Venus Enters Scorpio in November 2022: Which Zodiac Sign is the Luckiest?
Venus Enters Scorpio in November 2022

Phenomenon of Venus Transit in Scorpio

At the end of this October, after Venus enters Libra, astrology once again stirs up the 12 zodiac signs when Venus enters Scorpio.

This is the female planet of the two zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. In general, Venus represents wealth and prosperity, joy, attraction, beauty, youth, love and the desires and satisfactions from love in our lives.

Venus moves into the house of Scorpio on November 11, 2022. Astrology considers Scorpio a difficult position for the beautiful and sweet Venus. This zodiac sign is inherently cold, doesn't care about superficiality and likes to pursue a kind of transcendent love.

Caper likes to talk about power, fear, sex and lust. Venus will trade good things in society to deepen and trigger the change needed in each of us.

Venus is relationship-oriented, sociable, friendly, and emotional. Scorpio is more passionate and loves to plunge into love. This means we will crave meaningful and intense experiences when Venus is in this sign.

Depth and intimacy become more important, prompting us to trade frivolous things for lasting romance. Love can become an obsession, forcing us to go all out when it comes to emotional matters.

This is a time when we want to shine a light on the shadows in our relationships, find the truth, and bring it to light. This transit puts the relationships of the 12 zodiac signs through a rigorous test whether we like it or not!

Venus is about the glamorous, beautiful side you show in relationships to attract the most sensual love, so when Venus is in Scorpio in 2022, watch out!

Venus in this sign is accompanied by excitement and passion, but it is also accompanied by jealousy and obsession. It will make us fight with jealousy, which can manifest in violent rage or blind jealousy such as "smash the pot to steal flowers", "no one can have it if it's not me". friend".

Venus can also make power struggles and concerns about money more open and delicate issues clearer than before.

How you spend and manage your money will become central to your business partnership. This can also be a time when we are more concerned with financial investments or decisions about loans, insurance, or other areas of life that involve money.

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Influence of Venus Transit in Scorpio on 12 Zodiac Signs


For Aries, Venus rules the 2nd house of family, finances, words and 7th house of the spouse. Now it is transitioning in the 8th house - the place of unexpected developments, secret and occult research. It also shows your joint assets with your partner.

If Aries is planning to start learning something in the occult sciences like astrology or tarot then this is a very good time for that. But you also have to save money in case you need to spend money on the health of a close member.

Personally, this will be an ideal time for those who are in love as your relationship will grow and the two of you will get to know each other more and more.

If married, planetary transitions will strengthen your connection with your spouse. Those who are single can start a relationship because there is a good chance that you will meet the right person later this year.

For close family members, Venus will draw people closer together, allowing family disagreements to be resolved and creating unity among friends.

In terms of health, this coming period will benefit you. In order to stay fit, Sheep should still follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.


For those of the Taurus zodiac sign, Venus rules their first and sixth houses.

According to astrology predictions, you will soon be financially stable and have the opportunity to use your income to spend on entertainment activities, new clothes, perfumes and other similar products.

This transit will also be very favorable for Taurus people who are looking for a new career, or some great job opportunities, it can help them get a good job and be appreciated by their boss. high.

According to the transit of Venus in 2022, this period will be a great time to take your lover on a romantic date or dinner and organize some pleasant surprises for him or her as Venus will be present. help you.

Up front, you can connect with someone with a very strong personality that will help you advance both professionally and financially. Make the most of this favorable time to improve other areas of your life.

Everything will go according to your plan. Remember to check the profitability of commodities if you are running your own business and consider it one of the most necessary prospects in your life.

Advise Taurus to take good care of yourself during this time as you are prone to minor illnesses and take necessary precautions.


Venus rules the 12th and 5th houses of Gemini. You will spend most of this stage on yourself. You will focus primarily on building yourself up and making yourself better physically, mentally and emotionally.

In terms of health, you should focus on building yourself a good diet plan and practicing yoga and exercise to avoid quite a few diseases of bones and joints.

Taking time to groom yourself will be something you will do a lot of during this period. Who is in a serious relationship, this planet makes family love more and more intimate. If you are a single Gemini, now will be the time to find someone to share your difficulties with.

You will express your ideas and views on everything in life, In addition, you can buy items that you like and want to share with people near you, but do not show too much.

In the short term, you will understand the value of working hard and striving to prosper. Financially, there's a chance your expenses could increase. So, try to arrange your spending reasonably.


Venus rules the 11th and 4th houses, the transit of Venus signifies happy interactions, marital compatibility and financial success of the Little Crab.

This planet also holds the power of communication. So the web and social networks will benefit you and your posts, your profile will be appreciated.

