Second Mercury retrograde 2022
Second Mercury retrograde 2022 from May 10 to June 3

What Are The Retrogrades?

Since the Earth orbits the Sun at different speeds than the other planets, they appear to move backward in the sky. This optical illusion occurs more often with the inner planets such as Mercury, Venus, or Mars, which orbit the Sun faster than the outer planets such as Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune. Their retrograde occurs less frequently, then sometimes lasts for months.

Retrogrades are a time of reflection and somewhat erratic activity — not necessarily the doom and gloom that we all think. If used correctly, we can make major changes in our lives that will affect us for years to come in amazing ways.

Mercury is the significator of astrology, crafts, computers, commerce and the fourth and tenth house. It is the god of intelligence and speech. It has a direct effect on the functioning of the mind and body, it mainly affects the neck and shoulders.

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The Second Mercury Retrograde in 2022

According to many astrologers, the retrograde of the planets often entails many negative things. During the second Mercury retrograde period in 2022, which takes place from May 10 to June 2, 2022, will the lives of the 12 zodiac signs suffer any adverse effects in the near future?

Birth Time: Begins in Gemini and ends in Taurus on May 10, 2022 to June 2, 2022

Impact period: From April 26, 2022 to June 18, 2022

The most affected zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo

On May 10, 2022, Mercury's second retrograde of 2022 took place. Also in 2022, Mercury retrograde will take place in 4 periods and the impact that this astrological phenomenon has on our lives is not small.

At the same time, during this time, Pluto retrograde (April 29 to October 8, 2022) also has many negative effects on our lives. Compared to Pluto, Mercury's retrograde may not be so strong, but it also causes many disturbances to our lives.

The phenomenon of a certain planet retrograde means moving backwards from its normal orbit. Every time there is a retrograde planet is an opportunity for people to think more about all areas of life, work more carefully and meticulously.

Of all the planets, the most often mentioned retrograde cycle is that of Mercury, with a frequency of about 3 to 4 times per year bringing all the troubles in communication, daily schedules, equipment. technology and much more.

In this second retrograde in 2022, the Water retrograde route will start from Flexible Air - Gemini and end in Fixed Earth - Taurus.

The luckiest days in May: Astrology predicts that May 3, 10, 22 and 25 are the "darkest" days of the month (May 2022). Try not to start any big projects in these chaotic and empty days.

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Negative Effects of Mercury's 2nd Retrograde in 2022

Having trouble concentrating:

It is easy to see that everyone tends to have trouble concentrating or feel confused during Mercury retrograde. Please pay attention to the receipt and processing of written information as well as data preservation in the process of working and studying, avoiding the case of oral commitments.

If traveling, these people may have problems in the process of moving, having trouble with train tickets, changing routes, booking rooms, etc.

Communication problems:

During the first half of retrograde, when Mercury is in Gemini, it can be difficult for people to effectively share and execute creative ideas, or the ability to multitask and think logically. gradually become less and less.

We need to pay more attention to forms of communication such as speaking, listening, reading, researching, editing, negotiating, or papers and documents to avoid errors.

Financial loss:

This time the 2nd Mercury retrograde in 2022 will take place in Taurus, so it will have a certain effect on everyone's finances. For example, there may be situations such as losing money, buying the wrong thing, wasting money, being scammed, etc. Therefore, the spouse needs to take care of their belongings carefully during this time to avoid major financial losses.

In particular, Taurus is a sign of great inertia, so the speed of everything will be slowed down under the influence of Mercury. Because of that, we easily lose patience, even somewhat depressed. At this time, the important thing is perseverance and determination to pursue your ideals.

Attention in relationships:

In addition, this 2nd Mercury retrograde is also the time when old memories from the past will return. This awakens the emotional parts that have been dormant for a long time inside of us.

Unfinished relationships, old friends somehow appear in front of us again. And of course, sometimes we will also have emotions rushing back like nostalgia for an old person or memories that happened.

