4 Retrograde Planets in December
4 Retrograde Planets in December

4 Retrograde Planets in December, 2022

The December 2022 astrology predicts a month of challenges but also opportunities for success.

Let's see what the 4 big retrogrades at the end of 2022 will draw for us!

• Uranus retrograde: August 24, 2022 to January 22, 2023.

• Neptune retrograde: June 28, 2022 to December 3, 2022.

• Mars retrograde: October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023.

• Mercury retrograde: 4th on December 29, 2023.

And the fact that Neptune will end its journey at the earliest, but its interactions with other retrogrades will still have far-reaching effects.

When the 4 planets are retrograde in December we need to think carefully, work carefully to avoid getting into trouble.

Uranus Retrograde

This Uranus retrograde will be at its strongest in the second half of October. When Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio, it forms an anti-Uranus retrograde on October 19. Uranus retrograde in 2022 makes everything. people become more hot-tempered.

This planet will transform us from within, which means it encourages us to be self-reliant for change. Until the end of this December, Uranus' retrograde energy lasting for 5 months will inspire us to create unique personalities, build our own path.

Uranus, the planet of chaos and rebellion, retrograde in Taurus will trigger humanitarian crises. It also fueled extremism and unsustainable economic downturns. Finances, land and natural valuables will be adversely affected.

Uranus Retrograde: The Cataclysm Welcomes 2023 Uranus Retrograde: The Cataclysm Welcomes 2023

During Uranus retrograde, you should continue to work hard to fight social injustices and learn to adapt to the present life.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune retrograde is one of four December retrograde planets that predict more sensitive people in the present life. It requires us to be true to our feelings and believe in ourselves.

The 12 zodiac signs will face some problems such as self-deception, addiction or becoming more greedy. We tend to avoid reality, to dream to overcome difficulties in life.

Mars Retrograde

Mars is retrograde on October 30, but it will affect our monthly horoscopes for the 12 zodiac signs from September 3 when Mars enters a retrograde period. It will last until January 12, 2023, which is considered one of the most advanced versions of Mars in retrograde.

When going retrograde to Mars, the leader of the 4 December retrograde planets will cause disorienting and unpleasant effects. One of the most obvious is a drop in energy and emotions. It makes us lack enthusiasm and love.

Mercury Retrograde

The 4 December retrograde planets have Mercury in their 4th and last retrograde in 2022. It begins on Thursday, December 29, in ambitious Capricorn.

If Earth signs are ruled by Saturn, they are disciplined and professional. Then Capricorns are the most cunning people

Horoscope of 12 Zodiac Signs When 4 Planets are Retrograde

Lucky Zodiac Signs

4 planets retrograde in December, the beginning of the month of Neptune retrograde will bring financial advantages for fixed signs. Those are the 3 constellations Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

With Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, you will be inspired by an endless source of inspiration. You can easily achieve your desired goals and broaden your vision of your work.

At the end of the month, Mercury retrograde brings good luck to the Earth signs. Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo are challenged to be more flexible in all difficulties. You've been open to new ways of rebuilding your workflow.

For Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Mercury retrograde will bring significant changes in work, aspirations and finances. We should seek support from others. You will have the opportunity to find new partners and create new sources of income.

These are the zodiac signs that benefit and attract finance when the 4 planets are retrograde in December.

Unlucky Zodiac Signs

At the beginning of the month, the four December retrograde planets with Neptune put negative pressure on changing signs, including Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. You will receive crisis and negative information in life and work.

At the end of the month water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces will be challenged by Mercury retrograde. We will have many discomforts and deadlocks in relationships.


December 4 retrograde planets is the journey of the cult war gods.

The fact that the 4 planets in retrograde heralds a period of time to reflect on themselves, draw on experiences, and strive hard for new goals.

Hopefully the 12 zodiac signs can promote the spirit of the dynamic and enthusiastic planets. On the other hand, you can restrain the evil intentions of the planets in retrograde so that your luck will be more favorable in the last month of the year and welcome the new year 2023.

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