Yearly Feng Shui in 2023 for Leo

Overview: Eastern Feng Shui for Leo in 2023

The horoscope for the year 2023 Leo is quite auspicious but lucky. Saturn enters the 9th house forming a harmonious trine with the first house.

And Jupiter entering the 9th house of Aries in April will honor Leo's aura and bring good news.

In October when Venus moves, it brings Leo perfect relationships, improved emotional luck.

In terms of career too, this will be a good year but Leo will still have to work hard and work hard. Let's see the most favorable feng shui elements for you in 2023!


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Lucky Colors for Leo in 2023: Orange, Yellow and Red

The lucky color Leo in 2023 helps you to increase positive energy and eliminate negative energy.

Leo can use lucky colors to choose clothes, decorative furniture or to use for nail polish, home decoration color in the new year or for hair color in 2023.

In feng shui Leo zodiac in 2023, colors like pure orange, yellow and red will bring confidence and sublimation at work. Leo will become more confident and radiant when the Sun and the above colors are combined because the Sun is the ruling star of Leo. And the yellow jewelry will bring excellent fortune to you.

Because of the influence of the Sun, colors such as orange, purple and yellow will make Leo shine more. It allows you to show your great personality in front of the crowd.

And dark or gray colors will bring bad luck for Leo to stay away.

Lucky numbers for 2023: 1 and 9

Lucky numbers for those born under the sign of Leo in 2023 are 1 and 9. The Sun rules you so 2023 is forecast to be a year of hard transitions.

These two numbers will help you overcome challenges, have faith in your abilities, and then rise to new heights.

Feng Shui Items: Golden Quartz Rings

In feng shui Leo zodiac in 2023, the Sun and Quartz both control Leo, it reflects the fiery energy of Leo. Quartz represents optimism, strength and change with Leo.

So the yellow Quartz ring will attract luck for you, if it is combined with three metals, copper, brass or silver, the more luck will find you.

Lucky Things in 2023 for Leo

• Lucky jobs for Leo in 2023 are:

• Sunbathe every Sunday

• Wednesday night eat black sesame seeds and wear ruby


The feng shui Leo zodiac in 2023 is an accurate and reliable guide and forecast for lucky colors, lucky numbers and the right feng shui stone for you.

Hopefully, the Lion will have a lucky and peaceful year from the predictions of the Eastern feng shui experts. You should also try to compare the forecasts of Eastern feng shui and Western Horoscopes to see if there are similarities and differences.

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