Malfunction of equipment, machinery and equipment:

In addition, Mercury retrograde can also affect machinery, transport and communications equipment. For example, the breakdown of phones - computers, late deliveries, delayed flights, or traffic accidents, traffic jams... occurring more frequently than usual are also due to Mercury. caused by paradox.

How the 12 Zodiac Signs Survive Second Mercury Retrograde of 2022

Second Mercury Retrograde 2022: How 12 Zodiac Signs Survive
Second Mercury Retrograde 2022 - Big Benefits for Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius

♦ Mercury retrograde 2022: Huge benefits for Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius, know about other zodiac signs

♦ Let's find out what aspects of the life of the 12 zodiac signs will be disturbed at this 2nd Mercury retrograde? Here are our astrological tips for the 12 zodiac signs to get through the Second Mercury Retrograde of 2022.

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During this 2nd Mercury retrograde, the minds of Aries people are prone to getting stuck. This sign has inconsiderate thoughts, easy to make hasty decisions.

Originally, Yangyang was on the move, but Mercury retrograde forces you to slow down. At this time, please pay attention to the issues of handling contracts, documents, records, backup data carefully, prevent vehicle damage, accidents...

If you have a plan to register for additional lessons, take exams, etc., this constellation has to be even more careful, this is a good time for Aries to rearrange and systemize knowledge, have a need to progress when actively studying. Ask for more new skills. But you need to avoid chasing too many things at once because this will burn you out.

Besides, the second Mercury retrograde in 2022 also brings impacts in the financial sector. That's why Aries needs to be wary of spending habits, set specific financial goals, and strictly follow them.

In addition, the planet of abundance and luck - Jupiter will move into Aries on May 11 bringing fresh creative energy. But this constellation is best to stay awake. You shouldn't be too flamboyant, but wait until this retrograde cycle ends.


Second Mercury Retrograde 2022: How 12 Zodiac Signs Survive
Mercury Retrograde in Taurus May 2022

As one of the constellations directly affected by the 2nd Mercury retrograde in 2022, it is certain that the lives of Taurus people will not be very pleasant during this time. Niu Nhi saw that everything gradually became more stressful, more obstacles.

This time, Taurus should be vigilant about where you are spending your wallet and energy. Ideally, the applicant should make a reasonable and scientific investment plan and financial management to be able to use the money more flexibly.

Be wary of your spending habits and double-check any extra fees you have in your account. Because it is very likely that Taurus will experience financial risks between May 10-22. So every transaction is expensive, you should wait until Mercury is favorable.

During the second half of the retrograde cycle, the influence of Mercury becomes increasingly apparent, which can cause Taurus to have self-doubt and self-doubt. When negativity hits, try to strengthen yourself with words of encouragement and inspirational quotes.

Some Taurus can also carelessly damage furniture, leading to expensive repairs, compensation, and replacement. Therefore, try to do everything as carefully as possible.

The 3 zodiac signs are stuck with dumbbell stars, it's also difficult to escape in this May 2022. Do not be in a hurry to suffer because those are tests like gold, helping you to deepen the experiences of life.


The crisis that Gemini must receive during the 2nd retrograde of Mercury in 2022 is no less than Taurus.

Mercury retrograde leaves this zodiac sign confused about its future. Maybe Gemini has planned for the next direction of your own development, but during this time, you are easily shaken up, overturned some previous views and ideals, life follows that. change.

Also during this time, Song Song had fantasies and over-idealized his life. That will only make destiny move further and further away from its original purpose.

The second Mercury retrograde in 2022 will keep Gemini in the inner space, which is likely to begin to feel trapped by their own thoughts. So keep your mind at ease and practice self-discipline.

As Mercury moves into Taurus, Gemini needs to temporarily relinquish social life to focus on healing inner insecurities. In particular, this constellation needs to avoid temptations or get sucked into the vortex of social networks during this time.


