Mercury Retrograde 2023 and 12 Zodiac Signs
Mercury Retrograde 2023 and 12 Zodiac Signs

What is Mercury Retrograde 2023?

Mercury retrograde cycles tend to pose inexplicable risks and difficulties, especially in regards to communication, travel, and technology, all of which the planet rules. governed by astrology.

From December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023, Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn.

The vibe will get a little more intense and serious starting on December 29, when Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn starting retrograde. This energy will trigger a huge wave of karmic release, which can provide a ray of hope when people are being forced to take responsibility for their actions.

You should do your best to shake off your past before this day happens. The universe will prompt you to purge any person, situation, or behavior that is not right for you, which could lead to job loss or a breakup. Try to keep in mind that any loss now will give way to better things in the future.

The most important thing to remember in these times is that misinformation and misinformation can happen, and they are more powerful than you think. Be gentle and patient with yourself, give yourself plenty of time if you need to focus and heal.

Mercury also advises you to take extra care to reflect on any lessons that come your way during this time, patience being key.

Since Mercury is the planet of communication, it's also a time to take a close look at how you connect with others. Are you loyal? Do you listen as much as you pride yourself on? Do you suppress your true thoughts and feelings? Do you talk a lot of nonsense about people and rarely say what you need to say to their faces? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then you will have to deal with the consequences!

So at the end of 2022, the universe hits us with a Mercury retrograde for the last time of the year in Capricorn. People with Libra or Aries will face the most difficulties.

Mercury retrograde December 2022 or January 2023 will affect to different degrees depending on each zodiac sign and some of you won't have as bad a life as others so don't worry.

The Influence of Mercury Retrograde on the 12 Zodiac Signs


Since this retrograde journey begins in the 11th house, its impact will be strongest when it comes to media, online. In addition to an unstable internet connection, you may experience more major errors and fewer “likes” on social networking sites.

Try to overcome these confusing vibes by coming up with cool facebook posts to relieve stress and double check their spelling before you post them, low engagement on social media. Your site could quite possibly originate from Mercury during this time.

You should try not to engage in any small talk, as your words will likely come back and haunt you.

Don't feel bad about breaking up with certain people or cutting off contact with someone because they deserve it, it's time to move on with your life.

The winds of the universe bring battle to your work. Hold your ground because it's easy to make mistakes and can cause big problems later in your career.


Things can get tough for Taurus as Mercury ravages your career sector. Try not to get mad at unstable internet, computer system crashes, website problems and emails being deleted, put in spam.., because Mercury will make technology difficult. .

Remember to double-check your work before presenting it to your superiors and remember to save documents regularly in case the computer malfunctions unexpectedly.

Your relationships with co-workers may also become strained and people seem more upset than usual. Do your best to keep your mind free of chaos and calm during each working day to survive this year-end period.

You will find yourself trying to learn new philosophies or a new religion, a new spiritual field. Taurus is looking for ways to improve his spirit.

Although this retrograde process will be filled with ups and downs, everything will be fine in the end, meditating or getting enough sleep will help you stay calm and clear.


This reversal will knock you down on a soul level, as the planet of communication brings chaos to your spiritual and higher thinking areas.

Gemini begins to feel overwhelmed by your intuition because you are extremely sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. Maintaining the boundary between emotions and energy will be more difficult than usual, you must set aside extra time each week to practice self-care.

A major benefit from this astrological phenomenon is the freedom to purify your life as the universe helps you to repel the people, situations, and behaviors that are holding you back.

As Mercury enters Capricorn on the 29th, you will feel more conscious of what needs to change, don't overthink things if your emotions are "stuck" during this time.

As this retrograde process nears its end, you may think of family-related wounds that need healing, so take this opportunity to talk to anyone you consider trustworthy. best.


You may struggle with your upcoming New Year's resolutions during this retrograde, as Mercury tries to undo all the hard work you've overlooked in the past. Cancer suffers from stress due to receiving wrong information, technology errors.

If you're having trouble making up with siblings and close friends after the cold war, Mercury will force one of you to find the courage to talk about what's bothering you.

Another major topic for you during this retrograde will be self-care and personal boundaries. You are one of the most caring and thoughtful zodiac signs, but often forget to take time for yourself.

Set aside a few days to dedicate to pampering yourself and don't cancel this plan to spend time with anyone unless it's an emergency of force majeure.

Now is not the time to rush into big investments or buy impulsively, so try to be conservative and save money during this time.

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Your mind will be very confused, this Mercury retrograde will confuse you with your ideas, views and plans. This is especially true if you are working on an important initiative related to writing, speaking, advertising or branding.

Plus, this astrological phenomenon can cause obstacles around travel or contracts. After the 30th, money matters will be hit hard, so delay weird transactions on your bank account or you'll see weird expenses add up one after another.

You need to think before you speak and choose your words more carefully. Also, spell-check any text or emails before you send them out.

Leo, try not to put too much pressure on yourself to make a change, try to get used to small positive habits every day that will help you think more optimistically, small suggestions are additional Adding vitamins, exercising will reduce stress for you.


