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Weird Guinness World Records make everyone laugh. We often think of categories like the world's smallest person, the world's oldest twin sisters, the person with the longest feet, the tallest person in the world.

But few people know that in the list of world records, there are many other weird categories that make everyone burst into laugh. Check it out!

Weirdest Guinness World Records (Updated)

1. Magnet man

Jamie Keeton can stick any can, water bottle or other object on his skin without any adhesive at all. Keeton's skin is special and has the ability to absorb anything.

The man dubbed the 'magnet' achieved the record with the ability to stick 10 cans to his face and hold it for 5 seconds.

Photo Guinness World Record
Photo Guinness World Record

The US-based man calls himself “a real-life mutant” for being able to stick objects onto his skin and catapult them into the air. Keeton’s special condition allows him to take in more oxygen than the average human capacity. His oxygen levels goes up to be 23 per cent higher than normal levels which allows his skin to act like a magnet.

Though Keeton’s condition does not have a medical name, people believe it could be anything from “sticky skin syndrome" to a number of other genetic skin conditions, which impact his body temperature or the proteins in his sweat.

Guinness World Records mentions that his condition sometimes made him stick to things he didn’t really want to stick with.

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Jamie Keeton's Impressive Quotes

"Toys started sticking to my hands, but my parents thought it was just the pine sap from the trees that I climbed so I pretty much left it alone for a while."

"I was trying to cool my head down. I dried it off first, grabbed a can of pop, and just started cooling my head down," he said.

"As I was doing that, they hit a homerun and I went up to grab it [the ball] and missed, and then I was like 'Where’s my drink?' It was stuck to the back of my head," Jamie continued.

"I actually have a skin condition that's not named yet where my skin pores literally suck in oxygen."

"I can do full cans, empty cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles...I do it all."

"I always thought I'd be famous for my artwork or stuff like that. But to be famous like this is even better because Guinness World Records made me around the world," said Jamie.

2. Man who can balance eggs on the back of his hands

Photo Guinness World Record
Photo Guinness World Record

A man from Iraq has made a world record by balancing 18 eggs on the back of his hand. Ibrahim Sadeq of Nasiriya, Iraq has won the world record with raw chicken eggs.

The man holds 18 raw eggs on the back of his hand for 5 seconds without dropping any.

Ibrahim Sadeq said that it is not easy to describe the secret behind the art of balancing, but he thinks it is necessary to put in a lot of patience, focus and stay calm.

You also have to suffer pain, pressure on the hand, he said.

His successful attempt equalled that of Jack Harris (UK) who also balanced 18 eggs back in May 2020.

Ibrahim discovered his skills in balancing after being fascinated by a clip he saw of a man balancing rocks on top of each other in nature.

"I started balancing stuff around me and discovered that I was really good at it. After a while, I became even faster in balancing than the people I watched online." - Ibrahim Sadeq
"I can’t easily describe the secret behind the art of balancing, but what I can say is that it needs a lot of patience, focus and a sense of calmness."
"You also need to be able to handle your breathing [as it] might affect the success of your attempt."
Fancy some more egg records?

Largest stack of eggs - Four, achieved by Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel (Yemen), in Istanbul, Turkey, on 25 December 2021.

Largest egg structure - 48,230 eggs by the team of JSC Volganin (Russia) in Moscow, Russia, back in 2018.

Largest Easter egg hunt - 501,000 eggs that were searched for by 9,753 children accompanied by their parents in Florida, USA, back in 2007.

3. Eat 10 Carolina Reaper peppers in the shortest time

Photo Guinness World Record
Photo Guinness World Record

Gregory Foster from California, USA set a world record by eating 10 Carolina Reaper hot peppers in 33.15 seconds. Carolina Reaper is the hottest chili in the world.

With this achievement, Gregory Foster beat his own record made before when eating 3 chili peppers in 8.72 seconds. Gregory Foster loves spicy food. He eats hot peppers like everyone eats candy.

Carolina Reaper chili peppers have an average of 1,641,183 Scoville spicy units (SHU), some spiciness reaching up to 2.2 million. SHU is a scale for measuring the spiciness of chili peppers developed in 1912 by American chemist Wilbur Scoville.


Be wary of trying for yourself: 'Not something that people want to experience'

Before you decide to start popping Carolina Reaper pepper, consider the potential health hazards. In 2020, the National Center for Biotechnological Information reported how a 15-year-old boy who ate a Carolina Reaper developed headaches and then had an acute cerebellar stroke two days later after being hospitalized for the headaches. Two years earlier, a 34-year-old man went to the emergency room complaining of severe headaches just days after eating one. Brain scans revealed constricted arteries in his brain eventually returned to their normal state five weeks later, according to medical journal The BMJ.

4. The largest group of people with the same first and last name in the world

Japan's Hirokazu Tanakas Association of the same name was founded in 1994 by Hirokazu Tanaka, 53 years old. He gathered about 178 people with the same name at an October gathering in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan. The Tanaka Hirokazu association organized the successful attempt in Shibuya Ward, which saw them outdo the 2005 record set by 164 people called Martha Stewart, who were brought together by the famous American businesswoman of the same name.

The new record holders span the generations, with participants aged between 3 and 80, and come from numerous backgrounds and professions. One Hirokazu Tanaka even traveled from Vietnam to attend the event, whose rules for certification required attendees to be in the same location within a five-minute period.


Reflecting on their achievement, the 53-year-old Tanaka said, "Without creating anything or producing any kind of result as such, we have, just by being here, been able to become number one in the world at something."

Previous challenges were thwarted by the association's adherence to a stricter criteria in which all Hirokazu Tanakas had to share the same kanji Chinese characters to read their names. But because the guidelines for the record recognize anyone so long as the reading of their names is the same, the group cast its net wider this time.

5. Blowing a pea

Photo Guinness World Record
Photo Guinness World Record

Serial Guinness World Record-breaker David Rush earned his 250th title when he recaptured the record for furthest distance to blow a pea.

Rush, who breaks Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, originally held the pea-blowing record about 6 1/2 years ago, when he blew a pea a distance of 24 feet and 7.6 inches.

The record has since been broken at least three times -- once by Rush with a 41-foot blow -- and most recently stood at 52 feet and 9.96 inches.

Rush made an attempt at reclaiming the title and managed to blow his pea 84 feet and 11.28 inches, more than doubling his previous attempt and handily recapturing the record. Rush said his latest feat brings his total records broken to 250.

6. Kayaking in pumpkin

Photo Guinness World Record
Photo Guinness World Record

A man from Nebraska, Duane, has set a world record by paddling in a hollowed-out pumpkin for 61 kilometers. Duane Hansen grew a giant pumpkin himself, which he took on this 11-hour trip. If Guinness World Records verifies it, this will be the longest journey by a pumpkin boat in the world.

It took Hansen about a decade to get the perfect pumpkin, which he named Berta. The previous record holder was a 40-kilometer pumpkin paddle. This gourd had a circumference of 3.7 metres and weighed 383 kilograms.

Once hollowed out, it could easily fit into this new record-maker. He took this journey from Bellevue to Nebraska City through the Missouri River. On August 27, he started the journey at around 7:30 AM from the Bellevue Public Boats Dock. On completing the journey, officials took it to Facebook to announce his arrival in Nebraska City. The officials of Bellevue mentioned that they were proud of him for taking this 61-kilometer journey. They also said that they weren’t aware Hansen himself would be in the pumpkin.

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