Surprisingly, this Mercury retrograde provides Cancer with a lot of inspiration to feel the many ideas hidden deep inside suddenly rushing out.

With an increasingly rich imagination, if working in the field of art and creativity, this zodiac sign will benefit greatly.

Of course, Mercury retrograde will still cause some negative effects on Cancers, but the extent is not too much of a concern. Sometimes, crabs feel mentally sluggish. This will be a great opportunity for you to think deeply about the nature of everything because it may not turn out the way you think it should. Take this time of Mercury's 2nd retrograde to relax, giving yourself the necessary, sensible rest.

On the other hand, Cancer may have some trouble with social relationships so it's best to be extra cautious with your friends, both online and offline. When Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus, it is likely that the Cancer will face conflicts from friends. You need to avoid unnecessary conflicts and focus on resolving rather than stressing out the problem to make it more complicated.


Astrologers reveal that this May Mercury retrograde will affect Leo's relationships, both past and present.

Regarding past relationships, Leo can reconnect with old friends, or receive healing signals from an ex. Whatever the other person's intentions are, they will have a lot of impact on your mood.

Therefore, Leo should be more careful about these relationships. Don't hesitate to definitively cut ties with people who have a negative influence on you. Do not forget the lesson from the hurt, the pain that you have suffered in the past.

In addition, during this time, you are also prone to misunderstanding with others in terms of communication, or are scandalized, involved in marketing, so be careful in your relationship with these friends.


At the 2nd Mercury Retrograde in 2022, Virgos are best advised to stay away from social media platforms as this cycle will cause a lot of scandal for you and just one misstep. can ruin the image of this constellation built earlier.

Virgo needs to be careful when conveying any information, whether at work or on social media because it can easily cause big trouble due to open mouth. The best way is to check carefully, thoroughly and remember to "bend your tongue seven times before you speak" to avoid misunderstandings in communication.

On the other hand, when Mercury is in retrograde, this zodiac sign is easy to make mistakes at work, such as disagreement with customers, unfavorable communication with partners, customers, superiors.. . resulting in delays in the progress of projects.

No matter how sharp and skillful you always appear to be on a daily basis, it is difficult for Virgo to hide the laziness and boredom of yourself during this time.

This Mercury retrograde of the year also makes Virgos want to increase their depth of knowledge when questioning their previous knowledge and feeling apprehensive when something is unclear or uncertain.

With Mercury entering Taurus, Virgo feels the need to escape the mundane routine, but it's best to avoid long-distance travel or anything outside of your usual schedule if possible.

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Mercury retrograde for the second time of the year will bring Libra a strong inner energy that will cause this sign to re-examine some of their self-worth.

Libra people understand their dark side, so they will find a lot of meaning and trust in Mercury retrograde, becoming more whole people with new layers of personality that will surprise and amaze others. enjoy.

During this time, Libra read a lot of books or review a classic movie and television because it will bring Binh Nhi different inspirations.

When traveling, you need to be careful in the process of moving, avoid rivers, streams, ponds, dangerous games, excessive play leading to unnecessary accidents...

However, this is also a time for you to reflect and let yourself go. Therefore, take your day off to explore your self in order to reorient your moral standards and strengthen your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Second Mercury Retrograde 2022: How 12 Zodiac Signs Survive
Tips for 12 Zodiac Signs to Survive Second Mercury Retrograde of 2022


This is a period for Scorpio to adjust their spending and financial management during the 2nd Mercury Retrograde in 2022.

Maybe this sign will pay more attention to business cooperation, joint income funds, marital property or inheritance or some issues such as insurance, pension, loans. borrow...

During this period, Scorpio should also try to avoid making hasty investment decisions that have not been carefully considered. The profits that sound easy to achieve, the more potential risks are unpredictable. So at least wait until Mercury turns positive again.


Mercury retrograde for the 2nd time helps Sagittarius understand more deeply about their relationships. It can be family love, couple love or friendship, co-worker love...

