is happy to swim in the wide and deep waters of Pisces. It is known as the Great Teacher, but the process of moving through Pisces is a time to learn from our souls. This is the time to gather knowledge through silence. When Jupiter in Pisces is the precious prize found from the heart.

Pisces is the sign of spirituality, Jupiter is the planet of philosophy and religion. When these two planets come together, our concept of faith expands greatly. We can learn a lot about our own spiritual connection by listening to the experiences and perspectives of others.

As Jupiter moves through Pisces we feel a great deal of compassion. Feeling the sufferings, worries and fears of others, we wish to help those around us to a happier place. Jupiter is a planet of positivity and great rewards that brings more connection with loved ones.

Overall, Jupiter in Pisces blesses us with a beautiful energy that strengthens our relationships with others and teaches us a lot about ourselves.

However, Pisces is a very idealistic sign, and in conjunction with Jupiter's abundance of positivity, our expectations can become so idealistic that they let us down. We will not lose hope and surprise, but we must realize that a little caution can help us avoid great disappointment.

Top 5 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Jupiter Transition Season


During Jupiter's transit in Pisces, you can earn money through inheritance, investments.. But at the same time, you may not be able to maintain a good relationship with your siblings because Jupiter rules. straight Pisces.

In terms of career, you will probably achieve achievements at work. You may encounter new job opportunities that will expand, opportunities for advancement may arise. In addition, you will likely receive support from colleagues. If you are in business, you will probably find success in trading.

Financially, you can reap both profits and expenses. You will spend for auspicious and spiritual purposes. You may pursue major decisions during this time, such as new investments, etc.

Emotionally, you will be able to have a good relationship with your partner and understand each other. Notice some cases where you may not be able to control your ego and face some adverse problems.

In terms of health, you will not face any major health problems except for sore feet, colds etc.


During this period, many new opportunities at work may open up and this can bring satisfaction to Cancer. If you are in business, congratulations, your business is growing very well. You can also invest in new businesses and rest assured you will have the support of your partners. The business will be highly profitable.

In love, you will have a good time with your partner. Perhaps during this time, you also travel with your partner, creating more beautiful memories for both of you. This is a really fun and happy time.

In terms of health, you will enjoy good health; except for some cold problems. In general, you will be full of energy during this time.


For natives of Virgo, the time when Jupiter is favorable indicates that you will achieve great success, you will make a lot of good friends and attract good partners who can grow together. career. In particular, you will have the opportunity to be promoted and receive many worthy bonuses for your efforts.

If you're already in business, this may be the right time for you to venture into a new business or expand the scope of an existing business. You will earn a lot of profit and business will go up like a kite.

The love story is still the same, not much has changed. In terms of health, you may be in good health, but you may be overweight or obese. Therefore, you may need to follow a good diet.


For natives of Aquarius - Jupiter is in favor of administration, a harbinger that you will complete projects and all cherished plans for a long time. You have many opportunities to find a job, maybe even go abroad to work because of the trust from your superiors and they think that sending you on a business trip is a wise choice.

Financially, you will have many opportunities to earn money, receive huge bonuses from the work you are doing. You will save a lot of money this time around.

The love story of Aquarius also bears fruit, possibly turning from love to marriage. The two of you will walk hand in hand down the aisle, performing the best rituals of a love.

In terms of health, you can suffer from allergies, colds and skin related problems. You should take treatment measures for better health.


When Jupiter is moving in Pisces, Scorpio will achieve a lot of success and do things that you find it difficult to do yourself.

During your career, you will come across new job opportunities and those opportunities can bring you good satisfaction. Promotion opportunities, incentives and other benefits will be available to you during this time. In particular, you will maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and superiors. You will also be lucky to have the opportunity to go abroad on a business trip basis. And if you are in business, it will thrive and earn huge profits.

Personally, if you are in love, the love story will grow more and more and have good results. In addition, if you want to get married, this period is a relatively good time.

