Camera Shaking - Strange Error on iPhone 14 Pro
Camera Shaking - Strange Error on iPhone 14 Pro

On popular forums and social networks like Reddit and Twitter, many people expressed concern because the iPhone 14's camera cluster vibrates and makes a sound every time it is used.

Knowinsiders experts checked and recognized this strange phenomenon.

The main rear camera of the device shakes when using third-party applications such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram.

The problem again does not occur on the system camera application.

So far, it is not clear where the strange error from the iPhone 14's camera cluster comes from, from hardware or software.

Apple has yet to officially make an announcement about the above camera error.

Our experts determined that this phenomenon is most likely caused by the second-generation optical image stabilization (OIS).

If this is a software bug, Apple can fix it in the upcoming iOS 16.1 version.

iPhone 14 retains the design language of iPhone 13. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro duo uses a round hole combined with a pill.

In terms of configuration, the iPhone 14 still uses the same A15 Bionic processor chip as the iPhone 13. Meanwhile, the A16 chip will be for the Pro duo.

It is possible that third-party applications are not well prepared for the changes of the camera on the iPhone 14 Pro, especially the issue related to optical image stabilization. That is the source of the annoying sound when in use.
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Can I exchange my iPhone if there is a problem with the camera?

Most users expressed concern and asked 3 common questions:

⇒ Is this error due to hardware or software,

⇒ Will this camera error harm the iPhone 14

⇒ Does Apple have a policy to exchange smartphones if there is a serious error?

In fact, the iPhone 14 has just been sold for the past few days and the camera error has also been discovered, so there are not many customers who have the need to change the device around the world.

YouTuber Luke Miani is one of the victims of this situation, very quickly, he was exchanged by Apple for a brand new iPhone 14 Pro.

Until the device is changed under warranty, or Apple has fixed it with an update, users should avoid using the applications that cause the above error.

What do you think about this rare bug? Leave a comment below!

Video sharing camera shake issue when using in Snapchat app on iPhone 14 Pro phone:

We certainly hope that Apple fixes it through a software update sooner rather than later. Alternatively, developers may need to update their respective apps to support the new camera system. In the meantime, if your iPhone camera is malfunctioning in third-party apps, refrain from using it.

Some other errors of iPhone 14

iPhone 14 users may not receive messages or Face Time, forced to update the operating system immediately. This is rare with Apple.

According to experts, the iOS 16 version that has just been released and pre-installed on iPhone 14 has some problems affecting the activation and display of iMessage and Face Time messaging applications.

In the description of iOS 16.0.1, Apple confirmed that the pre-installed operating system on the iPhone 14 had an error.

Users only need to turn on the phone for the first time to receive an update notification. The iOS 16.0.1 update is pretty lightweight, just choose OK and wait for the process to complete. In case you do not receive the prompt or accidentally ignore the notification, users need to update it manually to avoid errors on iOS 16 operating system.

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