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Capricorn Season 2023: Which Zodiac Sign Is The Luckiest And The Unluckiest?
Capricorn Season 2023 and Your Zodiac Sign

When does Capricorn season take place?

Since the Capricorn season occurs at the end of the year, it will stretch from the old year to the new year.

This Capricorn 2022-2023 season will take place from December 21, 2022 and last until January 19, 2023. In particular, this zodiac season also coincides with the winter solstice.

In astrology, the zodiac always aligns with both the solstice and the equinox, and it's not uncommon for the Capricorn season to be used to mark the start of the Winter Solstice.

Energy of Capricorn Season 2023

The final weeks of the year will often be a time to reflect on yourself over the past year, share and create memories with loved ones, and boldly move on to your next chapter. .

Although the year-end festival takes place in the cold winter weather, it encourages people to get closer together. This is also the time of Capricorn season, a famously practical Earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of commitment.

As the Sun moves through Capricorn, new vibes will emerge, encouraging you to focus on the practical and concrete issues of everyday life, be it your daily holiday plans. your family's year or adopt a new health care approach.

Responsibility and commitment will also be emphasized during this time. Capricorn season is also a good time to start big projects and take slow, steady, logical steps toward achievement and, ideally, recognition.

Capricorn's energy emphasizes reality, the good side is that it helps us see through the mess and get to the root of things, the bad side is that it can make things too obvious, but overall it's still the same. is the approach required to get the job done.

That said, while the Sun moves through this sign during Capricorn season, we're all going to have a little more realistic thoughts and a desire to be recognized for our efforts.

Special Astrological Events in Capricorn Season 2023

Although the Sun moves through Capricorn every year, the Moon and the other planets all have their own orbits in the sky, creating a unique astrological picture that sets this year apart from the rest of the year. other.

Here's what's going on astrologically during the Capricorn 2022 - 2023 season.

New Moon in Capricorn (December 23)

The New Moon in Capricorn is said to offer an opportunity for you to set an ambitious goal.

Although Mars, the planet of action and energy, continues retrograde through Gemini until January 12, you can tap into the outstanding power of Earth on December 23 when the New Moon appears. present in Capricorn.

This new moon is full of energy, motivating us to dream big and aim higher. Feel free to pursue your ambitions over the course of the next 6 months, because when the Full Moon again takes place in Capricorn on July 3, 2023, any seed you sow now can bloom. beautiful flowers.

Mercury retrograde for the fourth time in 2022

After spending a few weeks in Capricorn (moving here on December 6), Mercury, the planet of communication, movement and technology, will turn retrograde for the fourth and final time in the year. 2022 from December 29 to January 18.

Capricorns attach great importance to the lessons of the past and often put experience into practice to not only get the job done, but also ensure that history doesn't repeat itself.

For that reason, it can be a particularly productive 3 weeks when you can complete old work tasks for a solid new start in mid-January.

Venus moves through Aquarius (January 2 - January 26)

During the season of Capricorn, Venus is also moving through Aquarius, which will give us a glimpse of the next zodiac season (Aquarius season).

Relationships, beauty, fashion will be the top priorities as the planet of love and beauty – Venus transits through Fixed Air – Aquarius. This is the time when we feel changes in our mind, intuition becomes more acute.

Managed by Aquarius about dreams as well as social relationships. This is also the time when you build good relationships with friends, society and in the community. Couples who love each other at this time also have new changes and more interesting experiences.

A day when the connection will be especially satisfying: January 9, when Venus in Aquarius intersects with Mars in Gemini.

Mars ends retrograde (January 12)

On January 12, Mars will finally end its month-long retrograde (which began on October 30, 2022).

While it's still nearly a week away from this point, Mercury Retrograde will completely end its influence (so technology and communication may still be difficult), you may be starting to feel out of sorts. I want to passively accept everything that happens. Instead, you will enthusiastically take steps to make your dreams come true.

The good news: Some underlying anger issues that have been simmering for the past few months can finally be openly addressed.

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How does Capricorn season affect the 12 zodiac signs in 2023?

At each astrological season, everyone assumes that which zodiac sign is illuminated by the Sun will become the main character that is most affected, this is not incorrect, but in this season of Capricorn, Ma Constellation will not be the only constellation strongly affected.

According to astrology experts, in addition to Capricorn, there are also Aries (Fire group), Cancer (Water group) and Libra (Air group) will be the constellations with a special connection with the Capricorn season with a particularly clear sense of the lessons that 2022 has brought and a willingness to aim even higher as they cross the road ahead.