7 Unluckiest Zodiac Signs in Jupiter Transition Season

Jupiter transits in Pisces
Jupiter transits in Pisces


In terms of career, Aries may face challenges and pressures in the workplace. So you may need to plan and organize your work schedule accordingly. For those who do business, they will not receive support from partners, not suitable to participate in projects.

Financially, you may face additional expenses, but you still have the opportunity to earn money through inheritance and outside sources. This time it can be difficult for you to keep your money, so be careful.

Emotionally, you may have problems with your partner. It is possible that arguments arise because you do not understand each other enough, so you will have to make adjustments to make the two of you understand each other better.

In terms of health, you may be prone to cold-related problems and knee pain or will have to spend money on your parents' health.


Jupiter is transiting in Pisces, you may have some problems at work be it with colleagues or superiors, and you will also be under a lot of pressure at work.

In terms of career, you may not meet your work goals and may want to change to a more promising job. In addition, you may feel insecure in the workplace due to lack of recognition and appreciation. Those who are doing business may encounter problems in business transactions and partners.

Financially, you may encounter more expenses. Circumstances may be beyond your control, and household expenses may add up. There will be less scope for savings.

Emotionally, you will have to deal with ego-related frictions with your partner. It's better for you to deal with problems rationally and talk to your partner.

In terms of health, you may experience problems related to the nervous system and pain in the neck and shoulders, etc.


During this time, Leo may be facing a lot of pressure and trouble from superiors and colleagues.

If you are in business then you may face unexpected problems in your business dealings and with your business partners all the time. The profits are slowly disappearing. Your economy also plummets

In terms of love affairs, you will face ego-related issues with your partner. This can cause friction in relationships and result in a lack of love attachment. You should spend more time with your lover and share more.

In terms of health, you may experience nerve-related problems, neck and shoulder pain, etc.


This period for Libra is stressful and mentally draining. You may worry about your future related to work and its stability. There may be problems with your superiors and co-workers. It is also possible that you make mistakes at work.

If you are in business then you may be facing problems with partners in profit sharing. In addition, if you are expanding your business or venturing into a new business area, you should be careful because the possibility of loss is quite high. Your current finances are also unstable, cannot save but have to spend too much.

Libra's love story is also tense, you and your partner have a disagreement. In the family, you also seem unhappy with everyone and argue a lot about money-related issues.


Currently, Sagittarius is facing a lot of pressure at work. You feel depressed and no longer interested in doing something. In addition, when Jupiter is in transit, it says that you may face problems in relationships with colleagues and superiors. You may not receive recognition from your superiors for the work you put in. If you are in business, the business is also going to a standstill, nowhere to be found.

The finances of this period are also unstable, you have to spend too much and you can no longer follow the savings plan.

Sagittarius' love story has many controversies that make Sagittarius extremely depressed. Calmly talk to your loved ones. Don't put pressure on your lover, let's share difficulties together; Thus, the love between the two of you will be stronger and stronger.


You will be under a lot of pressure at work, not recognized by your boss or colleagues, always being made difficult, making you extremely discouraged. Business is stagnant, efforts are fleeting and can't change anything. There are too many accounts to spend, you are short of money and cannot control your own finances.

Love is falling apart, the two of you feel that the other is unreasonable, always looking for excuses to cause a lot of controversy and no one is willing to give in to anyone. The love story gradually comes to an impasse.

In terms of health, you may suffer from leg and thigh pain and headaches… Therefore you may have to treat and pursue meditation or yoga.


This period does not seem good for Pisces, you have many difficulties at work. You will have to face disputes with colleagues and the reproach of your superiors. It seems that you are deciding to stop and find a new job that is more suitable for you.

If you are in business, you should slow down, carefully step by step because you will probably fail, your business partners don't seem to want to invest anymore. You will suffer a lot of losses and your finances will fall seriously. Be careful!

The love story of Pisces is also not good, you and that person are appearing apart. It seems that you also want to stop to think more about this love story.

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