During the transition of the universe, Cancer will have a good place in society. Your social relationships will get better and you should spend appropriate time with them.

On the other hand, a transit of Venus can cause problems in your marriage because there is a high chance that the other half will be more difficult, do not want to get along or do not maintain friendliness when talking to you. It can make Little Crab stress and negatively affect your psyche making you very anxious.

In terms of health, this transit period will improve your financial situation. Sometimes medical intervention can be expensive, but it works for you so don't waste your money.

This period will also allow you to think of new and innovative strategies to increase revenue and grow your business.


Venus will position itself in the fourth house of Leo. Family and social peace will prevail during this period. Trips with family and close friends may occur during this period. Some disputes may also arise in the family. It is better to avoid such disturbances.

Luxury will be a part of life for Leos during this time, career will be stable during this period. Concentration will increase, and this will enhance your standing in society and at work.

Those who are intending to change jobs will have good results. Businesses will also thrive during this transit of Venus. Business trips also bring people close to highly mobile workers.


Venus will occupy the 3rd house of Virgo during this period. This stage you will have enough money, social status will be improved. Financial stability.

In addition, Virgo's intellectual understanding will gain more depth during this time. This will help you succeed in all aspects of your life. Enemies may try to deceive you no matter how much they can't because you will be very assertive and stubborn during this time.

Those of you who are still students can hear the news to look forward to during this time. All kinds of "obstacles" will end up during this transit of Venus.

This is also a favorable time for married people, wedding bells are about to ring for those wishing to get married, in general, this is a good time for Virgo.


You know how to make everyone feel at home. Libra presence brings comfort and can use your natural attraction to get closer to others.

If you're single, do your best to open up to those who have feelings for you because this energy can help you attract a worthy new person into your life.

Consider how the obstacles you've overcome over the past 10 months have helped you lay a solid foundation. You are empowered by Venus to handle more difficult issues in the coming time, allow yourself to shed unnecessary burdens and focus on bringing beauty and harmony to your space. your life.


Venus will affect the first house of Scorpio. This zodiac sign will enjoy all kinds of worldly pleasures. Business people will profit from some small items if Scorpio behaves politely with her business partners.

Family life will be peaceful. Those who are far from family will miss home more, you need to return to your childhood to heal your hardened soul at this time.

The relationship between this sign and the father will be friendly. Married people will be more sympathetic to the nature of each other's work.

There will be a lot of love, romance and trust between the couples, you have the opportunity to take romantic trips in far away places. This will give Scorpio more time to understand the other half better.

You are in an important position that can attract attention and win the hearts of those who can become your biggest supporters, be open-minded when going to work, don't keep a cold face like before again.


If you can see your challenges as opportunities for growth, you will be able to gain a strong sense of confidence and control.

Venus will directly affect the 12th house of Sagittarius. It will help you tend to live comfortably and find joy in yourself. However, pleasures during this time should be done carefully lest they affect the future.

Financial situation may not be good because expenses will increase. The budget may not be flexible enough, there is a need for savings, if you are not satisfied with your current salary, you should consider changing jobs, don't be afraid because you are in the top of the zodiac, so you should switch jobs at the end of 2022.

The opportunities abroad will increase, those who intend to study abroad, work will go smoothly, but the pressure will come to the work you are doing.

Arguments may occur between couples. Avoid the cold war, do not stubbornly argue with each other to have a peaceful life with your partner.


Venus will enter the 11th house of Capricorn. Finance will be the thing that makes you happy, Capricorn will feel better about money. Friends will always be supportive and if you take the time to spend time with them, it will reduce stress and pressure.

You will have comfort and peace, most of the money you earn will be spent on jewelry and beauty products.

In terms of work, projects should be carefully considered before making a final decision. Your reputation and status in society will be enhanced, many people will meet quite a few older partners or experienced people.

Married people will support each other, the love line will be as Capricorn wants, the bachelor party, although no one flirts, you are still satisfied with your current life.


Venus will affect the 10th house of Aquarius. This stage will bring success in career, but sometimes you will have problems with colleagues.

Aquarius is advised to stay away from conflicts with colleagues so that life can be peaceful.

Luck will favor Aquarius, this will help them get out of any difficult situation, but don't be too subjective.

Marriage can face difficulties and there may be some difficulties that need to be worked out, but with the consent of both husband and wife, nothing can make it difficult for you.

12. Pisces

Venus entering Scorpio 2022 affects the 9th house of Pisces. Financial stability will help you have more savings.

Pisces will look to spirituality to heal the soul, this time will be a difficult journey for Pisces.

Venus helps you find emotional interactions with people from different backgrounds. Whether they are your soul mate or not, you can still start a conversation with them naturally.

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