During this time, Archers are prone to quarrels and misunderstandings with others just because the communication process is not really as smooth as you want it to be. The two sides have many misunderstandings about each other, leading to unnecessary problems in their hearts.

Some Sagittarians are having a hard time reconnecting with old friends or having their lives disrupted by an ex. If you feel uncomfortable, say your thoughts clearly to the other person, don't be vague because of respect and then you bring your own defilements on yourself.


Mercury retrograde this time is said to be able to disturb some of the daily life habits of Capricorn. But in fact, its influence is not too great with the ending, everything changes will not be in vain with your pragmatism and high discipline.

Before the big upheavals coming, Capricorn will actively rearrange the order of each day by getting used to the small changes taking place. Your steady daily perseverance is the savior in this retrograde.

During this time, Capricorn needs to pay more attention to document preservation and carefully store work results for later reference.

In addition, your work-related communication may be misinterpreted. Therefore, when communicating with colleagues, superiors or customers, this constellation should try to be as clear, concise and informative as possible.

There are many Capricorn people who will consider changing jobs, jumping jobs, but luck in the past is not really supportive, the job search process is quite up and down. This constellation should not be in a hurry to leave.

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Second Mercury Retrograde 2022: How 12 Zodiac Signs Survive
Mercury retrograde in Aquarius 2022

During the second Mercury retrograde in 2022, Aquarius people often have misunderstandings in family relationships, and emotions fall into chaos.

In particular, parents need to pay attention in the aspect of communication with their children. You should not force your child to go to extremes lest it backfire unnecessarily. Parents and children need to have a common voice for communication and conversation to take place more easily.

In addition, the financial luck of Bao Binh is also on the decline, it is necessary to avoid wasting talent due to playing and spending too much. Investing a large amount of money at this time is also not a wise decision of Aquarius.

But in return, the zodiac also has a lot of creativity and inspiration during Mercury retrograde, and Aquarius can try to apply these ideas to your own work, career and study.


During the second Mercury retrograde in 2022, Pisces and your family have to talk about a certain issue many times, so you need to be more patient and tolerant to understand each other's thoughts.

Family conflicts in your home can also explode at any time. Strange happenings can happen in the current life situation of Pisces and need to be handled promptly and quickly.

This is also not a great time to plan a move because you may regret something about your new place.

Mercury retrograde this time also affects communication, making Ngu Nhi extremely confused when it comes to expressing ideas or receiving information. If this zodiac sign is not expressive, it will be more vulnerable during this time.

When Mercury Will Be In Retrograde In 2022

Look ahead at 2022 to see exactly when the Planet of Communication's backwards dances will descend upon us, to help you get ahead of the astrological game.

Mercury retrogrades three to four times a year — more than any other planet in our solar system — and the planet is relatively close to our own.

In 2022, Mercury will retrograde four times

January 14 to February 3. From January 14 to January 25, Mercury retrograde will occur in the sign of Aquarius; from January 25 to February 3, it will shift into Capricorn. The pre-retrograde shadow (which is the time before the retrograde officially kicks off, when we may already start feeling the effects of the movement) will begin on December 29, 2021 and the post-retrograde shadow ends on February 23.

May 10 to June 3. From May 10 to May 22, the retrograde will take place in in Gemini; from May 22 to June 3, it will cross into Taurus. The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on April 25, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on June 18.

September 9 to October 2. From September 9 to September 23, Mercury retrograde will be in Libra; from September 23 to October 2, it will be in Virgo. The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on August 22, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on October 16.

December 29 to January 18, 2023 in Capricorn. The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on December 12, and the post-retrograde shadow ends on February 23, 2023.

Editor Note: Remember these dates, add them to your 2022 calendar, and plan for the year ahead. As we mentioned, Mercury retrograde isn't all bad, but it can cause some chaos, and preparing for what's to come can help you handle it with grace — and even to come out on top. Wishing all readers a peaceful day, smooth work, enough courage to face difficulties in this retrograde season.

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