Best iPhone 14 Colors Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Best iPhone 14 Colors Based On Zodiac Sign. Photo KnowInsiders
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What colors are iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus?

There are 5 colors for the standard versions:

• Purple

• Midnight

• Starlight

• Blue

• Product RED

Blue and purple are two new colors.

Photo Latest Mobile
Photo Latest Mobile


The Purple variant seems to be the signature color this year – Apple is known for adding a new color with each iteration of its flagship phones. This purple is slightly different from the purple on the iPhone 12, but it surely looks very exciting and premium, just as one’d expect.

Last year, iPhone 13 did not have this color and was replaced with a pink version. But according to many survey panels, the purple version is very popular, perhaps that's why Apple decided to bring this version back with an advanced version.


Midnight or black is the most common color of smartphones. Almost all phones are available in black, so it's not surprising that the iPhone 14/14 Plus has this version. Midnight is a dark shade that looks quite like a deep black color. This option is ideal for those of you who would prefer a more conservative, safe look.

This option is ideal for those of you who would prefer a more conservative, safe look.


Elegant and bright. The color version is easy to use and combine with many different outfits.

It is yet again a color we're familiar with, as it was present with the iPhone 13 as well. It looks polished and fresh, with a stylish silver frame and a white back glass panel that is just slightly off in tone. It’s beautiful!


This year's blue iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Plus is quite similar to the Sierra blue version on last year's iPhone 13 Pro. The light blue version is gentle, luxurious, sophisticated and also youthful.

iPhones have come with a blue shade option for a while, and Apple is not abandoning the tradition.

Product RED

Of 5 colors, red is the most prominent. The color version is for users who are enthusiastic and ready to express their interests and views. The red is even more meaningful. It is an option if you decide to donate, as buying the Product RED version contributes to fighting to end AIDS.

What colors are iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max?

• Deep Purple

• Space Black

• Silver

• Gold

Photo cafebiz
Photo cafebiz

Deep Purple

If you want to get the newest exclusive color because you like to show off that you have the latest and greatest, Deep Purple is the way to go. This is a rich purple shade that is both fun and subtle, depending on the lighting. And if purple is your favorite color, it’s a no-brainer.

Space Black

Photo Latest Mobile
Photo Latest Mobile

Black must be Apple's new favorite color! We kid, but surely this color is present everywhere and every time, so you might be quite familiar with it.

When you want a color that just goes with everything, it’s hard to beat black. Or in this case, Space Black, which is more like a dark gray. It’s a neutral color that never goes out of style. Keep in mind that this is a little more dark gray compared to previous "black" versions.

It is like a very dark grey option, perfect for the iPhone of a pro-looking Wall Street businessman.


Photo cellphone
Photo cellphone

Another conservative color option for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, although decidedly more expressive than black, is the silver one. Yes, this is the good old Silver / White color we’re familiar with from the past several generations of iPhone. It is a light shade of silver that can look almost white under some lighting conditions. The silver iPhone 14 Pro back is complemented by a silver frame and logo.


Photo cellphone
Photo cellphone

Those who want something elegant and classy, well, you can’t beat gold. Apple’s gold color is not outlandish — it’s subtle, and looks great. Whether you’re going in for a business meeting or a fancy night on the town, a gold iPhone 14 Pro would instantly dress you up.

Complemented by a gold frame, this color option makes the iPhone stand out in a polished and jewel-like look.

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Best iPhone 14 Colors based on Zodiac Sign

What iPhone 14 colors are the most suitable for your zodiac sign? Each zodiac sign has its own lucky color. Read on to know what iPhone 14 colors are yours.

Purple – Scorpio

The minds of Scorpios spin very quickly, thousands of thoughts can arise in an instant.

On the surface, the Scorpios look cold and dry, but they are actually romantic, natural-born cheesy people.

Purple – Sagittarius

As the color of spirituality and awareness, lush purple pushes Sagittarius’ philosophical mind toward enlightenment and openness. Also a color of abundance, purple encourages Sagittarius’ natural luck and positive nature, and drives it to continuously broaden its horizons.

Blue – Pieces

Blue is a color that is inherently not suitable for sentimental people, but when combined with Pisces, it has a surprisingly good effect because this is a constellation with precious qualities that thousands of people love.

Use your blue phone more often to find true happiness in your heart and bring out a side you didn't know about.

After the soul is at ease, this peaceful beauty can attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Blue – Aquarius

Calming blue helps encourage Aquarius’ brilliant ideas and balance its restless energy. Just like the sky and the waters Aquarius is so closely connected to, blue represents vastness and creates a smooth flow of ideas, conversation, and experimentation. Fun fact: Uranus -- Aquarius’ ruling planet -- is also blue!

Red – Leo

Leo, who burns life like a blazing sun. Red makes Leo more effective, the object you secretly like will not be able to escape from the palm of your hand.

But be aware that the opposite effect of red makes you sometimes too domineering, making it difficult for those around you to breathe, you are on the list of easy-to-carry constellations, so be careful with your behavior.

Red – Aries

The color red stirs Aries’ soul and enhances passion, energy, and initiative. It’s the color of excitement and assertion, which supports Aries’ active nature and eagerness for life. Red demands attention -- and Aries is a sign that doesn’t like to be ignored. It’s also no surprise that Aries’ ruling planet, Mars, is known as "The Red Planet." The more shades of red Aries surrounds itself with, the greater their natural powers can be.

White – Virgo

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the word "perfectionist" to describe Virgo, you are attached to perfection and do not admit to having flaws, so you need the white color most.

Based on the lucky phone colors for the 12 constellations, using a white phone does not mean you are innocent, but confessing and forgiving. You can face your true self and no longer be a loser in the battle with love.

Black – Taurus

Black phone is most suitable for Taurus because you think that the phone is just an external object, external appearance is not important, so it will attract people who know how to appreciate your inner beauty.

Black – Scorpio

Dark and mysterious black keeps Scorpio intensely inquisitive and focused on transformation. Black represents the depths where the Scorpion resides, and strengthens its drive to look below the surface and question everything. In western culture the color black is associated with death and rebirth, enhancing Scorpio’s strength of letting go and its ability to transform itself.

Gold – Leo

Glistening gold empowers Leo’s warm heart and strengthens its positive spirit. Shining with royalty and class, gold has always been a symbol of power and prestige. So it’s no wonder Leo -- the King of the Jungle -- is stirred by this expressive hue. Gold gives Leo the attention it wants, and supports its generous nature and warm, optimistic outlook on life.

Silver – Gemini

Gemini has a playful nature, is interested in everything and can't stay quiet for long, people often call them the saints of gossip.

You are a dual personality, sometimes afraid of timidity, sometimes afraid of being too showy, so silver is the most suitable choice for Gemini.

Silver phone attracts like-minded people to come and interact with you, no need to be afraid of loneliness in the crowd anymore.

White and silver: Cancer's lucky smartphone colors

Bright white and silver connect Cancer with its intuition and provide a clean, clear slate. Like the glistening surface of water or the shining face of the Moon, silver and white are colors of intuition and purity. They increase Cancer’s sensitivity and understanding, allowing love to flow at its deepest level.

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