This reversal of astrology will make you feel out of control of your own life. Loss of keys, traffic jams, and a distracted mind are all side effects Mercury has on you.

Pay attention to the symptoms of nervous tension, you need to take a break during work time at work, it helps you focus and connect with your breath.

In addition to the fact that your life is a bit messy, you will find that your friends and family are also feeling very upset. You are quite willing to help others solve their problems, but you are currently distracted and cannot do this.

Don't feel guilty about setting boundaries in favor of protecting yourself, no matter what other people's problems are, you are not obligated to ease their troubles, it's good to help but not help. Well, no one has the right to blame you.

Avoid being stubborn during this time, as it can lead to intense arguments that never end. These vibes can also inspire you to rebuild your reputation, try to avoid making any choices in life and instead choose to initiate change slowly. cobble.

7. Libra

Allow yourself to calm down, Virgo. The planet that dominates you is causing havoc once again! At the beginning of Mercury retrograde, you will experience a lot of delays, disappointments, and drama in your income and financial aspects. This will bring quite a lot of anxiety.

Double check all your expenses and transactions. After the 30th, the condition gets even worse as it stirs up your zodiac sign. Things have completely turned around from your plan, Binh Nhi doesn't know what to do at this point, maybe needs more people to guide you.

Try not to lose all the achievements you've made so far, if you start to feel stuck in your own situation or unhappy with some of the choices you've made, don't give up. life, success is waiting in front of you.

Try not to fall into negative or self-deprecating spaces. Keeping your heart open and accepting small wishes can help you through this astrological nightmare, you will need to start balancing yourself with loving yourself more.

Your home will be more chaotic than quiet, and you may be hit with some unexpected expenses, such as higher electricity bills or other miscellaneous expenses.

No matter how frustrating this energy makes you, try not to get angry with your loved ones, they are your strongest support during this time.


This is an emotional transition to deal with redundant relationships or past projects and work that you have missed. This is a stressful time, but it's an opportunity to find closure and really move on from the past.

Mercury retrograde brings up your memories. It makes you feel nostalgic, reminiscent of old memories. At this time, you can meet your old lover, long lost friends.

As you enter the early stages of this 4th Mercury retrograde, you will feel anxiety, frustration, and insecurity everywhere! You obsess about closing or travel luggage, moving house is missing.

Secrets, hidden enemies and unresolved situations can haunt you. If you are someone who likes to carry crystals, choose stones that promote concentration, such as clear quartz, citrine, and yellow beryl.

Citrus scents and flavors can also help wake up your brain, so you should find ways to clear your mind through your senses by smelling pleasant essential oils.


You will have a lot to review. Mercury retrograde will bring mischief to your friendships, social life.

On the other hand, miscommunication can happen to people you know, or you can get caught up in a novel drama.

Old friends and problems may come back to you during this time. If you want to reunite with anyone, go now and always, don't wait until Mercury is retrograde because then you won't be able to do anything right.

Mercury will also cause delays, confusion, and obstacles in your career. Therefore, you should pay more attention to communication related activities such as listening, speaking, reading, editing documents, researching or negotiating, etc. to reduce unnecessary errors.

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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn 2023: Which Zodiac Sign is Most Miserable?
Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn 2023

Don't sweat over the little things, Capricorn. Initially, Mercury in retrograde will bring storms to your career and professional projects. Delays, conflicts with bosses or even challenging news will come, if you want success or public recognition, you have to wait.

Don't launch new projects because they will fail. If you want to go back to the previous company, contact them, no need to hesitate.

Capricorn will also find that confusion around academic, legal, media or travel is increasing. If you haven't updated your online banking password in a while, now would be a good time to do so.

You will have to deal with rumors or lies that are spread about you, which can cause the Capricorn to panic.


Now would be a good time to take a break by temporarily removing those apps from your phone. This vibe will plunge you into a quiet, contemplative state, which can take you away from your family and friends temporarily.

Astrology says that spending time in solitude is essential for your mental health during this time, try not to isolate yourself from your loved ones for too long because you are warned. Leopard is the zodiac most prone to depression in 2023.

If you're making any plans, Aquarius, be aware that Mercury retrograde this time around can cause interference and delay things. This is a good time to revisit past interests or pursue some old Aquarius passions, there is a lot to be gained by looking at the past with a new perspective.

12. Pisces

You may have trust or sharing problems and experience disappointment over property or investments. Your ex or ex-partner may appear before you.

Mercury retrograde will cause difficult, confusing conversations for Pisces, making it difficult to navigate your emotions and evaluate the complex relationships closest to you.

Old wounds can reopen, traumatic memories are activated, don't wallow in them, but use it to set stronger boundaries, avoid repeating mistakes, and move towards a healthy relationship.

Trauma from the past can suddenly resurface in your psyche, especially when some kind of heartbreak arises.

Give yourself plenty of space for quiet and introspection, and don't feel guilty about canceling plans if you need a lonely night.

Pisces should understand that we all have a responsibility to support each other and that sharing will help you feel less alone and fill your heart with love and warmth.

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