Mercury Retrograde September 2022: Top 4 Luckiest Zodiacs
Mercury Retrograde in September 2022

When will Mercury be Retrograde in September, 2022

Another Mercury retrograde is coming. This will be the third retrograde of the four Mercury retrogrades in 2022.

The 3rd Mercury Retrograde Season of 2022 takes place from September 9, 2022 to October 2, 2022, starting in Libra and ending in Virgo.

Each time Mercury turns retrograde, it will bring a lot of troubles and disturbances to our lives, so get ready for the challenges ahead. Start by checking the details of your plan, schedule, and communicate more clearly.

For more than 3 weeks in retrograde, Mercury will slow things down for us, causing problems, from skewed schedules to confusing conversations with loved ones. we.

As the planet of communication, movement, and mental issues, Mercury's notorious retrograde phases are known to pose a risk in the time, talking, texting, and other areas. , technology, etc.

While these reverses are often unwelcome due to their negative effects, they are not all bad. To be fair, Mercury Retrograde simply directs us to slow down and assess where we are rather than rushing to start something new.

Trouble with Mercury retrograde only arises when we try to rush forward instead of taking the opportunity to look back, check or readjust. In other words, this would be a good time to review our current plans, including modifying, upgrading or even starting over with a fresher approach.

Review your recent decisions and pay more attention to what information you plan to share or use. Then you will be able to move forward with confidence, knowing everything without any doubts or confusion.

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The Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Mercury Retrograde Season 3

This 3-and-a-half-week retrograde of Mercury can certainly cause some annoying delays or chaos, but for some zodiac signs are least affected by the retrograde. Mercury in September 2022, it is more likely to pass without posing any major risk to them.

While no zodiac sign is completely immune from the cosmic impact of Mercury retrograde, the Consistency zodiac signs are expected to suffer the least from this astrological upheaval, entirely. You can breathe a sigh of relief without having to worry too much about Mercury retrograde.

This is because this 3rd Mercury retrograde will take place starting in the position of a dominant Air sign - Libra, then returning to the position of Flexible Earth - Virgo after two weeks. . That means that the signs of the Consistency group may not feel the intense intensity of Water Retrograde like other signs.

The Consistency group includes Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Don't worry because you will constantly have luck, everything will go smoothly!

Top 4 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in the Mercury Retrograde September 2022

Mercury Retrograde September 2022: Top 4 Luckiest Zodiacs
Mercury Retrograde


Taurus zodiac signs will have a pretty good time during this September 2022 Mercury retrograde.

The opening month of this year's autumn will have many big changes for this zodiac sign. Uranus unexpectedly illuminates your zodiac sign, forming connections with energetic Mars and creating opportunities for Taurus to shine in its own way.

With the conjunction of the planets, the retrograde Mars rotation has less of an impact on Taurus, it could even look like an expansion even in the current turmoil, meaning Taurus can Find a way to take advantage of the retrograde energy instead of fighting it.

It can be said that Mercury retrograde does not seem to affect the performance of Taurus. However, certain changes are inevitable and you need to accept that. Think of this as a way to purify your life, get rid of old, negative things.

During this time, you should avoid making commitments without thoroughly understanding the situation, as the possibility of communication errors or time deviations is very high. Being sure of everything will help you protect your reputation.

Give yourself a little more time to review your current schedule and better adjust to the changes that have taken place in your life recently. Sometimes, being productive isn't always about chasing the success of others, it's about doing well what's right in front of you.

In addition, during this time, it is difficult to avoid the times when hurt from the past comes back to cause negative emotions. Let's slowly "digest" them with a very relaxed mind. Coercion is never a “medicine” for emotions.

2. Leo

Leo's ability and ability to manage is undisputed. Especially during Mercury retrograde, you have more opportunities to show your ingenuity in both study and work. What you are pursuing will bring you a lot of benefits.

According to astrologers, this 3rd Mercury Retrograde in 2022 is a useful opportunity for this sign to reflect on the choices you've made recently, including spending decisions. your money, shopping or social relationships.

The first two weeks of the retrograde will affect your astrological communication area, so you can make communication mistakes by making statements that are out of context or misinterpreted. other.

However, this is also an opportunity to re-evaluate how well you get along with someone. If you trust and are close enough, the other person will surely understand that you have no malice. On the other hand, if the other person intentionally digs for traces, takes advantage of that situation to cause trouble for you, then you also understand what you should do with that relationship, right?

On your side, Leo should also choose words, arrange what you intend to convey in a logical and true way. When you make everything clear, no one will be able to purposely misunderstand and disparage you.

In general, just be willing to try out the areas you don't know, that will help you to deepen your understanding more and more deeply. Your energy will flourish during this time, this zodiac sign will shine wherever you go and always become the center of attention.

Besides, some old relationships will also reappear in your life, maybe the other person actively contacts or both meet by chance. If you're an ex and your old feelings are coming back, you should make sure you're both single now to avoid trouble.


Scorpio is also one of the lucky constellations of the 3rd Water Retrograde season in 2022.

Most of this Mercury retrograde will take place in your twelfth house of peace and solitude, so its effects will be much milder than usual. often.

This can be considered a period for Scorpio to focus more on their inner self, possibly related to spirituality. You find soul connections, subconscious with the universe. As a result, this sign may find themselves repeating past dreams or needing more alone time to connect with their intuition.

If before, spiritual problems that your conscious mind had inadvertently dismissed or had no chance to deal with, now is the time to allow these messages to be conveyed to you more clearly. .

This sign is inherently quite stubborn, difficult to change, but Scorpio will have the opportunity to develop themselves during this period of Mercury retrograde. You easily realize that you have changed quite a lot and that you are still changing for the better.

This zodiac sign will make a spectacular breakthrough not only in career but also in self-awareness. Mercury retrograde this time will lead you to find other sides of yourself. You will feel more in love with yourself and thereby spread the love to everyone around you.

In addition, a friendship may arise in controversy during the final weeks of the Mercury retrograde process. These disagreements have been smoldering for a long time, you should reconcile instead of fiercely fighting.


This Mercury retrograde season will help Aquarius have extremely new and exciting experiences. Like it or not, it's easy to get lost in this phase, both literally and figuratively.

However, this is not a bad omen for Aquarius, so don't worry too much. Instead of focusing too much on the destination, you will enjoy all the exciting things you see and discover on this new path.

And through that, this zodiac sign will learn a lot more and accumulate for themselves extremely valuable experiences.

Of course, Mercury retrograde is never pleasant. You will also suffer some tangible effects such as delayed travel problems, difficult-to-recovery loans, mixed emotions between present and past... but all these problems are the same. comes from subjective causes, so as long as you adjust yourself, all problems will disappear by themselves.

During this time, you may also find that retrograde water also offers an opportunity to clarify your higher belief system and change some of your preconceived notions. Instead of holding on to old dogmas or labels just because they used to resonate with you, use this energy to see your surroundings with new eyes, and you will find that feeling again. enjoy life before.

The change of opinion prompted during this retrograde can also spark a renewed interest in some of your previous research topics or pursue your past aspirations.

Just because you haven't achieved a specific goal or pursued a dream before, doesn't mean it's too late to make it happen. If the passion is still there, don't be afraid to chase those rainbows.

At the same time, the 3rd Mercury retrograde in 2022 will help Aquarius easily express their heart and help mend relationships that were once broken.

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