1.Aries Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

Capricorn season is urging you to push yourself to the limits. You are the center of attention, especially at work, and your every move can be noticed.

Don't stress too much though! Do everything with the utmost effort and make sure you're taking the time to celebrate your successes, big or small. Well-deserved rewards will come to you this Capricorn season.

2.Taurus Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

Taurus will likely receive some special inspiration this season of Capricorn.

This zodiac month promotes discovery. Whether it's a day trip, a vacation somewhere far away, signing up for a class or joining a club... your mind will be enlightened and your vision broadened.

Taurus is usually stubborn, but you may find it easier than ever to break free of old visions and embrace newness and excitement in life. this!

3.Gemini Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

Commitment, trust, and intimacy are the three big themes for Gemini during Capricorn season. Take time this month to reinforce the lessons you've learned recently. Don't be afraid to try new things.

On the emotional side, don't put too much emphasis on a so-called "stable" relationship; Think of it as a spark to your life. Love can give you more motivation than you think. You can build a strong and beautiful relationship with your special someone right now.

4.Cancer Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

A new relationship may come to Cancer in the near future. Maybe a few previous emotional problems caused you to worry, but don't worry, everything will tend to get better in the near future.

There's nothing better than improving yourself while getting rid of unnecessary distractions. It can also be a highly anxiety-inducing process if you're obsessed with useless details like mistakes or omissions that make you powerless.

Capricorn Season 2023: Which Zodiac Sign Is The Luckiest And The Unluckiest?
Capricorn Season 2023

5.Leo Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

This zodiac month will be the focus for Leo to focus on cleaning up and sorting out all the troubles and unfinished business at the time of transition between the old year and the new year.

If you can do it right, when Aquarius season comes, you can shine like the best version of yourself!

6.Virgo Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

This month Virgo will be encouraged to focus more on their financial goals.

The money you have earned and what you own will be controlled. You will know which spending habits or income sources need to be improved.

In addition, putting what you want into words is as serious as having the courage to look directly at the problem with clarity. Also, fantasies often don't come true, so focus on more realistic goals.

7.Libra Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

Capricorn season can be especially stressful for Libra, because your spending tendencies are up and mostly family related.

This can be really difficult but if you take advantage of this month, it can be a very effective healing time.

Be your old self. Focus on reconnecting with roots and staying in touch with family. If you feel like there's something bothering you in your immediate family, this is your chance to connect with your loved one and work through current issues.

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8.Scorpio Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

It's been a busy month, but not necessarily work, Scorpios are simply always in a hurry and want to connect with lots of people.

Whether you're focusing on old friends, new faces, or finding the next special person in your happiness journey, this is a great time to start serious conversations, make Exciting adventure and learn about the world around you.

Focus on the present to enhance your abilities. Because you will know what is best and what drains your precious energy.

9.Sagittarius Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

Work is becoming a much bigger goal for Sagittarius right now. That's great!

Overtime means more pay, and the harder you work, the more comfortable you'll be later. Keep an eye on your financial situation.

Right now, you're likely to earn more, but you're also more likely to overspend. Try to control your impulses, try to save while you can, and the coming month will be a productive and positive experience for you.

10.Capricorn Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

This zodiac season calls for Capricorn and you will probably feel a bit congested and secretive. But after some effort, you're finally free and can have a little fun!

The stage is yours now. Move towards your goals, make new connections and explore! The projects and relationships you start now promise lasting meaning.

At work, conversations with the manager will be more realistic, but may also be met with some criticism. For future goals in general, if you are serious about your next plan, this energy can be very helpful.

11.Aquarius Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

The energy of Capricorn Earth is somewhat in conflict with the Air energy of Aquarius causing some difficulties for Aquarius at the beginning of the month. But from the middle of the month on, things will gradually get better.

So even in this month of Capricorn, the advice is to review all the tasks and achievements you have made in the past year, based on that to promote to your superiors about the needs you want. The success rate of "negotiating" with your boss about your salary or promotion is very high.

12.Pisces Horoscope in Capricorn Season 2023

Pisces' social life is flourishing. It seems that the end of the year and the new year bring the Fishes more exciting energy than ever.

Whether you're taking in more outings, hanging out with your friends more, or sticking to your social media, you can make countless new connections. Chances are this month will bring you a new best friend.


Regardless of your zodiac sign, you can use the energy of this Capricorn season to fuel your self-motivation and perseverance when it comes to taking on a challenging project.

Chances are you'll be surprised at what you can do during the Capricorn season – on the eve of the new year 2023.

Wishing you a very peaceful and lucky Capricorn season thanks to the new and abundant energy.

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