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Who is Rumeysa Gelgi?

Turkey's very own Rumeysa Gelgi, the tallest woman living, needs no introduction: she is a star, an activist, a public speaker and the holder of the staggering number of five Guinness World Records titles.

In 2021, she received her qualification as a front-end web developer.

Rumeysa was born in Turkey and is the former tallest teenager living, as confirmed in 2014.

She broke the record for the tallest woman living after she turned eighteen, and racked up four more records in October 2021.

In her free time, Rumeysa is a passionate swimmer and avid consumer of crime novels.

What is Rumeysa Gelgi's height?

Photo Guiness
Photo Guiness

According to Guinness World Records, Rumeysa is 215.16 cms tall. That means she stands at 7 feet 7 inches tall.

Her height makes it difficult for her to move freely. So, she usually moves around in a wheelchair.

However, she can manage to walk using a walker for short intervals as well.

Rumeysa’s incredible height is due to a condition called Weaver syndrome.

This rare genetic condition, often of hereditary nature, causes accelerated growth and remarkably advanced bone age.

Other issues can arise with this condition, like limited mobility of the joints (such as elbows and ankles), instability when walking and occasional difficulties with swallowing or breathing.

Her height and condition means that Rumeysa uses a wheelchair a lot of the time, although she can use a walker to move safely for short periods.

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"Being a record holder is a very amazing thing. I know that only the special people can make it and I know I’m one of them now." - Rumeysa Gelgi

What is Weaver Syndrome?

A large part of Rumeysa’s life is dedicated to growing awareness around the condition that causes her remarkable height: the Weaver Syndrome (also called WS).

This rare genetic condition is often of hereditary nature and caused by mutations and malfunctioning in the EZH2 gene - which controls many aspects of the correct functionality of other genes, explaining why Weaver Syndrom impacts several areas of the body.

One of they most immediate causes are accelerated growth and remarkably advanced bone age.

The syndrome can often be spotted at a prenatal stage and entails large birth size, accelerated growth and skeletal maturation and, although other issues may arise with this condition, it is often primarily associated with limb and neurological abnormalities.

Due to this limited mobility Rumeysa often uses a wheelchair, and sometimes relies on the aid of a walker. These precautions allow her to walk safely and move as she pleases.

Rumeysa Gelgi's Childhood

Rumeysa was born in Turkey on January 1st, 1997.

Upon birth, she immediately showed the signs of Weaver Syndrome: a rare genetic mutation that would accompany her all her life.

Her condition was diagnosed at the Hacettepe University, Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic after, at birth, Rumeysa displayed an unusually large size for a newborn.

Although no other member of Rumeysa's family has showed signs of Weaver Syndrome, they are all extremely proud and supportive of Rumeysa's accomplishments. They encourage her to reach her goals, and Rumeysa enjoys spending time with them and going out for nice meals with her family.

Her playful side comes out whenever she plays with her beloved niece Zeynep, too, and she adores spending time with her family and siblings.

Although Rumeysa's childhood - peppered with surgeries, physiotherapy and a complicated medical history - was everything but easy, her family stayed by her side through it all.

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What is Rumeysa Gelgi's Job?

Even though Rumeysa is mostly known for her incredible height, she has established herself as an advocate.

In her Instagram bio, she also identifies herself as a researcher.

She recently shared on Instagram that she successfully completed a Front-End Web Developer Program and received her second professional certificate in just three months, instead of the seven months it usually takes.

According to CNN, she said in a statement, “Every disadvantage can be turned into an advantage for yourself so accept yourself for who you are, be aware of your potential and do your best.’

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Rumeysa Gelgi's Impressive Quotes

“During the COVID-19 quarantines in 2020, I started studying Web Development since working in Tech industry was my childhood dream.”

“Now I'm an aspiring self-taught front-end developer who has two professional certifications from two different global institutes.”

How many world records does she hold?

Photo Guiness
Photo Guiness

Besides being the tallest woman in the world, she has made three more records.

As verified in February 2022, Rumeysa also collected three additional titles related to specific measurements of her body:

Longest finger on a living person (female): 11.2 cm (4.40 in)

Largest hands on a living person (female): her right hand measures 24.93 cm (9.81 in), while the left one measures 24.26 cm (9.55 in)

Longest back on a living person (female): 59.90 cm (23.58 in)

Photo Guiness
Photo Guiness

According to the American scientific magazine Healthline, the average length of a hand for a female individual is 17.27 cm (6.8 in).

This is measured from the tip of the finger to the crease under the palm.

Sadly, Rumeysa's unique stature can cause some issues: she has bespoke orthopaedical shoes made, can only walk with the aid of a walker for short periods of time, and her height causes her some health issues to this day.

Although she was homeschooled, Rumeysa also reports that she was bullied during her childhood due to her height.

Her condition doesn't make her life easy, but she says it makes her feel special.

However, she also recalls that she understood that those comments often stem from ignorance.

Therefore, ever since achieving her first record Rumeysa has taken upon herself to educate people and spread awareness on her condition, becoming an advocate for positivity, diversity and research.

Photo Guiness
Photo Guiness
The male counterpart for Rumeysa's record was broken by Guinness World Records' superstar and two-times Hall of Famer Sultan Kösen (Turkey).

Measuring 246.5 cm (8 ft 1 in), Sultan became the tallest manliving in 2009.

Two years later he was measured again in Ankara, Turkey, and confirmed his record with a towering 251 cm (8 ft 2.8 in).

He has has hold the record ever since.

Interestingly, both Sultan and Rumeysa are from Turkey. Although they never had a chance to meet, they would like to do so in the future.

Interesting Facts About Rumeysa


While not much is known about her family, we do know that she’s a cat mom.

Rumeysa recently took to Instagram to share a picture of her new pet cat, Peri.

Sharing the picture of the adorable kitty, she wrote in the caption, “Everyone, please meet my baby girl Peri (“fairy” in Turkish)⁣

She’ll be with me on this journey from now on and we are so in love with her already.”


Rumeysa not only uses her social media to share her accomplishments, but she is also vocal about social causes.

In August 2021, she urged her followers to extend help during the deadly Turkey Wildfires that lasted for almost two weeks.

In another post from earlier, she has spoken about #IAmStraightForward Empowerment Campaign, to bring awareness about scoliosis.

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